i forgot his name ok


* Too much… Too much…

i love fe4 no matter how much it hurts me and i love eldigan and his mullet so much. his security blanket/shawl thing is dumb but i lov it anyways

a petition

blizzard needs to give törbjorb swindhelm a baker skin. his little armor packets? his cookies! his tiny turret? his oven! it’s an adorable little legendary skin and he has cute little quotes to go along with it. like he picks up armor scraps and he’s like “gettin’ the flöur” and maybe his teammates say additional little quotes like “yum!” when they monch up the delicious cookies this gentle father of 96 baked for his precious friends. (that’s a bonus bc i doubt blizzard would ever do that just for a torbjorb skin). bonus: it’s christmas time and torbjorn gets this skin but it’s gingerbread-themed. give this swed some love!!!!