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Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Dashing Duke and Pirate Lord of Tatooine

This is for you @jerseytigermoth

“Obi-Wan Kenobi, know aliases Ben Kenobi, Ben Kryze, Old Man Kenobi, Obes Kenobes?”

The Jedi Master/Pirate/Rebellion General smiled at the befuddled expression on the Prosecutor’s face opposite of where he stood, hands cuffed and resting lightly on the bar in front of him. He chuckled. “Ah yes! That alias was given to me by a very lovely woman. She was quite nice.”

Shaking his head in a mix of confusion and disgust, the Prosecutor continued on. “Also known as Captain Kenobi, the Pirate Lord of Tatooine, High General Kenobi, the Dashing Duke and the Sass Master of Mandalore?”

“Is that all of them?” Obi-Wan asked. “Are you certain you haven’t missed any? That list seems a little short. Did you include the Scourge of the Outer Rim? Oh! For a while I was calling myself Arulas because someone thought it sounded cool.”

There was a snort from back in the gallery of criminals and a sullen, “It did sound cool.”

Flabbergasted the prosecutor tried to reassert his authority. “Your list of crimes against the galaxy are…”

“Ah! Rako Hardeen!” Obi-Wan nodded, reaching up to scratch his nose. “I knew you forgot one.”

The presiding judge banged his gavel and leaned forward, peering down at Obi-Wan. “That’s enough out of you, traitor! You’re far too old for such childish antics.”

“Quite right, your honor,” the Jedi Pirate Rebel nodded with great dignity. “Please continue, Tanver.”

The Prosecutor stammered out a puzzled, “What?! How… how did you know?!”

Winking, Obi-Wan replied. “Jedi Secrets. Also your name was included on my arrest documents. You have a most artistic signature, Counselor.”

There was a low-level snicker coming from the gallery and the Judge hammered his gavel.


“My apologies, your honor,” Obi-Wan smiled and turned to look back over his shoulders at the assembled criminals, hoodlums, rebels and pirates behind him. “Do be quiet, dear friends. Prosecutor Tanver Seabright is trying to charge me with grievous crimes against the Empire.”

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To my boss - I can see this eating you alive.

My boss (we’ll call him Steve) is one of those guys who’s always attached to his email. Whether he’s at his desk or answering them from his phone, he will stop the conversation immediately and read the email. No warning. The sound will go off, he’ll stop mid-sentence, read and reply to every email. This annoys me. A lot. While going over a very important project (well into the $40-$50 million dollar range and long-term), I’m briefing him on talking points and covering the power point on the projector. A few slides in, he gets an email. Immediately Steve pulls out his phone and begins reading and replying. I’ve dealt with this for years, and this is where the revenge begins.

I’m on slide 6, and while he’s buried in his phone, I progress the slide to 13 and patiently wait for him to end. He looks up, oblivious to my trickery. Mind you, he has to present this within a few hours to top-tier business management, and this a project that we’ve been working on for months. I finish briefing him on the rest of the slides, we take lunch, and eventually the guests arrive for their briefing. Steve’s taking charge of the meeting, and I retreat to my office, where I can still clearly watch the presentation but don’t have to participate.

Steve’s hob-knobbing, talking our guests up, laughing and joking. As he’s talking to one particular VP, he gets an email, and in normal sh*t-lord fashion, he stops mid conversation and reads it. The VP did not like this, not one bit. He interrupts Steve’s email reply with a hand wave and a, “let’s continue.” This is where I get my second idea for revenge.

Eventually Steve gets to the power point presentation, yammering on like he’s the one who spent all the time on the fancy fly-in’s, formatting, research, etc… Until he gets to slide 7. I can see him pause, break his jovial manner, and begins reading word for word what’s on the slide. He’s no longer chipper and poised, he’s floundering. Little does Steve know that I’m about to launch an email war on his psyche that he is ill prepared for. See, since I’ve been in my office, I’ve been collecting all the emails that came in that needed replies, drafted the replies, and have them sitting on my desktop. I’ve CC’d Steve to every one of them, because I’m just that good of an employee. As he skips to the next slide, I send the first email. I hear his phone jingle. He pauses and instinctively reaches for his phone, throwing him off his presentation. He looks around, and then continues. A minute later, I send the next email, then after a short pause, the next… And the next… I can see him sweating bullets, his brain imagining some catastrophic failure somewhere in our building, in shipping, in product sourcing, etc… But he can’t check his emails without breaking from the presentation and pissing off the executives.

It’s still going on. I have about 8 more emails to send, and he has about a hour until he’ll be able to slink away and cower over his phone like Gollum holding the one ring.

I’m glad I went to work today.


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anonymous asked:

Hey I'm not sure you got my previous ask since tumblr has a tendency to eat them... but would you write keith having to get braces and being really pissed about it and how shiro deals with him for your single dad shiro AU? Thank you!

Hi there! I don’t know if this went the way that you wanted, because I also included Hunk, Pidge and Lance because they are Keith’s BFFs forever. I’m sorry this was a bit late, and tumblr did eat your first ask!! Ugh. But I do hope you still enjoy this, because it was super fun to write. BTW, what Shiro did after Keith got braces happened to me with my lunch when I had to first have braces…Thanks so much for the ask!


              “Keith, what do you want for lunch?”


              “Keith? Oh come on now, you can’t ignore me forever.”


              “Seriously, the silent treatment?”



              Shiro sighed heavily and eventually turned around so that he could take a look at his son, who would no doubt be pouting. Sure enough, Keith was pouting with his arms folded over his chest and bottom lip jutting out. It was quite adorable really, on the twelve-year-old. Though, the situation was very serious and Shiro knew better than to laugh at Keith. Keith was fragile in moments like this and laughter would only make matters worse.

              Still, Keith was adorable.

              “Come on now Keith, they aren’t even that bad.” Shiro tried to comfort Keith who could only glare at Shiro. He pressed his lips together in attempts to close his mouth even more than possible. Shiro sighed.

              “You look good in them; better than the kids in all those teeny-bobby movies.” Shiro tried again as he continued to absently pack Keith’s lunch. Keith’s glare sharped and Shiro could almost feel the tension slice through him. He was slightly impressed by Keith’s looks – apparently, he was improving every day. He still needed some work in making them look more intimidating, but he was surely improving.

              “Come on Keith. Braces aren’t that bad.” Shiro said and Keith scowled in his seat.

              “Then why don’t you get them?” Keith finally grumbled and Shiro almost cheered in victory. Point one for Dad Shiro. He saw a sliver of the red braces on Keith’s teeth, before the pre-teen tried to hide them again.

              “That’s because your grandmother had perfect teeth and so did I.” Shiro said and flashed Keith his million dollar smile that made all the boys and girls swoon. Keith sank lower in his seat, pouting again and mumbled to himself.

              “Grandpa cursed me.”

              “Unfortunately.” Shiro nodded in agreement while Keith actually tried to hiss at him. Ignoring the gesture, Shiro packed Keith’s lunchbox into his backpack before handing it to the young boy. “Alright, it’s time for school. Up you go. I already let you go home early yesterday so you’re not missing another day.”

              “Dad no. There’s no way I can go to school like this.” For a brief second, Shiro watched as a flash of hesitation and panic flew across Keith’s face before being replaced with anger. However, he stood up and followed Shiro out the door, all while continuing to argue. “Lance is going to make fun of me and Hunk is gonna laugh and Pidge too!”

              “They will not. Friends don’t laugh.” Shiro murmured quietly while locking the front door. “Your friends will be very supportive, trust me. Lots of kids get braces these days anyway, so it’s not like you’re going to stand out.” Shiro pointed out, causing Keith to sigh dramatically.


              Kids did in fact notice Keith’s braces.

              Pretty much every kid in the school.

              After all, it wasn’t every day that the “weird” kid who talked to himself sometimes and chewed on everything, came to school in braces. Bright red braces. Plus, Lance totally made fun of him, the second he caught of glimpse of those shiny red braces on little Keith’s teeth. Which of course, made Hunk laugh at Lance’s stupid jokes and Pidge laughed because why wouldn’t they? Hunk tried to apologize when Keith walked away but he couldn’t stop giggling.

              Unfortunately, thanks to Lance’s big mouth, everyone had heard about Keith’s braces. Which meant more amo for picking on Keith. Keith was no stranger to bullying at school. He knew a lot of other kids didn’t understand why he did the things he did or was the way he was. Keith always felt blessed that despite growing up, Lance, Hunk and Pidge never once treated him any different despite being autistic. Normally, Keith didn’t care but it was hard to ignore when kids were laughing at him behind his back and tapping pictures of buck-tooth horses to his locker.

              Keith sighed when another kid asked if Keith’s mouth was bleeding – oh wait, those are just your bright red nerd braces. He sat hunched in the back of the cafeteria, hoping that he could simply ignore everyone and that he could eat his lunch in peace.

              Lance, Hunk and Pidge hadn’t been able to spot Keith from where he was hiding in the cafeteria. Slowly, Keith unzipped his lunchbox and hoped for a good time. That is until he opened up his lunchbox all the way.

              Was this a joke? Was dad trying to make a joke?

              Keith stared in dismay at his packed lunch, staring at a hard apple, a bag of crunchy chips, some pretzels and a sandwich on toasted bread. The pain in Keith’s mouth from his braces intensified while his stomach grumbled pathetically. Can I even try to eat this? Keith stared mournfully at his lunch before opening his water. At least I won’t be thirsty.

              He winced at he tried to bit into the sandwich before spitting it out when a sore spot on his teeth became too much. The same result happened when he tried to eat a few meager chips and pretzels. Keith didn’t even bother with the apple before throwing away his lunch. He ignored the laughter that followed after him before scurrying out of the cafeteria, willing back the tears in his eyes.


              “Was that a joke today?!” Shiro blinked in surprise when Keith shouted at him before he had closed the door to the car. When he looked over, Shiro could see that Keith was actually furious and not being dramatic. Shiro could barely speak before Keith had tapped both sides of his heads and nearly screamed in frustration. “It’s bad enough that I have to wear these stupid things for a year, but you couldn’t even think about how much it hurts when you packed my lunch?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?!” Keith tapped his head again and Shiro put the car in drive, catching on to Keith’s signal.

              “I mean, did you seriously have to pack an apple?! And pretzels? You know how much my mouth hurts!” Keith fumed and Shiro felt his eyes widened. A sickly feeling of guilt clawed at his stomach and his grip on the steering wheel tightened.

              “Oh, my god, Keith I forgot. I’m so sorry.” Shiro groaned and almost banged his forehead onto his steering wheel. He couldn’t believe that he had actually forgotten to think about how much Keith’s mouth hurt – would hurt for the next few days, when he had packed Keith’s lunch this morning. He’d just packed what he would have normally packed, without thinking, and Shiro felt awful.

              “I know! I can’t forget these.” Keith hissed, pointing to the braces along his teeth. “I have to wear them every day. I can’t just forget about them like that!” Keith crossed his arms over his chest furiously and glared out the window. Shiro swallowed heavily and sighed, feeling far guiltier that he probably should have. But it was hard for Keith to adjust to sudden and noticeable changes such as having to get braces, and Shiro hadn’t made it any easier for him.

              “You’re right. You can’t just forget about them or pretend they don’t exist.” Shiro sighed when the car came to a stop at a red light. “Keith, I’m so sorry. It’s no excuse, but I’m so sorry that I packed you a lunch that you couldn’t even eat. It was rude of me to not consider how much pain you must be in.”

              Keith felt his stomach churn with guilt at his dad’s apology. He’d been so angry after the atrocious day he’d had a work. At first, Keith wanted nothing more than for his father to apologize for his actions to make Keith feel better, but Keith realized that his dad hadn’t really done anything wrong. Sure, he’d forgotten to pack a soft lunch, but his dad didn’t make him get braces out of spite and to humiliate Keith. Keith’s dad never did anything to hurt Keith, ever.

              “It’s okay. School just sucks.” Keith finally sighed, rubbing his hands along his pants. Shiro glanced over at Keith for a second before returning to the road. “Kids think my braces are a joke. I’m just in a stupid mood.”

              “Are kids making fun of you?” Shiro demanded, and his tone was entirely protective and serious now. Keith snickered at the image of his dad marching to the school. “Do I need to go to your school?” Suddenly, Keith felt guilty. His dad had fought many of the schools in Keith’s past for their treatment of Keith’s diagnosis and each time was a hardship on his dad and him. Keith didn’t want his dad to be under any more stress than necessary.

              “Um, some kids are just making jokes. Like Lance. You know me, I get real hotheaded and annoyed.” Keith rubbed at his jeans nervously and bit his lip. Since he was watching the road, Shiro didn’t notice Keith’s posture and nodded before relaxing.

              “Well, hopefully they’ll stop after today. Jokes get boring after a while.” Shiro smiled and Keith forced himself to smile despite the sick feeling in his stomach.

              “Yeah. Knowing Lance, he’ll probably be joking about some made-up girl he saved this week.”


              I’m sorry about the other day. I’m hoping some extra pudding will make up for it 😊. Dad        

              Keith couldn’t fight the smile even if he wanted to when he opened up his lunch the next day. Instead of the awful lunch yesterday, today’s lunch had two cups of Keith’s favorite Jell-o, two cups of chocolate pudding. Some watermelon and a cup of his dad’s homemade soup. Lance caught sight of the grin on Keith’s face and peeked over into his lunch box before his jaw dropped.

              “That’s adorable, but your dad packed a seriously awesome lunch!” Lance exclaimed and Pidge and Hunk both looked in to investigate.

              “Whoa. Can I trade you a pudding cup?” Hunk asked and Pidge nodded eagerly before scavenging their own lunch to look for something to trade.

              “Nuh-uh.” Keith stuck his tongue out, red braces poking out. “This is my lunch because my mouth hurts.”

              “Dude, maybe I need to get someone to punch me in the mouth so my mama can pack me a goodie pack.” Lance grumbled bitterly and bit into what was supposed to be pizza, but really it could be anything. After all, the cafeteria served sketchy stuff sometimes. Hunk and Pidge grumbled playfully but backed off, allowing Keith to eat his lunch in peace.

              However, just as Keith was about to dive into his second pudding cup, his jaw exploded with pain when he felt something hard and rubber slam into his face. Instantly, Keith dropped his food and grabbed his jaw. His nerves were tingling with pain, since his mouth was still sore from the braces. Keith felt tears due to pain begin to burn in his eyes, just as several kids started laughing. Keith barely noticed when Hunk, Pidge and Lance shot out of their seats.

              “Hey! Why did you just do that?!” Pidge snarled, hands clenched at their sides in fists as the three of them stared down the group of guys who had shot a rubber band at their friend.

              “Wanted to see how much it would hurt.” One kid laughed causing his whole table to join him.

              “Well, let’s see how much this will hurt!” Lance threatened darkly and rolled up his sleeves. However, Hunk snatched his fist at the last second and pulled it back, while simultaneously checking to see if Keith was okay. “I’ll knock two cents into your stupid, tiny brain, you assholes.”

              “Lance!” Hunk whispered hotly and Pidge beamed.

              “Whatever. Don’t know why you defend that loser.” The other kid snorted and his goonies laughed again.

              “Hey! That’s our friend you’re talking about!” Pidge hissed. “Our best friend, whose face is much more appealing than yours will ever be without braces.” The kid frowned at Pidge and his goonies all “ooooohed.”

              “Lemme at him, Hunk.” Lance growled darkly but Hunk easily held him back as he looked at Keith’s cheek.

              “Are you okay?” Hunk asked when Keith wiped his eyes before anyone could see. Just as Keith was about to speak, he flinched back when another rubber band hit his mouth. Hunk recoiled sharply and let go of Lance, who stormed towards the table of laughing kids with Pidge hot on his tail. A dark look settled over Hunk and he turned his full attention to the laughing kids. There was a look in his eyes, almost like that of a soldier, who was on his way to war and it made the lunch room’s atmosphere feel like ice.

              “You jerk.” Hunk said calmly before making his way towards the kid who had shot the rubber bands at Keith. By now, the entire lunch room was deadly silent. Hunk had never intervened before.

              Lance and Pidge each held back a kid as Hunk made his way towards his target. By now, the kid was beginning to sweat and he scrambled to try and get out of his seat. However, Hunk easily caught him by the collar of his shirt before lifting him up into the air, so that his feet didn’t touch the ground. Hunk’s eyes narrowed and he brought the bully’s face right up to his own.

              “You think you can hurt Keith and get away with it?” He said, still in the calm voice he always had. “Well, think again. Nobody hurts our friend.” With that, Hunk grabbed the kid’s shirt with two hands before dunking the kid into a nearby trashcan. Only when the kid was fully submerged in the trash and staring at Hunk with wide eyes did Hunk back away and grab a hold of Keith’s hand. He led the other boy out of the cafeteria with the rest of his lunch in hand.

              “I expect a new chocolate pudding for Keith tomorrow.” Hunk said over his shoulder and exited the lunchroom. Lance and Pidge followed, each pointing to their eyes and back at the bullies with two fingers and then back at their eyes, before they too left the lunchroom.

              No one noticed the small smile on Keith’s lips.


              Shiro had been livid when he heard about what had happened. You can bet on it that he had stormed into the school, furious and raging about the safety of children and zero tolerance for bullying. Needless to say, the next day Keith had several cups of pudding by his locker, his bully was suspended and his mouth didn’t hurt as much anymore.

              Unfortunately, Hunk had gotten detention for throwing a kid in the trash can but Shiro had slid the boy a ten for his work and thanked Hunk for what he did for Keith. Hunk’s smile was enough of thanks for Shiro.

              Keith smiled, braces and all and thought: Maybe this won’t be too awful.

Sentences [part 7]

Series: Soul Eater
Main pairing: Soma
Genre: Romance, humor
Setting: AU: Soul Mates
Rating: T
Type: Multi-Chapter.
Read on: FF.net., Ao3
Read other chapters: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven

Synopsis: In which the first sentence your soul mate will speak to you appears tattooed on your skin once you turn 18, and Maka discovers that not every sentence is romantic. (based off of this post)

A/N: For SOMA week day three - Stuck In the Rain
((Does this story have a plot? Is it going anywhere? Who knows! But I’m having fun anyway.))

Soul has always hated the rain.

It always made it harder to ride his bike, and he hated taking the bus or taxis. Public transport was never really something he enjoyed.

And yet here he was, crammed onto a bus downtown, stuffed between a near hundred year old woman and her groceries and a father with his screaming child. He was wet, suffocating, and way too tired for his own good.

Soul really, really hates the rain.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please add Stahl to the FeMU giving the male shepherds the cold shoulder? ^^

Stahl: He’d completely forgotten that he had promised to stay at home today to watch Morgan, so that you could have gone out with your friends as previously planned. He’d left you hanging for hours, finally coming home when it was far too late to go out. And to top it all of, he didn’t even know that he’d forgotten!

Your first act of punishment for him was to leave him with no dinner. Then you’d taken to sleeping in little Morgan’s room, and all without saying a single peep to him. Though he keeps asking for what sin he’s committed, he gets no answer, other than “Figure it out yourself.”

It’s when Gaius and Lissa pop their heads in to ask if you’d be free today that he understands just what his mistake is. “I forgot,” he groans, and bangs his head against the wall. “And _____’s been working so hard…” All he’d been tasked with was to look after your child, and he’d forgotten that much. Well, there’s only one thing he can do. He assigns Lissa for babysitting duty (not exactly trusting the former thief with childcare) and make his plans.

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The Boy Who Was a Virgin And The Boy With The Snake Tattoo

Genre: smut with plot oops.

Warnings: sex, smoking.

Length: 5.3k words

A/N: okay I literally suck at  writing anything that’s not smut, but this actually has a plot so yeah I kinda like it whoop.

The sound of the city is so loud, so big so full. I can’t barely hear him but I love going downtown and he does as well and so does the hole punk scene in this town.

“Listen, zodiacs are bullshit.” He says, as I shuffle the deck of cards in my trembling hands, passing a seven of hearts trough my bruised knuckles.

“You say that ‘cause your a gemini. Cancers, geminis, scorpios and sagittarius tend to be skeptical” I argue. “Also, not my fault your trousers ripped.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering, when you have the time, to make a hair tutorial or some tips of how to colour hair? I love how you do hair, how you do the shadows and the highlights. I struggle a lot with colouring hair in general, and would like some help. I love your art style so much. Keep it up with your work!! ^^

hey! (。・ω・)ノ゙
I know it took me forever to answer, sorry~ I was planning to make this “tutorial” sooner, but I couldn’t ;;v;;
and thank you so-so much ♥ I’m really glad you like my art (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

soo, I’m not a pro and I can’t teach anyone how to draw/paint… I can only show how I personally paint hair and try to explain my steps c:

I already said it once, but try not to think about painting hair while panting hair haha take it easy and try to simplify things. I personally try to imagine hair as a ribbons. I separate the hairstyle into strands, paint everything and then I add “flyaways” and individual hairs to make it look more realistic~  

I start with a flat color and slowly add highlights and shadows according to the reference. I put colors very lightly and they just build up in the process (2,3,4,5) and I also use shadows to define future hair strands in places where I didn’t sketch them (4,6). during the whole process of this fanart I used magical brush #97~
this messy process of applying these basic colors is very important for me, since the more “detailed” base I make - the easier it is for me to render and paint everything afterwards lol
also, don’t forget about lights and background colors - it all affects your hair color~ for example, I used a little bit of blue tinted highlight color here (5).

the colors will eventually blend together in the process and everything will look right (if you didn’t just throw some random colors here and there ofc c:)
I used a little bit of burgundy on Jongin’s hair (left) and blue and red on Baek’s (right)

after 151 years of painting dyo’s face (I already made a skin “tutorial” thing c:) and everything else on the drawing, I come back to his hair~
and I always start with temples and any hair on the face and slowly go up.
here I start rendering hair from kyungsoo’s shaved temple (1,2,3) and then I work on his eyebrows and bangs (4, but I forgot to rewrite this frame of the gif lmao)

I make a new layer above my “base” colors and prepare myself for a long process of painting hair~
remember when I said that it’s very important for me to make my “base” as detailed as possible? here I add even more shadows and highlights (1,2,3) c:

and now rendering happens~ I can’t explain this step. I just paint all the strands and details according to the reference and I use my “base” colors as a guide~ (1-8)
I always finish painting hairstyle first and then I correct the shape and everything around it (6). and the-e-en, I add “flyaways” and individual hairs to make hair look more realistic (7,8) (my favorite part for some reason ;;v;; + adding highlights and using color dodge in the very end ♥~)

and here’s a gif of the whole painting process (+ face) :3

sooo, that’s it ;;v;; I did my the bestiest best to explain all the steps~
tbh it was interesting (and kind of painful c:) process since I had to analyze my own actions to understand what I’m actually doing while painting hair lol
(that’s why it took me forever to make this “tutorial”)

I reeeeally hope it was helpful and understandable ;;v;; plz let me know if there’s something I missed~
and again, this is just the way I personally paint hair, I don’t know if I do it “right” or “wrong” (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

oki, bye ♥

( finished painting is here)

Ready To Go


“I just thought we’d have the night for ourselves, you know?”

“I know, I know…” Harry sighed, pulling a strand of hair behind his ear “I just promised Niall we could watch the game together, he’d been nagging at me for this. He should be getting here anytime now, there’s only ten minutes left before it starts.”

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