i forgot hes also a photographer

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hi!! i was wondering if you remember the name/link to this story you posted a while ago it was on reddit about this guy and how his girlfriend got like replaced by some other girl and she even replaced his photographs and stuff and he forgot his girlfriends name idk...but thank you so much if you know what im talking about ;w;

i think this is it?


there’s the full translated version from the post ;__; also warning to anyone else who hasn’t read it but is interested, it’s PRETTY spooky/eerie! so if you’re not interested in that sort of thing don’t read!


I am trying to get better at thanking my fellow bloggers and here is an attempt to that. Those blogs are the latest and some of them the most frequent re-bloggers and I sincerely hope I did not forget anyone! 

I also want to thank for all comments and love I get! Please continue to make this grumpy old Swede happy. He needs it :)

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