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Three In It To Win It~ Dean Ambrose/ AJ Styles/ Cesaro Imagine

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A/N : Lex’s idea to do this but I forgot her tumblr name and I added Cesaro for @helluvawriter

Pushing past people as you walked down the hall, you were born ready to be in the ring. This was your dream and it was finally coming true.

“ You look a little lost, Can I help you?” Turning around, you came face to face with one of your favorite wrestlers. Cesaro.

“ Hi! My name is Y/N, I’m the new meat around here” 

“ Oh! So your’e the newbie” He smirked, placing his sunglasses on top of his head, looking you over. Rolling your eyes, “ If your done checking me out, I’d be glad in need of some help”

“ Oh I’ll help you alright” He smirked, “ My eyes are up here , thanks” You pushed past him making your way around. You didn’t need his help, great first impression with the Swizz Superman. 

You heard other men talking in the hall, peeking your head around the corner. There stood AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Squealing at the sight of them, she clasped her hand over her mouth to keep her quite.

“ Did you hear that?” AJ asked, his southern accent coming out. They looked around the hall seeing no one, shrugging they went back to talking.

You straightened out your jacket, walking around the corner, your boots hitting the floor as you passed by them.

“ Looks like we got ourselves a hot one” Anderson says as he turns his head staring at your ass. Stopping in your tracks as you heard him, “ Thanks, but you wouldn’t even handle me in bed Mr. Clean.” 

“ I like her” Gallows says as he steps towards you. “ Luke” “ Y/”

“ Ahh, the newbie. Names AJ. AJ Styles” 

As much as you loved AJ, you rolled your eyes, “ Yeah, the Phenomenal One, heard your great. But in bed? Hmm?”

“ Of course darlin, there is no better man than me”

Luke and Anderson turned to him as they began to argue over that issue meanwhile, you turned walking away with them with a smirk on your face. 

After your debut match, interview with Renee, you were making your way back to the locker room.

Someone stood outside of it, it was Dean. You didn’t meet Dean yet, he was known to be a pretty funny guy around here.

“ Well..Well.. if it isn’t Mrs. Badass over here” Standing in from of him, in your leather jacket looking fierce. 

“ If It isn’t the Lunatic Frindge. I’m so flattered you stop to give me some of your time out of your schedule” 

He chuckled, “ I like you, your cute” 

“ Thanks but no thanks, I don’t do guys like you” Pushing his chest, he stumbled back a bit before he took a hold of your wrist.

“ What guys do you do sweet heart?”

“ Once that comb their hair for starters” 

“ You think your funny. I actually clean up good” 

“ I don’t see that happening any time soon” Patting his chest, you left him hanging around the Women’s locker room with him shocked. 

You were good.  

Looking around the parking lot, you were suppose to be picked up but no one was there for you.

“ Need a ride?” A deep voice said. Glancing up at the giant, staring down at you was the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin.

Your type of guy.

“ Sure” He grabbed your bags from you. “ Hey!” Running to him, trying to catch him, he chuckled over his shoulder.

“ Keep up newbie” 

“ Those are my bags” He stopped in front of a black SUV, putting the bags into the trunk. “ I give points for you for that”

“ Don’t got to be mean” 

“ Look kid, get in, it’s cold” He said shutting the trunk. “ I’m not a kid!” “ Shut up”

You huffed getting into the passenger seat, turning to him, you mumbled a thanks. He started the car without saying a word, he wasn’t scary looking in person just quite.

He did his own thing.

He drove off, you laid your head on the window watching the street signs, people and buildings. 

“ What do you mean you have no more rooms? I’m part of WWE, check again” You pointed to the computer on the table.

“ I’m sorry Miss, there is nothing I can do”

“ I can” someone says, you turned to see Sami Zayn. He walks over to you, giving you a smile. “ I have a spare bed in my room, come on” 

“ Thanks so much” 

“ Don’t mention it, what’s your name?”

“ Y/N, I know your Sami Zayn. Your one of my favorite wrestlers, I love your matches”

‘ Thank you, I saw your debut. Miss Badass” 

You shrugged, “ Got to start somewhere “ 

“ You’ll get there, the way you wrestle and are on the mic. You got it in you, trust me”

“ Thanks”

You both reached the room, Sami unlocked it, he opened it letting you in go first. “ Such a gentlemen”

“ My mom raised me well” You walked under his arm with your bags behind you.

“ Thanks again for this” “ No problem” He took of his hat and jacket. Sami was pretty cute, you thought as you looked him over. 

“ You see something you like?” 

Blushing as you been caught staring at him,  “ I’m sorry, I don’t usually have guys just offering me to stay with them.” He laughs. 

“ Your cute, get some sleep” He fished something out of suitcase before walking into the bathroom.

You stared at his ass, he had a nice one.

“ Sami, my man” Arms went to his shoulders making him jump. You were out having breakfast with him when Cesaro came up to him. 

“ Antonio! Join us”

He looked over to you, sitting from across from you. “ I already ate but I’ll join you” 

“ Hello Y/N” He says, giving you a smile. It was like things turned around, it was like he forgot he was an ass yesterday.

“ Hi” 

 Sami looked between the two of you, confused on what was going on. “ You’ve met him?”

“ I did when I came into the arena. I needed guidance and he happened to be only interested in these” You motioned to your breasts.

Sami spit out his water, you leaned back into your chair. He coughed, wiping his chin. “ Uh, what?” you gave him a napkin, giggling at him. 

“ I wasn’t, you had a beautiful necklace” 

“ I wasn’t wearing one” Sami snorted, patting Cesaro on the back. 

“ Nice one” 

Cesaro leaned into his seat feeling ashamed, you were cute and all he wanted was to be nice but seems as though you didn’t like him.

“ Sweetheart, I see your making friends” Dean had walked over to you, Baron and Sami. You were talking to Sami and Baron about how you started to wrestle since you were little, always wanting to get into a ring.

“ What do you want Ambrose?”

“ A date with you” You scoffed, “ Didn’t I tell you that I don’t do guys that don’t brush their hairs. Scoot off now, you have no business in my friendship bubble”

“ Friendship bubble?” Sami asked Baron, looking at him. Baron shrugged but looked on to see what you were going to do. 

“ I can, I’ll prove it to you” 

“ Uh huh, keep talking, all I hear is bull shit slipping from your tongue. I’d rather get in bed with Sami here” 

Sami’s eyes got wide hearing your confession, he coughed feeling embarrassed as his cheeks tinted red as he scratched the back of his neck. 

Dean grumbled as he walked away, when you turned to Sami he was all red. 

“ Aw! Look Sami’s blushing” You nugged Baron who rolled his eyes but held a small smile on his lips.

Fans already loving you and loving the fact that you befriended the Lone Wolf, who has been on your social media a couple of times. Fans would catch a glimpse of him in your pictures.

They shipped you two together, “ Remind me why they like us so much?”

“ Because you can’t get enough of me”  Baron joked. Slapping his chest while he threw his head back laughing, “ I hate you.”

“ No you don’t, your secretly in love with me and want to bang me”

“ Oh my god Baron!” He continued to laugh while you pouted. 

“It’s the hot one!” 

Growling as you heard Anderson’s voice, AJ, Anderson and Luke walked over to you. AJ took a glance seeing you with Baron.

“ Him? Out of every guy in the roster, him? You could do so much better”

“ You mean you? No thanks” 

“ And why not darlin?” He wrapped his arms around you bringing you closer to his side which Baron saw you were uncomfortable with. He got off his bike, coming towards AJ.

“ Woah there big guy, no need to raise fist” He motioned to Baron’s hand. “ Step away from her” 

AJ rose his hands, glancing at you as you were looking at him. 

“ I’m done with you darlin” He pointed to you before he left with Anderson and Luke by his side. 

“ Thanks. Now let’s go get some ice cream!”

“ Y/N, I want you to meet Finn Balor, he’s one of my best friends” Sami says as he introduces you to Finn. “ Hey there, I heard so much about you” You shook hands with him.

“ Likewise” He smiled so wide, Finn was adorable. 

Sami had taken you to see Finn who was building something with his lego’s.

“ Legos!” you yelled seeing them. “ This is amazing” You admired his collection looking around.

“ Dank ya love” His accent was to die for. 

You turn to face him, “ Let’s watch a movie?” 

“ I got the popcorn!” Sami yells.

You were left in the room with Finn, he was smiling at you while you smiled back. 

What? He was adorable. You would stare at him too.

It was night, you were standing on Finn’s balcony looking over the view. Sami had fallen asleep on the couch, Finn came to stand besides you. 

“ It’s beautiful night”

“ I see something much more stunning” You turned to glance at Finn to see he was already looking at you. 

You giggled, he smiled hearing it. Your hand was on the railing, Finn’s fingers came over yours. You looked down at them, blushing looking away from him hearing him chuckle.