i forgot he has short hair for a while


Charles Xavier X Reader

Character(s): Charles Xavier, Alex Summers

Fandom: X-Men

Prompt: You crouched down to coo at my baby but I forgot to tell you she loves grabbing people’s hair and now she won’t let go of yours. (from here)

Requested: nah

Warning(s): none

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Hug Me, I’m Bored

Prompt: Y/n has always been a confident, direct kinda person so while in the slytherin common room she randomly turns to Draco and asks if he wants to cuddle and he’s like oh okay and everyone’s giving him weird looks but he’s just brushing her hair and holding her hand and doesn’t really care about evryone else?

A/N: Sorry it’s kind of short! Hope you like it! (Have I already written this one? I feel like I have and forgot to cross it off my list D:)

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol.

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A celebration for winning a Quidditch match was happening in the Slytherin Common Room. You and your group of friends (Draco Malfoy included) were occupying the sofas, drinks in hand. As far as Snape knew, they were definitely not alcoholic…but he’s not stupid. As soon as he steps foot in the room, he’d be giving out detentions like sweets on halloween. It wasn’t like it was a big party though. That would come when they win the Quidditch Cup. For now, it was merely a gathering of sorts.

It was 11pm and you were getting a little bored. Nothing too interesting was happening and the longer you sat in front of Draco, the more he was becoming more appealing to you. Truth be told, you’d had your eyes on him for a while and right now it felt like it was the right time to seize the opportunity to finally make a move. 

You stood up and plopped yourself next to Draco earning you looks of confusion. 

“Cuddle with me?” You gave him puppy eyes. He just lifted his arm and put it around you, pulling you into his side,

“Why not.” He raised his hand to your hair as your head tilted to rest on his shoulder.Draco took one of your hands in his and used his other hand to run his fingers through your hair, absent minded, while he just continued with his conversation casually. The rest of your friends still looked at you miffed every once and a while. More people around the room noticed but they only glanced over once and were over it by the next. Apart from some of the girls who looked a little disheartened with that fact that Draco was hugging another girl and not them. But you didn’t really care about that. You were just happy you had a very comfortable and very attractive pillow.