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hi everyone im gay and ready to cry tru fat tears bc i lob everyone so mcuh and how do i voice dat………… like… i cant.. so im gonna make dis for yall bc ily all sm :/ u make the sun shine brighter for me every mornin and yall all make me so happy so i gotta show appreciation somehow!!! anyways im awkward as heck so lets just… jump in I HOPE THIS DOESN’T MESS UP ANYONE’S NOTIFS >:( this got so long im so sorry so i put it under a read more FJEKAJRSL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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hey bungie could you just like, do something about maybe all sidearms but mostly the wormwood. im all for an underutilized special weapon having its time in the crucible limelight, but i keep dying to it and i struggle to adapt. i’ve got a reasonable kdr to maintain here cut me some slack

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Um yeah, Ishida has seen all the spoilers we’ve been tweeting at him. Please don’t- it’s unacceptable. If you didn’t know, we get illegal spoilers a week ahead of the Japanese release next Thursday!

edit: the person has since said they didn’t realize and deleted the tweet so all good on that front, but it serves as a good lesson to everyone!

veser doodl i did to unwind a bit!



Yoonmin Fic Rec

As a Yoonmin trash…I freaking love to read Yoonmin fics that have a balance of unique plot, good characters, great pace/flow, smut, fluff, drama and amazing writing. No one asked for it but here’s sort of a “master list” of Yoonmin fics I’ve read/am reading that I personally really love. I’m a fussy fic reader (very particular about certain things) so trust me when I say, these are good ones. 

Craigslist Date by springrain21

This Fic is EVERYTHING! I freaking loved it. Yoongi found Jimin on Craigslist and uses him as a “fake boyfriend” to piss his parents off. The story doesn’t take long to unravel and the smut written was…amazing. like…..damn my cheeks were red. Completed.

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What Tumblr Has Taught Me About Fandoms I'm Not In
  • These may be spoilers but then again I don't know if these are even accurate. And by that I mean these are not at all accurate.
  • Hunger Games: Teenage girl volunteers for fight to the death. Love triangle issues between Katniss, a dude named after bread, and some guy whose name I forgot. The government is shit.
  • Divergent: Everyone is divided into dollar store brand Hogwarts houses. There's a character named Four and that really confuses me. Was he the fourth child? Did his parents run out of names? Was he cursed with "Stupid YA Character Names Syndrome"? Can someone just explain??
  • Maze Runner: They're in a maze and then they leave. The outside world sucks. The sun exploded or something. It's solar powered Walking Dead but with the gays.
  • Mortal Intruments: There was a movie and it was shit. There's vampires or demons or some kind of supernatural forces. The boy with the nice hair and the glitter-covered male model are really gay for each other. I thought it was called the Shadowhunter series but apparently it's not.
  • Raven Cycle: All I know is that this skater boy named Noah was too great for this world so he died. That's it. That's the extent to my knowledge.
  • The Fault in Our Stars: Cancer kids fall in love and make the symbol of unbreakable romance a parody of the saying of a broken up emotional wreck of a relationship.
  • Lunar Chronicles: It's modernized fairytales so it's pretty much the Grimm Brother's own version of Percy Jackson. And Cinder is a mechanic so I guess that makes her Leo Valdez?
  • Song of Achilles: Surprise they made Ancient Greece even gayer.
Chris Pine Imagine

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He spent the last days doing nothing but interviews, Chris would rather be home with you, the only good thing about all those interviews were, having Zachary by his side. 

“Ready?” Zachary said coming in the dressing room.

“I guess” Chris wasn’t ready but had no choice. Zachary was about to comment on his mood, but soon realized the reason for it and said noting. He also missed you.

When the show started Chris’ mood got better, he smiled more and was more opener, but still had you on his mind, it didn’t help when the interviewer asked questions about you.

“Chris, you’re married to Y/N who’s also a big star. She’s done some amazing movies” he nodded feeling proud of you. 

“True very true” he said and waited to be asked the question the interviewer wanted to ask. 

“How did you two meet, I don’t remember you two filming in a movie together or meeting at an event.” he was right you and Chris never really met in the line of work. 

“That would be thanks to me” Zachary said making Chris chuckle. “I’m the amazing mach maker” he wasn’t wrong. 

“Really? oh right you and Y/N are best friends right?” the interviewer said as a photo of you and Zachary showed up. Zachary nodded and smiled of the photo. 

“Yeah, she’s like a sister to me. I wanted her to be with someone who would treat her right so I introduced her to Chris” Chris laughed

“More like I begged you to introduce me to her” he confessed thinking back to all the begging he did on the set with Zachary. 

“I tried to make you look good. But yes he begged on his knees for me to introduce him to Y/N” Zachary said making everyone laugh. Chris smiled thinking about the day he finally had a chance to see you in person, the day he fell in love so deep he knew you were the one. “Tell them how that went” 

“Well, I forgot my own name” said Chris while laughing with everyone else. “I was so happy to see her and so amazed by her I just lost all memory of who i was and what i do.” lucky for him you found it very cute, you would lie if you said you weren’t nerves meeting him. Especially since Zachary told you how badly Chris wanted to meet you himself. 

“I was surprised you remembered your name on your wedding day” Zach joked. “But I’m really happy these too got together. They really are mach made in heaven.” Zachary wasn’t the only one who was happy to have you and Chris be together and even get married. All your fans and Chris’ were over the top excited. 

But you finally knew what real love felt like. What passion was.  

Somebody that I used to know.. Prologue:

Summary:  Bucky and the others get shot back into the past where Steve isn’t Captain America, Bucky isn’t captured by Hydra, and their friends and family are alive. The others are trying to get back to the future, but part of Bucky doesn’t want to. His family is here, he can finally remember who he use to be and stop himself from becoming the man he was in the future. (Y/N), his girlfriend, is in the future trying to figure out how to send everyone back to the future, but will Bucky join them, or will he stay in the past so that can never become the Winter Soldier?

Note: Time Travel, slight fluff in the beginning, I don’t own the photo (credit to the creator!)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1770

“Be careful out there. I need you to come back to me in one piece.” (Y/N) spoke softly as she helped Bucky get out his uniform before he smiled to her. “I’ll try my best.” He said before pressing his lips to hers as she cupped his face deepening the kiss. “I love you.” She whispered. “I love you too.” He said back laying his forehead against her own. Something wasn’t settling right with (Y/N), something was telling her to stop Bucky from going on this mission, but the Avengers needed him. “Please be careful.” She whispered feeling tears burning her waterline when he placed his hands onto her waist. “Hey, hey.” He said gently noticing her immediate change in demeanor. “I will. I promise, I have you to come home to.” He said kissing here once more.

She hugged him tightly burying her face into his neck for a moment, just to savor this moment, just for it to be engraved into her memory. “I’ll see you later.” He said before he walked out of their shared apartment as (Y/N) felt this heaviness growing in her chest. Yet at the same time she felt empty as if he was walking out of their room, out of her life forever. She walked out to the hallway just as the doors to the elevator shut when (Y/N)’s knees gave out from under her. She collapsed to the floor as she covered her mouth to force back at the sobs, unknown as to why she was cry. “Bucky.” Is all she whispered as she held her body before closing her eyes while leaning against the frame of their bedroom door. “Come back.” She pleaded softly.

Bucky’s head throbbed, feeling like it was splitting open as his eyes fluttered open looking around. He couldn’t see straight, but there was a muffled voice buzzing in his ear as he shook his head trying to come into focus. “Bucky!!” A voice shouted, he knew that voice. He did. “Steve?” He asked as if he was unsure himself, as if he was questioning who it was. “Jesus Bucky, you scared the hell out of me.” Steve’s voice came through, it sounded like it was coming through a tube or something. “Are you alright?” He asked as Bucky sat up slowly feeling this wave of nausea. “Well I’m breathing. You tell me.” Bucky countered in a smartass tone.

Bucky felt weird now like he was light, a good hundred pounds light as he placed a hand over his eyes scrubbing them. He finally focused on Steve… he was skinny. “Steve?” He asked in utter confusion. “What the hell happened to you?” He asked. “Did you lose the serum?” He asked looking up to him when Steve shook his head no. “But–” Bucky was cut off by him. “Buck, I never got the serum yet.” He said as Bucky frowned. “What do you mean?” Bucky demanded when Steve held up Bucky’s left hand–it was… it was normal. It wasn’t metal. “W-What?” He asked in completely shock like he couldn’t wrap his head around the whole situation. “How is this even possible?” He question before looking around noticing that they were in their old apartment.

“I don’t know… It had to do with the man in the mask.” Steve said as Bucky cupped his head trying to remember something anything then he remember they had been fighting someone, a man named Dr. Strange came to help them. Dr. Strange explained to them that the man was from another dimension and was plotting to kill them all. Then the Avengers were standing on the other side of a man wearing a masquerade mask that was the color of good, holding in his hand was a golden staff with a clock face at the top. They had been fighting him for what felt like hours, days? They really didn’t know, he could stop time, or make them go in slow motion which was getting really old for Bucky. After being frozen and unfrozen for seventy years this wasn’t something he was a big fan off.

“The others.” Bucky said as he stood up slowly. “What happened to the others? Do you remember anything? I don’t remember much. Dammit!” Bucky hissed angrily. He was tired for forgetting things when he felt Steve place a hand onto his shoulder. “Don’t worry, we’ll think of somethin’ Buck.” Steve said before his eyes widened. “I remember! Thor got the staff off ‘m and it fell! You picked it up Buck and then everythin’ went white…” Steve said as Bucky’s eyes widened. “You mean I brought us back in time?” Bucky demanded looking horrified. “Well ’s not your fault! You’ve been tryin’ to remember this you.” He gestured to Bucky who ran his fingers through his hair and yanked looking like he was going to have a mental break down.

“That doesn’t help me Steve! What about the others? Were they brought back with us? Did the disappear or stay in the future? How are we going to get back to the future!” He said grabbing Steve’s arms before Steve winced. “W-We’ll think of somethin’ Buck. Just calm down.” He pried Bucky’s iron grip from his arms, knowing bruises will form. “Oh my god… (Y/N) is going to kill me.” He said pacing around the room as he bit his lip hard enough to bleed. “Stop stress Buck. It help nothin’ and ya know it.” Steve said forcing him to sit down as Bucky held his throbbing head. “Jesus Stevie, what are we going to do?” Bucky asked as Steve rolled his eyes. “Well first ya need to calm down. Ya aren’t helpin’ yourself.” Steve countered crossing his arms.

“Okay, okay.” He said running his fingers through his hair again. “Ugh… This is so strange… How long have we been out for?” Bucky asked as Steve shrugs flopping down beside him. “Well we’re in our apartment, which means… ma’s dead. So War should be startin’ soon.” Steve looking at Bucky who nods. “Great… I at least know what my fate will be.” He spat angrily standing up as he storms off towards the kitchen. Steve frowned softly before standing up as he followed Bucky who was gripped the sink so hard his knuckles were turned white. “I get to relive everything I’ve wanted to forget. Fantastic.” He huffs out a bitter laugh. “No, stop that. We’ll think of somethin’.” Steve said standing behind him when Bucky turned around glaring to Steve.

“Easy for you to say Steve! You didn’t get tortured for Seventy years! Good things happen to you while I get go forget everyone I’ve loved. You know I forgot my own name before I forgot you!” He spat as tears welled up in his eyes causing Steve’s to widened. “Buck…” He whispered softly when Bucky turned away. “Don’t ‘Buck’ me.” He let out a trembling sigh. “If the others are in this time… God only knows where they’ll be.” Bucky whispered as he sighed softly before more memories of what happened plagued his mind. He grunted when his eyes fluttered closed seeing that he was standing in the midst of the battlefield with the Avengers blood and beaten, but still strong. The masked man was determined to end their lives.

“We need to get that staff away from him.” Thor said crossing his arms as everyone looked to him. “Really? What have we been trying to do then Thor?” Steve snapped angrily. He didn’t mean to get aggressive, but he was more than annoyed at this point and Thor really wasn’t helping. “How do we get it off him?” Natasha asked stepping in between the two while Sam and Clint kept watch in the alley they were in at the moment. “I do not know. I could try and contact Dr. Strange. He might be able to help us more.” Thor said running a hand through his hair. “Then contact him!” Tony said. “I do not think I can!” Thor huffed angrily. “Why not?” Bucky asked. “Because this man is controlling time. It could take years for Dr. Strange to receive it.” He said.

“Well we need to think of something and fast.” Sam said pointing to the man coming towards them. “It’s now or never Thor. Start contacting Strange!” Tony said sliding down his face mask as Thor closed his eyes holding out his hammer. Everyone got ready when the masked man opened the sky and down dropped hundreds maybe even thousands of robotic creatures. “Hurry Thor!” Steve exclaimed throwing his shield as he slammed into a few of them while he started running towards the entrance to the alley. “I am trying!” Thor huffed trying to focus as everyone fought against the fleet of creatures pouring from the sky. “This is like Loki all over again!” Clint exclaimed. “Don’t think about that Legolas! Focus!” Tony said shooting the robots down, or at least trying to, for every one they knocked down it seemed like eighty more appeared.

“We can’t hold them off forever!” Natasha said, already out of breathe as she kicked away another one. They were surrounded with nowhere to turn and nowhere to run. Bucky knew that this was the end when suddenly Thor was able to stop the masked man by creating another of himself. Thor swung and slammed his hammer into the masked man’s face as the staff started to plummet towards the ground. “No!” Thor exclaimed. Bucky acted on instinct as he jumped and caught the staff before it could collide with the ground. Bucky felt like he was one fire, like he was melt through his own skin as his eyes snapped shut from the agonizing pain that flooded through him just before everything had suddenly gone white around him.

Bucky was jerked out of his thoughts by a loud banging noise on the door as both the boys jolted when they looked to each other. ‘Who could that be?’ Bucky mouthed to Steve as the banging continued. ‘I don’t know. I don’t have no x-ray vision.’ Steve countered earning an unamused looking in return by Bucky. ‘If we wait long enough maybe they’ll leave?’ Bucky asked as Steve nods. ‘Probably.’ He mouthed back before they went silent just as the knocking went silent, and just when they thought it was over. “James Buchanan Barnes open this door right now.” A voice exclaimed as Bucky and Steve both froze before looking to each other. “Was… Was that…” Steve trailed off. “Yeah… that was my Ma.” Bucky said biting his lip.

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Author’s Note: Hope you enjoyed :D 

Can I just talk about The Bold Type for a second?

I know a lot of people have already talked about it which is one of the reasons I started watching it (that and I generally like Freeform shows) but it’s like, even better than I imagined. I absolutely love how supportive Jane, Sutton and Kat are of one another, they’re such good friends, and I know Sutton and Richard’s relationship isn’t appropriate because of the whole power imbalance thing, but damnit, they respect each other so much and he makes her so happy I can’t *not* ship it, and he’s tried to not be biased when it comes to their jobs (like being her best friends’ lawyer), I love how relatable Jane is, she worries about not being enough but she tries, she owns up to her mistakes, and she is believing in herself one day at a time, and embracing her sexuality (like not being able to orgasm but learning it didn’t mean anything was wrong with her) and speaking of sexuality I LOVE Kat’s storyline, she’s outspoken honest to a fault sometimes but she’s unapologetically being herself which I love, yet at the same time she’s vulnerable like her fear of intimacy in relationships, and I love how they didn’t make a big deal about bisexuality like yeah it is important but it’s not odd not to be heterosexual and fuck yeah bisexuals exist so that’s awesome and speaking of awesome how AWESOME is it that we have a queer Muslim who’s debunking myths about Islam left and right, embracing her religion in this day and age, showing that you can’t judge an entire group of people nor a religion, everyone is different, and their boss (I forgot her name) is so fucking awesome, she has so much confidence in the women, and she counsels them individually from time to time to help them realize their worth, and just the whole sex positivity message is awesome, this show is feminist as fuck and I’m loving every moment of it

Tips on how to escape anime sports hell...

1. You can’t.
2. I’m sorry.
3. There is no rehab.
4. Have a great life.