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What Tumblr Has Taught Me About Fandoms I'm Not In
  • These may be spoilers but then again I don't know if these are even accurate. And by that I mean these are not at all accurate.
  • Hunger Games: Teenage girl volunteers for fight to the death. Love triangle issues between Katniss, a dude named after bread, and some guy whose name I forgot. The government is shit.
  • Divergent: Everyone is divided into dollar store brand Hogwarts houses. There's a character named Four and that really confuses me. Was he the fourth child? Did his parents run out of names? Was he cursed with "Stupid YA Character Names Syndrome"? Can someone just explain??
  • Maze Runner: They're in a maze and then they leave. The outside world sucks. The sun exploded or something. It's solar powered Walking Dead but with the gays.
  • Mortal Intruments: There was a movie and it was shit. There's vampires or demons or some kind of supernatural forces. The boy with the nice hair and the glitter-covered male model are really gay for each other. I thought it was called the Shadowhunter series but apparently it's not.
  • Raven Cycle: All I know is that this skater boy named Noah was too great for this world so he died. That's it. That's the extent to my knowledge.
  • The Fault in Our Stars: Cancer kids fall in love and make the symbol of unbreakable romance a parody of the saying of a broken up emotional wreck of a relationship.
  • Lunar Chronicles: It's modernized fairytales so it's pretty much the Grimm Brother's own version of Percy Jackson. And Cinder is a mechanic so I guess that makes her Leo Valdez?
  • Song of Achilles: Surprise they made Ancient Greece even gayer.

“Ayano-chan said she approved of PDA in the base so she nags at Shintaro-kun when he yells at us to get a room. Which I don’t get, because we already have one and I’m sure he’s aware of it.”

PDA = “Public Displays of Affection.”

Can’t sleep now, such a good moment to post this: like 6 months ago everyone were playing that thing (i even forgot the name) and i tried it, too, only to create the character lol
Will i take him as a fancharacter of mine? Nop~

Tips on how to escape anime sports hell...

1. You can’t.
2. I’m sorry.
3. There is no rehab.
4. Have a great life.

From Marauders, To Quidditch Teams (12/01/1973)

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Send me a ♕ for me to describe a favorite rp character of someone else’s.

((And here we have an anon asking one of the hard questions.

I have too many favorites though, especially if I consider blogs that have interacted more (or only) with some of my other blogs besides this one. I can’t pick just one! I think I’ll make a small list instead:

  • I honestly couldn’t make this list without mentioning @delightful-envy. Wonderful, well-developed OC, and a wonderful mun too! <3 
  • ….Actually, can I just say some of the other blogs I’ve been RPing with on my Chara blog as well? So @ulriic, @olderhyena, @sxmniphobia, @incendreine, @d-eluder…and everyone else I haven’t named if I accidentally forgot someone.
  • And now to name some from the ones I interact with on this blog, I’ll start with @niji-iro-melody because Bren’s Otoya is precious and perfect. <3
  • I can’t not follow that up by mentioning Soli’s Tokiya, @mightydreams. Perfect Tokiya to go with a perfect Otoya.~
  • And also @class-a-clarinetist because Sarah’s Ringo is so wonderfully sassy and fabulous.~
  • Oh! And @musical–android! Ami’s Ai is wonderful too dflajf

……Honestly, everyone is wonderful, okay? Okay. I could ramble and gush about every single one, but this post would get way too long.))