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Um yeah, Ishida has seen all the spoilers we’ve been tweeting at him. Please don’t- it’s unacceptable. If you didn’t know, we get illegal spoilers a week ahead of the Japanese release next Thursday!

edit: the person has since said they didn’t realize and deleted the tweet so all good on that front, but it serves as a good lesson to everyone!

hi everyone im gay and ready to cry tru fat tears bc i lob everyone so mcuh and how do i voice dat………… like… i cant.. so im gonna make dis for yall bc ily all sm :/ u make the sun shine brighter for me every mornin and yall all make me so happy so i gotta show appreciation somehow!!! anyways im awkward as heck so lets just… jump in I HOPE THIS DOESN’T MESS UP ANYONE’S NOTIFS >:( this got so long im so sorry so i put it under a read more FJEKAJRSL 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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hey bungie could you just like, do something about maybe all sidearms but mostly the wormwood. im all for an underutilized special weapon having its time in the crucible limelight, but i keep dying to it and i struggle to adapt. i’ve got a reasonable kdr to maintain here cut me some slack

edit: hey what gives this is some garbage quality click to remove the fuss smh

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Oooo, what about taegi + tests? (I'm taking my first ever AP test tomorrow and I'm very nervous)

Taegi….my babes

You guys know my weaknesses too well T-T

I will happily take any request with taegi don’t you worry. AP tests are super hard but you are a smartie that will ace that shit! Good luck on your test~

-Admin B(abe)

What Tumblr Has Taught Me About Fandoms I'm Not In
  • These may be spoilers but then again I don't know if these are even accurate. And by that I mean these are not at all accurate.
  • Hunger Games: Teenage girl volunteers for fight to the death. Love triangle issues between Katniss, a dude named after bread, and some guy whose name I forgot. The government is shit.
  • Divergent: Everyone is divided into dollar store brand Hogwarts houses. There's a character named Four and that really confuses me. Was he the fourth child? Did his parents run out of names? Was he cursed with "Stupid YA Character Names Syndrome"? Can someone just explain??
  • Maze Runner: They're in a maze and then they leave. The outside world sucks. The sun exploded or something. It's solar powered Walking Dead but with the gays.
  • Mortal Intruments: There was a movie and it was shit. There's vampires or demons or some kind of supernatural forces. The boy with the nice hair and the glitter-covered male model are really gay for each other. I thought it was called the Shadowhunter series but apparently it's not.
  • Raven Cycle: All I know is that this skater boy named Noah was too great for this world so he died. That's it. That's the extent to my knowledge.
  • The Fault in Our Stars: Cancer kids fall in love and make the symbol of unbreakable romance a parody of the saying of a broken up emotional wreck of a relationship.
  • Lunar Chronicles: It's modernized fairytales so it's pretty much the Grimm Brother's own version of Percy Jackson. And Cinder is a mechanic so I guess that makes her Leo Valdez?
  • Song of Achilles: Surprise they made Ancient Greece even gayer.
Tips on how to escape anime sports hell...

1. You can’t.
2. I’m sorry.
3. There is no rehab.
4. Have a great life.

Her name is Maci and she’s almost four months old. She’s the baby of the house and she knows it. She’s a half yorkie, half shih tzu mix and is the best little pupper I’ve ever met.
I’m so lucky 😍😍😍😍

i think the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to me was when the quiet, reserved girl in my group of friends in high school said “i want you to hug me” one morning and it took me a while to process it cos she never wanted anyone to touch her, let alone hug her so i always just greeted her with a smile and wave and every morning after that up until i dropped out she’d make sure to ask me to give her a hug too and i gave her the warmest hugs and made sure that they lasted a little longer than the rest


“Ayano-chan said she approved of PDA in the base so she nags at Shintaro-kun when he yells at us to get a room. Which I don’t get, because we already have one and I’m sure he’s aware of it.”

PDA = “Public Displays of Affection.”

From Marauders, To Quidditch Teams (12/01/1973)

Dream Journal 2017-05-20: The Red Flood (It Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Menstruation, Trust Me)

Yes, those are real people who are both naked and painted red. And yes, it’s relevant. Read on to find out how!


  • There was a knock-off version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that was the same as the original in every way except that all of the names were changed to more complicated ones. Charles Boyle (original character name) became Linus Kuegelhoffer and Rosa Diaz turned into Beatriss Mangialardi. Everyone else had new names, too, but I forgot them. Also the soundtrack was made entirely of funky trombone music. I am legitimately sad that this isn’t a real show now.

The Main Event

It’s time for another Mad Max-style apocalypse dream!  The world is a broken and dusty wasteland now. Whatever event caused everything to fail is also responsible for splitting the human population into two adversarial groups. It was never entirely clear what happened, but the most likely culprit for creating this reality was a biological weapon.

Human society is now divided between an ever dwindling group of normal people and an increasingly large group of savages commonly known as the Red Flood. The Red Flood earned this nickname by being both red-skinned and numerous. Visual estimates seemed to indicate that Red Floods outnumbered the normal population by about 20-to-1. Whatever created the Red Flood is contagious, but only spread via contact with blood or bites from infected individuals.

This sickness causes the iris of the eyes to change color to a yellowish color and large swaths of skin to turn bright red. The bones begin to get brittle. It destroys most of the capacity for abstract thought, but the language centers of the brain are mostly unaffected. The part of the brain responsible for perceiving pain and fatigue is completely destroyed.

I come into play several years after all this goes down. I was found by a group of normal people who live in the middle of the desert in the American southwest. They live in an oilfield, so they are able to trade fuel for food at other outposts. They were on a supply run when they found me, but they’re willing to pick up other survivors like me as they show up.

They drive me back to their compound, which is about 30 miles away from all sources of water. It’s surrounded by chain link fencing and barbed wire. The driver of the convoy tells me that the compound is located this far in the desert in order to thin the herd of Red Floods by making them die of dehydration before they can reach the compound. It helps that Flood-affected individuals don’t have the mental capacity to drive in their present state.

The compound had seen its share of internal political upheaval in the intervening years since the apocalypse happened. The convoy driver told me that they had lost a lot of people about 2 years ago when their leader (whom they always referred to her as the Mad Princess) decided to try to scare the  Floods away from the compound. The Floods were even more numerous back then, and the Mad Princess thought they might respond to something that invoked fear without consuming precious resources like bullets.

She proposed covering all the vehicles with the bones of dead Floods.

This was the part that I found to be especially interesting, because my subconscious had a grasp both quarantine/sterilization procedures and how petroleum extraction works (can you tell I’m a science nerd?). Her plan was to lead a large quantity of Floods back to the compound, and as they tried to break into the compound, people would spray industrial acids at the Floods to dissolve their flesh. The acid was part of the oil-drilling setup, which is something that is actually used in real-life oil extraction. The acid is pumped into the ground and depending on what it needs to do, it may erode the material that keeps the oil in the ground, or make the oil a little thinner so it can be extracted more easily.

By spraying the acid onto the approaching Floods, it would sterilize whatever was causing the sickness and make the bodies safe to handle. Unfortunately for many of the people involved that day, the industrial acid also ate through the chain link fencing and let the Red Floods breach the compound’s perimeter. The Mad Princess and nearly half of the compound perished in the fight.

The convoy driver assured me that was all in the past and now the oilfield outpost was once again thriving. I was welcome to stay there as long as I wanted. I thanked him for his offer, wandered around the compound for a bit, and then decided that I really don’t like the idea of living in an apocalyptic desert for the rest of my days and woke up.


This header image was taken from an article in the Daily Mail called “The Red Sea of People.” It’s about an art project in Munich by Spencer Tunick.

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I don’t have an ideal person i just want someone to be there for me when i need someone and someone i can talk to without hesitation whether it be about memes or mental health. The rest doesn’t matter.
And others are perfect examples. There’s more but I’m not going to tag everyone -mostly because i forgot how to spell their user name and it’s a long list-