i forgot about this line

I was suppose to color this last year; however, I got really lazy to the point that I forgot about it (I was lining this work for I think 2 days? Especially on Belarus’ dress). I asked my friend to reformat my computer months ago for me to play Sims 4 flawlessly and I forgot to do a back-up of all my artworks. Thankfully, I uploaded this picture in my facebook as a WIP project.

I kind of combined Hetaween 2011 (Norway) and 2013 (? Belarus. I’m not sure about the year)

P.S If you are planning to upload this somewhere else, please message me first and credit me. 

But thou forsooth must be a King
And don the purple vest,
As if that foolish robe could wring
Remembrance from thy breast
Where is that faded garment? where
The gewgaws thou wert fond to wear,
The star, the string, the crest?
Vain froward child of Empire! say,
Are all thy playthings snatched away?
—  Lord Bryon, Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte

- There is something else, I’ve discoverd the true reason the Empire came to Lothal.
- we know that one, the Empire has a factory and they’re stripping the planets resources to fuel it.
- No… there’s another reason… known only to a few, and orderd by the Emperor himself.

Theories anyone? These were fast lines so I kind of forgot about this when watching Siege of Lothal. But when I re-watched it again I put more thought into it.

I’m just afraid it has something to do with the Bridger family…