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Because I have written 21,000 words and 40 pages worth of Monsters so far this week, have two previews and two bloopers.

(All the stuff in blue has been added this week.)

“i will work, i will give thanks”

~Yurio confronts Viktor during the banquet after the Barcelona GPF and asks him about agape again~

(original sketch)

NB Rogue Headcanons

Dedicated to the lovely @faelise who made my day <3 since we were talking about them inspired by @natsii‘s amazing art earlier I thought I’d do some

  • Takes it upon themself to make the new, reformed Sabertooth a trans and nb inclusive and supportive space, with help from their boyfriend Sting, who is trans. 
  • Used to do a lot of reading up on LGBT+ history in secret under Giemma’s reign. Still likes reading and to educate themself at every opportunity where they have the energy but prefers reading lighter LGBT+ fiction now.
  • Luckily Levy and Freed, who are trans and genderfluid respectively, have a lot of good reccomendations of well written trans characters.
  • Happily educates the younger saber members about the LGBT+ community, Frosch the friendly nb exceed is a helpful presence with the children too. 
  • Loves having long, well taken care of, nails (often painted black or ruby red). They help with the dragon aesthetic and are fun to inspect with disdain when dealing with ignorant bigots. Also lovely tapping noises and nice to run through their hair.
  • Baggy clothes are you best friends for maintaining a mysterious aura while also coping with body dysphoria.
  • A cute, confident Frosch also helps, especially when they bring chocolate and list the things they love about being nb with Rogue.
  • Usually doesn’t have the energy for make up, but if they’re in the mood their winged eyeliner could cut through magic like butter and their smoky eyes put the effects of Natsu’s fire to shame.

What if Yusuke had Shigure’s colour palette?

Today’s not quite a good day for the draws but I tried anyway and drew the soft pastel fox to overcome an art block of some sort. Lineart isn’t really working for me atm soooo, messy sketches \o/

I Wish I Could Title Every Poem I've Ever Written, 'Fuck Man, I Don't Know'

I’m not too sure how much my family would like it
But I’m not too sure how much they like my writing anyways
They think it’s sad and weird
They ask me, ‘Why don’t you write about happy things?’

Is poetry supposed to make people happy?
Should I tell everyone things will be okay in the end then wink and walk away?
Should I talk about a sunset then slap someone’s back and say, ‘keep your head up kiddo’?
Should I tell people too take the road less traveled and then act surprised when they get mauled by a bear?

The other day my grandma recited me a poem my grandpa wrote for her when they first started dating
Some simple quatrain thing talking about trees and stars and love
It was cute
Afterwards I tried to read her something of mine but forgot about a line I wrote referencing my drug dealer
Not so cute

I see a bouquet of flowers but the petals are all tiny heads of sad old drunks weeping
I see the stars but all the constellations are college freshmen writing poems about the stars to get a blowjob or whatever
I see a poetry anthology called ‘100 love poems’ at the book store and the ink is printed on toilet paper
I see an old dog hobbling on three legs and want to give it everything I own

Marichat may day 22: rooftop kisses
Thank you soupery for making that drawing prompt template a while ago. Saved my life.
I actually forgot about the rooftop part when I drew it the construction lines… So… Half assed roof things.



A while ago people asked if I’d maybe make a drawing about Death mistaking Fatal for Geno because I like the AfterDeath ship so here we are :)

The mug slap frame is gonna be my Christmas card next year I swear

A big thanks to all the lovely folks who provided me with fun and dirty pickup lines for this, but an especially big thanks to @a3s0p, @winglessmoonstone, @daydreamingtomatos, and @ignatttt, since I used a mix of theirs :D

Reaper!Sans belongs to @renrink, Geno!Sans and CPAU belong to @loverofpiggies, and Goth belongs to @nekophy!

EDIT: I got so jazzed about posting this I forgot to include Geno’s cut mark and mouth lines! Thanks @lucky-leafeon for pointing it out to me :3 It’s been updated!

til hamingju með afmælið ísland!

goths is going to ruin my life

The conversation ranged from the people they knew, matches and teams for sports I’d never heard of (apparently, Amren was a vicious, obsessive supporter of one), new shops, music they’d heard, clubs they favored…

-ACOMAF Page 281

I don’t talk much about my love of sports on this site. But I love sports. A lot. For personal reasons and just because it’s fun. I’ve often wondered about what it would be like to find myself in Velaris as me and not as Feyre or one of the other characters, and wondered how I would fit in there. It’s a gorgeous city with so many elements weaved in that remind me of some of my favorite places in the world. But I always felt like sport was missing and it made me feel like maybe this most magical fantasy world I live in daily wouldn’t be a complete home for me if I ever - you know - *magically* wound up there.

Then I read this the other night while studying up for Rhys. I forgot all about this line! (Remember those many times I said I’m not a detail oriented reader?) And I think the smile on my face could have killed a small army.

THEY HAVE SPORTS IN PRYTHIAN AND I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. Badly enough that I’d probably waste my 30-60 seconds with SJM at a con to ask her. What do they play? Are they team sports? Do the Illyrians play too? Do they fly in the sky like Quidditch? Do they resemble mortal games or are they 100% unique to fae?


And how do they watch? There’s no TV or radio, so do you have to go to a game live to know what the final scores were? Or is there a bulletin that circulates through Prythian with updates? What do you get for winning? Do athletes have the same celebrity status there as they do in our world? Who are the most famous players? Is there an ESPNFae I can watch?

And what is sports culture like in society? Do High Fae turn their noses up at it as being lesser? Is it something only the lesser fae indulge in? Or is it a rich man’s business, with only the wealthy, High Fae affording the good seats like Jack at a Lakers game? Can you play recreationally for fun, or do you have be upper crust to do it because playing “professionally” is the only way in?

WAIT HOW DOES ONE GET IN? College is the key to pro sports in the US, but in the fae world that probably doesn’t exist? So how do they find you? Do you just try out? Do kids go into leagues and get drafted as they mature? Do you have play for a team within your court or can you get ‘traded’ to other teams from other courts? Do the courts play each other? Do the courts even have the same sports??


Basically the point I’m trying to make is - fae have sports and it makes me happy.