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how to be super good at lineart with just one easy trick (SAI)

hey kids so probably a lotta people already know this but for those of you who don’t: like a week ago i discovered this really cool tool in sai for fixing lineart so basically you’ll never have to redraw anything ever again it’s really good

okay so open up your lineart layer

now you wanna use the pen tool

and like now you wanna do your drawing. don’t erase anything. even if the lines barely touch, that’s fine. (this is good for time too)

this is what i did:

okay so clearly that isn’t good lineart, ken, the fuck are you doing. but just stick with me for a sec.

switch to the edit tool

there’s all this shit underneath it so select the second one

and you’ll see all these dots come up on your lines

and get this right

if you click and drag the dots, you can fucking fix your shit ass lineart in like every way imaginable

lines aren’t connected? no problem. edit tool. don’t like how they curve? no problem. edit tool.

here’s a gif to kinda show just how well it works

and let’s say you wanna fix the size of the lines WELL GUESS WHAT YOU CAN DO THAT TOO

use the weight tool and select the size you want the lines, then just click on all of them

to be fair you might wanna set your minimum size to something more stable than what i did but s t i l l

so uh yeah that’s my cool tutorial on how to not be shit at lineart whoohoo


It’s been like watching timelapse photography, or something, of a beautiful flower as it grows from a seed. It pushes its way up and then opens into an exquisite blossom. And then the flowers starts to close. It shrivels and it fades and crumbles to dust. And all in one single century.

til hamingju með afmælið ísland!

Today is the first Whose Line taping for season 11 (or 3, depending on how you’re counting them). Are you excited? I am!

CLYDE: “You know, I’ve seen a few of you guys mention mean anons, but I still don’t know what exactly happened.”
CLYDE: “I wonder if I can find them in here—“

CRAIG: “Hey dude, I’m done. We should probably hit the hay soon, I’m exhausted.”
CLYDE: “Hey Craig, do you mind if I ask something?”
CRAIG: “Shoot.”
CLYDE: “….”
CLYDE: “Where are you sleeping?”
CRAIG: “…?”

CRAIG: “The floor? I don’t want to punch your broken arm or something in my sleep.”
CLYDE: “Oh. Haha. Alright then.”
CLYDE: “I’ll go ahead and turn off your computer dude.”

They surrounded us.
The smell of paper
as the world filled our visions
with books.
We heard the whispers
of the people
in discussion
of what happened
and who’s the favorite character.
You remembered all of this,
but I did not.
I didn’t care enough
to remember.
I only thought back,
when you asked,
to the library where
we hid from
the adults—
escaping to our own world.
Do you remember?
I spoke to you
and for once,
you took me seriously.
The tension was clear.
You never expected,
and neither did I,
until just a few days before
when I realized
I could not
forget your smile
even as you walked away.

We flipped through the
pages of the books
in the library,
always examining
to see if any of it was
ever going to be
good enough
to take up our effort
and time.
I saw the way you smirked
as you read a comedic
I never forgot
about that.
I could never.

The world around us
spun as we crashed
into the shelves.
At least,
my world spun.
I saw fireworks,
even though
it was impossible
in the library—
the laws were too strict
to ever allow for so much noise.
Music was not allowed,
but we found music
in each other’s voices.
At least,
I found music in yours.
I was never sure
when it came to you.

It was always done
this way.
We would always read
cover to cover,
side by side.
You sat beside me,
resting your head
against mine
and I would never notice
until I realized
I could never
forget you.
The books formed
our bond;
the pages
to our story
had no deeper
than what was written—
at least it was that way
to you;
the shelves stood
tall for us—
for me—
to lean against
when the world
kept spinning.

—  Zhuo, HuiminOur Own [020813]