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I think Luthor and Super relationships are always the most interesting stories in a super comic.


Kougi’s April Fool’s drawing
Source: @kougiw
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T/N: so I think that panel is supposed to be Riko reaching into her big front pocket and pulling out an envelope, like Doraemon’s 4D pocket. And the only reason I think this is because Kougi is a pretty big Doraemon fan. 

how to be super good at lineart with just one easy trick (SAI)

hey kids so probably a lotta people already know this but for those of you who don’t: like a week ago i discovered this really cool tool in sai for fixing lineart so basically you’ll never have to redraw anything ever again it’s really good

okay so open up your lineart layer

now you wanna use the pen tool

and like now you wanna do your drawing. don’t erase anything. even if the lines barely touch, that’s fine. (this is good for time too)

this is what i did:

okay so clearly that isn’t good lineart, ken, the fuck are you doing. but just stick with me for a sec.

switch to the edit tool

there’s all this shit underneath it so select the second one

and you’ll see all these dots come up on your lines

and get this right

if you click and drag the dots, you can fucking fix your shit ass lineart in like every way imaginable

lines aren’t connected? no problem. edit tool. don’t like how they curve? no problem. edit tool.

here’s a gif to kinda show just how well it works

and let’s say you wanna fix the size of the lines WELL GUESS WHAT YOU CAN DO THAT TOO

use the weight tool and select the size you want the lines, then just click on all of them

to be fair you might wanna set your minimum size to something more stable than what i did but s t i l l

so uh yeah that’s my cool tutorial on how to not be shit at lineart whoohoo

some sweet, precious old lady noticed my crystal necklace and very worriedly asked if i knew how to take care of it. If i knew how to cleanse it because “a sweet girl like you shouldn’t carry around any negativity it could have picked up from others during the day”

and like

it was the cutest, kindest thing i was floored

“make sure you cleanse it every night, its beautiful and so are you. You need those positive vibrations!” 

i could have cried 

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Hi! For a prompt: analogical and the other 3 finding out about their relationship xx

asdfg i love analogical so i might or might not have focused more on them than in the others reaction, im sorry!


It wasn’t that they tried to keep their relationship a secret, they were actually pretty obvious if one were to look at their interactions in the correct way. They just had a more subtle approach to everything romantic.

It was one of their date days –because in Logan’s opinions date nights were over rated and that way they could have the whole day to spend together- when the others discovered their relationship

He had bend down slightly to kiss his boyfriend when a high pitched scream made him turn around in worry and fear, Virgil having jumped around ten feet in the air of pure fear. Behind the pair, holding his hands to his mouth and still screaming, was Patton.

“What the hell Patton! I thought something bad had happened!”

“You two were kissing!”

“Wha-Of course we were, we are together”

“WHAT?!” Roman screamed, walking behind Patton and staring at the other two in shock

“Oh god, why are all of you screaming?” Virgil was covering his ears, the annoyance both at the interruption and at the loud noises making him more grumpy and harsh than normal

“Since when! Why didn’t we knew?”

The couple shared a confused look, they were pretty sure the others were aware of their feelings and relationship. They were pretty into PDA, what with holding hands on movie nights or cuddling in the couch in general. Hell, Virgil even used Logan’s cup to drink coffee or tea!

“Guys, how did you not-?”

With a blink they found themselves in Thomas’s living room, the host massaging his temples and looking at the four of them with clear annoyance and a hidden curiosity

“Why is my head hurting?”

“That would be Patton’s fault” Explained the teacher, adjusting his glasses with a resigned hand movement “Is that the reason you summoned us?”

“Yeah, and to know why was he screaming”

“Logan and Virgil are together and they didn’t tell anybody!”

Thomas gave them a confused stare, first to Logan then to Virgil. Not long after his confused eyes moved on to Patton and Roman

“You mean to tell me that you guys didn’t noticed?”

“What do you mean?!”

“I mean, Logan is always making sure Virgil feels included, he was the one to suggest we went looking for him”

“Oh really? I didn’t knew that”

“It felt weird without you here. And I can’t handle those two without rein”

“So I’m the ball and chain?”

“And way more than that darling” Virgil gave a small snort and shook his head

“That’s adorable! Does he calls you like that always?”

“Nope, he’s only doing it to mess with you all”

Logan was going to object, because honestly he did called him like that on a daily basis, but if Virgil wanted to keep some things of their relationship a secret then Logan would support him.

“i will work, i will give thanks”

~Yurio confronts Viktor during the banquet after the Barcelona GPF and asks him about agape again~

(original sketch)

NB Rogue Headcanons

Dedicated to the lovely @faelise who made my day <3 since we were talking about them inspired by @natsii‘s amazing art earlier I thought I’d do some

  • Takes it upon themself to make the new, reformed Sabertooth a trans and nb inclusive and supportive space, with help from their boyfriend Sting, who is trans. 
  • Used to do a lot of reading up on LGBT+ history in secret under Giemma’s reign. Still likes reading and to educate themself at every opportunity where they have the energy but prefers reading lighter LGBT+ fiction now.
  • Luckily Levy and Freed, who are trans and genderfluid respectively, have a lot of good reccomendations of well written trans characters.
  • Happily educates the younger saber members about the LGBT+ community, Frosch the friendly nb exceed is a helpful presence with the children too. 
  • Loves having long, well taken care of, nails (often painted black or ruby red). They help with the dragon aesthetic and are fun to inspect with disdain when dealing with ignorant bigots. Also lovely tapping noises and nice to run through their hair.
  • Baggy clothes are you best friends for maintaining a mysterious aura while also coping with body dysphoria.
  • A cute, confident Frosch also helps, especially when they bring chocolate and list the things they love about being nb with Rogue.
  • Usually doesn’t have the energy for make up, but if they’re in the mood their winged eyeliner could cut through magic like butter and their smoky eyes put the effects of Natsu’s fire to shame.

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