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Despite their direct line to the being who knows everything and makes all the rules, we’re not so sure the Catholic church is an authority on hipsters. Of all the ill-defined symbols of hipsterism, why go with untied sneakers? That’s more like a mild symbol of diet teen rebellion in the 1950s. If this wasn’t exactly what happened, we’d probably joke, “It’s like something the world’s squarest church would use to appeal to their vague notion of young people.” If they really wanted a hipster, why not have Jesus listening to The Lumineers on vinyl or holding a Bible made out of recycled bike tires? Did this church do any research at all? Those are probably the top autocompletes when you type in “Hipster Jesus would totally …”

This also doesn’t really fit any message of Christ. Sure, Jesus was a hipster in the sense that he had a beard and was crucified before it was cool, but (as of press time) hipsters are all about non-trendy fashion, esoteric music, and squeezing into size 4 women’s jeans. Those are all things Jesus didn’t seem very interested in. All the church managed to do with this ad was to insult the intelligence of its audience, muddy its own god’s message, and fundamentally misunderstand everything about the subject being discussed. It’s insane to imagine an organized religion acting in such a way.

8 Attempts To Stay Hip By Brands (Who Aren’t Fooling Anyone)

So, uh, spoilers I guess?

@elfpen ‘s series Reprise has honestly broke me but it’s so fabulous that I just had to draw something - especially after those last chapters! And c’mon, who doesn’t want to see a newly-knighted and very happy Obi-Wan? (I know I do)

I have done any digital art in like a year and my shading seems to hate me but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. Of course, kudos to elfpen for actually drawing it much better, but hey more art is good…right?

Sorry for this long inactivity, but I had some other stuff to deal with (and I kinda got demotivated by DG these days I admit that summer event was a disaster imo)

Here’s another part of the chart translated as an apology! (It’s taking a lot longer than it was supposed to thanks to my computer freezing every damn second I try to work on it *insert that clenched fist meme pic*)

The cult!+ the two ultimate losers of DG

*Translated the Reserve series’ name like this because it would have been weird otherwise imo

*The “doesn’t have a heart” (heart? soul?) line is about Santa, I completely forgot this was a thing Tashin said to Santa and I still have no idea wtf it means