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A Little Bit of Cinnamon (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You’re the source of Lin’s inspiration.

Word Count: 1,190

Warnings: Probably some In The Heights inaccuracies, actually just overall inaccuracies - give me a break bahaha

A/N: If you think I am above writing you as pre-ITH Lin’s muse you are sorely mistaken. Happy InTheHeightsaversary!

“You’re late.” Lin commented as you dropped your stuff onto the seat of the booth. You slipped off your coat, tossing it next to your bag before slipping on the seat.

“I know, I know. The train it- what does it matter? You were late on Tuesday.” you accused and Lin’s eyes flickered over his laptop accompanied by an amused smirk.

“I ordered your coffee, I assumed you wanted the same as always.” he slid the cup towards you and you took a sip.

“You haven’t even been here long. My coffee’s still hot.” you scoffed and he chuckled.

“It’s true, but the fact I got here before you is a fact that needs to be acknowledged.”

“At least you got my coffee right.” you rolled your eyes as you took another drink.

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Lazytown characters as things I’ve done

really glad this is becoming a thing tbh

Sportacus: Twirling & jumping whilst walking/running

Robbie: Got a tube of cookie icing, ate it all at once like a gogurt

Stephanie: Singing whenever the hell i want

Trixie: Challenged people to a lemon eating contest, eat a lemon without so much as squinting, laughing as the other persons face puckers up

Ziggy: I have an entire drawer in my room just for candy

Pixel: knowing more about computers than my technology teacher

Stingy: Taking small items from peoples desk when they aren’t looking, or taking things left on the floor (paperclips, pens, pencils, crayons, etc.)

Milford: Making my friends a plate of brownies whenever they were sad


Jives: Saying ‘dude’ all the time

Glanni: Tried to roundhouse kick an icicle hanging off the roof but forgot there was ice on the ground & ended up falling over

Íþróttaálfurinn: Got in trouble for doing cartwheels in third grade, proceeded to do as many cartwheels at humanly possible before they caught me & sent me to the principals office 

Words unspoken 1/1

Words unspoken



Post ‘Empedocles’ drabble

(I wrote this intending to post it as part of @txf-fic-chicks missing scene/post ep challenge and then I forgot all about it because I am a bit dim.)

Words unspoken

His fingertips graze the soft swell of her belly, the skin beneath them achingly familiar to his touch despite the fact that the angles of her body have changed and melded into a sweet softness that protects the baby she is nurturing.

His baby.  

Their baby.

A miracle that he isn’t entirely sure he deserves given how he has behaved towards her since his return; consumed as he has been with anger, with uncertainty and with a deep and encompassing feeling of shame every time he allowed himself to look in to her eyes and acknowledge the hurt that he was causing.

Because he had wanted nothing more than to sink in to her; to hold her against him and allow her to heal him as she has healed him so many times past, to believe that she truly wasn’t revolted by him now, that she didn’t see the filth that now resided inside him; a filth born from the degradation of what had been done to him – actions that had scarred his mind far more insidiously than they had scarred his body.

Terrified that if he were to touch her with his tainted skin that she somehow would become tainted also and that the darkness that had consumed his every tortured breath would become hers to bear.

She didn’t deserve it – she never had – and so it had been easier to ignore the silent misery that radiated from her and to turn away, disregarding her in the cruellest way possible just so he might protect her from what he had become; dismissing her every touch, her every word, even as his mind screamed at him that he was wrong.

Until the terrifying night right here in her apartment when he thought he was losing her and suddenly nothing seemed to matter anymore except her.  The feeling of utter hopelessness that tightened a stranglehold on his heart as they took her away from him once again, wanting to scream her name, to beg her not to leave him alone like this because he knew then that he would surely die without her.

Much later though when she was finally returned to him and his panic had eased, he had placed his hand atop her belly, felt the flutter of movement beneath his palm, a soft rippling of butterfly wings that travelled through his body, cleansing his soul and gentling his mind even as his eyes met hers and a smile of almost childlike wonderment settled easily on his face.  A realisation that maybe, just maybe, there might be something left inside him worth fighting for and when he finally allowed himself to really look, he saw in her eyes that she had never doubted it; had never doubted him.

And the feeling now as he holds her against him as she sleeps, soft and warm and comfortingly real, is an aching regret that he allowed himself to deny her for so long; denying a pain that burned within her that he had been too blind to see.  A pain born of guilt and regret for words left unspoken which she had believed would remain forever unsaid even as they grew and festered inside her, leaving her hollow ; a frightened shell of the woman she had been before he had left; before he had been taken.

Clinging onto him tonight as she finally succumbed; long months of repressed emotion finally breaking free as she cried desperately against him, her fingers clawing against his back  as she sought to bridge the gap between them that no longer existed, choking out the words that had remained locked away for so long.

“I never said I love you. I never told you Mulder.  I never told you….and then you were gone without ever knowing..”

Tears of his own gathering to film his eyes as he forced her gently away from him, cupping his palms against the strong contours of her jaw and smoothing tendrils of hair away from her beautiful face as the tears still spilled and her chest hitched with the intensity of her distress; kissing his way down the salty tracks that glistened against the downy softness of her cheek as his breath whispered against her skin and his heartbeat echoed her own; allowing her to repeat the words over and over so that she might finally let them go.  

Much later, when she had finally quietened, he would close his eyes and tell her that on each and every day for seven long years she had, in ways he couldn’t always fathom, told him she loved him.

And that he had always heard her.



Nancy Drew Game Revisions

Here is how I would revise each of the Nancy Drew games! I only put 1 or 2 things for each to leave room for you all to add in your own! Comment below with your additions & feel free to disagree with me!! 

SCK & Remastered: CD CHANGE OH MY GOD. Hey, I can’t knock this game too much. It’s the late 90s. Plus they DID revise it so… (I never actually played it through). Open-ended for the fandom here. Overall, entirely too short.

STFD: MORE. MILLIE. Those damn riddles were pointless imo. Make her an actual relevant character!!!

MHM: Have that tapestry in Nancy’s room never to exist. Then make that zodiac animal puzzle a hotspot that Nancy realizes she needs to look out for. Because you can quickly solve that first puzzle from Abby’s book and then therefore quickly realize that you need to look for Chinese characters. Also eliminate Emily Foxworth.

TRT: Blizzard is such a cop-out. Snow, yes. Blizzard, no. I want to explore outdoors more. The garden!! So! Many! Possibilities!

FIN: Those damn fucking keys at the end sequence. The end. Bye. CHANGE THEM.

SSH: Running around aimlessly waiting for Henrik to fall. Give Nancy a reason to go all the way around the garden to cue this scene. Or maybe cue it a different way.

DOG: Man, I would have loved to have met Sally.

SHA: Oh my God this game is perfect. Um…the magnet maze puzzle, honestly what the fuck

CUR: The ghost hunt/run was cute and all but shit stressed me out being on a timer.


TRN: Allow Nancy one punch to Tino’s face…nah (I mean yeah but…) Part 2 of the game was so short. I want more time outside of the train.

DAN: Okay this is a tiny detail but when Nancy talks to Jean about Heather and they go back and forth about Heather’s name pronunciation, I get about 10 levels of awkward.

CRE: I know it’s a dumb thing to say but…Quigley’s dialogue? I usually mute her long ramblings because I get sooooooo bored.

ICE: Fox and fucking geese. Why can’t I play by myself? Why can’t I tell Bill that I’m playing to win FOR A REASON??

CRY: Please for the love of God, Nancy, solve the mystery during the day. Also, let’s not have an 80-year-old man be creepy AF.

VEN: Water tunnels. I refrain from saying anymore.

HAU: We could have had so much Irish culture. SO MUCH IRISH CULTURE. But what’d we get instead???  A JETPACK.

RAN: -sighs-

WAC: I don’t know??? Um…the ending challenge/puzzle with the blade didn’t make sense to me. I would have hoped it would tie into the theme of the game more.

TOT: Another ending sequence complaint. It takes place somewhere you only go ONCE just for the ending. Either, one, visit the Grange more throughout the game or two, take it out. Unnecessary.

SAW: Terrible accents. JAPANESE VOICE ACTORS. Hell, I’d take at least Asian voice actors over…this.

CAP: That freaking board game. Easy but just like…no.

ASH: Hey, if you’re gonna make a game at the home base, WHERE ARE MY HARDY BOYS??????

TMB: At the very least, make it a tiny bit more challenging for Nancy to read hieroglyphs. Also, really wish Dylan’s time wasn’t cut so short.

DED: I know they’ve done it before in other games but switching days to talk to different characters gets annoying. I mean, it’s realistic and I love that but I always forgot who was when & if it was morning or nighttime.

GTH: I wish we got to see/learn more about the family’s history (the factory incident, Charlotte, Harper..) God, this game is RICH with backstory and I WANT MORE.

SPY: Don’t….don’t fuck up Kate Drew.

MED: -sighs again but adds commentary- Eliminate entire concept of a game show, focus on New Zealand culture & Sonny’s mission. G O D.


SEA: Just a bit too puzzle heavy, personally. Again, more history. More story. I still don’t totally know what this game was 100% about.


Replica Challenge #2: Spear’s Bungalow

Late to the party as usual -_- anyways I spent the entire last week gradually furnishing this thing and there was no way I wouldn’t be showing it off. And yeah I know I forgot the chimneys but I forgot those about halfway through the interior and a third of the way through landscaping and could not, for the life of me, find a way to shoehorn in some chimneys. So no chimneys, oh well. 

On to the more important stuff, this home has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, an attic space, and includes a lot of CC that I don’t have enough time to list right now but I will get around to doing that soon. Also, I have all expansion packs, game packs, and stuff packs and I didn’t really pay attention to limiting the content I used from any one pack so I apologize in advance! But for the exterior I believe you only need the basegame and Get Together, some windows by peacemaker-ic (I’m too tired to link them rn seriously this post left me drained,) Outdoor Retreat, and one table bench thingy from City Living. It’s up on my gallery right now and my gallery ID is aloher2004. It costs $78,484.

I hope ya’ll like it cause I really poured a lot of work into this thing and I’m really proud of how it turned out in the end. Happy simming guys!

Spring Has Sprung Challenge Masterlist

Originally posted by muvana

So this is a post just to remind people about my challenge, so that I can have a list of who’s participating, and for you guys in case you forgot which prompt you got!  

If you still want to participate, feel free!  Spring Has Sprung Challenge

If you want a different prompt, colour, character, or an entirely new prompt, colour or character, let me know!

Fics are ‘due’: June 1st - feel free to post any time before that!

Now, if you already are participating and for whatever reason can’t write the fic in time or don’t want to participate anymore, NO WORRIES AT ALL.  You can let me know and I will take your name off the list, I won’t be offended I swear.

 When your fic is posted, please tag me and use the tag #springhassprungchallenge.  

These are in NO particular order at all:

@the-witching-hours12-3 “His ego is so visible, I can almost watch it grow.” with Kirk or Bones and the colour white. 

@kat-cakes “Hold my hand, damnit, we gotta make this look convincing!” with the colour green. 

@trustno1inapt221b “I guess I was wrong about you. You’re not so bad after all.”

@imoutofmyvulcanmind “I had a nightmare about you and just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” with Jim and the colour purple. 

@auduna-druitt “I love you.  I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and - Oh, screw it!” with Bones. What’s up Doc? (NSFW)

@deepfathom (WHY WON’T IT LET ME TAG YOU) but your prompt was “I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.” And this is my first fic that came in: Half-Baked with Chekov. 

@jimfromsales “I may despise you with the burning white hot intensity of a thousand suns, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” White Hot Suns (it didn’t have a title so I gave it one, I hope you don’t mind!)

@sfumato-the-bear / @goingknowherewastaken “I never believed in soulmates until I met you.” with the colour orange and Bones: Crescendo

@fascinatingfantrash “I swear if you weren’t so attractive, I’d have punched you in the face nine times by now.” with the colour white: Little Loopy

@lt-pokeharvest “I think I picked up your coffee by mistake.” with the colour blue and Bones. 

@thegeekofmanyfandoms “If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!” with the colour red and Scotty. 

@enterprisewriting “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.” with the colour purple. 

@jefferson-in-the-tardis “It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.” with Jim and the colour yellow. 

@outside-the-government “Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.” with the colour red and Bones. 

@mccoymostly “This is… this is somewhere I never imagined I’d be.” with the colour green and Spock. 

@camshaft22 “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had.  Of course I’m in.” with the colour yellow and Bones or Sulu. 

@thevalesofanduin “Why do you keep risking your life?  To prove a point?” with the colour red and Jim.  For My Family

I realized that I didn’t add two people and I hope you don’t feel left out or asked to be removed and I didn’t remember.  

@atari-writes  “Please don’t argue.  You have to leave right now, you aren’t safe here.” with the colour white and probably Bones.

@ucy161  “Look at me - just breathe, okay?” with the colour black and Spock. 

And a new participant:

@startrekstartrash  “I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.” with the colour purple and Scotty. 

The Descriptions of the Colours are here. 

If I missed you let me know!  As discussed in a previous post I am disorganized so hopefully I didn’t miss anyone!

The Return: Part V

[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] [Epilogue]

Sorry for the wait!


Part V

Stiles woke up on Monday morning, made faces in the mirrorfor a while to try and judge if the bruise still faintly circling his eye was noticeable just because he was looking for it. He decided it totally was and then frowned and spent the next five minutes wondering if any improvement he thought it had made was merely in his head.

Eventually, he had to acknowledge that there was nothing to be done about it anyway so he might as well give up. He then made a point of throwing on whatever clothes he pulled first out of his closet and not looking at the mirror for the rest of the day.

It was only when he swung into the bathroom right before lunch that he realized he was wearing a Batman shirt (that honestly he might have had since sixth grade), a green and brown plaid shirt and a bright red hoodie that he honestly didn’t really remember acquiring. It was just one of those things that had appeared in his closet and was warm and soft and so he hadn’t questioned it.

In short, he looked like a giant nerd Christmas tree. And of course, he didn’t care about these things and Derek certainly wouldn’t be looking twice at him but-

Ugh. Just ugh. Maybe he’d get lucky and Derek wouldn’t show up to tutoring.

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I think I’ve become a bit of a hypocrite

Yeah, I think that sounds about right. I don’t often make personal posts, but I think today’s experience is heavily worth sharing.

Lately I’ve been mostly drowning in work and throwing together problem sets and homework at the last moment, writing up solutions to the class I TA at about the last possible minute, and frantically trying to get some research results as deadlines approach. And today in the midst of a lot of this, I sat down to do something I haven’t done in a while: I noticed something interesting and solved the physics behind it. It was a stupid problem, mind you! After getting some coffee in the morning, I noticed that this curious shape was appearing

on the surface of my coffee (if you don’t recognize this shape, it’s a cardioid. This image is not mine and was taken from wikipedia).

I sat down for about three hours figuring out how to simplify the problem, having possibly too much fun while at it, and finally, after solving it, I realized that throughout the quarter (our ‘semester’), I had lost something—I had stopped following what I always preached: “if it’s not fun, then why the hell would you do it?

I realized that, throughout my quarter, I wasn’t giving a damn about what my homework was and what insights it was giving, I was just so tired and worried about turning it in that I entirely forgot about the reason why I picked these fields in the first place. Math and physics are supposed to be fun. That doesn’t mean they can’t be difficult or challenging, by any stretch of the imagination, but you shouldn’t finish a class thinking, “why did I even do that?” you should finish with a renewed sense of awe at how ingenious people are and how beautiful the world is, at how so many things come together so nicely to make amazing structures and ideas that are all somehow entangled, and how all of this reveals something new that you may have never thought of.

It’s not about the damn grades. Sure they matter, but if you truly care about the material, this shouldn’t be your worry.

So, whenever you’re consistently blindly turning in assignments and running to meetings while stressed and tired, please, please, please remember to think about why you’re doing this in the first place. Stop for a second, do something that you think is interesting and fun, and always remember that people care less (and, by that, I mean a lot less) about your grades and ‘achievements’ than you think they do.

It’s easy to say as we’ve heard it a million times, but none of it matters unless you discover it for yourself.


 Summary: Natsu and Happy try to head back into battle but Lucy catches them before they leave.

She could see it in his eyes, the exact moment when he realized that he wasn’t alone.

Pairing: NaLu (implied)

*Spoilers for Alvarez Arc(-ish)*

Just a cute little one shot because I can’t be stopped when it comes to NaLu, especially when it means Natsu wakes up and Lucy is getting angry with his shenanigans. And of course, Happy being Happy!

but really please send help I can’t stop myself


“Where are you going this time?” Lucy’s words cut through the silence and the pair ceased their walk. Natsu and Happy turned around slowly, refusing to meet her gaze. “You,” she fixed the blue Exceed with a stern glare, “how could you go along with this? You were the one who brought him back here in the first place. And now you are trying to take him right back out there?”

Happy’s gaze was downcast. “Lucy is scary…” He whispered sadly. She disregarded his jab, opting to go after the mastermind of the plan to escape.

“Honestly, Natsu. After everything that’s happened, you still intend to run off on your own? Don’t you trust me?” Lucy was exasperated. He had barely been on his feet for a day since his brush with death. And here he was, trying to sneak out the back of the guild – no reservations, mind completely made up, already one foot out the door. She was wise to not leave him on his own for too long. He would have probably already been halfway to this battle or that, charging headfirst and foolhardy to his own demise.

“I do trust you.” It was said so simply, the ever straightforward Natsu.

Happy looked up at Lucy and then to Natsu, offering a muted agreement to his words.

It caught her off guard.

He continued. “It’s because I trust you that I don’t want you to come with me.”

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