i forgot about this ahahahah

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favorite exo blogs? some of your fave blogs in general? I'm trying to find new blogs to follow and you reblog Quality Exo 😂😂😂

ahahaha thank you babe ❤️ 

who are we kidding we all know I only blog about meme!exo

exo blogs that I follow and of whom I adore: @darklordkyungsoo @co-kai-ne @see-the-xiububblebutt-twerking @glorious-soobooty @chenchenthedancingmachine @parkedinlife @exo-right-in-my-kokoro @305heaux @yildiz-blackthorne @pornwoon @callmeminseok @kaibility @krisinsanity @intokai @xingmi4life @honeyjongdae @kyungsohs @exodusandchill @sunshiningdae @pathkode @jonmyecn @chanyoel @yeolhighness @exotic-for-life @panicked-for-no-reason @ricethatnice @dazzlingkai @fvck-kai @duckhymne@xingmebaektosleep

fave blogs of whom I also love: @t0d-oder-freiheit @extraplusordinary (her sideblog @suhopey is also quality exo blog) @royalbins @wonsiks-hamster-taek @jungkook-e @h-sh @seokjins-wings @ask-bts-stuff @ask-kimdaily @soulffles @defjaebums