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til hamingju með afmælið ísland!

you can’t fuck monkey d. luffy. what the fuck , buddy. what makes you think this hyperactive lil shit is gonna sit still long enough for you to sit on his dick. like hey buddy , if you get him to fck you , go ahead, cant stop ya, but its hopeless my guy. he just wont do it , theres nothin in it for him , he’ll just get up , run away , dick floppin in the wind  goin on an adventure , . just give it up, my man.


Felicity asking about about Oliver’s condition (1x09) (requested by @felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess)


sheril, acquire some chill for just. one second, perhaps

car ride ideas from sassi: #4

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if there had to be a time where you just shouldn’t be here, now would be the time. it had initially been a nice time doing your laundry. some music on, plugged in your earphones where the melodies and words would soothe you into the late of the night as you watch your clothes swirl around in an automatic rhythm to be clean.

you weren’t the only one here, if your senses proved you right. there was another boy somewhere around here but now, shit. the doors bust open and you flinch at the ruckus that goes on. footsteps are thudding here and there, clashing against the machines and knocking on the glass, metal clattering when things get pushed over the edge. you gasp, spinning around, ripping your earphones out only to stare at the boy across from your lane who’s just as surprised as you are.

the red haired boy blinks, gaping at the sounds that echo. moans can be heard, the deep voice of a male and the squeal of a female gets you both to realise that there’s a couple who thought no one was doing laundry in here, and they’re probably about to have sex. well, unless they like doing laundry with making sounds like that but that’s highly unlikable.

yet, the both of you can’t leave, due to your clothes still in the wash cycle and it seems like he’s the same, too. he makes a move to approach you, shyly offering you a hand and you look at it, before shaking it gently.

“i-i’m taehyung,” he murmurs, words fluttering with shyness that enthrals you.

“y/n,” you respond quietly, syllables melting his nerves and before the both of you can dwell into the connection between one another, the cries of a rather loud couple interrupts and taehyung starts to blush, letting go of your hand as he offers, “w-wanna listen to some music together? y’know, so it’s not so awkward alone?”

smiling at him, you tuck your earphones away and takes one of his, following his lead to go further away from where the other two might be. you settle on the floor with him, back against the wall, his shoulder yours to rest on and he plugs in the earphone for you before the soft tunes of a ballad starts to play. you’re not too sure if you enjoy the music because of the song itself or if it’s because of the boy next to you, humming and singing along with his rich baritone that gets you to smile.

maybe tonight wasn’t so bad after all.


2016.10.07 Today marks the first anniversary of ‘Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?’, the first single Aqours ever released!

An update to a drawing I did in July of ‘14 to fix some minor things that were really bugging me. Despite some (admittedly minor) stylistic changes I have an endearing fondness for this piece and wanted to put even a slightly better version out there. Of note, I still have no knowledge on Alice in Wonderland.

(Updates to prints and things coming shortly.)


Demon!Johns RP icons for thedemonconstantine (commissioned by demonofcorruption)

Little project I was working on for couple months! It was so much fun to try to draw all kinds of different expressions and try to keep some sort of consistent style (well yeAHH…….)
After all 12 full pics were done it was time to crop them to work better as icons!
You can see those at thedemonconstantine‘s posts~