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Imagine: Dean Forgetting Date night because of Baby.

Imagine: Dean Forgetting Date night because of Baby. 
Rating: T
Warnings: Suggestive Lanuage.

Companion piece to @imgoldielikehawn‘s Damn that Car.

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You gave an exasperated sigh as you tapped your foot.  Dean was laid under Baby and all you could see was the bottom half of him.  Though it was a grand view- his shirt riding up to give you a good view of his abs.  He must of painted on the jeans because they left little to imagination.  You had to chew your lip to remember why you were mad and you frowned when it hit you.

Tonight was date night and he had promised you that he would be done two hours ago.  You rolled your eyes as your reached out to give one of his feet a swift tap.  He crawled out from under Baby with a few choice words and a scowl.  His mouth hit the floor when he saw you.  You wore his favorite black dress and a pair of your best heels. You gave me an expectant look and he groaned when he realised what day it was.  

“Ah, god dammit sweetheart, I am sorry!  I forgot it was date night.”  He said as he tried to kiss you.  You moved away from the kiss and crossed your arms.  Looking at him up and down, you just wanted to either punch him or fuck him.  There was never an in between with Dean sometimes.   Especially when it came to Baby.  

“You know Winchester…  Sometimes I think you love that car more than me!”  You said as you reached up and punched him in the arm.  Dean winced a little and rubbed his upper arm after your fist made impact.  You chuckled and bite your lip as you eyed him.  He looked good covered in grease and sweat.  You grabbed him by the collar of the shirt  as a wicked grin formed on your face.

“Now come on….  You can make it up to me right now….  With a little bit of bedroom gymnastics.”  You whispered as you let him go and turned on your heels towards the bunker.  Dean’s smirking face followed- hot on your heels.

Silence | Tom Holland | Pt. 1

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Currently standing in the middle of the subway platform in Astoria, Queens you finished up the last of your donut, craving more. A certain area was blocked off just for a few hours so the crew would be able to shoot a scene which you and Tom had been dying to get out of the way.

The kissing scene.

This was the fourth time throughout the movie where you two share a kiss but this one was filled with more emotions than you can handle. A longer, passionate kiss was something that required you to put all of yourself into that one moment.

It was hard to do that when you couldn’t help but pretend that each kiss meant something between you and Tom. And for that you wanted to get it over with.

“How was the donut?”

You turned your head to Tom who was giving you that same goofy smile he had been for a while. As you looked down at your coffee like it could save you from the discomfort you felt, Tom scrunched up his face; he knew you like the back of his hand. Your emotions showed your face with the snap of a finger.

So you best believe that Tom knew that you weren’t okay. “Are you good?”

You nodded your head, scratching your scalp, tucking a hair behind your ear, anything to sooth the anxiety you were having. “I’m fine just tired.”

“We only started filming an hour ago, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I stayed up late thinking, and I ended up not getting any sleep. Just give me some more coffee and I’ll be fine.“

He eyed you suspiciously wanting to press you more for an answer but knew that you wouldn’t give into his looks of worry. Tom watched as you drank the rest of your coffee almost aggressively and toss it in the trash bin before standing near the edge of the platform as you took in the mild breeze that Queens had to offer.

He was worried about you, from the first time he had met you he knew there was something odd about the way your eyes looked. Not many people paid your unusual sluggish behavior any mind; to Hollywood you were an A-lister who made many box office hits. You were in he limelight of it all, all of the awards, the red carpets, the drama, people only saw you as a beautiful gem unaware that on the inside you beginning to rot.

You loved what you did, you loved to play pretend for a few hours a day and go home to your luxurious life. The money that you made yearly was enough to sustain you for a lifetime; but still with all the money, the parties, and the things you got to do you felt empty.

Where was the love? The person to share all of your adventures with? In your years of being on the dating field you had quiet the unsuccessful hand holding you up. He either cheats on you or she finds someone willing to shower her in unnecessary lavish gifts.

“Hey I got you more coffee.”

You looked at Tom, your eyes narrowed as you processed that he actually took what you said literal. Neither you nor Tom were a fool, you both knew the other wasn’t truly as happy these days as filming was close to ending. The smiles that we’re normally sewed to your faces were popped off one thread at a time.

“I didn’t actually mean—thank you.”

Tom managed give you a smile, “no troubles, just want to see you taken cared of.”

“Well it’s nice to know that someone cares about me.” Fuck you should have said you cared about him too.

“We’re friends aren’t we? That’s what friends do—care for one another?”

You strained a small smile, “that definitely is what friends do, in a strictly platonic way.”

You cringed in your head, the words friends was thrown around so often that it felt as if you both were purposely trying to hint at something. You just wanted him to notice that it pained you to even hear him think of you as just a friend. Dammit you just wanted more of the way his lips felt against yours, the constant playful hand holding and tight, warm hugs. Damn those hugs were the best.

“Z is having a small party at her place tonight. You’re going right?”

Although you wanted to do nothing more than just stay home and cuddle with your pet you chose to at least be more social this week. Besides, how could you miss eating delicious food while having Tom in the same room as you?

“Of course I’m going,” your voice had an higher than pitch to it this time which made Tom look at you in surprised yet amused way. “It’s at 7 right?”

“Yes. I was wondering too if you mind tagging along with me because I have to pick up something for Z.“

This was music to your ears, after your accident months back you had this worry about getting behind the wheel again. Being hit from the side at nearly twenty miles per hours and hitting a lamp had you more shook than you had ever been. “I don’t think I can ever turn down a free ride. I’ll be ready by six.”

You put the last heel on your foot and stood in front of the mirror, admiring your outfit from every angle making sure that all of your more prominent aspects of your body was in good shape. That meant pushing widening your eyes to appear more alive and making sure your ass looked perky. Tom still wasn’t here even though it was fifteen minutes past six and you knowing Tom meant that the man wasn’t coming until around 7.

Work on memorizing more lines or masturbate? The answer was pretty much simple when you looked at how comfortable your couch looked with a blanket draped over it with a pillow perfectly on it. You took off your shoes, not caring where they ended up or whether or not your hair (which took you less than ten minutes to do) got messed up. All you needed for a few minutes was you time.

Tom picked you up twenty minutes after, in your opinion not enough time to let you completely having multiple rounds of pleasure taking over your body, but for now you were going to have to suck it up, put on a smile and at least do what you’re known for; acting. Around Tom that’s all you ever did these days and it sucked because you use to be so down to earth around him. Now it just felt as if everything was being forced.

The ride to bakery was silent, he hadn’t even turned the radio on so sitting at a red light was nothing but a drag. You turned to him a few times hoping to gather the courage to say anything to him, maybe an: ‘I like your leather jacket’ or ‘Damn it’s chilly as fuck’. Tom for the most part tried to do most of the talking but your resting bitch face had him left in the dark.

He parked the car on the side of the sidewalk, mumbling to himself about not wanting to pay the meter. Your hands shook as you now had no idea what your next move would be. Do you sit and wait? Or go with him?

You opted to go with him as he asked you to tell him what you thought of the cake. The bakery wasn’t as full as you’d expect, which you were thankful for because that meant that not many eyes were on you. No need for the paparazzi to pay you both a visit at this time.

“David likes chocolate right?” Tom asked you, and you were quite surprised that the cake had the words happy birthday written on it.Oh fuck, where was my head?You thought to yourself as you took in the fact that you had forgotten about one of the most important people in your life, birthday.

“Shit, shit, shit! God dammit I forgot to get him something–Tom I don’t care if we’re late just as long as you stop by the store real quick so that I can get him something. Oh Jesus fuck me.”

“I don’t think that’s a very appropriate thing to say.”

Maybe it was the fact that these days you were an emotional wreck or that you had the idea set up that David would hate you forever but you pinched him on the hand in aggravation. “I’m not playing around—”

He placed his hands on your shoulders, “slow down, David isn’t going to be mad at you. All he needs is you to be there.”

“I don’t know if that helps me but thanks. I was just being a bit over dramatic.”

“That’s been happening a lot lately.”

You frowned, “what?”

“Nothing, just tell me how the cake looks.”

You peered over the box, taking in all the details of it, like the words Happy Birthday Dave written with vanilla frosting that really stuck out from the chocolate covered cake. The cake itself was basic but it fit well with David’s personality. “I just hope it tastes as good as it looks.”

Tom nodded to the cashier, slapping down a 100 as she tied the last piece of string around the box to secure the cake. The both of you walked out, and you gladly unlocked the car door for him as he leaned into the back seats to place the cake down. You however got comfortable again in the passengers side as you turned the key in the ignition, turning on the radio to fill the silence the car had. After freaking out in the bakery and Tom making you get your shit together, you felt more at ease alone with him. It was a good feeling, one you had craved for a while now.

You heard him sigh to himself deeply, “I know you rather not talk about this but I need to know; did I do something wrong?”

“No, no you didn’t, I’ve just been tired lately.”

“So you were so tired that after we kissed you threw up? If you find me disgusting please let me know love. Come on you’re better than this.”

You scoffed, he knew nothing about you other than your name, age and aspirations in life. He was like any other co-worker, you chit chatted with them on set but they never really knew you as much as they wanted to. “Yes because you’ve seen me better—”

“Everyone has!” He exclaimed making you reach your breaking point, just like that, in a matter of five minutes you had both resorted to yelling with one another like a couple. You were sick and tired of the whole world acting as if they knew you, as if they knew what really went down behind closed doors. Enough was enough, no one knew how to act like they knew you because the real actor was you. You had tricked people all these years into seeing something that wasn’t there. With every bit of drama that entered your life, you had ‘let it go’ with a smile on your face and a press statement saying that you’ve moved on and so should the public.

Of course you had never truly moved on in a week, no one could get over heartbreak or shit talking in a day. But that was the thing; you were expected to. Being a celebrity meant being superhuman, traveling to three countries in twenty four hours, meeting and signing every fans autograph. Taking heat from tabloids and haters. When you dreamt of being in the business you never expected to receive so much stress from a job that you love.

Yes, you were stressed, you were cranky and angry at yourself for letting all of this get to you. The rage that was bubbling up in your stomach meant that if you continued this conversation any longer someone was going to get hit and it wasn’t going to be you. Saying only these words meant that you put your pride aside to ensure the safety of Tom.

“Just drive.”

Part two will be up soon!💋

Serial Killer Calum Part 13

AN So micharl makes an appearance in this chapter, and I know his role isn’t really suited to his personality, but the character I gave him works with it, so let’s just roll with it, huh? This one is a lot more graphic than the other chapters so just be aware of that. I’m trying to think of a place to go with my story line, so my chapters are a little shorter than usual. Just be weary, enjoy loves xx

Warning: v abrasive language bc michael is in here lol sorry

Calum’s POV

Y/N and I were standing outside the door while Ashton erased me from the database. Ashton had announced that there was just five more minutes left and we were free to go. Somehow, our lans were foiled, and Y/N was aprehended by some dude in a suit with jet black hair, and I was grabbed from behind. I was staring at her, and all of a sudden we were taken. “Shut your fucking mouth and wait for a lawyer!” I shouted before I was taken away.

They bought me to a room, and it was dimly lit. I felt the drips of the cold damp stone walls around me. The taste the room left in my mouth was disgusting. I pulled against the cuffs once, then twice, then shook them furiously. I was never getting out of here alive. I was never to see Y/N ever again, or smell her hair as she wakes up next to me. I was never going to be intimate with her.

I stared at my hands, furiously playing with my fingers when a man stepped in. “Oh man,” he said with an eerily laugh. “You have no fucking idea how hard I’ve been trying to get you. How I’ve been effortlessly trying to catch you, to take you away. I finally have you now, Hood. And there’s nothing your little buddies can do about it now.”

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