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Ryuji and Yusuke: Chicken Nuggets

( @incorrectp5 I saw you’re post and felt inspired. Anyways, I wanted to change Ryuji’s expression in the second line so I went with that portrait, but if it doesn’t flow then I can change it. 8U)

but namjoon’s speech was so perfect, no scream that might have been seen as disrespectful, the explanation of “army our fandom”, the “love yourself” message, the korean at the end… we were all so worried for nothing (including abt the outfits) but theyre perfect bts are perfect

i had a dream where i was this kid who was trying really hard to prove to a group of people that he wasn’t weak
so uh u know how dreams sometimes give u control over ur actions and sometimes not
welp i was really enthusiastic about proving this kid’s worth so once i got control i sorta set buildings on fire and accidentally injured some people and the dream ended up turning into a scenario where i had to run away from the people who wanted to beat me up

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Could you recommend me good skam blogs to follow? I am new to the fandom and therefore I would like to follow high quality blogs. Thanks!

hi dear!! these are not only good blogs but lovely people so i would really recommend you to follow them!! <3

@bashfulisak @sanas4main @evakshalla @bechnaes @tarjeiholms @softestisak @minuttet @sanathequeen @isekvaltersen @evenerikkealene @tocapturethisvoice @hufflpuffs @lovedisak @littlespooneven @c-ardamom @bechnaesun @toneelspeler @tarjeiandhenrik @evenbec @evenbakkas @isaksredscarf @isakhvaltersen @softnorwegians @stardefiant @evenaeshxim @skamzy @kardemomme-kisses @dahlstrom @koninginnen @evvak @evamonhs @cuddlyevak @isaksbestpillow @mikaelboukhalls @betchnaesheim @kviigs @eksild

I have no idea how this is going to go, but hell. I want to give it a go. (Ft. My Take on a Galra Transformation)

Keith wakes up one morning feeling slightly run down. A dull ache pulses behind his eyes, and his limbs feel heavy. But, it’s fine, he thinks to himself as he gets out of bed to get ready for the day. He can manage.

Breakfast is loud and bright, maybe a little too loud and too bright. Or, Keith thinks, maybe he underestimated how he’s really feeling. He can make out each sound: forks clinking against plates, Lance choking on food goo while laughing at something Hunk says, Shiro’s quiet sighs. Each sound grates against his ears, and pair that with blinding lights that feel like miniature suns boiling his blood, and he can feel himself growing frustrated as the headache from this morning strengthens in intensity.

Everything is suddenly too much, and Keith politely excuses himself, leaving his untouched food as he books it to the training deck.

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