i forgive the beard

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What happened to Eleanor was unacceptable but i wont start liking her or sympathizing her, i will never forgive her for the nasty stuff she said to Harry and about Louis, and how she cyberbullied fans and made fun of people's weight, i will never forgive her for agreeing to beard for Louis not once, BUT TWICE.

Yep. Didn’t deserve, of course not, in any situation or scenario. But my views of her will definitely not change 

Okay, imagine if Mary was there after George and Harold hypnotized her father
  • Harold: We gotta stop him!
  • George: Why?
  • Mary: *grabs George by his tie and yanks him so close to her that their noses touch* Because he's my dad. And if ANYTHING happens to him, George Beard, I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU.
  • George: ...You're right, we should probably go get him!
  • Harold: Using his crush on you as a weapon... Mary, you scare me sometimes.
So. American Gods

Just watched the 1st episode:

Well, it’s a Brian Fuller show. Slow to start, absolutely gorgeous aesthetically, and seems to promise quite a lot. Also, Ian McShane is top notch Mr Wednesday. I forgive the lack of beard.

Also, I am an unabashed Ricky Whittle fan, now. Started with the 100, now cemented.

Very dreamlike, unsurprisingly. Seen some complain about bad acting? Didn’t see any of that, just some dialogue which doesn’t seem out of place with the disconnection from the everyday.

We’re still so fucked.

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I’m really tickled by how aggressive this is. This is the shit a broken, divorced, drunk man shouts across a bar at the female bartender because she denied him another drink, and so all that he feels like he can do at this point is make an ass out of himself.

BARTENDER: I’m not saying it again. No more.

DRUNK: C'mooon. J– just one more drink couldn’t hurt m– nobody– anybody. Don’t goooo. C'moooon… fine go…. I don’t care… whatever……. I LIKE YOUR FUCKIN FACE!!

REGULAR: Will you shut the fuck up?

DRUNK: Hey, fuck you…. mmman.

REGULAR/DRUNK: Leave her–/I was j–



REGULAR/DRUNK: Don’t y–/I was–



REGULAR: Don’t you think she has enough guys antagonizing her already? Night after night?

DRUNK: It was a compliment.

The bartender returns and leans into the bar, closing the space between the drunk and herself.

BARTENDER: Hey, buddy. I think you might actually be a little too pathetic for this place.

DRUNK: For this place?

BARTENDER: Yeah. For this place. A dirty old bar full of dirty old men trying to drown themselves in alcohol because life got too tough to handle. You’re too pathetic, so get out. You’re depressing my regulars.

The drunk stares at the bartender through squinted eyes for a moment with his jaw hanging open. The man inhales as if he has something to say, but then he closes his mouth, stands, and leaves the bar without another word.

REGULAR: I guess we’re even then.

BARTENDER: I had it under control.

REGULAR: I think it took both of us, personally. Guys like him, nothing going for them, drunk as a sailor… they get pretty careless.

BARTENDER: I know. I work in a bar. I deal with this shit all the time.

REGULAR: Sheesh… I was just trying to help… the least you could do is forgive me–“


–Sorry, I’m getting carried away. I’ll stop.


Forgive me father I have sinned.

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