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3D Painting Test on Leoh;;;;
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Ice Cream Buddies: Connor Murphy x Reader

hi!!!! i forget who requested this. very vaguely inspired by the song “she” by dodie!!! death mention and one very brief like hint at suicide. enjoy :)

Connor liked you. More than that, he couldn’t get his mind off of you. When he was in class and you were sitting a few rows in front of him, he thought of you. When he was at red lights, he thought of what you might be talking about if you were in the car with him. When he was in bed, he imagined impossible scenarios he might find himself in where he would ask you out and you’d say yes.

So when you were complaining to him and Jared about the devastating lack of decent ice cream places nearby, the voice in his head was screaming tell her about À La Mode tell her about À La Mode tell her about À La Mode.

“Yes, Jared, I know there’s Yogurtland. But it’s not the same.”

“It’s a dairy product. It’s frozen. It’s sweet. It comes in a variety of flavors. I don’t see a difference.”

“The difference, dumbass, is that frozen yogurt is trying to masquerade as something healthy. Ice cream is just unapologetically bad for you. It’s not trying to hide from you. Ice cream’s just doing ice cream.”

“Y/N, if you would simply-“

“Will you shut the fuck up?”

Connor’s voice surprised him. He’d all but stopped speaking directly to you, for fear he’d say something wrong. Not that telling Jared to shut up was all that risky, but then you would probably say something to Connor and he would have to come up with something witty to say back to you.

“See? Connor gets it. Frozen yogurt is full of lies.”

“Y/N, I’m not arguing that frozen yogurt is superior to ice cream, but only that it is equal. And it’s more convenient since it’s, like, five minutes away.”

“Y/N wants ice cream, dumbshit. Not frozen yogurt.”

“Yeah! Connor and I are gonna go get ice cream. Right now. Without you.”


“You heard me. Come on.”

Connor looked at you like he didn’t believe you. You tugged on the hood of his jacket until he got up, and pulled him by his hand down the hallway. He turned to flip off Jared, his other hand still in yours.

“So, do you actually, like, know anywhere can go?”

Tell her about À La Mode tell her about À La Mode.

“No. You’re right, there aren’t any.”

You became suddenly aware of the fact that you were still holding hands.

“Oh. Well then, could you just drop me at home then?”

“Yeah. Sure. No problem.”

You dropped his hand. Neither of you said anything.

He was worried about what you were going to think of his car. It was a mess. It reeked of weed and he threw everything he didn’t want to deal with into the backseat. Food, beer cans, homework. Jared found a condom wrapper back there once and never let him hear the end of it. But you knew that Connor had let Zoe borrow his car, and the wrapper ended up there. Connor had told you. He was mortified and disgusted and a little saddened by it. It was just that you smelled so nice and you always looked so good that Connor knew you didn’t like messes. He bit his tongue.

“Hey, I, um, I actually do know one place. It’s kind of a drive though.”

He held his breath. If you said no, he’d have to tell you that it was fine, even though he really wanted to take you there. And that meant something. It was one of those places he hadn’t been in years, that was only filled with good memories and that he didn’t want to touch because he might mess it up. But if you would go there with him it wouldn’t ruin it.

“I’ve got nowhere to be.”

He smiled at you.


He thanked God under his breath when you didn’t comment on the state of his car when you got in. There were crumbs and a bag from 7/11 on the seat, but you just brushed them off and threw the bag in the back. Connor handed you the aux cord as he reversed out of the parking lot.

“Really? You trust me this much?”

He laughed at that.

“Go ahead. Don’t disappoint me.”

“Alright. Lot of pressure. I’m just gonna click shuffle and see what happens.”

Of course it was Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. You were embarrassed until Connor started singing along.  

“When I was, a young boy, my father-”

“Hold the fuck up. Hold the phone, shut the front door, is Connor Murphy, king of being pretentious about only listening to obscure music, a closeted basic emo kid?”

He laughed and looked away from the road for a second.

“Okay, I was in seventh grade, and I was about as angsty as a seventh grader can be. I thought they were the only people that got me.”

“Stop. That’s literally exactly why I have this song.”

“God, why weren’t we friends then?”

“I don’t know. Took us long enough.”

He was quiet after that. It was a good quiet, though. You could tell that he was content. God knows you’d seen him at his worst, but that only made the good times better. It was a privilege; Connor didn’t let many people make him happy.

So for nearly an hour you rode that way. You didn’t talk too much, because Connor didn’t really like to talk, but he let you play whatever music you wanted to and that was enough. Coming from him, that was everything. The highway eventually turned to a winding gravel road, the only sign of real civilization in the area.

“Are you sure you’re not about to murder me? Like, do you actually know where this place is?”

“Yeah. I know where it is. We used to come here all the time. And I’m not planning to murder you until later this week.”

“Good. That’s good to hear.”

He had perfected his deadpan delivery of sarcasm in a way you hadn’t. You could barely get the words out, and it made him smile. He loved making you laugh.

Connor flicked the turn signal on at a gravel driveway, despite the lack of cars to signal to, and pulled into an abandoned strip mall. Above the entrances were patches of darkened cement, the only sign that civilization had touched the place after its construction.

“This is it.”

He turned the car off, cutting off your music, and unbuckled his seatbelt.

“Really? It seems kind of-”

The door slammed before you could finish. You followed Connor to the door, which was covered on the inside by torn brown paper. Posted on the glass was a poster that read “After 30 years of service, À La Mode has gone out of business. Thank you for your patronage.”

Connor was quiet. You put your hand on his shoulder, and he stepped away. He stayed like that for a minute or so.

“Sorry I dragged you all the way out here. We should probably get going.”

He turned towards the car with his head down, pausing when you spoke.

“Are you kidding? We can’t just go back. We drove all the way here. Come sit with me.”

You sat against the curb, patting the cement until he reluctantly sunk down next to you.

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. You said you used to come here all the time. What is there to do?”

“Nothing, really. There was this orchard a few miles away. But it’s probably gone now and I don’t really feel like finding that out.”

Mostly because you had no response to that, you let him sit quietly for another moment.

“You know, we could scream right now.”

“Y/N, what the fuck?”

“I’m just saying. There’s no one around. We could actually scream right now and no one would know.”

“Maybe later.”

Shit. Some random comment would usually divert him from whatever was bothering him if it wasn’t a big deal. The only approach after that failed was to get him to actually talk about it, which he was rarely willing to do.

“So when was the last time you were here?”

“God, I don’t even fucking know. I was probably, like, twelve?”

“With Zoe and your parents?”

“Yeah. I never came with anyone else. My mom would tell me to invite a friend every time we went, but…”


He let you rest your head on his shoulder this time. You didn’t want to push him, so you just stayed quiet and let him breathe and feel you near him.

“Yeah, 12, that makes sense. After I stopped coming here everything kind of went to shit.”

You lay your hand on top of his, and he stretched out his fingers so you could lace yours between them. He looked at you and smiled bitterly.

“Hey, I think I have an eighth in my glovebox. Do you want to maybe-”

“We’re not smoking, dumbass. You have to drive us back.”

He laughed and pulled your hand closer to him.

“Ah, Y/N, always taking care of me.”


“You know I’d probably be dead if we weren’t friends?”

“I think I have more faith in you than that, Murphy. You’re smarter than that.”

“‘No, I meant, like…”

“Yeah. I know.”

He stared straight ahead for a while. He was thinking about the ice cream place, but more than that he was thinking about you, and how you stuck by him and got him to talk about stupid stuff like this. And how he couldn’t wait any longer.

“Hey, I know there aren’t any, but if you ever found a good ice cream place in town, would you ever, uh, want to go with me?”

“Yeah! Yeah, totally. We can be, like, ice cream buddies.”

“Oh, no, I meant, like, um, like more than ice cream buddies.”

“Like…a date?”

“Yeah. I guess, yeah.”


Connor prepared himself for the worst, for you to turn him down and laugh at the thought of him even imagining he had a chance with you. And for the inevitable wedge it’d put in your friendship, so you’d stop talking to him and then he’d just have Jared, who was an asshole and would probably side with you anyways.

“Well, duh.”

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah. I like you. Dumbass.”

“Oh. Well, me too then.”

“You like you too?”

He looked at you, confused, until you started laughing.

“No. God no. Still working on that one. I mean, I like you. Like, a lot.”

He pulled your hand to his face and kissed it so quickly you were unsure of if he’d really done it.

“Did you just royal kiss me?”

“What’s that?”

“Stop, that’s adorable. You’re adorable.”

“Am not.”


He wiped your wrist with his free hand.

“There. I took it back. Not adorable anymore.”

“Nah, you still are. Connor’s adorable.”


You started to lean in, but he was already there. It came so easily. You’d expected it to feel weird, since you’d been friends for the past year, but the kiss only felt like it was filling in a gap that had always been there.

“So uh, we should probably get going. It’s late.”

“You’re driving. Wanna go to Yogurtland?”


Modern Day Greek Gods

The homeschooled girl who doesn’t need anyone else to get along. The girl who spends her days in a library in front of a warm fire. She travels around constantly, never in once place more than a few months at a time, but she can make a home anywhere. She christens every new house with a bonfire on the front lawn and too many s’mores. The girl who wears sweaters and fuzzy socks everywhere because she always has to be warm and her toes are always so cold. She basks in early morning sunlight and says good morning to the first light of day with a steaming mug of coffee in her hands. She’s the girl that people don’t notice, but she’s so very important to the people that let her into their lives. 

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Could I ask for fluffy cuddling headcanons for Bokuto, Kuroo, Asahi, Hinata, Noya and Oikawa? If that's too many for you to do just pick your favourites of them. Thank you! c:

No worries at all dear anon, the limit on scenarios like this is a full team, or around ten characters ovo

Bokuto loves cuddling, and he’ll often try to get as physically close as possible to his partner, giving them tight hugs, quickly kissing all over their face, and burying his face in the crook of their neck. He’ll fidget a lot and switch to different positions frequently, but he won’t let go of them once. Cuddling with Bokuto requires full focus - he’s giving his partner all his attention and he expects the same back.

Kuroo gets really cuddly when he’s tired, and it’s up to his partner to indulge him. He prefers lounging between their legs, arms wrapped around their waist as he naps. He’ll get clinger if his partner starts to play with his hair. If Kuroo gets into a deep enough sleep, he might try to tug their legs to cover his ears in place of the pillows he usually uses. Lots of sleepy kisses and forehead touches and nose boops.

Asahi gets a little flustered when he cuddles with his partner, no matter how many times they do it. He likes it better if his partner sits on his lap or between his legs, their back against his chest so they can’t see the blush on his face. And so he can still wrap himself around them, planting soft kisses on their head. Every so often he’ll just bury his head against his partner’s shoulder, letting out a deep sigh as he pulls them just a bit closer.

Similar to Bokuto, Hinata will fidget around a bit, but won’t move once he’s found a position both he and his partner enjoy. He prefers sitting sideways on their lap, resting up against their chest so he can hear their heartbeat. If asked why he likes cuddling like that, Hinata will get embarrassed and fumble around trying to explain himself, only for his partner to laugh and tug him tighter against them.

Nishinoya is big on any cuddling. Cuddling before he and his partner go to sleep, cuddling when they wake up in the morning, leaping onto them and almost knocking them down in a hug, quiet cuddles when they watch movies, he loves all of it. He’s always holding his partner’s hand, or just fiddling around with their fingers. Also fond of randomly peppering their shoulders and neck with kisses, whenever he gets the urge to. Which occurs a lot.

Cuddling’s kinda hit or miss with Oikawa. If he isn’t really feeling it, nothing more will happen aside from he and his partner just leaning against each other, with their fingers linked together. Other times, he’ll lay across their legs, nuzzling their stomach. Like Kuroo, he loves it when they run their fingers through his hair. If his partner is laying across his lap, he likes to trace random patterns across their face with his finger, and surprise them with quick kisses.

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 13

Originally posted by jkguks

Thank you to everyone who is leaving feedback on the story~! And to those who I haven’t responded to yet, I promise I’m not ignoring you, I’m just leaving your ask unanswered so that I don’t forget about your requests! x3

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 5,500+
Genre: flufffffy fluff

Part 1 - Part 12 - Part 14

> Masterlist <

It had been a few days since Chaerin had seen or heard from Kiseung and Hyomin. Nari had tried to get a hold of them to see when they would come back home, but they weren’t even talking to her.

Chaerin also hadn’t seen Jungkook in a while since he had been busy the last few days. Needless to say, she had been feeling really lonely the past few days. She would sometimes go to hang out with Nari and even Taehyung at some points, but she couldn’t help but miss her two other friends.

For the first time in what felt like months, Jungkook stopped by the coffee shop to talk to her. He had definitely been more of a boyfriend to her through texts while checking on her to make sure she was okay, but he didn’t seem to treat her different in person. The only things he did differently were all verbal. She kept telling herself that it was just because they had been in public every time they had talked in person since that night.

He had just left the shop when the door opened again. Chaerin sighed as she prepared to tend to the customer. She needed to shake off of the negative feelings she was having from being around Jungkook. He was frustrating her to no end with this game of back and forth.

She was about to say something and look up at the customer, but she stopped short at who was in front of her.

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jyo0G87tVw)

Can we…can we just appreciate this entire sequence? Because like, this is one of the greatest things to happen on this show. 

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Hello! Can you tell which members sang The End?? Or just Ruki sang it? Btw, what piano song was played in RajiGaze Nov 18, 2016 (2nd song request after Gentle Lie)? Thanks!

OOH someone sent me a message about the end before >< it’s all five of them but i forget who sings what lol someone answer this!!

as for the song request thing you can probably find that online…? i really don’t remember lol

Announcement Time!!!

Hey, HEY, it’s your faaaaaaavourite Rob-writer popping by to drop a few important notices, in case anyone actually cares if I post stuff or not…!

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  • First up…I’m grounded. My mom grounded me for my horrible grades (I failed a Math subject, yes) so my writing process is delayed and I can’t be dropping new stories as frequently as I hoped…This punishment’s probably gonna last until August, so there’s a really bad thing right there. But fear not, I’m still writing, which brings me to point number 2! 
  • I’m currently focusing on writing a massively angsty Chuck Shurley x Reader series based off the 2016 Bastille album Wild World! There are 19 songs in the album, which means I have 19 parts to write, and I’ve already gotten a few done with, so there’s that. IF YOU WANT TO BE TAGGED, REBLOG THIS POST AND TELL ME lol.
  • For those of you who have submitted requests, don’t worry, I didn’t forget, I’m on top of it, I made notes and I already planned out most of them in advance. Just…y’know. Don’t send in any more, I have a lot in my plate as it is, what with trying to keep my grades afloat…
  • Also, is anyone interested in writing a super-cute Rob series, please let me know, I have an idea for you that I don’t exactly have the time to write…

So, tagging my usual suspects for this head’s up…

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Ride Me Baby (Harry Styles Mature One Shot)

Ride Me Baby (Harry Styles One Shot)

 Hi guys, Kourtney here! Someone requested a Harry and Y/N One Shot where they dry hump. I guess its different than my ordinary storylines, but ill give it a go, and I hope you guys enjoy this one!


 WORD COUNT: 1,438

Y/N’s P.O.V

 ‘Goodnight Ohio, you have been amazing, hope you had a good night’ I heard Harry’s voice fill the entire stadium while the crowd roared in response. Being on the road with Harry and the rest of the crew felt amazing, its a one time experience that ill never forget. ‘Y/N wasn’t that an amazing show?’ Lou, their hair stylist asked me while we were walking from under the stage. ‘They always put on a stunning show, I love it’ ‘Yeah especially when your dating one of the members’ We both started giggling immensely as we walked into the guys dressing room. ‘Y/N there you are, was looking for you baby girl’ Harry shouted as he made his way over to me holding out his arms. ‘Hey you, you did amazing out there, it was sick’ I complimented as I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, massaging them gracefully. ‘I seen you checking me out’ ‘of course, couldn’t stop staring at that hideous outfit’ Harry’s face dropped as I burst out into laughter. ‘Well then why don’t we go to the hotel and you can take it off?’ He whispered in my ear, making sure that no one would have heard. ‘Such a little charmer’ ‘of course’ His smirk could get me wet in seconds, and he knows that. He let go of my waist and grabbed my hands, dragging me to the rest of the gang to blend into the conversation.

 *        *        *       *        *          *         *         *         *        *         *         *         *    

 ‘Seriously these are the best cookies ive ever tasted, the fans spoil me’ ‘Hey you said that to me last week, how dare you just move on and dump my cookies’ I joked as we walked into our hotel room. ‘You know you make the best cookies, but I’m just saying the fans take care of me’ I looked over at him, squinting my eyes. ‘That is such a punch in the face, huh, I feel so used’ I started to walk into the bathroom, and I shut the door, locking it. ‘C’mon baby I was kidding, you know you can take care of me so well. Actually, you take care of me the best way possible, that no fan can do. And I wouldn’t want anyone to take care of me like that other than you, your so good to me baby girl’ Him talking to me through the door like that made me wanna jump his bones, but I need to keep it calm and tease him good. Mine and Harry’s sex life was amazing, I mean beyond words. But sometimes I loved doing stuff to put a twist on it, and make it even more enjoyable, for both of us. We need some adventure in out sex life to keep it alive. I mean, who doesn’t? It clicked that I forgot I had on Harry’s favourite underwear on, and it wasn’t even intentional. This is the time I’m guna tease the life out of him. I slowly opened the door revealing Harry standing there, his arm leaning on the door frame, smirking. God that damn smirk again. ‘I am?’ ‘Baby you get me hard just by looking at me, it hurts. You know what you do to me, its amazing’ His lips slowly lowered to my neck, kissing it slowly with his plump lips. ‘You treat me so good baby, you know you do’ His hands lowered to my bum, squeezing, kneading it. ‘Even when your standing there being mad at me I just wanna lick you out, I wanna make you feel good Y/N’ I grabbed his face in my hands to turn his glace to my eyes. I went straight for the kill and moulded our lips together. First it was intense, heated and certainly passionate, then he grabbed under my bum and lifted me up. My legs wrapping around his torso while he walked to the sofa in our hotel room. He sat down and moved my legs so I was straddling him perfectly. A moan escaped his mouth as I slowly put my hands under his shirt, massaging his lower abdomen. I quickly removed his “ugly” shirt and threw it behind me. His hands done the same with my shirt, as his eyes focused on my bra. ‘No you didn’t, baby girl no’ I giggled in response, I knew what he was thinking, and I liked it. ‘What? What did I do?’ Smirking down at him he looked up at me, returning the smirk. ‘You know I cant contain myself when you wear this’ ‘Oops, my mistake’ My hands lowered over his butterfly tattoo, tracing it with my fingernails. ‘Your guna pay for this baby’ ‘Bring it on’ I responded as his hands quickly retreated to unbutton my trousers. His hands sunk under them and cupped my bum as I sat up on my knees and helped him to push them down. Obviously I had to get up to properly take them off. When I removed my trousers and my shoes, I kneeled in between his legs, immediately unbuttoning his trousers and pulling them off of his long legs. He pulled me up to the same position as I was before, taking in the thong I was wearing before him. ‘Baby you make me so hard’ Harry moaned as I felt his hard member against my core. ‘Dido, oh wait’ Harry started to chuckle as he took hold of my head, bringing it close to him to kiss him. Our kiss quickly heated up, his tongue slipping in smoothly. He took charge of the kiss as I slowly moved my hips against his. A moan escaped our lips at the same time, taking in the sudden pleasure of the friction was making. ‘Faster baby girl’ His hands swiftly moved to my bum, pushing it harder against his erection and also helping me grind against him. I started to feel my core clenching from the pleasure going straight to my clit, creating a loud moan to push from my throat. His mouth moved to my chest, kissing my cleavage hard. His hands moved from my bum to wrap around my waist to keep my bosoms close to his kiss. My grinding got faster and harder as my release was approaching. ‘Y/N I’m guna come, say something’ His speech slurred from the pleasure he was feeling from my touch. ‘Oh Daddy you wanna cum for me huh? I’ll take it baby, I just want you to cum so hard, show me what you got Daddy please’ I exhaled in the one breath, needing his release to give me mine. Knowing that I get him off so easy gets me off, even just with dry humping I can get him where I want him. ‘Ughhh Y/N call me Daddy again, fuck’ ‘Daddy’ I repeated into his ear while I felt him twitch near my core, I knew he was so close. His face went straight to my neck, his mouth so close to my ear. His release quickly came, him shooting his load into his underwear, helping to quickly dampen my thong. ‘Yes baby girl, you come for Daddy. Once were done here im guna ram so hard into your tight little pussy your guna regret wearing that tight little thong that Daddy loves so much’ My clit was red hot when my walls started clenching repeatedly, I knew I was cumming, and it was going to be a big one. My screams filled the hotel room as I rode out my orgasm. Feeling my juices soak his underwear gave Harry the satisfactory smile I love seeing after we have sex, or well, in this case, dry humping scenario. I lifted my head from his face, and slowly let a sigh come from my lips. ‘Baby we have never done that before, but I wanna keep doing it. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.’ Harry whispered as we grazed my waist with his hands. ‘That was amazing, wow’ ‘If you think were done then your mistaken…’ His hands lowered to the seem of my thong, and slowly dragging it down my thighs. This is going to be a hell of a night.

Thank you so much to whoever requested this! I had a lot of fun writing it! Sorry I forget who requested it, but if you remember that it was you that requested it, please message me and let me know what you thought! And for the rest of you I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Have a good day/evening, Kourtney xox


So, I wanted to do this for… No reason lol I guess I wanted to show to the persons who requested something that I haven’t forget about your requests <3 It’s just that I don’t have the same time I had when I created this blog :/

As the shitty person I’m, I don’t know how long they have been there :(

Update: 20/07/17- [+] That means that request it’s done and you can find it in the Masterlist.

Update: 6/11/2017


1-BTS, EXO and GOT7 reaction to you being into thigh riding (I made the BTS reaction, the admin aestheic-byunbacon made the EXO, and for GOT7, well I will try to do it) +

2-BTS, EXO AND GOT7 texting back to the cheating texts (There is another request about it so hehe…I’m taking my time because I didn’t have intentions of continue that “serie” but someone wanted me to. BTS it’s done) +

3- BTS au wolf reaction to a vampire approaches to his girlfriend (I’m excited to do this ^^) +

4-BTS au wolf reaction to another male wolf tries to take their girl away from them +

5-Poly relationship! Namjoon and Hoseok +

6-Namjoon finds out you’re not that innocent and makes 18+ jokes with you +

7-Poly relationship! Kyungsoo and Sehun, they’re jeaolus because you talk a lot with Namjoon +

8- Poly relantionship! Yoongi and Taehyung everyday texts

9- BTS reaction to their crush/SO being autistic (and proud of it)

10-Poly relationship! Mark and Jinyoung +

11-BTS reaction to you having anemia (Guys, I will talk about it in the post)

12- BTS reaction to seeing a boy/girl with the most beautiful e/c eyes but they feel shy to go up to them so they text another member for advice

13-Poly relationship! Jin and Jungkook or Jin and Yoongi, drunk texts +

Okay, I wanted to say this, some of the texts requests have something like “Could be smutty?” or anything like that, I’m not uncomfortable with that but I don’t how to do it, so if I’m not satisfied with the resulted I will not do it smutty, so please don’t be disappointed if I don’t do it smutty.

That’s it, love ya’ll <3