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college anon here: i have 9 classes and im actually dying why did they think this was a good idea im flooded with so much maths and science help me.. (im taking up engineering btw and im having reGRETS)

RIP OH GOSH. Good luck you can do it!!!! I believe in you!!! Just imagine CF!Yuuri is helping you with your science classes <3

Ahh thank you for clarifying!

i think i’m probably the only person besides shannon who ships lafayette and andre as much as i do but lol oops they’re one of my favourite things in the world


word count: 2.1k

a/n: getting out of my little writing slump since school is finally ending soon. there is also cussing in this towards the end so yeah.

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To say that the flight to Europe was a complete disaster would be an understatement. First, it was delayed from departing. There was some sort of problem with the plane engine which one, scared you to death, and two made them have to do a complete diagnostic test on the engine making the flight leave 4 hours later then the original time. Second, once you finally boarded the plane there was a younger girl, around 5 years old, beside you who was playing a game on her tablet. Children never bothered you much, but the fact that the sound was turned up to full blast and it was almost midnight you were beyond livid. Third, your anxiety of flying was through the roof the whole time. You must have disturbed some paranormal entity causing a string of bad things to happen to you since there were storms across the whole path. The turbulence caused the plane to rock more than you had originally expected, and all that raced throughout your mind the whole flight was, ‘I’m going to die’.

When the plane finally landed you got off as soon as you could trying to avoid another bad thing from happening, and you immediately texted the number that Luke had previously given you so that you could leave the airport without fans or paparazzi finding you. Your relationship with Calum was sort of on the DL, neither one of you wanting the fame and the spotlight that came along with “Bassist Calum Hood Dating”. But of course there was always going to be a few pictures of ‘mystery girl’, who was you, that would get out causing the fandom to go into a frenzy trying to find the identity of the girl hiding under one of Calum’s signature beanies and a cheap pair of sunglasses.

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a short and angsty pop punk/post-hardcore mix for that one best friend of yours that has fucked you over but you still sort of care about them cause you’ve had so many memories and great times with them.

01. it’s complicated // a day to remember 02. seventy times 7 // brand new 03. swan song // set it off 04. here’s your letter // blink-182 05. thank you // simple plan 06. bite my tongue // you me at six 07. swords and pens // the story so far 08. go to hell for heaven’s sake // bring me the horizon 09. there’s no i in team // taking back sunday 10. tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today // fall out boy 11. sleep with one eye open // bring me the horizon 12. reckless // you me at six 13. better off this way // a day to remember

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