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Is it just me, or does it feel like Jungkook and Hobi don't have very many moments?

OMG ANON ARE YOU ASKING ME TO SPAM YOU WITH JUNGHOPE MOMENTS? Okay anyways, to address the question, I know it might seem like Junghope have very few moments but I assure you they actually have quite a lot. Like suga/kookie, Junghope has a lot of behind the scenes/background and subtle moments that are hard to notice if you don’t actively look for it. Their moments have been more obvious lately but even back then, there were quite a lot. It’s been mentioned several times by different members that Hobi and Kook were extremely close predebut and that Hobi was the one that Kook let loose around and relied on. Now is about the time where I spam you with Junghope. So here we go~

Throwback Junghope they were super close

Junghope since Rookie King Days Hobi pulling him in by the neck ;-; (I found this gif on google images and it’s from We Heart It I really have no idea who made this gif)

This actually happened….

(Cr. @/janice0chung0) I mean come on, look at the stares. 

Never forget Now3.

This actually happened too.

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a couple of fic giftart doodles i did last night!

first up is for @wintermoth​‘s super cute kwami swap series XD i know i got a lot of details wrong [least of which their hair is wrong lolll xD] but they were fun to draw  ;0; this series is hella cute too, i love this AU and you should tooooo ;0;

second one is for @whitebear-ofthe-watertribe​‘s A Brand New Dawn college age fic… i really just wanted to draw that damn tatt but i drew the pic reaallly small lol..so i didn’t have room to do it any kind of justice ;0; this fic is a really nice slow burn and i love itttttt please read it too~

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um do you guys know any other svt meme blogs NOT THAT YOU'RE BLOG IS TERRIBLE its just that im bored cause i went through ALL your posts

ALL??? you mean all 3k+ of our posts?? or just our our own posts, excluding the reblogs lol. We applaud you for your dedication, thank you :’)

For your reward, here are some quality blogs that post a lot of memes or just funny posts:

@seventeen-memes @caratmemes @uhilikechicken @eggshua @blondkwan @incorrectseventeen @incorrect7teen @theseventeenfamilysingers @badsvtimagines @alt-17project 

And here are some other amazing blogs that make gifs and they gif quality and funny seventeen moments:

@hanwooz @hoon-seok @wonnhao @mountean @12fools @xiuchens @seugcheol @shwua @amillionwon

92 Truths

My favorite moodboard artist, @wonderdaysoflunacy​, tagged me in this. Thanks, Jess! 

Rules: Once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. At the end, choose 25 people to tag!

1. Drink: water

2. Phone call: I forget her name, but it was someone I had to call to confirm one of my field trips for summer camp. 

3. Text message: ‘Hahaha oops. Well we’re on the same page now!’

4. Song you listened to: Despacito is on right now, so I’ll say that. Don’t hate. It’s part of a playlist on Apple Music, lol. 

5. Time you cried: I’m not much of a crier, but it was probably in March when we put our cat down. =(

6. Dated someone twice: No

7. Been cheated on: No

8. Kissed someone and regretted it: Nah

9. Lost someone special: Yeah

10. Been depressed: I don’t think so. 

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: Absolutely. 


12.  Pink

13. Purple

14. Yellow

12. Made new friends: Absolutely. 

16. Fallen out of love: I don’t think so? 

17. Laughed until you cried: Duh. 

18. Found out someone was talking about you: Yeah. Oh well. 

19. Met someone who changed you:  I think so, yeah. 

20. Found out who your true friends are: Oh, yeah. 

21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: Nah. 

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: All of them, but I’m not like… friends with them, you know what I mean? 

23. Do you have any pets: A kitten named Bandit. He’s such a pain in the ass, lol. 

24. Do you want to change your name: Would love to, but it’s pointless now. I’m almost 27. 

25. What did you do for your last birthday: This sounds bad, but I don’t think I did anything? I can’t remember, haha. I mean, I turned 26. What’s there to really celebrate? 

26. What time did you wake up: Like, 7 something because the cat kept fucking whining. There was nothing wrong with him. He was just bored. See what I mean about being a pain in the ass? 

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: I think I was already sleeping, hahaha. I know, what a party animal. 

28. Name something you cannot wait for: Getting a real job! God, I’m such a grown up. 

29. When was the last time you saw your mother: Like five minutes ago when I went down to the kitchen. 

30. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: My job situation. 

31. What are you listening to right now: Sainte’s new EP. Check it out. My favorite so far is With or Without Me. 

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yeah, I went to high school with a guy named Tom. And one of my coworkers is named Tom, but we also call him TJ. 

33. Something that is getting on your nerves: The sore throat and coughing situation I got going on. Who gets sick in the fucking summer? Me! That’s who! 

34. Most visited website: AO3, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

35. Elementary: My dear Watson? What is this question asking? 

36. High School: Yeah, I went. My coworker and I were talking about this just yesterday, about how we would go back in a heartbeat. Times were just easier back then. 

37. College/university: I went. I would also go back in a heartbeat, just without the studying and homework and tests. You know, the boring stuff. 

38. Hair colour: Black

39. Long or short hair: My hair’s kind of short. It’s around my shoulders when it’s down. 

40. Do you have a crush on someone: Who has the time?! 

41. What do you like about yourself: My sarcasm; also, my quick wit and my amazing sense of humor. And my ability to write a fic when I feel motivated to. 

42. Piercings: I have my ears pierced, but haven’t worn earrings in about nineteen years, lol. 

43. Blood type: The fuck? 

44. Nickname: Ange

45. Relationship status: Single Pringles

46. Zodiac sign: Cancer

47. Pronouns: She/her

48. Favourite TV show: I don’t actually watch TV anymore. I stopped watching most of my shows a few years ago, and stopped with The Walking Dead after Negan’s first episode, because, just… no. 

49. Tattoos: Would love one but I’m afraid of needles. Plus, I don’t know what I would get. 

50. Right or left hand: I’m a righty. 

51. Surgery: I fractured my ankle in third grade and they put me under so they could reset the bone and stuff. Does that count? 

52. Piercing: Just the ears. 

54. Sport: Never played a sport, but I watched a lot of baseball when I was a kid. 

55. Vacation: Disney World when I was ten. 

56. Pair of trainers: Probably some tacky 90s brand, lol. 

57. Eating: What?

58. Drinking: What are you asking me? 

59. I’m about to: eat dinner. 

60. Listening to: Sainte. Didn’t I just answer this? 

61. Waiting for: Food to be ready. 

62. Want: Crab legs, but I’m getting chicken. 

63. Get married: Mehhhh. Who knows? 

64. Career: Teaching! One day…

65. Hugs or kisses: Hugs

66. Lips or eyes: Eyes

67. Shorter or taller: Taller, definitely

68. Older or younger: Older, please. 

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: Arms, I guess? 

71. Sensitive or loud: Both? 

72. Hook up or relationship: Relationship

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: Hesitant, I guess. 

74. Kissed a stranger?: No, that’s terrifying. 

75. Drank hard liquor?: Yeah. Oh college… 

76. Lost glasses contact/lenses: I lost my reading glasses when I moved back from college after graduation and haven’t bothered to look for them since. That was five years ago. I never used them anyway. 

77. Turned someone down: Yes

78. Sex on first date: No

79. Broken someone’s heart: Not that I know of. 

80. Had your heart broken: Nah

81. Been arrested: No, thank God. I wouldn’t survive. 

82. Cried when someone died: Yeah.

83. Fallen for a friend: No, thank God. 

84. Yourself: Usually. 

85. Miracles: Not really

86. Love at first sight: Nah

87. Santa Claus: Not anymore. 

88. Kiss on the first date: Sure.

89. Angels: Not really. 

90. Current best friend’s name:  Courtney. Jen. Emily. Rachel. Missi. 

91. Eye colour: Brown

92. Favourite movie: I don’t really have one, to be honest. 

OK, I’m tired, haha. To do this, I tag: @hrrytomlinson, @louislittlefeetsies, @almightyroseharru, @louissbbtomlinson, @istealifly, @dimpled-halo, @twopoppies, @jaerie, @louissunshine, @suddenclarityharry, @headscarvesandtattoos, @juliusschmidt, @temporaryfixlouis, @allwaswell16, @icanhazzalou, @letsjustsee, @gaycousinlarry and I know that’s not 25 people, but I think that’s good, haha. Only do this if you really want to, and if you want to do it, but I didn’t tag you, just do it anyway and tag me in it! 


word count: 2.1k

a/n: getting out of my little writing slump since school is finally ending soon. there is also cussing in this towards the end so yeah.

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To say that the flight to Europe was a complete disaster would be an understatement. First, it was delayed from departing. There was some sort of problem with the plane engine which one, scared you to death, and two made them have to do a complete diagnostic test on the engine making the flight leave 4 hours later then the original time. Second, once you finally boarded the plane there was a younger girl, around 5 years old, beside you who was playing a game on her tablet. Children never bothered you much, but the fact that the sound was turned up to full blast and it was almost midnight you were beyond livid. Third, your anxiety of flying was through the roof the whole time. You must have disturbed some paranormal entity causing a string of bad things to happen to you since there were storms across the whole path. The turbulence caused the plane to rock more than you had originally expected, and all that raced throughout your mind the whole flight was, ‘I’m going to die’.

When the plane finally landed you got off as soon as you could trying to avoid another bad thing from happening, and you immediately texted the number that Luke had previously given you so that you could leave the airport without fans or paparazzi finding you. Your relationship with Calum was sort of on the DL, neither one of you wanting the fame and the spotlight that came along with “Bassist Calum Hood Dating”. But of course there was always going to be a few pictures of ‘mystery girl’, who was you, that would get out causing the fandom to go into a frenzy trying to find the identity of the girl hiding under one of Calum’s signature beanies and a cheap pair of sunglasses.

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