i forget the other guys name

196. We are not allowed to “forget” everyone’s names.

This might just be my favourite prank yet. - SB

Yeah, Serious. - JP

I thought the forgetting name thing was only for other people! - SB

Sorry Serious, this one has no restrictions. - RL

Fine then, Uremus. - SB

What … ? - RL

Get it! Uranus, Uremus! - SB

Guys, stop fighting! - PP

Then James shall be … uh …um … - RL

Please don’t make my name too bad. - JP

Shut it, Jordan. We’re thinking of a name for you. - SB

Jordan? - JP

Yes, now hush, Jerry! - SB

… - JP

Guys. - PP

Keep quiet Peter! - SB

So … I get to keep my name? Phew. - PP

Credit for the prank and commentary to @fandom-ideas. I love the idea of Sirius being so completely serious about coming up with good names for each other (pun 100% intended).

If you want to take part of NCT fandom you need to fulfill at least one of these:

1. Always thirsty (if you know what I mean)

2. Nasty

3. Dirty minded

4. Love dirty talking

5. Like everything about them (even one member yawning pic for example lol)

6.Smile like a crazy person on the streets while alone and thinking about them or calling by mistake your friend by your bias name

7. Forget sleep, eating, you live off their videos/music/pictures/shows

8. Get yourself one bias, end up stanning all of them

9. Zoom-in their pictures to appreciate their small flaws or any other body parts (caution: naughty fan spotted)

10. TEN is going to appear on 27th July, at 11 pm KST (2 pm WEST where I live)  Mnet’s show “Hit the Stage”!!!! (that was random but it’s just a reminder for you guys to show him love…because a real NCT fan loves him in the first place!)

PS:  Some of you guys are so nasty dirty-minded, I crack up on your comments! But I love you! Let’s keep this fandom grow more and more!

winterkook  asked:

tangerine (even tho its probably me pffft) azure, cream, cotton candy, turquoise, apricot !!


tangerine: your crush’s name

i honestly don’t have a crush irl lmao but its this guy u probably dont know?? idk we’ve been dating for a while his name is tae

azure: favorite type of flower

baby’s breath or cherry blossoms!

cream: favorite blog

i love all my mutuals but those that aren’t mutuals i love: @chimchams @rapsae @sung-jaelly-fish @cypherslut  im forgetting a whole ton of other blogs im sorry omfg

cotton candy: favorite tv show

i havent been watching that recently but 

  • how to get away with murder
  • supernatural // doctor who // sherlock
  • criminal minds
  • once upon a time

turquoise: favorite art work

‘The Winged Victory of Samothrace’ in the Louvre! i saw it in person in april 2015 and wow it was breath-taking

apricot: favorite ice cream flavor 

either vanilla, cookies and cream, coffee, or cinnamon idk im pretty basic

send me pastel asks!


Oh! Sorry about that! I always forget to introduce myself!

People call me “Min.” It’s only natural for me to worry about another Shaymin, right? We have to look out for each other.

But… a pale white Mew… who tried to punch your face in even though you were trying to be his friend? Sounds like a pretty mean guy…

I don’t know anyone like that, luckily! But now that we’ve met, what’s your name?


Tomorrow’s my brother’s birthday. (7/17/16) but I’ll be busy tomorrow so I’ll submit it now :) 

I hope my brother never forgets how much I hate him :DD <33333

Also he Luvs Kabeneri, so I really didnt have a choice >_>

reasons to watch the new star trek movie

• gay sulu
• that pretty kirk dude
• badass poc girl who’s name I forget
• the two scenes that sulu and his husband had together
• the sexual tension whenever any of the guys were alone with each other
• jayla
• did I mention that sulu and his husband have a daughter

Hi Guys!!!

I’m really sorry about the lack of updates, (and the spam of SpongeBob the other day XD and for that probably happening again) but I was at karate camp over the weekend! It was really fun! We learned a new kata and our team won the trophies! However I hurt EVERYWHERE XD
If you have any questions about that (or anything) please feel free, because there was so much that happened I’m already forgetting parts of the weekend!
And I’ll let you all know this time that I probably won’t be updating tomorrow or the next two days after, my friend invited me (and a few others) to Colonial Days in Lloyd! Hmu if you’re going, I wanna get some high fives! XD


Guys I’m so so so happy, I’ve been waiting nearly 2 years to see them live and finally this day has come… I can’t express how excited and happy I feel, I don’t think I’ll be able to contain myself when they appear on stage. I’ve never been to a concert before and I’m a little scared I must admit, but I guess it’s all in my head and when I hear them play the first song I’ll even forget my name and I’ll start screaming and singing like there’s no tomorrow. Really sorry for this post but I have to share these feelings with you guys, the other musers, who I’m sure, can understand how I’m feeling right now. If you have any tips feel free to share them with me. Also I’m so excited because I’ll finally meet other people who love and listen to Muse… Also let me know if any of you guys are going to be there today!

I pretty much exclusively play Mercy on Overwatch.  For some reason, I always forget the other character names during a game, especially if I’m in trouble and need to call out to my team for help.  I usually just end up blurting out a random name for the character attacking me or even for my team members (whom I know IRL and could call by name, but..).  So, I finally had to make them a chart:

Monkey - Winston
Twin - another Mercy
Junkie - Junkrat
Pig or Piggy - Roadhog
Little girl - D.Va
Robot - Bastion
Dad - Soldier 76
Ninja - Genji and sometimes Hanzo
Dwarf - Torbjorn
Russia - Zarya
Zen - Zenyatta
Lasers - Symmetra
Big Guy - Reinhardt