i forget how to spell her name

Regina drums her fingers against her desk as she dials Emma’s number. The Sheriif was supposed to meet her for lunch half an hour ago but so far no Emma. 

It annoys her that it bothers her as much as it does. Emma used to be a thorn in her side, now however, all she wants is for Emma to turn up so they can share lunch. Sadly a platonic one since she knows Emma doesn’t feel the same,

She sighs as she bemoans her heart for wanting what she cannot have before a buzzing noise interrupts her thoughts. Regina scans her desk before shaking her head as she spots Emma’s cell phone. She must have left it here when she brought me that coffee earlier.

Regina picks up the phone and grabs her coat fully intending to return the item to Emma. As she grabs the phone her finger triggers the display and she frowns in confusion as she sees the screen - Missed Call, Mayor Milf.

Milf?” She wonders aloud before heading to the diner.

“Hey Regina,” Emma greets cheerfully when she spots the brunette holding lunch. 

Regina smiles passing her the to go bag before reaching into her pocket, “Oh and this.” 

Emma pats her pockets before sighing, “Thanks, can’t believe I forgot that.” 

“Not as bad as forgetting how to spell my last name.”


“On your phone, it came up as Mayor Milf…how did you put Mills in wrong?”

Emma’s cheeks burn bright red as she admits, “I didn’t…I meant to put Milf.”

Regina scrunches her brow in confusion, “Why?”

Emma weighs up the odds in her mind before sucking in a deep breath, “You need to Google it.” She pauses as she she runs to her computer typing it into the search bar before beckoning Regina over. The brunette does leaning over Emma, giving the blonde a tantalising view of a straining shirt button.

“Oh,” Regina breathes out before grinning. She turns her head to the side, their lips only millimetres apart, “So…” she trails off before just going with it and pressing their lips together. It’s dizzying and incredible and god how Regina wishes Emma had misplaced her phone sooner. 

They break apart, lips swollen and cheeks flushed, “Wow,” Emma manages earning a far too sexy smirk from Regina, who raises her fingers to her still tingling lips before replying, “Wow indeed…come over for dinner tonight?” 

Emma grins, “Can’t wait.”

The Janitor and the Music Teacher

So like idk if this is good or if it just isn’t but I’m gonna post it so you guys can say if you like it or not I guess haha

Beca Mitchell put the mop back into the bucket with a sigh. She’d finished this corridor, finally, although she had taken a little longer than usual. Miss Beale was teaching a music class in the classroom closest to where she was standing, and the melody was simply uplifting, filling every crevice of the corridor as well as the classroom.

Beca loved music.

She loved the tunes, the backing, the melodies and the lyrics. Everything. She loved instruments, too. The sleek look of the violin, a shining silver flute. Her favourite, however, was the piano. The melodies the piano could play was what kept Beca going, most nights. Beca admired anyone who could press down on the ivory keys, with just the right tempo to keep up with, and make music.

Like Miss Beale.

Beca thought Miss Beale of some form of royalty amongst the other teachers. She admired how many instruments the woman could play, her bright blue eyes, even her red hair was perfect. She was perfect. The perfect teacher. She was nice to every student, whether they liked her or they hated her, and she could play almost anything she was given. She had a talent that Beca only in her wildest dreams could she wish to possess. The talent of music. Sometimes, like today, Beca stood outside her classroom and just watched. She watched and she listened and she admired. Sometimes Miss Beale caught her, too. And, of course, Miss Beale smiled sweetly, and Beca would redden and look down at her cleaning. So far she has learnt that anything that sounded happy in music was in major key and anything that sounded sad was in minor key. She has been especially proud of herself when she listened to a piece of music and could tell it was in major key, even before the students had put their hands up.

But, as per usual, Beca was fast to leave when the bell went, always afraid that Miss Beale would shout at her for watching the lesson without permission.

A few days later, and after Beca had accidentally been caught moving about slightly to the music, Miss Beale actually walked over to the door.

“Shit!” Beca exclaimed, rushing to pick up a rag to make it seem that she was actually doing her job.

Miss Beale watched her amusedly, a smirk on her face, as the shorter brunette almost knocked over her bucket of water in her haste to clean ANYTHING.

“You’re Beca, right? Beca the janitor.” Miss Beale asked her, and Beca stiffened, too scared to look up.

“Y-Yes Ma'am.”

Beca glanced upwards at the redhead, who’s grin was so wide that it made Beca slightly at ease.

“Do you wanna come in?”

Oh. Well, that made sense. Miss Beale just wanted her to clean the classroom. “Sorry, Ma'am, I’m only allowed to clean classrooms when no students are in there,”

“Not for that reason! I’m not leaving here until you come in, so…”

Beca looked down again, knowing she had been intruding and watching for far too long now. “Uh, no, Ma'am, my job…”

Miss Beale laughed, and god, her laugh was one of the nicest melodies the brunette had ever heard. “I know you don’t need to clean anything until after lunch, Beca. You’re done for the morning, right?”

Beca was not about to lie to a teacher like Miss Beale. “Yes, Ma'am.”

“So come in, you can watch at the back if you feel more comfortable.”

Beca bit her lip. “Th-Thank you, Ma'am. That’s really kind of you.”

“Of course,” Miss Beale chirped, opening the door wider and letting Beca quietly slip in.

The brunette sat down on the floor in the very back corner of the room, barely believing what was happening. She was being allowed to actually sit through a music lesson, and Miss Beale had actually spoken to her. It was almost like being in school again. But this time, everyone wasn’t laughing at her when she got the answer wrong. Beca smiled happily as she watched Miss Beale play a piece of music on the piano whilst a student accompanied her with their violin.

When the lesson was over, Beca stayed in her corner, half hoping Miss Beale would forget about her and she could slip out.

“Beca?” Miss Beale called, and Beca shot up with wide eyes.

“Y-Yes, Ma'am?”

Miss Beale chuckled. “It’s cute that you call me ma'am, but Chloe is fine.”

“Chloe.” Beca tried out, the name rolling off of her tongue with ease. “I like your name.” She smiled. Beca looked down shyly. “H-how do you spell it?”

Miss Beale gave her a slightly confused, slightly scrutinising look, but replied happily and confidently. “C-H-L-O-E.”

Beca recognised the sound of four of five letters.

“You can come closer, I don’t bite,” Chloe chuckled. “Did you enjoy the lesson?”

Beca’s eyes seemed to light up at the question, and she treaded carefully in her used converse.

“Yes, Ma-Chloe. It was…really good.” Beca replied lamely, not knowing what else to say without sounding like a total freak.

Chloe smiled brightly. “Good! Do you like music?”

“Yes. I love it.”

Chloe tilted her head and smiled even brighter. “Can you play?”

Beca looked down and her shoulders deflated slightly. “No. I don’t know how.”

“Oh…” Chloe’s smile slipped from her face and she looked sad for a second, before smiling again. “I can teach you!”

“Really?” Beca asked quietly, barely believing why she was hearing. She could feel the joy rising in her and the lump in her throats beginning to form.

“Of course!” Chloe grinned. “How about today after school?”

Chloe could see that Beca looked like she was about to cry and she stepped closer, suddenly producing a tissue and putting her hand on Beca’s back. Beca sniffled loudly and let a watery smile grace her features.

“Th-Thank you, Chloe. That means a lot to me,” the brunette bit her lip and caught Chloe’s eyes to try and show her gratitude. She sniffled again but refused the tissues Chloe was offering her.

“Tonight at 4:30?”

“She probably won’t even turn up.” Beca muttered her thought out loud, but Chloe heard it.

The redhead looked concerned, then affronted, then sad. “What makes you think that?”

“Im sorry, ma'am, it’s just…nobody else really talks to me, unless they have to.” Beca’s eyes were at her feet, looking reprimanded.

“Why’s that? And I told you to call me Chloe.”

Beca only shrugged. “I’m sorry, Chloe.”

“That’s okay,” Chloe replied easily. “So, today at 4:30.”

“Sounds good.”

“And what instrument do you wanna learn?”

All of them, Beca thought. “I like the sound of the piano.”

“Piano it is!”

Chloe found the janitor slightly odd, but intriguing. It was almost like talking to a little kid, or one of her students. Beca seemed to think she was constantly crossing the line, almost like talking to people as a whole was new to her. But Chloe was determined to show the brunette that she wasn’t going to bail on her, Beca already seemed incredibly vulnerable as it is. She looked up at the clock and saw it was 4:35, and she sighed, thinking Beca really wasn’t going to show up. She looked out to the door again and found Beca just waiting. Chloe frowned and got up, opening the door.

“You could’ve just knocked, you know,”

Beca jumped. “Sorry,” she said quickly.

“It’s fine, just next time come right in,” Chloe smiled.

They both sat down at the piano, and Chloe took in the way Beca’s eyes seemed to gloss over as she saw the keys, and her wrist twitched.

“You can touch it, Beca. Go ahead,”

Hesitantly, the small brunette pressed down on a key and grinned as it made a noise. She pressed down again on another, and another, before doing two at once. Chloe watched her, finding it amusing how Beca seemed just like a little kid trying a piano out for the first time. Soon, Beca was playing an awful combination of notes and smiling happily.

“You like the piano, huh?”

Beca looked at Chloe and nodded. “Yes. It’s my favourite instrument. I’ve never been allowed to play one before.”

Suddenly, Beca blushed and looked down at her lamp, as if she had given away too much information. Chloe gave her another scrutinising look. She wanted to find out why Beca had never been allowed to before. She wanted to find out why she seemed so timid all the time.

“Well, now’s your chance. Do you wanna start by learning the notes?”

Beca nodded. “Yes, please.”

Chloe produced a sheet of music that had a row of notes perfectly drawn on them.

“There are acronyms that we use to remember the notes. The most common ones are Every Good Boy Deserves Football, E, G, B, D, F, which are the lines in a stave. This is the stave,” Chloe pointed to the five lines on the row. “And FACE. F, A, C, E. those are the spaces in between the lines. Are you with me so far?”

Not really.

Beca nodded.

“Great! So I’m gonna tell you what each note is and I want you to write it underneath, okay?” She was given a pen. Beca’s heart sped up. This was it. Chloe was gonna find her weird now and kick her out.

“Okay, so, A,”

Beca startled. She knew a. A was in her name.  Beca wrote


In childlike writing.

Chloe furrowed her eyebrows, but didn’t say anything. 


Beca refrained the urge to smile. That was in her name as well.




This was easy, Beca thought. She knew all the letters already.


Beca stiffened, panicking. She put the pen to the paper, but couldn’t write anything down. She didn’t know how to write it or even what it looked like. She looked down and her eyebrows furrowed deeply in worry.

“Beca? The letter d,”

Chloe watched in concern as Beca’s eyes darted around. The redhead sighed internally. She thinks she knows what was going on.

Deciding to test her theory, Chloe got up and wrote the word lace on the whiteboard.

“What does this say?” She asked kindly.

Beca’s eyes widened. All of those letters were in her name, so she sounded them out how they were said in her name.

“Lllllaakeh.” She said hesitantly, and by the look on Chloe’s face, it wasn’t right.

“Lace, Beca. It says lace.”

Beca bowed her head in embarrassment, trying not to cry. Chloe sat down next to her, moving to place a hand on Beca’s back, but the brunette flinched violently, so Chloe was fast to place her hand back on her lap again.

“Beca…” Chloe said softly. “Do you know how to read?”

Beca went incredibly red, and her eyes gathered with tears. She was jittery for a short moment, before jumping up and making to leave the room.

“Beca? Please-”

“I shouldn’t have- I’m sorry, I…” she ran out before Chloe could do anything.

“Wait.” Chloe sighed, wincing as the door slammed shut.

She hadn’t meant to insult Beca. Or make her upset. Chloe wasn’t even sure what had happened. One minute they had been comfortably talking and Chloe had been showing her the keys, but the next Chloe asked something personal, TOO personal, and Beca fled. Maybe Beca really didn’t know how to read, and was extremely self-conscious of it. Chloe would have to find out tomorrow.

missed the last bus (take the next train)

wolf 359 | 4k; complete | ao3 | anne & eiffel

notes: so, i was talking to a friend about how i think eiffel’s going to be immortal because of decima/alien shenanigans, and then he and hera and lovelace were going to be immortal space bros.  and I set out to write a fic about that, but it turned into…this.  i have more fic i want to write in this verse, but for now i tried to keep the timeline vague and hope what i have now makes sense on its own.

also, it’s never directly stated, but in my head eiffera is an established relationship at this point.

It started with a text.  Two texts, actually.

The first was an automatic notification from Anne’s bank, telling her that fifty thousand dollars had been deposited into her savings account.

She didn’t even have a savings account.

While Anne was still staring at that, the second came in, banner alert dropping from the screen.  The number was unknown, a long string that followed no pattern Anne could see, but she tapped it anyway.

Hi, Anne.  You don’t know me, but I’m one of Officer Eiffel’s friends.  He wanted to send the money anonymously.  I think that’s a stupid idea, and since I’m the one actually doing the money-sending, I get to say so. 

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anonymous asked:

Big white snake is kinda scary looking in header but the other pics are adorable. I forget how to spell her name, but she's gorgeous (Leilany? Idk I hope you know which one I mean)

Leliana :) And thank you! :D I like getting slightly intimidating pics of her sometimes haha

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Paring: SamxReader, DeanxReader
Word count: 757
Warnings: Talk of sex, swearing

Part 3 of The Games We Play

The next morning when you woke up, you felt the warm body that your back was against move as he breathed. Rolling to your stomach to look at him, you smirked. “See something you like?” Sam chuckled as he stretched.

“Well, what I really like is covered by a sheet right now.” You teased. He rolled you so that your hands were pinned by your head and he was settled between your thighs. Letting your eyes roam down his chest, and back up. “Much better.” You grinned.

His lips met yours roughly, making you moan. Biting your lip, moved himself so that both of your hands were pinned above your head with one of his. “Got one more round in you?” He whispered in your ear.

“You got another condom?” You asked.

“You bet your ass I do.”

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inquisitorhotpants  asked:

LESLEIGH for the character name spelling asks? I just started another Saints Row 3 playthrough and would love to hear about your Bosses. :D

i COMPLETELY forgot about lesleigh omg
how did i forget about my first Boss?

L: What is their favourite board game?
something fairly simple like checkers. she’s an ok strategist, but not really patient enough for chess. checkers is faster paced. 

E: How are they with children? 
horrible. she doesn’t understand them, doesn’t like them, doesn’t know how to take care of them. she plans on never having them. 

S: How stealthy are they?
bull in china shop, meet lesleigh. the two of you will have a lot in common. 
she’s loud

I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?
a fairly consistent 4 or so. she’s not terribly fond of herself, but she can admit she has some good parts. 

G: How do they flirt?
very boldly. She isn’t the smoothest flirter, but she can fake self-confidence well enough that it works out for her

H: What is their deadly sin? 


Why Church is against Tattoos

This is my headcanon as to why he’s against them. I’ve always kinda headcanoned Church as having tattoos, then I remember him being against tattoos in that one PSA and I get a little sad.

Maybe…MAYBE he got super drunk one day and got ‘Allison’ tattooed on his chest or arm or something like that and after realizing it, he wanted to punch himself in the face, but Tex did it for him once she realized he had it.

Ever since then, he’s been against getting tatted and is careful to keep it covered around others. If not for the sake of his dignity, then for the sake of his manhood because we all know the Scrotum Slayer (Tex) would absolutely destroy him if others found out.

Tucker was totally there, too. He was just laughing at Church. Maybe he tried to stop him at first, but Church got pissy, per usual, so, instead, Tucker encouraged it and tried to get the tattoo artist to spell 'Allison’ wrong. But Church isn’t drunk enough to let that shit happen. He could never be drunk enough to forget how to spell her name.

aihodineverlark  asked:

"i hooked up with you at my sister’s wedding 5 years ago and now i’ve gotta track you down because i can’t stop thinking about you" + Everlark, please :)

Though Prim’s mug is held up against her lips, hiding her mouth, her eyes betray her smirk well enough.

“So, who’s the guy?” she asks.

This was the wrong time to take a drink. Her question does something funky to my lungs, which makes the tea, hot as August asphalt, scrape up my throat. I choke a little, eyes blurring.

“There’s no guy,” I say when I’ve recovered, wiping spit from my lips with the back of my hand. “What makes you think there’s a guy?”

“You’re wearing mascara, Katniss. The last time you put any of that shit on your face was, what… my wedding?”

Which was five years ago, almost to the day. As was the last time there was a guy.

But Prim, a career sleuth, always knows when I’m hiding things, especially when those “things” involve Y chromosomes. This is no exception.

I let out a long sigh. “I was hoping you could help me out,” I admit, but not without reluctance. “There was a man at your wedding—”

Prim squeals. “I knew it!”

“Shut your mouth, or I won’t even ask.”

This gets her quiet. After all, Prim’s always thought her worth as a baby sister was directly contingent on the quality of my love life, as if she was brought into this world only to play guru with me.

She stares me down with quarter-sized eyes, teeth sucking in her lips to keep herself silent.

“There was a man at your wedding,” I continue. My fingers scratch nervous circles into my knuckles. “We met at the bar. I was drunk enough to tell him all about Gale, and he was drunk enough to listen, I guess. We went back to his room afterward.”

Prim’s cheeks bloat with all the words she wants to say, her skin pink and stretched tight over insistent veins.

And then she pops.

“You hooked up with someone at my wedding and you waited five years to tell me?”

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So I just watched Star Trek Beyond (SPOILER ALERT)

I have A LOT to say about this movie. It was fantastic, absolutely stunning and I loved it from the moment the company logos came out. It’s completely out of earth, which is exactly what the directors/producers promised, and it was both new yet familiar. The cast was exemplary and acting was top notch.

The cinematography was absolutely beautiful, I cannot capture in words how stunning they made the different planets to be. I enjoyed the humor thoroughly, which felt smooth and not forced, and most of all, I loved the interactions between the main crew.

We all know how they usually interact: Jim and Bones, Uhura and Spock, Chekov and Sulu, Scotty and Keenser. This movie highlighted the dynamics between the main crew, showed that they were all friends with each other with loyalty that knew no bounds. Bones and Spock was a pairing I didn’t expect (not romantically I mean) and it was utterly humorous to watch the two of them pretend hate each other while still saving each others’ asses.

Jim and Chekov were absolutely adorable (the puppy that is Chekov makes it almost a guarantee) and Anton Yelchin delivered spectacularly, I will miss him forever. Jim (the beauty that is Chris Pine) is fucking awesome. I love that he cares so much about his ship and his crew (I totally felt his heartbreak when the Enterprise went down) and his dedication to saving his crew is so touching.

Uhura and Sulu were awesome too! Uhura is a goddess and a badass and Sulu is another badass - aka the movie where everyone and their grandmother are badasses. Seriously. Both in afraid of defying a guy who could and would kill them, both of them covering each other’s back, the list could go on. And then there’s a moment where Spock goes to rescue Uhura only to get rescued by her instead. Gdi I love this woman.

And Scotty! How can I forget him? The guy who helped all of them escape back home! Without him, they wouldn’t be able to save the Federation, wouldn’t be able to stop the bad guy, and of course, would be stranded on an island with hostile inhabitants. I had to strain to hear his accent - no subtitles damn it - but I love him, he’s so adorably cute and funny.

Last but not least, Jayla (not sure if that’s how you spell her name). I don’t know where to begin with her. She was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I can’t even describe her. She’s a fucking badass, but at the same time, she’s also this young and scared girl who only wants to escape the planet but stepped up to help the Enterprise crew anyway. She’s not a Mary Sue, but she’s intelligent and resourceful, using the simplest ideas to thwart any enemies. She’s gruff, blunt, and loves classic rock. And I love her character completely.

Another thing that made me love this movie so much was the amount of Spirk in it. Yes, it was established that Spock and Uhura were together, but seriously, Spock and Jim were saying stuff like ‘I need you’ left, right and center. Even Bones told Spock that Jim would be upset if he left. And come on, the person who actually made Spock decide to stay, wasn’t Uhura (his girlfriend) but Jim. Seriously, what am I supposed to think when I keep seeing Spock and Jim express their need for one another the whole movie?

So two things I really loved (other than the list I mentioned above) was:

1. They kept Sulu’s homosexuality. I wished it was Chekov who was Sulu’s boyfriend, but alas…. It doesn’t matter, I was glad to see Sulu hugging his husband/boyfriend and his daughter. (Yes he has a daughter - a damn cute one at that)

2. Jayla and Jim didn’t get together.
THANK GOD FOR THIS. I am so tired of watching the guy always hooking up with the girl (he just met) in the movie. They worked well together, but thank freaking god that they didn’t end up together. I hated Carol Marcus in STID because she was literally a useless character who did nothing but sit around and look pretty. Her character could’ve been so much more, but in the end, she fell flat as a character. Jayla was so much more than that, and she was badass in her own way, saved the crew in her own way, and I was so glad that she didn’t get together with Jim at the end. Not only would that have been OOC for her, it would have also thrown off the whole balance of the movie.

Lastly, I swear, everything I’ve read in fanfiction is coming true on screen. Especially that part where Jim is a self sacrificing idiot. I swear, I love it, I really do, I love Jim whump but it nearly gave me heart attacks every time I thought he was gonna die. Again.

Anyway, sorry for the really long and disorganized rant, but, as you can see, I really really really love this movie!


These mirrors, according to my theory, are showing the “truths” behind each character – Blue’s (Sorry, I dunno their canon/fanon names yet except for ol’ Lewis) eyes are missing cuz when Lewis turned into this Skull Ghost thing, it showed how Blue was put under some sort of spell by him, as if making her forget everything she’s seen, most likely so that she wouldn’t get hurt; Yellow’s arm is missing cuz of his same arm being chomped off by Red after being possessed by what I believe is a spirit of jealousy (“Green-eyed monster”); Red’s gets broken cuz he’s obviously more than meets the eye, and everything about him is a lie, which is mostly evident with him taking on a different and more powerful form when ripping off Yellow’s arm to stop the possession from growing worse. and fully controlling him.

This music video is so perfect and metaphorical and has every element I love to death in a story slash song. Dear gosh, I’m still listening and rewatching this I just love it, okay? You should totes watch it. Like, right now. I swear, it is worth four and a half minutes of your life, just do it.

Who Am I To Stand In Your Way

A/N: So Chester See has this song. Its called Who Am I To Stand In Your Way, and I cannot tell you how hard it is to listen to without crying. So naturally, any song that affects me emotionally is gonna get turned into a oneshot. ENJOY! Very very angsty Hartbig, if you don’t potentially want your heart ripped out I suggest stopping now and reading other fics, haha. If you are prepared for that, by all means carry on and enjoy! :)


She was warm.

She was warm when her fingertips danced across Hannah’s stomach in the darkest hours of the night, with no other sound in the room except quiet breaths. 

She was warm when Hannah was upset or stressed, and she would hold Hannah close to her, and the shorter girl would press her ear against the taller girl’s chest and listen to the steady thumping of her heart.

She was warm when she laced her fingers with Hannah’s, even for a moment in the middle of a show or a video.

And now, without her, it was cold.

Hannah didn’t particularly care for the cold.

It was that dark, ungodly hour of the night, and she lie awake. She stared up at the grainy ceiling, spelling out the taller girl’s name in the swirling paint. 

Shivers ran across her arms and her legs, so she pulled a blanket over herself absentmindedly before returning to spelling out the girl’s name.

“G…r…a…c…e…” Hannah said quietly under her breath. A halfhearted smile crossed her face.

Grace’s name did make her smile. She could never forget all the happy memories between the two of them. The gentle touches that went unnoticed by the people around them, or how whenever Hannah said “I love you”, Grace’s eyes got a little darker and her lips curved into just the tiniest smile and would quiver a little bit. She wasn’t one that was skilled in handling or flat out feeling emotions, and Hannah made her feel so much that it overwhelmed her sometimes.

But all good things must come to an end. 

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