i forget how funny i am sometimes

A Year Later

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 3.1k

Warnings: A little bit of kinky stuff, but nothing too extreme. Mostly just fluff.

Summary: You met Tom one day on the streets of New York City about a year ago. Now you travel with him almost anywhere he goes and he’s fallen for you.

A/N: I’ve been working on this for a bit. I just love Tom so much. By the way this imagine is written in both the reader’s and Tom’s perspective and it begins with the reader’s. I hope you enjoy. :)

      The sun was peaking off the edges of the rooftops as I walked the busy streets of Manhattan. I was enjoying my day, exploring the area and capturing the city life with my own eyes. It was a hard time getting around. The streets were all filled with jostling people. I was barely able to move around without bumping into someone.  Making my way to Madison Square Garden, someone had the audacity to bump into me holding their phone to their face. They were also laughing while filming, but then they turned around and started saying, “I’m so-.”

      I faced the person to tell them off. When I saw them, I froze. I recognized him immediately. Tom Holland was staring right at me and I had nothing to say. He just stared at me and didn’t say anything for a bit. But immediately snapped out of it.

Tom: *puts down phone* “Um- I am terribly sorry about that.”

You: *nervously says* “Right you don’t have to be sorry.“

Tom: “No I do. That was quite rude of me. What’s your name?”

You: *pretends to be chill* “It’s [y/n] and it’s cool dude. It’s aaaalll gooood.”

Tom: “You sure [y/n]?”

You: “Don’t worry about it, like I said it’s fine.” I couldn’t help to notice him biting his lower lip. 

Tom: “Well if you wouldn’t mind. I’d love to take you for a cup of tea. As an apology on my behalf.” I started laughing and he asked, “What?”

You: “I just think it’s kind of funny that an English man is asking me to go drink some tea with him. Very ironic.”

Tom: *laughs* “It’s what were good at.”

You: “Drinking tea?

Tom: “That and apparently bumping into people.”

You: *laughs* “So we’re still going for tea? Or are we going to stand here and wait for more people to bump into you?”

Tom: “I’ll take my chances and go have some tea.”

      And that is the day I met one of my closest friends.


      It had been a year since I’ve met [y/n]. But it was only yesterday that I admitted to Harrison that I had developed feelings for her. Since then he hadn’t stopped being up my ass about it. On our way back to the hotel from the gym, he just wouldn’t let it go.

Tom: “Why can’t you just leave it alone?”

Harrison: “Because mate I’ve never seen you so happy.”

Tom: *hesitates* “What are you talking about?”

Harrison: “Every time you talk about her, you’ve got this strange glow going on.”

Tom: “Oh no that’s just my new highlighter, I call it sweat.”

Harrison: *rolls eyes* “I’m serious. And don’t get me started when you’re with her.” I slanted my head and gave him a look of disbelief, “Please… I am always happy.”

Harrison: “When you’re around her, you can never stop looking at her. And I’ve seen the way you look at her. Just ask her out.” I thought about it and just gave him a confused look, “I have no idea what you’re taking about.”

Harrison: “You’re such a fucking liar.”

Tom: *snaps* “I am not.” Harrison grabbed my shoulder and forced me to look at him, “What are you afraid of?”

Tom: “I’m afraid of the outcome.”

Harrison: “Are yo–”

Tom: “No it’s because I like her so much, I don’t want to screw it up. I mean look at my life. It’s been crazy and things have changed so much. It just seems impossible to be dating anyone.”

Harrison: “Well lucky for you, she’s with you most of the time anyway. I don’t see the issue.”

Tom: “I don’t want to drag her into my life,” I made gestures to the people I’ve noticed taking out their phones and taking pictures of me, “this life.”

Harrison: *looks at him* “You brought her into your life the moment you posted that Instagram story a year ago. You know the one of you bumping into her. I remember it clearly. I saw the way you stopped talking and noticed her. You were so focused on her. Admit it, you thought she was pretty the moment you saw her.”

Tom: *shrugs shoulders* I won’t deny it.“

Harrison: "So what have you got to lose?”

Tom: *sarcastically* Oh I don’t know, our friendship, everything we’ve built together. But yeah I could see how that’s NOT important.“

Harrison: *rolls eyes* "People’s feelings change over time. It happens, but you either be a strong person and embrace them. Or stay safe and hide them. You just got to decide which one you are.”

     I stopped and started contemplating. Harrison kept walking as I stood there for a while. I took out my phone from my pocket and debated for what seemed like eternity. I took in a deep breath and whispered to myself, “I’m fucking Spider-Man.”


      I was watching reruns of some random show in my hotel room when I felt a buzz on my butt. I took out my phone and got a notification from Tom.

Tom: ‘hey are you busy later? :)’

You: ‘by busy you mean watching reruns all day? then yes i’m booked 😉’

Tom: ‘i just finished at the gym. walking back with haz. we should be there shortly’

You: 'Ok cool. are you planning to do anything else?’

Tom: 'well i’m actually going to take a shower because I probably smell like shit 💩’

You: 'really? because i always thought 21 year olds that come straight from the gym smell AM-AZ-ING. 😂’

Tom: 'i could literally hear the sarcasm 😒’

You: 'do what you must Holland ✌🏼’

Tom: 'actually i was wondering if you can come by to my room after i’m done. it won’t take long.’

You: 'yeah sure… Is everything ok?’

Tom: 'actually, I’ve never felt better darling ☺️’

You: 'native boy from southwest London you ok there? bc it seems to me you might be having a little stroke 🤔’

Tom: 'i call everyone darling don’t flatter yourself 😉’

You: 'haha wow you’re so funny. sometimes I forget how hilarious you are.’

Tom: 'STOP IT WITH THE SARCASM!?! anyway, I’ll be done in about half an hour. See you then?’

You: 'Sounds good to me… just make sure you actually take a shower.“

Tom: '😂😂😂’

      It didn’t take us long to get to the hotel. I told Harrison about the texts and finally going to go for it. He just smiled and told me that this was going to be good for me. Well I really hoped so. By the time we reached our rooms, Harrison gave me a comforting hug followed by squeezing of my shoulder. He nodded and went into his room. I walked into mine and headed for the shower. I took in deep breaths and told myself everything would be okay. 


      I knocked first to see if he was in his room. I heard him yell to come in. So I opened the door and saw him sitting on the bed.  He looked up and noticed me at the door before I had the chance to say hi. My heart raced a little when I noticed a smirk on his face. His hair was still wet from his shower. It was all tousled; his curls were peaking from his forehead and the sides of his head. He was wearing a white tank top and his famous grey sweatpants. The definition of his arms and chest were much more prominent and I couldn’t help but stare.

Tom: *smirking* "Hey, anything wrong?”

You: *stops checking him out* “Oh nothing, so what’s up? Is this another way for you to prank me? To get m–”

Tom: *playfully rolls eyes* “Calm down darling, I wanted you to come because I need to tell you something.” He moved a bit and padded the mattress to his left. I hesitated and knew he had somewhere to be.

You: “Don’t you have some press conference or something later today? Or did you forget already?”

Tom: *chuckles* “I actually don’t know.”

You: “Maybe you should check then?”

Tom: “I’ll ask Haz after, this is important.”

You: “Ok.”

      I made my way towards him and sat right beside him. It was hard not to stare at his chest or arms. They were so defined and glistened with the reflection of the sun rays passing through the window. He stared down and ran his fingers through his wet curls. He looked a bit nervous and I couldn’t help to still feel a bit intimidated around him. After everything we’ve been through, this boy still has this kind of effect on me. Stupid cute superhero boys.

Tom: *looks back at you* “I don’t know if you noticed but I’m a bit nervous.”

You: *lies* “What I couldn’t tell.”

Tom: *plays with his hands while looking at you* “It’s just, every time I’m with you I have such a good time and you’re such an amazing person. It’s been a while I felt this way about someone-”

You: *cheeks redden* “What are you talking about?”

Tom: *smiles nervously* “Well I think you’re a great person. You have made this whole experience easier. I  wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. You know you’re a great friend.”

You: “Now that’s an understatement, I’m pretty damn awesome. Even better than Haz.” *winks*

Tom: *chuckles* “Alright don’t push it .”

You: *chuckles* “You know I’m kidding. You’ve been such a kind person to me. I would have never thought we’d become so close in a span of a year.”

Tom: “Yeah me neither, and” *looks down* “I was just wondering if you’d-”

      He looked up and I didn’t let him finish his sentence. I leaned fast and kissed him. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to come out of my chest. It was fast; a small slow peck on his lips. He didn’t have time to react when I leaned back to see his expression. He looked taken back at first, but then his expression changed. He looked at me intensely and I saw his whole body language change. His shoulders relaxed but he didn’t stop staring at me.


      I loosened up and I could feel the heat rush to my ears. She looked so beautiful and I just wanted to take a moment to admire her. I saw a worried look pass her face but I leaned in so fast and kissed her back. The moment my lips touched hers, I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline. It was probably a mix of nerves as well. My mind went blank as she kissed me back softly with a smile. In that moment, I opened my eyes and took a good look at her. I was smiling so much my cheeks were starting to hurt. She proceeded on getting on the left side of the mattress. She laid on her right side and positioned her arm. She put her hand on the side of her head. I turned my head to face her.

Tom: *jokingly says* “You totally stole my thunder.”

You: “What are you going on about now Holland?”

Tom: “I had this speech in my mind all ready. It was perfect and you go ahead and kiss me.”

You: *grins* “Get used to it.” *laughs*

Tom: “What stealing my thunder?”

You: “How can I possibly do that? You’re not Thor.” Then I saw her take a pillow and throw it at me, “I was talking about the kissing.”

      I started laughing while throwing the pillow back at her. She got up from the bed and took another pillow. She threw it back and I nodded my head. I stood up and asked her, “You sure you want to do this?”

      She gave me this playful look and went up to me. I got up holding the pillow and we started hitting each other with them. The sound of her laughter warmed my heart. I took away her pillow and had a grin on my face. She looked at me confused as I threw both our pillows aside. Before she knew what was happening, I grabbed her from her legs and tossed her over my shoulder. She was hitting my back with her hands.

You: *giggling* “TOM PUT ME DOWN!” I chuckled as I brought her to the bed and threw her on it. 

Tom: “I might not be Thor but I’ve been told I’m a mean Spider-Man." 

      I got on the bed and pushed myself on top of her. I pinned her hands above her head. I positioned myself that my legs were outside hers. She blew off a strand of hair from her face. She looked at me and said, "I get it, you’re a lot stronger than me just let me go.”

 Tom: *chuckles* “Or what?”

 You: *determined* “I’ll make you.”

 Tom: “Now ho-”

      She leaned up and kissed me. This was different from when she first kissed me. It was more desperate, I felt her pushing herself against me. I let go of her hands and placed my right hand on her waist and the other just beside her shoulder. Then I was able to press my body against hers. I could feel her heart beat against my own. She teased me as she tentatively traced the bottom of my lips with her tongue. I lifted my head up so she didn’t have the chance to kiss me. I felt myself smirking when a look of disappointment crossed her face. I brought her wrists together above her head and held on to them tightly . She struggled under me and I wanted to pull back, to let her know we both could play the same game. Instead, I pressed my mouth against hers and started kissing her deeply. She kissed me back and felt her tongue slightly slip onto my lips and just a bit into my mouth. I let go of her wrists and lifted myself a bit off her. We stopped kissing and she looked at me for a long second. Then she proceeded in moving her hands and stopped as I felt them on my chest. She left one hand as she traced my chest and stomach with the other. She paused right at my trousers and hesitated for a bit. With a big grin on her face, she slipped her hand under my shirt, right beneath my trousers. The touch of her fingers so close against my skin made me shiver. 


      I teased him by putting my hand beneath his shirt right at the opening of his pants. A small groan escaped from his mouth and my whole body reacted. I grabbed the drawstrings from his pants and pulled him closer to feel his pelvis against mine. He didn’t fight it. He put the weight of it against mine when he sat up and removed his shirt. He threw it on the side before looking at me and grinning. He leaned down and kissed my forehead lightly, then went for my lips. He gave me a small peck before starting to kiss my jawline leaving a trail to my neck. Once he kissed my neck, I thrusted myself upward to feel him. With one hand he traced on body side, outlining all my curves. He stopped at my hip and gave it a nice squeeze. In that moment a small moan escaped my lips. We were so distracted that none of us paid attention to Harrison coming in.

Harrison: *looked shocked* “Oh shit, umm, is this a bad time?”

      Tom was the first to lift his head and look at Haz. He looked a bit flustered and agitated. He played it off smoothly though as he smiled to his best friend while getting off me, “Actually, you couldn’t have come at a better time." 

      I saw that Harrison relaxed a bit. Tom was off the bed now, picking up his shirt. I on the other hand was so mortified that I barely moved for a few seconds. It took me a bit to actually look Haz in the eyes. I definitely knew I was blushing, but I was glad that I wasn’t the only one. Finally taking a good look at Haz, he was just as red and kept looking down hoping he didn’t see too much. I laughed a bit nervously as I got off the bed. I went to Tom while he put back on his shirt. He looked at me and smiled. I returned the smile and started looking in Harrison’s direction.

 You: *smiles* "Well don’t just stand there, come in.”

Harrison: *smiles* “I see you’ve been keeping busy.”

You: “Oh this,” I pointed at Tom and I, “This is new.”

Harrison: “Well I’m glad you’ve decided to start seeing this dumbass.”

Tom: *small laugh* “You dick.”

You: *laughs* “I can’t imagine a better dick.”

      Tom looked at me with a subtle seductive stare. His jaw clenched as he had the smallest smirk on his face. It took me a few seconds to realize that he was thinking about what I said. I blushed and I knew there was a satisfying look crossing his face. Harrison then looked back at Tom and headed towards him.

Tom: “So what’s up?”

Harrison: “Oh yeah I came to let you know that you had a press conference tonight but it got canceled. So I thought why not explore the city? It’ll help me with my ideas for my script.”

Tom: “Yeah ok sounds fun. Just give me a few minutes to get ready. I’ll meet you down in the lobby.”

Harrison: “[Y/N] you’re welcomed to join.”

You: *smiles* “I’ll come.”

Harrison: “Meet you down stairs in 10.”

      He left and Tom came in front me of. He wrapped his arms wrap around my waist. I instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck. He gave me this optimistic look.

Tom: “Do you really want to go? We can stay here and finish what we started.” He winked at me while putting his hands on my hips and giving them a nice squeeze. As tempting as it was, I knew we had plenty of time to fool around. I grabbed his hands off my hips and held them in my own hands. I laced our fingers together and nodded.

You: “As much as I’d would love that. Haz is waiting for us and I kind of want to go and see what this city has to offer.”

Tom: “Alright fine.”

      He gave me a small peck on my lips and whispered in my ear, “We’ll finish this later.”

Title: An experiment gone right

Pairing: Phan                                                                  

Rating/Warning: NC-17; messy, hilarious, hot sex plus feels in every sense of the word                                                            

Word Count: 10,500                                                      

Summary: At a party, Phil suggests an experiment to test if he and Dan really are 100 percent platonic. What, after all, would happen if they kissed? 

A/N: Sequel “The Morning After" here 


“Phil!” Dan dragged the word into two syllables, calling into the expanses of their flat. He was in the process of shimmying into a pair of trousers, his newly straightened fringe threatening dishevelment from the exertion. It wasn’t like Dan was all that large  –  despite his severe allergy to the gym  –  but it seemed that suspiciously purchased foreign jeans always came two sizes smaller than marketed.  Dan let out a triumphant “Ha!” as he finally fastened the top button and pulled the zip. Then, he slumped back onto his comforter and took a deep breath.

“PHIL!” he shouted again, on the exhale, “Have you seen my shirt?”

“Can you be more specific!” Phil’s voice echoed in return.

“The black one! With the things!” 

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I was just typing up an email about what kind of work I do, and it occurred to me that I have never posted pictures of my Ridiculous Dragon Hat! This is a hideous oversight on my part that requires immediate correction.

-It’s completely handstitched from black straw braid.
-The horns are thick braids of knit (cut up tshirt, actually) with thick wire through the middle, and then wrapped in black spandex.
-The back is a bunch of braided scrap fabric sewn into an elaborate hairdo, and also beaded. My real hair is under it.
- All the jewelry bits on it came from The Treasure Mart, an absolutely bizarre antique consignment shop in Ann Arbor. It defies description, but if you are in the area, GO. You will not regret it.
-The red glow bracelet was put on there at the very first event that I ever wore this hat to, Chaos in the Red Room’s Funeral for 2015. Totally fun goth club night in Kalamazoo. The DJ will actually be DJing my wedding. I’m so freaking excited.
-Originally, it didn’t have any combs inside, because when I made it, I was just starting to grow out a buzz cut. Now it has two (one at the front, one just under the fancy purple braids. Hilariously, some tourist in Midwestern Mom clothes came up to me at the Ren Faire, yanked one of the horns, and shouted to her husband how cool it was. I shouted something like OW OW OW IT’S PINNED TO MY HEAD PLEASE STOP PULLING IT YOU ARE YANKING MY HAIR OUT. I think sometimes the Mundanes get so excited that they forget to be polite. Whoopsie.

-Yes, almost everyone asks me if I am Maleficent. Well…kind of. That WAS the inspiration. These days, I like to combine it with more dark mori fashions, for that retired evil sorceress look. Gothic Charm School (HI JILLI!) occasionally likes to joke that these fashions might result in her looking like a walking pile of laundry. I find this funny, because I am a slob, my clothes live in piles on the floor, and all my favorite dresses/skirts go really well all layered on top of each other. I am literally a walking pile of laundry. Not just in this outfit. All the time.

(Insert tiny reminder that I do this professionally and I take commissions. cough cough.)

Sometimes I forget that I was an asshole one day and named my google account Arsene Lupin but it’s come back to bite me so many times with teachers and friends emailing me like “hello? Do I have the right person?” Yes, I’m not actually a fictional sarcastic French thief, famous for challenging Sherlock Holmes, I am just a lowly detective nerd who doesn’t know how to change account names.


Lucy Hale & Ian Harding | Lucian in 2015.

 “I’ll never forget the first time I met this guy and how he has made my life so much more interesting for the past 6 years. He truly is a ball of energy with a beautiful heart to match. Ian, I adore ya my friend. Thanks for (literally) dancing & singing at 5am call times and sometimes making me want to punch you, but at the end of the day I am so grateful for your infectious attitude. Happy birthday buddy! @ianmharding”. Lucy via Instagram.

“It’s fun! It’s become pretty commonplace. It’s funny because we will be talking about something completely unromantic right beforehand. I’ll be saying something like, ‘Yea! And then my car, I, uh, like, ran over a squirrel.’ [She’d be all], ‘OMG! What’s that like? Were you sad?’ And I’d be like, ‘Yea, errrr, um.’    Ian Harding about kissing Lucy Hale.

“They are very playful w each other. Always teasing,” Marlene King.

sometimes i forget how much i love and admire jack barakat but then he’ll say something or do something or there’ll be a gif of him being funny and it all just comes flooding back how hilarious and caring and happy he is and he is just a smol ray of sunshine ready to break through the clouds when needed and i am so glad for that

“Primer” (Hyungwon Fluff)

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Title: Primer

Featuring: Hyungwon (monsta x) x Reader

POV: First person

Rating: PG

Summary: As Hyungwon’s make-up artist, getting to be close to him every day is good enough, until he has other plans.

Requested by anon!

When I finished school, I imagined quite the future for myself. My sights were set on theater, elaborate stage make-up and prosthetics every night, getting to channel my crazy inner-visions to the face of an actor.  It would be the dream.

That’s not quite what happened.

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anonymous asked:

I feel like today's quote was almost written for you. I could be completely wrong, it's just kinda the impression I've gotten. Quote of the day: "don't forget to love yourself when you love 'them'." You're always so kind and loving towards others, I just wish you would be just as (if not more) kind and loving towards yourself too. I sometimes feel like you don't think as highly of yourself as you do others, but you should because you're spectacular babe! Love 'them', but also love yourself!

It’s crazy to me how well you actually know who I am as a person because this quote is spot on. It’s rather funny because you don’t know me personally and I don’t know you either but somehow you pick up on bits and pieces of who I am and I find that very incredible. Also this is such an important message. Sometimes, we try so hard for other but we hardly try for ourselves. We love each other with every inch of our heart but we always forget to love ourselves too. It should be a constant reminder for all of us that we’re doing our best and we should be proud and love ourselves because we’re just as amazing as the people we admire. You’re the best, hugs!


**aquarius sun, Virgo moon** ***in order from which I get along with the most then least***


you’re great. you’re always there for me, you let me in, you don’t make me feel small. Your sarcasm gets me all the time, and you even said it, you’d kill someone for me. I love the way you express concern over something important and agree with things that I see as important, too. In a debate, you’re just great with feelings, you don’t get hurt easily even though you know how abrasive I can be. You understand my need for solitariness, and you don’t question it, either. You try to stay strong when I’m not and I admire you a lot for that. The only thing I want you to know that is that when I’m on my low days, you’re NOT the reason. You can’t calm me when I’m in a storm, and you can’t pin me down when I’m spinning. It’s not your fault. Never was, never will be. You’re not to blame for.


you’re amazing at letting me be. You give me time to think, you help me with things, you’re the one that lessens my stress; and that’s saying a lot. You try to keep everyone happy but sometimes you can burden yourself on that. Like Scorpio, you let me in and trust me with things that would kill you if it was spoken to another. The things I’ve heard from you triggered the feelings of wonder and awe and shock, because your words son d like poetry. You try to stay above, but not without helping everyone around you get on your level, too. You know how selfish I can be, and you understand my random act of selflessness. You understand my low tide, and you also know when it’s time to let me be and think. I know that you won’t let me go when I’m drowning.


you’re talkative and intelligent, and you’re certainly a people person. I’ve seen you talk to people of authority with ease, and little kids with the voice of someone approachable. You’re so funny and so sarcastic and punny that sometimes I forget where I am. You’re there for me all the time, and even when it’s 5 am and I text you “I wanna talk” you take less than a minute to reply and say “I’m here.” You get it when I give you my boundaries and all the cussing I do. You joke it off when I insult you by accident. You’re the one I can go to when I need someone to talk to, or to explain my story to. After all, you always listen.


getting in a debate with you is hilarious and heated at once. You have the facts, you have the opinions, you’ve got the skills. I admire you for speaking your thoughts, and good god I love your brutal honesty. I could care less when you say my hair looks horrible, instead of saying it looks great when it clearly doesn’t. You’re the one that doesn’t do the gooey shit, and you don’t collapse on me unexpectedly and expect me to express concern. You understand the coldness I possess and all the detachment I’ve done to you and the others. You don’t judge me. You tell me things I can see, and you get to things straight to the point. I’m glad that you’re my friend.


we’ve always seen eye to eye. You like to laugh, and I like to make you laugh, and vice versa. You’re so witty, I don’t know where those words came from. You’re selfless, and you’re so polite, I can’t do anything but be covered in awe. You’re also a bit loud, and I like that, too. You’re always smiling, always including everyone in everything.


we’re opposites, I know; but that doesn’t stop us from talking to each other. You’re exuberant and you stand out, but your ego shows up a lot more (;)), not that I mind. You’re funny and sweet, and at times you can be ruthless and reckless. But that’s one of our traits, so I’m basically looking at a reflection of myself when I’m with you. We may not ALWAYS see eye to eye, but we know what we’re trying to say and we always have a fair game.


you’re cool to hang out with, but sometimes you can be a bit too held back. I need you to actually understand, but sometimes you just ignore all the oblivious facts and it gets me annoyed, and at other times you get so hyper it gets me excited because that’s the actual time I feel like I’m actually allowed to talk without feeling judged, and the excitement seems to be contagious around you. Maybe we can be close friends, but please, please know that you’re not the only one that feels like everyone’s out to get you.


we can talk forever. We know when to stop. We know when to keep going. But we don’t know when to stay or go. We detach ourselves too much from each other and everyone else, that it’s turned into a habit. One time I’m talking to you, and then when I turn around, you’re gone. Or you’re talking to me, and then I leave. But it’s okay. We know how we do it, we know why. We’re just jigsaws to each other, but we don’t really care how we fix it, we just want it done.


I love your intelligence and charismatic self. You’re easy to talk to, and you’re chill asf. I know that you want to know everything about me, but it’s a bit difficult to tell you anything. I know you don’t want to pry either, but sometimes you do it without knowing. Other than that, you’re just someone that I can go to if I want to talk to or catch up on something.


yes, I do get along with you. But sometimes I don’t. Most of the time I do, though. Like Libra, sometimes you want to know everything. But I like your cool exterior and the conversations we have. You keep everything so simple, and you don’t get into things I’m uncomfortable with. You know how systematic I am and how we’re very similar. You a,ways work hard and always try to get things done, and if that isn’t cool, i don’t know what is. I love the way you work with things and i love watching how your patience grows.


we’ve had a bad past. I don’t care about you anymore. I don’t like you anymore. Just you. But the other Virgos are the ones I love. Some of them can be a bit annoying, but I still like them. Virgo, I love your plans. I love the way you never stop trying to find a solution, try to keep peace. But Virgo, please stop nagging. Please stop yelling. I know you’re trying to stop, but please. We’re here for you. We will help you. We’re always here.


it’s not that I don’t get along with you, it’s just that I don’t know what to say around you, and that’s also saying a lot. You’re so emotional, so open, so touchy that I don’t know what to do. You got hurt, and you told me. I rub your shoulder really lightly and say “you ok?” And you just look at me all crazy. What am I supposed to do? You don’t get it when i say “what should I do when I’m faced with emotions?” It’s not a joke. Cancer, I love your warmth and your devotion, but I don’t understand how you cope with everyone’s feelings. I learn how to take care of people with you, and I learn how to tolerate people with you. I just can’t understand them when they’re crying or pushing me away. I don’t understand it. But you do. And that’s why you’re so sweet and appreciated.


Request by sherlolly-is-jolly : Jim realizing that he loves Molly. (I know it is a bit different but I hope you like it~) 

There she was. Long brown hair, rosy cheeks and a cute little nose. She hadn’t changed at all, but it was good that she hadn’t. The screen was flickering in front of Jim as he watched her in the security office. Jim from IT was back.

 It was easy to get into the security section. His eyes went over all of the screens in front of him but only one of them caught his attention. The morgue. It was his favorite screen. A screen he could barely take his eyes off of. 

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Stiles Stilinski-Take care of her (crossover)

Request:“I was gonna ask for a crossover imagen, teen wolf and the vampire diaries where stiles is your boyfriend but Damon and Stefan have been like you’re brother, very protective of you, for a looong time, longer than you beacon hills and the brothers come to visit and Damon always  gets always on stiles’ last nerve bc he thinks it’s fun whereas Stefan is like “omg stop” but when something happens they do anything to protect you. If you don’t to tvd and just replace it:)”

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You have never expected to fall in love with a human.You learned from your brothers’ experience with Elena that it never ends good.Your brothers were both very protective and both vampires.In fact, they weren’t your real brothers.They were the ones who found you, a new transformed vampire lost in the eternity, and decided to take care of you.

You three were inseparable, until one day. You wanted to go in some city, named Beacon Hills, without any reason.You just felt that you have to do something there.They weren’t really happy for your decision but they respected it.When you arrived in the city the first person you met was a boy named Stiles. Let’s just say that you got intp a fight with another vampire in the city and police came and took you to the station. There you met this boy and you finally understood why you came here. He was the one you were looking for all these long years.

You soon found out that Beacon Hills was full of supernatural creatures: werewolves, kitsunes, werecoyotes, banshees, hunters, anything you want. Despite your differences, you and Stiles became a couple. It wasn’t a perfect love story but it was your story. Stiles accepted your past. He never judged your choices and never asked you to be someone else.

Of course you had to tell your brothers about this little romance.One night you called them.

“Hi, guys! It’s me. How are you?”

“We are great. Stefan just made the whole city believe that we are vampires so we might have to leave.” Damon said.

“Shut up. It was your fault.” Stefan said.

“Anyway, I have really good news. Are you ready to hear them? Maybe you should sit down.” you told them.

“You are not pregnant, are you?” Stefan said laughing.

“Sometimes I think you forget I am a vampire.” you said.

“Sometimes you forget you are our little sis’ and we love to tease you.” Damon said.

“Very funny, Damon. But seriously now.I have a boyfriend” you said.

“What?!” they both said.

“You heard. I have a happy and healthy relationship with a human.” you said

“Ok Stefan, pack everything we are going to meet our soon to be brother-in-law” Damon said.

“Damon, please…I really love him. Don’t do something stupid.” you whined.

“Me? Stupid? Never. Se you soon.” he said and hung up.


The next morning you were standing on the couch with Stiles, watching a movie when you heard a knock on your door.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Stiles asked.

“Trust me, if I could avoid them, I would.” you told him.

You got up and opened the door to let Damon and Stefan get in.

“Pretty house, kid. Who did you compell to let you stay here?” Damon said.

“Actually, is mine. I know you don’t believe but I had had some money and I bought this beautiful house.” you said.

“That’s amaz….”Stefan tried to say but he was cut off by his brother.

“Enough with small talk. Where is prince charming?” Damon said going to living room.

“Damon, please.” Stefan said following his brother. You ran after them.

“Ummm, Stiles they are my brothers,Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Guys he is Stiles, my boyfriend.” you said.

“Hi Stiles, nice to meet you.” Damon said and for a second you thought that it could actually go well, but then he said. “So you are with my sister, that’s nice. You know what I’m going to do to you if you broke her heart? I bet you don’t. I will use every method of torture that I have learned in my 174 years on you. And trust me , there are a lot.” he said still smiling. Stiles gulped.”Ok… I don’t think it would be necessary. I’m really in love with your sister.”

“Good. Because..”

“Damon, leave the boy alone.” Stefan said.”I’m sorry for my brother. What we want to say is that we invite you to a lunch and start to know each other. What do you say?”

“As long as Y/N comes too and stops him from killing me, sure” Stiles said.

“Good.Then it’s planned.We’ll see you in a few hours then. Let’s meet at a restaurant. It will be neutral ground.” Stefan said.


You and Stiles entered the restaurant and looked for the two vampires.

“I’m scared.” Stiles said.

“You don’t have. They are just really protective. And remember, they can fell fear.” you said, looking around.

You finally found them.You could see Damon’ s smirk when he noticed you.

“There is the happy couple.” Damon said.

“Hi guys.” you said.

“Hi.” they said.

“I think we should order the food because we can’t stay much.” you said.

“Why? The boy has a curfew?” Damon said.

Stiles rolled his eyes and wanted to say something but you stopped him before this situation would become worse.

“No. We have to study. “ you said

“Yeah, I got it. He is afraid so he wants to leave this place as soon as he can. I understand, sweetheart.” Damon said and winked at Stiles.

“No. I’m actually enjoying this.  I never had the opportunity to talk to a vampire.So tell me old man, what you and your old friends do, huh?” Stiles said.

“I may be 174 old but I still look better than you, kid.” Damon said.

“174? Really? I wouldn’t gave you a day past 300. I guess some vampires look older than others. I’m sorry for you.” Stiles said. You hit his foot under the table, like Stefan did with his brother when all these little sarcastics comments started.

“I will be sorry for you after this lunch. You should know that is not good to annoy a vampire, and right now I’m pretty annoyed.

“Damon…stop.” Stefan said.

“Enough. I don’t want to see you fighting. Why can’t you accept that I have found someone who loves me for who I am” you yelled at Damon. You got up and went straight to the door.Stiles wanted to do the same but Stefan said.

“Please Stiles, stay.Forgive my brother. I want to talk to you.” Stiles did as he was said and sit back down on the chair. “I’m sure you love Y/N. I saw how you look at her when she doesn’t notice. I can hear your heart beats when you are around her. I’m really happy that she finally met someone who cares for her. But understand that we have took care of her long before you were even borned. I don’t say that Damon’s behavior is alright because it’s not, but we just love her very much and we want to be sure that she is safe and happy.”

“I know. I’m sorry Damon, for all those comments.” Stiles said.

“Yeah, I think I’m sorry too for saying that I will torture you. I will find other methodes to punish you if you break her heart. Or maybe she will find. She is one of the strongest vampires so you should be the one who needs protection.” Damon said.

“I will be careful with her and I will make her happy. It’s a promise.” Stiles said.

“Fine. Everything is ok, so we should go back to Mystic Falls or other city since Damon revealed our identity.” Stefan said looking at his brother.

“What?! It was you! “ he said.

You were standing near the front door listening everything. You had a big smile when you saw your boyfriend and brothers getting out without any wound or bite.

“I guess your visit here ended.” you said while hugging Stefan and Damon. “I’m going to miss you,boys.”

“Don’t be sad. Maybe we’ll buy a house here. We could go out in week-ends and spent time as a family. I could teach Stiles some vampire’s things.But until then take care of her.” Damon said and patted Stiles on the shoulder.

“We’ll take care of each other.” you said, smiling and waving to the 2 vampires who got in their car and drove to another town, happy that their little sister found true love and happiness.

I’m not who I used to be. And I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever get her back.
Because along the way, everything I thought was real came crashing down around me. Now I’m left with no sense of identity.

I’d be lying to say I haven’t noticed the change. But it took me months to realize how I’m colder. The very ice I tried to keep from overcoming me has laced itself in my veins. And I’m not sure I have enough warmth left to melt it, I hope the bitterness enjoys its’ stay.

And I’m sad. Tragically. Devastatingly sad. There is an empty space in my chest and no matter what seeds I plant, nothing seems to grow. Has the soil rotten? Has this decrepit night fallen, destroying every chance I’ve gotten.

Sometimes I forget though. And for a single moment my mind is clear and I can breathe again. But then all air is sucked out of my lungs, reality a black hole of endless turmoil. It’s funny how our demons are the ones that stay loyal.

I fear that I am losing my voice. Every word I want to scream ends up stuck in the back of my throat. And I fear that I’ve forgotten how to be loud and brave, what if I soon resort to my old ways.The silence is killing me, but it’s all I have these days

—  I’m running out of options

This is my adorable little sister and today (May 31st) is her 13th birthday.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that today she is officially a teenager. A lot of times I forget that she’s still a kid. I mean, she acts more mature than me sometimes. And a lot of times I forget how lucky I am to have such an amazing relationship with her. 

Since the day my mom brought this amazing little kid home up until this very moment, it’s been me and her. No matter where we’ve been, what we’ve been going through, or whoever else was around it’s always been the two of us. Not only is she my little sister, she’s easily my best friend.

She’s such an amazing person. She’s super smart and incredibly funny. And as adorable as she is and as sweet as she looks, she’s also one of the toughest people I know. If you make her mad you might as well be ready to take some sort of beat down, haha.

But in all seriousness, I love this kid more than anything in the world and I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it. So to my wonderful, hilarious, and amazing little sister; happy birthday from your big brother, Andrew. <3

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