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Thoughts on star trek discovery episode 6

  • Tilly calling Michael her mentor was too cute. Michael is such a good mentor too, she is trying so hard to make sure Tilly becomes a Captain.
  • I wasn’t expecting the Michael/Ash thing but I’m not completely against it, I’m just worried that there might be some future conflict considering his loyalty to Captain Lorca.
  • Speaking of Lorca, once again I waver between not totally hating him, and then he does some shitty manipulative thing, and I remember why I dislike him so much. 
  • Stamets is one hundred percent mirror Stamets. It’s not just that he’s so easy going and using weird lingo, he speaks with a different inflection, and he just seems to hold himself differently. 
  • We finally got to see Amanda and it was amazing! I love her, and she’s such a good mother. I need to see more of her. 
  • Sarek, however, is not a good dad, but I’m still fond of him, and I really enjoyed seeing more of Michael’s relationship with him.
  • Logic Extremists is one of my favorite phrases ever.
  • Next weeks episode looks awesome, and I am so excited for it. Also, it looks like there will be more Stamets on there which I am so for, because he is the best and I love him. I mean I love all of the main characters besides Lorca, but I do have to admit that Stamets is probably my favorite. He’s just so grumpy and sarcastic. 
  • So, I guess they’re just never going to address the fact that Michael released the tardigrade into outer space. I expected some reaction from Lorca about it, but it’s just…not mentioned at all. 

Lance gets into the habit of talking about his feelings with the people he meets during missions, so there’s just this group of people scattered all across the universe who don’t know each other but are connected by the fact that they all occasionally take a minute out of their day to wonder how that chatty blue kid’s doing


So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario 


“i’ll show you how genuinely cute i can be”
(pay attention to everyone’s reactions)


“Everything I’ve done in my life, possibly the best thing was turning Oswald Cobblepot into… the Penguin.”


EPISODE 101: Thar Amphala

“Do you think you’ll see Percy any time soon?”
“I think I might.”
“When you do, can you give him this little gem for his flashlight?”


J: You mean the absolute world to me and I hope you never, ever forget that.


“You could slowly start to resume normal physical activity.”

“Hey.  Hey, Danny.  You awake?”

Head nestled into his pillow, Danny is much too snoozy and satisfied to answer.  He’s just drifting off when familiar hands land on his back, fingers poking in a quest for attention.  With a grunt, he gives in and blinks his eyes open.  “What, babe?  What, what?”

Steve looks delicious, all rumpled, his hair a mess and a goofy smile on his face.  “I’m really grateful that you asked.”


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.16

How many people are gonna point guns at me today?