i followed you when i rped


It’s been such a great journey so far guys! It’s really great, I remember back when I only rped with only a couple select people and was too nervous to talk to others. But now I’ve met quite a few of you and you’re all really great and I thank you all for supporting me. :)

I’ve met so many kind people that inspire me and are all great. Remember if I don’t tag you, and even if we haven’t yet talked or interacted then don’t worry, I love all of you guys! 

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I had to edit this because my last one was made for the 550 and I never posted it. 

Originally I was going to offer a giveaway with my follower forever but I’m going to save that for after graduation and make it a Christmas thing. So instead I’ll offer something small that will be discussed with the winner. To enter reblog or like and I’ll use a number generator to pick. Also please know that if you’re not on this that does not mean I don’t want to talk to you, or RP with you. Even looking through followers and following, there’s so many of you that I haven’t spoken to but I would LOVE to. So feel free to jump right in and send me asks. 

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Hello, I don’t know where to start but, just thank you I guess??? I never thought I’d get to 100+, I’ve only had this blog for a couple of months or so now? Not my first time having an RP blog but the first time I made one & actually used it for more then a week, & honestly couldn’t have wished for anymore of a welcoming experiences. I’m glad my muse for Noct as well as my love lasted this long to even see me getting this many follows!! He is my tired son & is so fun & easy to write & I am happy that so many of you enjoy my portrayal. I didn’t think I would be noticed that much to be honest ‘cause of how many other Noctis’ there are. They are all just as amazing & great to be honest!!

Onto the people!! Of course gonna but under a read more ‘cause I have a few things I wanna say & might ramble on. But here we go~!!

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Answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. Don’t reblog.

WHAT’S YOUR OTP FOR YOUR MUSE?: I’ve only rped romance with two characters, a friend’s Khan, @intodxrkness, and another friend’s OC, @whydotheykeeptakingmine

WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO RP WHEN IT COMES TO SHIPPING?: I don’t rp smut, but anything up to that is fine. i even rp abusive relationships, though I want us to talk about it first and it not just being thrown at me.

HOW LARGE DOES THE AGE GAP HAVE TO BE TO MAKE IT UNCOMFORTABLE?: I think Nat is like me, when it gets double numbers in age gap, it might become a bit uncomfortable.

ARE YOU SELECTIVE WHEN SHIPPING?: Yes, it’s all about chemistry, though I am open for one sided stuff, since he has had a few women falling for him and he’s gay.

HOW FAR DO STEAMY MOMENTS HAVE TO GO BEFORE THEY’RE CONSIDERED NSFW?: When it passes kisses and hugs, I usually tag it as nsfw, just to be safe. Yes, I do rp a little bit further than that, but I won’t do masturbation or sex scenes.

WHO ARE OTHER MUSES YOU SHIP YOUR MUSE WITH?: See first question. Though, I can see Nat falling for both @wyldlittledog and @fvckthegods, both having that inner fire he finds very attractive (and with Nasir he wouldn’t be the short one for fucking once).

DOES ONE HAVE TO ASK TO SHIP WITH YOU?: Yes, as mentioned, I base it on chemistry, but often I’m the one asking because I’ve felt chemistry between our chars. Like with Khan, it was not supposed to happen, but it did. Nat acted on own accords.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU LIKE TO SHIP?: When the chemistry exists.


ARE YOU SHIP OBSESSED OR SHIP MORE-OR-LESS?: Once I have a smoothly going ship, I tend to be a bit obsessed with it (with all my muses, see Mahdi/Duro on my Duro rp blog @provemyselfalone )

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SHIP IN YOUR CURRENT FANDOM?: Since Nat belongs to many fandoms, I can’t really answer it, but my fav from the fandosm I do rp with him is Nagron.

FINALLY, HOW DOES ONE SHIP WITH YOU?: How? Well, if the chemistry exists, it usually comes naturally. Nat in love tends to be very touchy, he’s a sappy romantic dude.

TAGGED BY: @professortora
TAGGING: @wyldlittledog, @fvckthegods, @witchesandwarriors, @whydotheykeeptakingmine, @astrohistoria, @thewonderingsorceress + anyone who wants to do this.

Are all of you lost? Kidding, but thank all of you for putting up with me and Clarke. This blog would be nothing without all of my amazing partners, so thank you to them for sticking with me. You guys all make playing Clarke such a joy. I am so sorry for anyone I may have forgotten, but I love all of you!

The Baes:

These are people I rp with and talk to often, and I love so much.

@hxdaleksakomtrigedakru: You were my first real partner on this blog, I love getting online and seeing you on my dash and knowing we have a million threads that are all such a joy to work on. You are such a doll, and thank you for putting up with me and Clarke in your ask all the time. 

@kingofthe100/ @regretandsass- You follow all of my blogs and I follow you on all of yours. We have been rping just as long as I have been rping on Tumblr and I adore you and all of your muses. 

@misfithercs/ @thenativesofneverland/ @thebrokenragdoll  ALICE, I love you bae, you follow me everywhere, and I can not thank you enough for following me on all of my blogs. You are so sweet, your muses are hella amazing and I just love you. 

@upyriism- I never thought  I would ship Issac and Clarke as much as I do, but I love all of your replies and I love this weird ship we have going. Like I have said before, thank you for putting up with me and Clarke. 

@mattbaleman- What can I say, Clarke loves her sociopath baby daddy and I love the mun, they are so, so sweet. I have missed them while they have been away, but I always look forward to their replies. 

@themonstersofmurphy- What can I say, you have given me an emotionally painful and so adorable Clarphy and I love it. You are an amazing writer, both on Murphy and your own Clarke, and I adore seeing you on my dash. 

@azgeda-kwin-nia- Well, we have one of my most favorite threads in our wolf verse, you are an amazing writer and just a joy to plot with and talk to. I feel like I can come to you with any plot and within a week we’ll have it added into the plot or we’ll have a new one in the works. Keep being you because you are amazing. 

@sherunsfaster- we don’t rp on here, but I love you and Leah and just think the world of you. I was so happy when you came back to Tumblr, all of my muses missed you.

@heroicbeliever- Same with you, you are so sweet and I love rping with you no matter the blog. You are always so sweet and I have just missed you so much. 

@darkestsavior- We haven’t rped much on here, but you are another of my bbs who has followed me from the get go on all of my blogs and you are a flawless Emma and human. 

@ofloyalists- I rp with you on another blog and you gave me Jasper/Clarke, I love them as a couple so much and I love all of your muses. Keep being sweet and flawless bb.

@piigeon- Amazing blog, mun and muse, they are flawless and I can not wait for them to come back. 

People I have just started talking to and love.

@icethrones, @wildmoored, @warbuilt, @warriorhedalexa, @outsiidxr, @bravexrebel, @brcveclark, @imnobodysson, @wolfytriad, @thesinfulx100/ @thesinful-lot, @manoutoftimc, @suchabastarder, @sunshiinedd, @songecruel, @sxpxrnxva,

People I stalk from afar. 

@weaknessisdeath, @raveniisms @icewrought, @abusedbeta, @killedtwo, @amaninyellow, @herownxdestruction, @hisangelrosalie, @rxeken, @downfallenxeminence, @nxtmyfxther, @notsoheavynly, @wclfeyes, @portectorisms, @piscesxii, @antisocialisms, @vladdraculatepes, @tumultuxus, @imperrator, @musthaveblood, @peopleneedtxknow, @the-tophat, @engliishbulldog, @aneckperson, @yourisolation, @vitiosuscorda, @putyourbabyfangsaway, @theweightofxfivefeathers, @bravetctry, @thexrealmtravelers, @l-o-n-g-live-the-king, @xwearethekidsthatyounevercankill, @miilitant, @hiddxngirl, @borrowedparts, @consvltant, @bigbadwolfofstorybrooke, @exmachiina, @maladjxsted, @likeputtingwingsonlead, @trucxnagual, @swanemmasavior, @weburythem, @bcllamyblaake, @loosecannxn, @filiusaugustus, @skaissecond, @hopeisxverything, @cxntrxctkiiiler, @confiidant, @frctello, @raisedbetter, @0kteivia, @emmreth, @emmettmccarts, @ofunderworld, @oflegendaries


its 4:30 am on a sunday when im doing this so im gonna queue this shit a bunch lmao

i remade but don’t unfollow this blog. this is gonna be my postlimit blog (and i pass postlimit a lot) so stay around i guess!

my new blog is 011011010110111101100101 (it’s moe in binary, have fun remember my url lmao)

so yeah, im gonna be active there form now on so go and follow!!

i also have a rp blog that ive never seriously rped on so if u wanna follow that go ahead  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

also if you dont wanna see this post a bunch block the post or block my queue tag which is “jolyne quejo”


Maddy's 420-follower FOLLOW FOREVER !!! 

     sO I’M FINALLY DOING AN FF BECAUSE I CAN. LAUGHS MANIACALLY. also 420 followers fu ckin bLA ZE IT. Since I had an immature laugh at that number I am ff-ing because… because I can. [ “I DO WHAT I WANT, THOR” VOICE ] 

     So. This is the first time I’ve done an ff and to be honest I don’t really know what to say to you all, ‘cause my talking-to-people skills are about as good as my photoshop skills. Catch me in-character and I’m a suave charming ginger motherfucker, catch me out-of-character and BAM, awkwardnessx83743819204738. Sigh. But that’s enough about m–

                    –Okay, if you’ve been following me for a while and actually thought I was going to stop talking about my perfect ginger self that fast, you haven’t been paying attention. [ imperiously adjusts crown ] 

     aLRIGHT I PROMISE I LOVE YOU GUYS and this is for you not me after all, but you see I kinda have a story I want to tell first. It’s about a girl who had rather little success with indies. First came an old blog a long long time ago, made on impulse before she could really even write well, and of course, that blog didn’t give her a good experience. Then, years later (literally), a friend (lookin @ u miche) convinced her to try making an indie again. So she tried making a Foxface, but her muse disappeared. She made a Loki, and she kind of left it, but she swore she’d go back– it’s just that playing such an extremely popular character made her nervous and stressed. And then, one day, she went through the 'favorite’ tag on her personal blog, and found a fire!Hans video she’d put there. And an idea came to mind– why not try out the ginger douche? She had muse for the ambitious lil shit, so she might as well get over her nerves and give it a try. She didn’t know what she expected. 

          It certainly wasn’t painful Panic! At the Disco inspired plots or a Hans Harem or role reversals that rip your heart out or jokes about Hans becoming mayor of Night Vale or dark!Anna group verses that have barely started but are already making you sob. 

               But goddamn is she glad that’s what happened, because the people she met are some dynamite gals (and guys) and she’s really glad she talked to them. 

                    And if you haven’t figured out our hypothetical girl is me, you really haven’t been listening. 


precious lovelies (in no particular order): 

thehumanxmonster – this is kenna. kenna is my girlfriend. i don’t think this needs much more of an explanation tbh you can just tell from that how fab i think she is. anyway. she’s the sherlock to my james and the steve to my bucky and man kenna i l y. (also. dude. i don’t think we’ve rped much with bruce 'n hans, though. bruce and hydra!hansy need more interaction. for reasons. we must fix this problem) 

redledgerx – miche you’re the one who got me back into indies and i lovehate you for it. it’s made my life so much better but at the same time it has rUINED ME YOU LIL SHIT. but you know i love you anyway. and you’re actual tasha romanoff i’m pretty sure so i mean if i didn’t love you you’d probably like hunt me down and kill me. so. anYWAY I AM SO GLAD WE HAVE BEEN FRIENDS man i am so glad kenna found more on that chatzy because w o w what would my life be w/out you guys. ily2 bae

banishedking – you little ginger prince you. i am so glad i didn’t freak out and go “oh god, another hans, i won’t follow them i’ll be self-conscious” because the decision to follow you was the best worst one i’ve ever made. best because ily, worst because goddamn hanses what are they doing they’re ruining our lives. i still can’t believe you wrote me that marina drabble okay i read it a lot and cry. you gave me marina-inspired hans emotions and tbh that has made me your friend for life, you’re never getting rid of me meHEHEHEHEHEHEH. but anyway ily [ contented ginger noises ] 

primxvera – H E L L A. C H I L L. u r hella chill renata. it’s tru don’t doubt me. anyway you listened to me yell at you that one time when i had that hansanna dream that didn’t make sense but wAS CUTE and putting up with that must have taken like 743819473/10 patience so i applaud you. anyway the fact that our friendship started with panic! at the disco and crying over she had the world is the most perfect thing cries sobs panic! will make me cry forever now because of you and your anna o kay. i don’t even know our friendship is mostly panic! and hella and crying over that one thread and that’s the best kind of friendship there is. 

ofsophistication // duodenary – LIZZZYYYYY. gonna go with @-mentioning anna and alex here because they’re the blogs you seem to be on most rn ahah. I could probably have done entropy but you know, i’m lazy so. can i just say that i’m so glad you wanted to plot with mischief because if you hadn’t we might not have started talking and i aM SO GLAD WE DID. because you are fantastic and gr8 and amazing and meheheheheh i am so happy i got you to make dark!anna because dark hanna is the b e s t. but you know i’ll probably make like 50 more blogs because of u so it all evens out. this summer will be fab. f a b. 

wintermonarch // xpoppins – gISE. ohmygod you are fantastic okay. because you were one of the first people to talk to me on hans okay? like i think you followed me on loki and when i made hans you were like “hELLO FRIEND” and we started making plots w/ hans and elsa and lOTS OF HELSA PAIN [ sobbing in distance ] and i’m just so happy that you approached me and took a chance on my hans because wow you are fantastic and we need to do all of the things. all of them. and you’re a perf elsa and a perf mary poppins like wow amazing how do you do?? i think it is sorcery. must be sorcery

fetchinglyfeisty – tEAAAAAAAA. you are the best okay. and you put up with my appearances and disappearances which makes you great? and you make me laugh and also cry because of our role reversal au which stabs my heart out. and hans’s. c: anyWAY you are the best for putting up with me and you were also one of those first few people to approach my hans? and tbh you’re just really sweet and ily okay. we need to talk more !!!

lucemxsanctus – yoU AND YOUR ZELDA ARE PERF OKAY. and you’re way too nice to me all the time? like you’re so sweet omg and i love talking to you 'cause it brightens up my day. and we really need to talk more because you’re pretty great! and we need to do that masquerade thread. i shall try to get a starter out for it by this weekend, okay?! because i need it in my life. sob s. 

icesalis – oh my god so you were one of those first people to approach my hans too and let me tell you, when you followed me back i was all “wHOA she’s one of those super quality elsas [ screams, hides ]” and then you messaged me I think and we started talking and now we’ve got that super-painful plot and that hilarious wickedish thing and i need to write responses for you omg but shhhhhhhhhh. you’re extremely fab and we def need to talk more because you’re super nice o kay. 

sohraneny – (bucky’s the blog i follow on hansy o kay.) kyle you bae. i don’t think we’ve rped much on hansy (wHICH WE NEED TO FIX) but i would fEEL WRONG not including u in my follow forever bc u b a e i love you. mischief and kate cause me pain okay? why must you do this to me. i’m going to cry over them for 37418943 years and it’s going to be aLL YOUR FAULT. but omg mischief and war are gonna be so fun. and basically wow we need to do all the rps because of reasons. all of them. 

dearxlisteners – wHOA SO when i saw you on my dash i was like “hELLA CECIL I’M FOLLOWING THEM” but i didn’t actually expect you to like talk to me lots bc i’m a disney rper and you’re night vale and i’ve found that people are less likely to want to plot w/ random crossovers like that?? and it makes me sad?? but anyway lIKE i followed you and then you sent me a meme and i was like “!!!!!!!!!! CECIL !!!!!!!!!!!” and then we started talking and it spiraled and man i am so glad you messaged me because cECIL AND HANS ARE ADORABLE LIL SHITS and goddamn you’re fab and your cecil is fab plz keep being fab. 

xpraeliator – dUDE YOU PUT UP WITH MY CONSTANTLY MOVING BLOGS AND NOT BEING ON LOKI AND YOU STILL LIKE ME AND WOW. that makes me really happy okay. because i am a shitty friend and you should probably hate me bUT you don’t and i love you for it. you’re stuck with me forever now okay. i’m still going to be fickle and jump blogs and be annoying, but know that ily a lot and we’re always gonna be friends okay.? okay. oka y. you’re fab. t h ank u 

and also – about 2487312907438219047381209473  of you that i forgot bUT YOU ARE STILL ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOR THE REST OF TIME. 

more precious lovelies (in no particular order): 
(this is a mix of blogs I look up to or have talked to or just who are lovely in general and i love 'em) 

fregnetefritiden || clumsyx || abscial || flynrder || regaliis || theximperius || deusxsubridens || untamedxsoul || mxgido || egbxrt || shellfishytails || bookwxrm || stabbingtxn || rex-stellarum || solemquis || derrecho || kristxff || nabxru || artillxry || kempybowe || lionheartmerida || voleravecesprit || actualreallivepeople || xthirteenth || aureusfleur || reindxxrwhisperer || camillaofarendelle || casecraving || caesxries || inthealleys || bxnnibels || mementoxmei || hoffersdottir || dxadem || negativisticism || kristcff || despicable-moon-thief || pxntmercy || ignatiius || clawsunderthesemitts || wxlle || speakshxrmind || ofwxnder || zxnyan || princessoftheisles || burningroyalty || sanguisuuga || loverofwarmhugs || constantquibbling || redstarved || notyourjudas || edhelernil || pourxamour || bxmbastic || carminelocks || drakedomitor || thesnowkingofarendelle || notimefordancin || veryinterestedinyourhair || xninths || dracxtrainer || the-cupid || finiis || dalmatianxplantation || memingxr || flettetsoldat || witchofthewesternskys || xreine || xligned || hraustr || vivyre || spareheiress || ofmidian || versipelli || duxrubra || frecklesandsandwiches || puristmalfoy || mothergothell || duxindigens || crestingcresta || xcompletelyordinary || notthatyoureawkward || thewomanbehindtheiron || charscime || empressium || about a bazillion of you that i forgot ||  eVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE FOLLOWING ME, WOWOW. 

     { I could be a useful and helpful person by putting you all in alphabetical order. 

                                             But I’m not a useful and helpful person, I’m a lil shit, obviously. } 

Dear readers,

I am thinking about quiting tumblr. I am tired and can’t not handle the depression I have, along side with the hate anons. I am sincerely sorry if I do quit tumblr. I very much have enjoyed meeting many on here and I enjoyed seeing others art. Sadly though, that is not enough to keep me on here. Again I am very sorry if I do actually quit. I would just like to say some special good byes,thanks, and honorable mentions.

@natinatalie12 - Thank you for being my first ever follower and the first person I ever talked too. I would not be here to this day without you bud. Your the best! PFFs. Pony Friends Forever.

@amber-acrylic - I am glad you were the first blog I ever followed when I got a recommendation. You are an amazing artist and I always admire what you did on your blog. Please never stop being awesome.

@askinfresh - Thanks for being the first blog I found on my own. I love your RPs and amazing work. It was really fun being able to interact with you sometimes. Also thanks for still acting normal around me even though around the time I first met you I had really shitty art and I was a shy freak.

@azraeltree - Thank you for being the first person I ever RPed with on Tumblr. I always admire your RPs as well and I have alot of inspiration from you. Your art is amazing and the angst you RP is wonderful! Never stop being cool!

@ndnprct3 - Oh god you…. You you you. You were the one who caused my blog to get more followers. You little dirty promoter. Haha, thanks for that. You are a really cool person and your blog always has something I can laugh too. Thank you.

@bemmiecake - Thank you so much for being an amazing person. You were so popular that I freaked out when you followed me. I always loved your art no matter what and im glad you liked mine and I didn’t like it. Your just…. So cool. Thank you!

@fetishtrash - Thanks for being an awesome art mom. When you first approached me I saw so much potential in you. I am very proud of you that you have become such an amazing friend and artist. I still will always remember that overtale clover you drew me. Thanks.

@louisethe4th - I love you []Platonically[] so much!! You an amazing friend and I love your edge lord. You are such an amazing artist I look up too as well. Thank you for meeting me. I am glad to be your friend.

@4jen @poki-the-wolf @wolfy4rt @luckycharmy-19 @frunoni @lonely-void-flower @slytherinqueen67 @ravings-draws @goldiextm @cinnacraze @konekonorenkinjutsushi @ask-small-sans @prismxshine @rosesarepurplevoiletsarecyan and so many more. Thank you all for following me and showing me your awesome blogs. You are all amazing!!

@undercontrolsans - Thank you so much for messaging me almost daily to keep me in a positive mood. You are such a good friend and I really like lock. Hes cool. You are so cool and amazing as well. Thanks for staying with me.

@butterapplego - Thank you for showing me the courage to speak with you. I was really nice meeting you. I really admire your blog and I always look up to you. Thanks for being such a cool friend.

Last of all, my followers. Thank you for being a follower. Everyone has always helped me in my bad times. Everyone stays cheery with me in my good times. Everyday you all are able to stand all the shitposting that I do. Thank you. You all have no idea how much I want to express my thanks. Just…. Keep staying cool. Okay? I’m sorry if there were some people I forgot to tag. I really am sorry.

( this MAYBE last message ever was left by @rainbowchu3. Thank you for staying along side with me. Good bye )