i followed you for homestuck what are you doing here

 Your name is GABRIEL, but is also known by the Winchesters as the TRICKSTER. You have just sent them to a CSI MIAMI parody channel, on which you would follow shortly.

 First, you are going to go visit your younger brother, CASTIEL.

=>Visit Castiel

If you remember correctly, which if course you do because you’re an angel and angels have perfect memory, Castiel stood high upon your list of “Very Tight Angels.” However, at this moment Castiel (or his vessel) has incredibly messy hair, and in the sun light that reflects on the dust on his head, and he seems very human. You find it amusing.

=> Snap away the duct tape from his mouth

(For the Gabriel Monthly Challenge: May)

Prompts are “He looked at me. His hair was a mess, and in the morning sun he looked more handsome and human than I’ve ever seen”-Statement and “Stop laughing at me and help me out of this trashcan. I think my foot is stuck in a coffee cup”-Dialogue

Okay, I tweaked the dialogue prompt a liiiiiiiiitle bit

I actually just forgot the word-to-word prompt aha

(( @gabriel-monthly-challenge @lacqueluster @ashiewesker @archangel-with-a-shotgun )) ((This took longer that I thought (or I simply didn’t find the time) ahaha)) ((More thoughts of this in the tags))

Guy’s help I’m crying about Homestuck in 2017. It’s just. This comic, this piece of media Hussie has crafted and molded over the years. It has to be the most influenctial thing to ever come into my life and shape me as a person. Seeing all this praise and posts and videos this 4/13 really made me miss when the comic was still going. That something like this is just done, it’s over. It makes me wonder where I’ll go from here, what will Hussie do next once he starts up his next story. And it’s the fandom that has done so much for me and introduced me to so many people. This story, these characters, this game, I truly love it all. And you have people like you who follow blogs like mine and are still so interested in these sorts of topics and reflecting on the comic that makes me so glad to realize that. Homestuck is never truly over. It will live on inside me and those who remember it for as long as they hold onto it. Even when those numbers will continue to dwindle over time, Homestuck will still live on in new hearts that open themselves up to this comic where a boy has to think about not shitting on his computer desk. 

I will just end this by saying, I’m proud to be part of the Homestuck fandom, and have absolutely no regrets for reading it.


Ok since I’ve somehow gained like 40 followers in a week, and since it’s 4/13 and everyone’s screaming about Homestuck, have an update on how we are celebrating 200 followers here COMBINED with celebrating 4/13 and celebrating Dave

First: I’m writing yall fanfics. 1000+ words each. First 10 in my ask box will be written. Literally just the first 10 unless I feel like doing more lmao. This is for 200 followers. Just tell me what you want!

Second: for everyone! I’m gonna do a group CMV! You don’t have to be in cosplay, it can just be you!! Or be in cosplay if you want-I’ll probably do Karkat but it doesnt matter. It’ll just be a fun thing for us to do! More info below the cut (:B This is for 4/13 even though it’ll obviously be late

Third: Anyone and everyone send in something about Dave, any form of Dave, whether or not you are Dave or not, anything. Send in something, a favorite quote, something you love about him, something about him that makes you proud, something that makes you laugh, why you love him-anything related to Dave (includes Davesprite, Davepeta, any kidswapped, speciesswapped, etc Daves, and so on)
These will all be compiled together into a little notebook or something. I’ll post a digital copy, and if any Dave wants a physical copy made by a Karkat with decorations and shit, I’ll fucking send it to them (guess what-no cost 0:B heck yea) This is for celebration of Dave!

I know these are kinda drastic but I really would love if you guys would participate in them?? I’ll be reblogging this periodically as it comes together, and stuff will be open for a while. For the Dave celebration one, I’ll leave it open for a while-no closing date set yet so keep an eye out for one!! I’ll put everything under the tag #dave is loved compilation

More info about the “CMV” for lack of a better thing to call it below


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anonymous asked:

I follow you on Twitter and I would like ask what those Anders art are?

ugh well its a thing what i saw in homestuck fandom… its liek music lyric make you think for the story or a character and u do illustration. in homosuck they called lyricstuck, but idek how call in non homestuck way…


its simple if show so u get a sneak peak.:

So there a song called HURT from NINE INCH NAILS what is just make me think for what sad life anders had. so illustrate his life and add the lyric to it

but ye here the music and lil arts

so ye

thats about anders art but keep it secret   

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(( Sorry I had to soundcloud this! Too dang big.

Thanks SO MUCH you guys. Again. Can’t do it enough. This was a really fun side thing, so I’m sorry whenever I’d fall off of it, but that’s just what happens sometimes. I always came back!

Again, if you’re new or just never paid attention to the man behind the shades, I’m Tooch, my personal blog is here. Follow if you want, or don’t! I just post my own stuff usually, I RARELY reblog unless it’s to shout out a friend’s thing or something I was in/mentioned-in. Though lately it’s been homestuck sob posts haha.

So YEAH. I dunno what the future brings for Homestuck. I mean, never say never? If Dave shows up in anything else, I might just have to dust this thing off. Probably won’t take questions anymore, that whole scene is donzeo to me, but yeah! See ya around.

- Tooch ))

Questions under the cut:

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Sorry I haven’t been active around here.
>: I’ve had a bunch of silly problems, with my tablet pen and a lot of other little things, which make it hard for me to draw [especially digital stuff] or to keep up with everything around here.

I hope I’ll be back soon!! but for now I’m trying to find little sketches I can share or even old drawings I never posted.

I also want to welcome all new followers! And to those that have sent nice messages, thank you!! I’m really happy that you like what I do, your encouraging words help a lot and make me smile!

HEY, DO YOU NEED MORE FOLLOWERS? WE’LL HERES A CHANCE TO GAIN +1 (i know thats not a lot but i need more of these things on my dash:)

- Achievement Hunter/RoosterTeeth

- SPORTS (like us football, us soccer, tennis, i wont be reblogging it but i like to see it)
- NATURE BLOGS (cause why not)

- SUPERWHOLOCK POSTS (even tho supernatural is ok)
- NO SHERLOCK (even tho i do like it, i just dont wanna see it on my dash)
- NO DOCTOR WHO (same with sherlock)


So, I just went through and unfollowed like 200+ blogs because my dashboard is getting out of hand, so what better to do than FOLLOW 200+ MORE TO MAKE IT A CLUSTERFUCK AGAIN!!!! I run 5 blogs, which means I need to follow HELLA. Here is what I want more of!

For thefuturedoesntscareme:
- Kingdom Hearts

- Final Fantasy XIII

-Actually any Final Fantasy fuck it I don’t hate

- The World Ends With You

For heartofvoid (my Homestuck Blog):

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- Homestuck anything

- If you are half Homestuck or more I want you on my dashboard

Even remotely Andrew Hussie related

- My blog is literally all Homestuck and there isn’t many like me or is there idk prove me wrong.

Even if I follow you already could you do me a solid and reblog this anyways to get the word out and who knows maybe people will look through the notes and follow you as well, it happens man. 

aaayyyyy I hit 50k followers!  mysteriously!!  is that weird?  it’s kind of weird.  I don’t even make homestuck stuff anymore.  I’m not sure what exactly all of you are doing here but I hope your stay continues to be enjoyable!  stay cool, be kind, never send anon hate, etc. I believe in you!!

anonymous asked:

((not exactly a question, moreso a question, but maybe some motivational dave? i think thatd be nice haha))

DAVE: gmornin im game what seems to be the problem anon anythin i can help you with in hopes that my words and slick looks boost you for the day and possibly longer

((oh yes i do motivationstuck stuff on here, lemme know what kind of motivation you need dearest anon, dave and i are always up to help you out no matter what :3 i’ll drop everything and pop into cosplay, just a heads up to everyone who follows this blog, if you need to desperately talk to dave or rose))

This has been an incredibly long journey thus far. Two years is a long time to be pursuing a dream, one that most others find to be impossible, illogical, or just plain childish. It has been a wild ride, to say the least, one that I honestly have wanted to give up on doing on several occasions.

But, I did not. I knew it would be a waste of all my efforts, a waste of all the time of my followers and that it would also be a huge let down. Disappointing you is not what I want to do. I am here for you. I am here to prove that with hard work and dedication, you can be anything you want to be.

With that being said, after 2 years,

I am not yet JohnDave.

pokemontalksback  asked:

You stand at WhoLock's door, trembling just a bit. It's been a few days since you'd last seen him, and the bruises on your neck are still visible and... uncomfortable to say the very least. You'd decided to cover your neck with a big scarf so WhoLock wouldn't have to see, but you found yourself nearly incapable of actually knocking on the door... But you really need to check on him, no matter how scared you are. You straighten your back out and knock on the door.

You hear a knock on the door… lovely.. just what you needed. Let’s see.. who would you know at this time of that hieght…. possibly … creatures… or one of the homestucks? One way to find out, hopefully there won’t be too much of a paradox here. You walk over and pull the door open, yup one of the Homestucks.

WL: before you aSk any iDiotic queStionS, yeS i’m WHolock, no i’m from tHe future, yeS i’m very Different, He HaS regenerateD WitH in an 11 yearS time Span. WHy am i Here? anon probably, tHey tenD toWarDS trouble. no i can’t tell you mucH of your future becauSe i Have ruleS i Still folloW by, anD i’m a piSSant tHat loSeS memory for a time at Some point after rengeneration. noW WHat can i Do for you? …. Well juDging from your intinial concern before you face filleD WitH SHock an confuSion, i’D Say you Were Here for me, eSpecially Since i preSume tHiS iS after grimDark HappeneD….. WHy tHe Scarf? … no Wait, neverminD, Don’t anSWer tHat. noW tHat i’ve tolD you tHat, Do you Still neeD SometHing?