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“…This plushie blob fish from Dan, which I think is an accurate representation of my soul”

TAAO Starscream’s True Form but with his original colors!

First off, this comic has literally changed my life, and I need to tell you why. I had been in and out of the Transformers fandom for years (I wanna say since I was around 5 years old) and I’ve always loved Starscream, no doubt.

I recently got back into it around January 2017 and created this blog shortly after that. I had gained quite a lot of followers in a short amount of time, which is insane to me, seeing as my main blog only has around like 280 or 300 followers, so I was ecstatic. I devoted a lot of time to creating art, working on my old fanfic again from 2013, posting funny quotes, or making up Starscream shitposts. It’s been a wild ride, thank you guys.

Creating this blog and jumping back into the fandom got me talking to people for once. I am absolutely someone who would never approach another human to engage in conversation, so this was a crazy thing for me to do. People liked my blog and chatted with me and I eventually joined a Transformers discord server under the name “Starscream” (Because I’m an obsessed nerd).

I also met a fantastic new friend who goes by the name “Windblade”. She has been there for me when I was going through so much, and she might not even know how much she’s helped me. I am so grateful to have met someone as great as her, I can’t even put it into words. She has taught me that I actually can care about others, it’s really been life changing.

My point in this little rant is that TAAO is what got me back into the fandom. Without that comic, I might still be in a very dark place and may not have ever met the new friends I care so deeply for. I haven’t been this genuinely happy in a very long time, and I am so thankful for Till All Are One.

It breaks my heart to see the comic cancelled and over with, but I can only hope it’s just a new beginning. I guess we’ll have to see <3

Idk if she will ever see this, but thank you MScott


Hello everyone! It’s been … awhile since I last posted on this blog.

I’ll admit, I originally made this blog as a joke. I never intended for it to get this popular, nor did I truly intend to keep running with it. But I did, for awhile, and I was happy to.

But the truth is that I no longer have the motivation I used to; I no longer find enjoyment in running this blog as I once did. It’s been fun, it really has, but I think it’s time I put this blog behind me. Or, I suppose, on indefinite “permanent” hiatus.

I don’t yet know what the fate of the Discord will be, but it might just shut down, or some other fate might befall it. Who knows.

With a grand total of 4,307 followers, all I can do is thank you for following me and enjoying this blog with me.

I’ll be answering any questions you might have for the next few days, to the best of my abilities, whether they be about the blog or about myself. After that, though, I’ll be going back to my main blog and this blog will become inactive.

  • me: *has watched the dont smile like that scene like 100 times*
  • me: okay, that scene can’t faze ME anymore!
  • *dont smile like that plays for the 101st time*

HEY my little brother made this 2 second long video on youtube and he wont stop asking me to check his view count so can you guys give him some views pls thank you also he had cancer so if you like kids with cancer hit that like button

Hi everyone.
I just decided to try out pixiv just now, so it’ll be a parallel of my tumblr blogs (BNHA and regular) : I’ll only post finished work from both this alt blog and my main blog on my pixiv from now on.

I’m still confused on how to use it yet though, but it’s safe to follow me there once this blog close since if I ever go back to BNHA (after summer 2018), chances are I’ll post on my pixiv. But don’t follow me on pixiv if you’re just there for the BNHA content, thanks.

My pixiv is here.

Thanks and have a nice day everyone~

Silken Pupdate

I actually have a little extra time today, so I wanted to put out an update about my new service dog in training (SDIT) Fawkes and answer a few questions I’m sure I’ll probably get at some point! :D 

This lil pupper is Clayborn’s Africa aka “Fawkes.” My husband and I drove from Virginia to Colorado to pick him up because I love his breeder and appreciate the type of temperament she breeds for (she has bred SD prospects previously). 

I’m self-training him to mitigate the symptoms of PTSD and panic disorder with some professional guidance. He will be trained in several tasks, primarily deep pressure therapy, blocking, interrupting stereotypic/harmful behaviors, medication retrieval, and guiding me to a safe place during dissociative episodes.

Although his main job will be working as a service dog, we will also participate in conformation events and hopefully will do at least one sport (though we still haven’t figured out what sport yet!). Assuming he matures well and clears his health tests, I will breed him at some point in the future, which is a very exciting prospect as it will be my first foray into dog breeding. :D

Those who have been following my blog for a while might be wondering why I got a service dog prospect so suddenly instead of going back to school after I left my job. The short version is, I’d been considering getting a SD for the past 2 years but didn’t think I qualified as disabled until after I had a conversation with my boss about applying for disability benefits because my mental and physical health became so poor that I had to leave my job much sooner than I originally intended. I had wanted to go back to school, but ended up in a psychiatric day treatment program instead due to my anxiety and bipolar disorder being very poorly controlled. After talking with my doctors and therapist, we decided that even though it would be a bit hectic having 3 dogs and a toddler at the same time in our tiny house, I would truly benefit from having a SD and it would help me regain my independence (and sanity) better than just therapy and medication could.

I ended up choosing a Silken Windhound after spending a lot of time with my friend Katie’s Silken SDIT, Sega, who won over my entire family. The breed is the perfect size for the type of work I was looking for (big enough for DPT but not too big for our little house ha), has the sighthound on-off switch, and is very affectionate, biddable, handler-focused, and intelligent. A couple months in and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. :)

I have to give a shout-out to @silkenagentsofcsbeck@doberbutts, @why-animals-do-the-thing, and @noodle-dragon in particular for giving me great advice which has been invaluable thus far. Rachel (of @why-animals-do-the-thing) actually stayed at my house for a week to improve my training technique which was amazing, and I highly recommend her as a trainer; she’s pretty much the only reason Fawkes has good leash skills now haha! I’ll write a longer review of her training services later, but I just had to give a big thank-you to all these folks for making my dream of having a SD come true. :)

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dissertation research

Hi! My name is Indira, but many of you may know me better as @imperfectkreis. I am a 31 year old PhD student conducting research about how people use Tumblr on a day-to-day basis to build community, talk to one another, and some of the challenges they face when trying to carve out a space for themselves online.

As part of my research, I hope to follow a number of blogs and look at the kind of content they reblog. I will not be collecting personal posts, as I’m more interested in reblogs and “viral” content on Tumblr.

If you follow this blog, and you’re over 18, I’ll follow you back and your reblogged posts might be used in my research. I’m using this blog and post to create a dashboard, separate from my main (this isn’t a sideblog, so I follow back at imperfectresearchprotocol).

If I’m following you, and it makes you uncomfortable at any time, you can either ask me to unfollow or just block this blog.

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So, as some of you may surely have noticed, @rotoa was terminated. That was my main blog, and my main source of income, and as of right now, it is gone.

I have already contacted Tumblr staff and am awaiting their response. I’m trying to prepare for the worst, because as a friend has notified me, there is an equal chance of me getting back/losing my account for good. 

So, if you were previously following @rotoa, I would like to inform you that this will be my new main blog, and would ask that you follow me here, in case my old blog is not restored. 

If you could spread this around, that would be absolutely lovely, because I desperately want to regain the followers that I lost. This was my only way of making money, and I desperately need to be able to earn money now more than ever thanks to my mom’s fuck up screwing me and my dad over. 

Please, please, PLEASE reblog this. I’m super desperate and afraid of losing everything.

Thanks a bundle. ♥

- Rose

i unfollowed a lot of blogs because of various reasons and i need new blogs to follow!! and remember you can look who reblogged this post and check their blog out so i’m not the only one who gets anything out of this lol. reblog this post if you blog about at least one of these stuff:

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The Kissing Bridge

(Victor Criss x Reader) Kissing Headcanons

Rating: SFW

Word Count: 526

A/N: @henrybcwer‘s ficlet based on my headcanons post inspired me to write a little ficlet or two of my own. So here’s one for Victor Criss! Sorry if it’s kinda lame! I’ll post the other two as they are written. SFW

P.S. I posted this on my main blog, originally, but I’ll post it here for the sake of continuity.

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yur local girl is back with some edit type thing and a hella dank banner (inspired by @huphilpuffs​)

so i hit 2k a couple days ago idk how that happened and I’ve been told my moodboards are dank (also coz idk how to make anything else rip) so to give back to my wonderful followers, i thought i could make a little url moodboard edit type thing for y'all. 


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anonymous asked:

hey there, so i always wondered about the purpose of dean's church confession in 10x16, what the hell were the writers trying to tell us?

Originally posted by dmitri-mish-ackles

Well…. it’s a part of Deans whole storyline since the pilot - a component of the exposition that his 12 years of story that we have been watching is all emotionally driven, a character based arc rather than plot based, all centering around Dean’s journey to self acceptance and self worth.

It’s also in large part a part of my #performing!dean tag and I imagine every meta writer’s performing!dean tag as performing!dean is a large part of this arc, the deconstruction of which leads to his self acceptance and works alongside his self worth.

At this point in 10x16, Dean is realising that he doesn’t want to die, he doesn’t think he deserves to die…

Remember all Dean’s self hatred, all his self loathing and feelings of worthlessness from earlier seasons? Remember how he constantly put himself in harms way because he felt that any life, anyones, was pretty much more worthy of living than his own?

Well, that has changed by this point. He still cares for others and their lives in a massive way and will still put himself in harms way to protect them but it isn’t with the same nonchalance towards his own life, he isn’t actively thinking that his own life is worthless anymore…

Remember this?

Originally posted by castielsource

Remember how, over the whole show but particularly since Hell Dean has grown, has evolved, not to change himself as such but to change the way he sees and portrays himself to others? How he has started up to 10x16 to let some of his guard down? How only 4 episodes earlier he admitted to liking and listening to Taylor Swift in front of Sam for example? How he has become more emotionally available with Cas since purgatory?

This is all part of the deconstruction of Performing!Dean and his emotional journey to self acceptance… Self acceptance is for me Dean’s whole arc since the pilot. It is with key points such as going to Hell, the introduction of Cas and more recently the introduction of Amara as the exposition but then Mary as her extension as the actual catalyst that we have come to the climax of this arc for Dean in 12x22.

There are moments throughout the show though that of course build to this moment and this is just one of them. The others being for example:

1x09: Dean walks away from Sam to call John about going back to their family home, facing the ghost of Mary, he breaks down and sobs into the phone, revealing that he is an extremely emotional person and family is his weakness but also his biggest focus in life.

2x11: Dean asks Sam why everyone assumes they’re gay, Sam tells Dean he is a bit butch and seems like he is overcompensating (gee, ya think?!).

2x13: Dean and Cassie: basically a huge exposition for the fact that Dean portrays himself as a give-a-shit lothario but when it comes to it he loves and he loves hard, he’s a gentle lover and fell in love with a passionate woman who only left him because she thought it was for his own good and what he wanted, they argue, they stare deeply at each other, they fight, because they care. Sam even tells Dean:

“What’s interesting is you guys never really look at each other at the same time. You look at her when she’s not looking, she checks you out when you look away. It’s just a… just an interesting observation in a… you know… observationally interesting way.”

I even did a gifset parallel with 12x19 of this episode cos dude, exposition much. She’s even called Cassie FFS *Tink looks into the camera*. gifset here.

4x01: Cas looking straight into Dean’s heart and seeing that he doesn’t think he deserves to be saved etc. leading to Dean then convincing Cas himself that they deserve to have Free Will, that they can save the world and they do by s5. *sobs a little at how beautiful this story is and it’s only 2 years in*

The whole of season 7: Dean is an alcoholic mourning Cas and worried for his brother then also mourning Bobby, feeling his life is worthless if he can’t save and protect his family.

MoC era: Dean loses what makes Dean Dean. He becomes hard, full of anger and pain, without the soft side. This is frightening and he would rather die than become like this.

Season 11: Amara is a complete exposition of Dean’s emotions, as I wrote it a few long posts about Amara, search #amara on my blog but here and here are the main ones. She exposes that he feels love but also shame, that he is holding himself back from something (add this to 11x11′s: follow your heart and all the heart / love themes of the early season right before Cas gets taken away and Dean spends the last half of the season desperately trying to get him back while Amara, all powerful being has to use Cas to get to Dean).

Season 12: Mary is the extension of Amara, she is the catalyst for Dean to finally face himself, all this has built and built to the point where, nearing 40 years of age he finally doesn’t want to sublimate anymore, he doesn’t want to hide. This post is my explanation for how Mary is exactly what he needed at this point, I think I wrote it mid season, but it was clear by 12x03 that this was her role and of course 12x22 was a great big wave hello and goodbye to Performing!Dean, another meta I wrote called “Dean Winchester is going to die” after 12x11 harked at the fact that this was coming and wasn’t it GLORIOUS?!

In his confrontation with Mary in 12x14 Dean essentially tells Mary that he thinks he deserves better, this is a huge deal for Dean - a HUGE deal for his self worth arc. He then in 12x22 addresses the fact that his upbringing wasn’t FAIR, that he didn’t cope well with it, that it has damaged him. He lets his wall down, he also literally blows down the walls of the bunker with the grenade launcher, the metaphorical taking down his walls, even Toni says it was a metaphor to hammer this home to us…

So yeah 10x16 is one of the key components throughout the years to show us that Dean’s story is all about his emotional journey to self acceptance of his softer side, the side that he hides by using the Performing!Dean facade, also he talks about people, feelings that he wants to experience differently to before or for the first time…  make of that what you will but for me…

In 10x14 just two episodes earlier we have: Dean choosing Cas over Crowley (to give the first blade to) right after a deleted scene in which Crowley and Cas have a whole conversation about Dean being CAS’s boyfriend rather than Crowleys, and Crowley telling Cas that he is running himself into the ground trying to save him, also Cain paralleling Cas with Colette after telling Dean he knows him.

Not long before that we had the burger date where Dean asked Cas to take him out if he got really bad with the MoC then there was the episode where they were heavily paralleled with a married couple where the wife had to let the husband go for fear of killing more people I mean, not to mention the whole Demon!Dean arc where Cas sacrificed himself to save Dean, where Dean knows it and seems to be… clearing a space on his bed but Cas is pulled away by Heaven again, I love this visual metaphor, where then Destiel is actually brought up on screen in 10x05…. you cannot tell me that…

Originally posted by foxylosu

So yeah, this scene in 10x16 is just part of the overall exposition for Dean’s emotional journey throughout the show, it’s a part of the intricately woven pattern of Performing!Dean and Destiel that alongside other aspects of his journey make up a large part of Dean’s overall self acceptance and self worth arc, with the Performing!Dean side climaxing in 12x22, we are just waiting for the second part now… 

anonymous asked:

I have read your works! And I love 'The Stars Incline us, they don't bind us' so muuuuuch. If this is not too much to ask, can you make cherik fic rec? Thank you! Keep writing, awesome!

thank you very much, i’m glad you enjoyed my stuff! :3 

since this blog is exactly 5 years old today, what better occasion is there to do cherik fic rec post, as lurking around cherik fic rec tumblr posts waaay back in the day is actually what originally brought me to tumblr in the first place. the following list is in no particular order, and odds are i like multiple fics by the authors included but i was determined to limit myself to one from each (though in some cases, this was a veeeery close call, haha).

anyway, the actual title of this list is coincidentally the main criteria i used in the interest of not having it stretch on for miles, which is to say:

Cherik Fics Pan Has Reread An Embarrassing Amount Of Times Throughout Her XMFC Fandom Tenure:

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Happy To See You Awake

Stranger Things

Characters: Byers family + middle Byers sibling reader

Words: 1000

Warnings: None really just worry and a bit of guilt I guess. A little bit of fluff.

A/N: Hey guys! Happy Saturday. Sooo, as you’ve probably noticed; this isn’t a Supernatural fic. I love writing SPN, it’s just what I do. But I watch a lot of other shows too, and sometimes I just get crazy inspired to write something else than SPN, and then I’ll do so. I’ve watched both seasons of Stranger Things in about a week, and I just felt like writing something so it became this shorter fic/drabble piece. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Winchester sister writer, because Supernatural is my fave thing to write, and this won’t really be a regular thing, but just overall, I might post fics for other fandoms every now and then, if I feel inspired. Lately I’ve had a bit of a writer’s block, and I’m just thankful for any piece I write right now. So yeah, hope you’re okay with this Stranger Things fic until I get my inspiration back when it comes to my SPN stuff :-)

Also, I just tagged my All Time Taglist and threw in some other tags too. I don’t know who’s watching Stranger Things, but just ignore it if you’re not interested.

Originally posted by that-thing-that-feeling

Your name: submit What is this?

You opened your eyes slowly, fighting off the darkness. It wasn’t will power, it was a reflex. Your mind was still in another place, you frowned as you tried to understand. You blinked, several times trying to get your eyes to focus and the fuzzy figures to clear up. You concentrated, trying to actually hear the voices, to get your brain to piece the sounds together into words, but with no success. You recognized a touch though, just barely. It was by your face and maybe someone was playing with your hair or something like that, but you couldn’t be too sure. And, that was about all you gathered before succumbing to sleep again, all the strong impressions around you fading away.

”(Y/N)? (Y/N), do you hear me?”

A voice that sounded awfully familiar reached your ears and that was the thing that ultimately pulled you back to consciousness. A faint gasp escaped your mouth as you opened your eyes fully, and your wide-awake gaze darted across the room. White walls, white floor, white ceiling, white covers, pastel yellow curtains and light blue gown. Hospital.

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