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who r ur fav mutuals/friends?

omg i have sooooo many! i love every blogs that i follow :(

@softcbx @flowurway @juhhyeon @rosystar @shyejeongs @mlkch @mttm @girlsday @healingsmiles @rudelovin @1oshs @kimtaheyungs @4xuanyi @kindmutual @lunah @1attes @bipjm @loonaes @lovedflush @ygartist @lvoeletter @taeyyongs @livelovelunch @giribouy @liplove are some of my fav mutuals but i probably forgot sooo many people 😩💕💖💞

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(One, congrats! And if you're okay with it for the request, is Rayne and Bene eating ice cream cool.)

Thank you darling aaah~ ❤︎

Also I need to stop drawing people with Bene as if they were dating or something omg xD

I tried to draw your OC by just using my memory… XD I hope it turned out good! >< If not, tell me I’ll gladly edit it  ❤︎

Request 8/10

Requests are still opened~

A sequel to the animation of the seven I made almost 2 years ago. I thought it was about time for another one. The order is Nico, Will, Thalia, Reyna, Grover, Tyson, and Calypso. There are too many characters, 7 is my max.

The marauders obviously did some fucked up things to Snape, but can I remind everyone that canonically, James and Severus were rivals. Not just a bully and his victim, as far too many people seem to think.

since our fandom is relatively small and we all follow each other i was wondering if i should make a discord server for us? would anyone want to join if i did? i mean we’re all in gafou/stanfou hell anyway and most of us are good friends/mutuals, it might be fun. i’ll tag a bunch of people who i think might be interested, let me know what you think and if enough people want it i’ll make one

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Hello, I'm wondering if you can please rec some larry friendly blogs that don't engage in drama? Lately my dash has been giving me a lot of anxiety and I want to clean it up a bit.

hi I’m sorry your dash is making you anxious, I’ll do my best! I don’t engage with the drama too much so I think most of the people I follow are pretty positive and low on drama 

@studyinpink@disneyprincestyles, @wildwomanofthewoods, @kingsbesideyou@ofrainbows, @knightchanges, @behisbest, @rosegoldcreature, @softhrry, @edsheerans, @loveloveolivia, @istealifly, @tastykake, @imtoowoldfordis, @yourbestclothes, @wereamanbandnow, @almimighty, @birdonahotdog, @princesscarriefisher, @birdalmighty, @theonlyangel, @throughthedark, @ziall, @rbb, @harrysgaytour, @somewhatgolden, @daydrunkharry, @forgodssakeharold, @willowwords, @girluptighty, @hazalmighty, @tilyoutryit, @coffeelouis, @jimmytfallon, @pinkislouder, @harryonvinyl, @littlelouies, @fuckinghatekissingyou@xabjectlessonsx, @teamnouis, @oiiiioiiii, @happilylouie, @nausicaee, @bakerharrie, @fondleeds, @reinventlou, @wellingtontat, @alienproof, @alivingfire, @alllwaysinmyheartt, @hattalove, @lostjams, @darlinghalo@dunkirks@kitchentour

and then blogs who might discuss a bit too much for you anon but are worth anyone having on their dash because they’re wonderful people

@bunboyfriend, @rogueandeskimo, @conscious–ramblings@philtatoslouis, @everrsincenewyork, @larendipity, @harryflyles, @ididntwritethatline, @aaronexplainsitall, @bananastagram

Hey, I want to do something nice cause I’m feeling super bad right now. 

Like this post… if we are mutuals I’ll reblog one of your selfies. Tbh, even if we are not mutuals and I recognize you and like you I might also reblog you too. 

(Just because I am not following you, doesn’t mean I don’t like you. I try not to follow too many people and most of the time the reasons I unfollow people is because their blogs are too sexual and I’m not on Tumblr for that reason)

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Hi! Sorry to bother you, I like your blog a lot and we have a similar opinions about what has happened on 2b so far, and I wanted to know if you have any shadowhunters blogs you can rec me? Some of the people I'm following have been reblogging way too many gifs of magnus being tortured and I need to clean my dash

thank u bby! why yes i can rec these awesome people that i love seeing on my dash every day:
@magnusbaene, @harry-daddario, @magnusizzy, @maghnvsbane, @f-f-f-fight, @alecsagitta, @magnificentmalec, @softshumjr, @magnusandalexander, @malecwings, @pure-magnus, @phildrawsfanart, @daddarioswife, @magswoods, @bane-magnus, @maiaslightwood, @moonylady, @harrysbumjr, @hufflebee, @catharinaloss, @mel-iorn

i went overboard a lil bit but all of them are awesome 15/10 would rec some of them multifandom but post a lot of sh content ur welcome

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I'm new, who should I follow?

First of all, welcome!! 

Second of all, oh BOY. There are so many lovely people. I started out by writing little nice things about each of them but there are too many and too many good things to say about each of them. I’m also lazy. But all of these bloggers are AMAZING and very dear to me and a lot of them are very good friends and wow. I love them.

@teen-mendes @latteshawn @ihaveabadreputation @illumninate @illumeshawn @starrynightshawn @honest-for-mendes @mendescutie @illumendes @mend-es @shawmato @shawnandzoestories @shawnsbabyma @heromendes @mendesflowers @echoshawn @mercyimagines @shit-to-kinda-okay @shawnmreads @light-up-shawn @dirtymendes @illuminateshawnn @wordsandshawn @raineshawn @babyshawwn @nike-shawn @thesmutofthemendes

please do not follow @whitechocolateperfection



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Favorite SLBP blogs ?

These are definitely not all of my favourite blogs as I’m sure I’ll miss some (a lot), but these are the ones I could come up with now. Not all of these blogs are restricted to SLBP and post other stuff as well.

@mistakenmessenger does cute aesthetic mood boards.

@daeva-agas has righteous fury over historically inaccurate things and also has some spoilers. Has screenshotted things from Tenka and shares screenshots of items for upcoming events. Also, has @samurailoveballadhistory where they have written about actual historical events that come up in the game.

@little-lady-mimi @laurifakristalina and @otome–gokoro translate things from Tenka like previews and tweets.

@letting-them-take-liberties writes amazing fanfics at @mikawa-province and also shares bits about her life in Japan.

@suzunesays and @guacameowle are amazing smut writers and also really nice ladies. No followers under 18 allowed, NSFW blogs.

@o0w0o and @sengoku-hostclub share lots of screenshots from events and main stories.

@viridian99 is an amazing shitposter and troll, but she also writes some fanfiction and goes through other people’s blogs to reblog lots of amazing stuff from their archives.

@bmp-slbp-matchup does headcanons and matchups, also shares screenshots.

@oopsmakesitok makes headcanons with gifs! I really love them.

@voltagefanfictions749, @midorikaze, @minnimay17, @i-dont-look-good-i-look-great, @momofuku-slbp, @small-and-nerdy, @manju-girl , @jemchew , @yoosungshoodie , @yoolee, @slbpdrabbles @af-fection @wonky-glass-ornament @dreamsinparadise and many many others write amazing fanfiction. Go read (and comment) their fics!

@emineco and @zackpyo draw amazing fanart. @jane-runs-fast has drawn some NSFW art, @michibluyo has drawn some genderbent lords.

Oh and I almost forgot bc I don’t reblog from them (as I try to keep my blog relatively sfw) is @dirtyslbpconfessions . They, as the name suggests, post dirty confessions people submit to them. VERY NSFW.

@thesengokudiaries is a really funny story about how Ieyasu and Mitsunari stumbled into the modern world and I can’t tell how sad I am that the blog appears to be dead atm (latest update was made 5 months ago). Maybe it’ll be picked up again? (It’s always good to have hope.)

There are so many other amazing blogs and people too, like @amigoingbananas , @thedaydreamingotaku , @rose-of-yonezawa @oh-my-otome and many, many more!

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.

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Turns out a /great/ many of the people I follow are ace (as am I!) which I'm finding out as pride month goes on. Do we just... naturally find each other or something?? IT'S A CONSPIRACY. (I don't think I've ever found another ace irl, though, so maybe not a conspiracy, oops)

The Ace Team seems to just kinda find each other online for some reason. HAHHAHAHHAHA! We all gravitate towards one another B) (I hope you find someone ace like you irl too!)

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Then are Chinese ahgasaes turning backs on got7? Or do they still like them but hide (?) it? Is Jackson still being loved in China? I'm worried..

While the media is discouraged to show too much Korea content, the law itself does not ban people from following Korean stars. Fans can still freely express their love for their idol.

I’m not sure how many fans decided to stop following GOT7 because of it but I heard there are many cases of fans leaving KPOP in other fandoms. I think KPOP fandoms won’t be growing as fast as they used to.

Many fans of Jackson know him as Wang Jia Er the MC so they don’t associate him with KPOP. If they talk about him like he was a soloist there’s no harm for him.

I'm an entj
  • Te: People will follow me because I "look like I know what I'm doing" even when I straight up explain to them that I do not
  • Ni: But even when I know I don't know something I still basically think I know anyway
  • Se: Everything is too loud and I have too many nerve endings and I'm annoyed that my body needs this much sleep like I got shit to do c'mon
  • Fi: I can only love like two or three things but once I do I'm in it for life no holds barred hope you like me crying over appetizers because of my boundless devotion because that's happening

Now I’m running wild and free
with the wolfpack following me
and in the cold I can feel their heat
and there beating hearts

And I’ve never felt this strong
when I howl my ancient song
yellow eyes glowing like the sun
watching me in the dark

– Wolfpack, Karliene

Wanted to experiment with some new brushes and a style similar to the Inquisition tarot cards. So have a Fen’Sulahn mural painting. Also please do not tag as Solavellan. Thank you. 

Anybody interested in a BOTW one shot?

I’m finishing it up right now, but I’m not sure if I’m gonna post it. Would anyone want to read it? :’D 

also hello followers, nice to meet you! 

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Hi! I'm the anon Mary sent and just browsing your blog has given me a lot of people to follow so thanks! Do you know of any contemporary romance blogs? Or like D/s types? There is so much to explore in romance, I never knew. Also any recs for cowboy romance, doesn't matter what time modern or past is all good. Sorry if this is too many questions I'm just excited to find you 😭


For Contemporary:

So we don’t have any bloggers that do exclusively contemporary romance, but we DO have a number of bloggers who read and love contemporary romances! (I myself - as you can probably tell! - am a historical addict) So I’ll be sure to post this and then tag it where they can swing by with recommendations!

For Cowboys: 

My FAVORITE western romance author is Diana Palmer. Absolute fave. HOWEVER she does tend to be very old fashioned re: her ideas of masculinity, her moral compass, and her politics. Nevertheless, I do love her books. They’re all cowboy heroes, mostly contemporary and with one or two historicals. Sarah McCarty has her Hell’s Eight series which is a series of very sexy (borderline erotic) historical cowboy novels. 

For D/s:

TIFFANY REISZ. THERE ARE OTHERS I COULD OFFER YOU BUT I HAVE SOLD MY SOUL TO TIFFANY REISZ. *sob* If you haven’t read her Original Sinners series yet you definitely need to. They can be a bit… intense at times. But they’re amazing. And moving. And beauuuuuutiful!

Happy reading!

(Everyone else, you know the drill! Comment with your favorites!)

Tagged by @collector-of-hats and @mstowa!! :D (and probably by @quiiiznak too at some point because Jess tags me in a ton of stuff and I love her for it but I’m sloooooow aslkdjfdh) Thank you guys!!!

Name: Katrin

Nickname: Kat. And tons of others, courtesy of @mugenjo :P

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: ~5′6″ | 1,70m

Orientation: Asexual, biromantic

Favorite Fruit: SO MANY. Almost all types of berries… and maracuya. The, uh. Big, yellow ones…? They are fruits, right?? And mango, I adore mangoes.

Favorite Season: Autumn. The leaves get super pretty.

Favorite Book Series: Too many. I seriously can’t decide.

Favorite Flower: Any kind that looks pretty and smells good tbh

Favorite Color: Yellow!!

Favorite Animal: Racoons

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: I don’t like hot beverages D:

Average Hours of Sleep: around 8. 

Cats or Dogs: B o t h

Favorite Fictional Character: Idk. I don’t have an overall favorite.

Number of Blankets: One. 

Dream Trip: A trip around the world!! I love traveling and I honestly want to visit as many countries as possible.

Blog Created: October 2016

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