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A sequel to the animation of the seven I made almost 2 years ago. I thought it was about time for another one. The order is Nico, Will, Thalia, Reyna, Grover, Tyson, and Calypso. There are too many characters, 7 is my max.

The marauders obviously did some fucked up things to Snape, but can I remind everyone that canonically, James and Severus were rivals. Not just a bully and his victim, as far too many people seem to think.

am i being weird or did it used to be easier to spontaneously find internet besties on tumblr?  i feel really lonely on tumblr these days, like a cold outer planet just spinning in the void and reaching out to faraway stars

Permanent Interaction Call

Mutuals like/reblog if you’d be alright with me tagging you in random starters, sending in asks, messaging about plots or ideas, working on relationships/shipping, or just interacting with you in general!

If anyone sees this (and if you don’t mind) pls like/reblog or say in the comments if you’re a bts blog (doesn’t have to be 100% although i do follow very few multifandom blogs–you know who you are and you are very special).But since I’m 99% bts and Jin biased I’d like to follow more blogs too, and of course if you’re a content creator: gifs/edits/gfx/art i’d love to check out your blog!

I’m looking for more trans and ace friendly blogs to follow so if you post Dragon Age please like or reblog this if you want so I can check out your blog!!

(especially if you post Dorian, Blackwall, Bull, Sera, Zevran, and/or Merrill content in general, Dorian romance, Merrill romance, Sera romance, Zevran romance with male Warden, Bull romance with male Inquisitor, and/or Blackwall romance with male Inquisitor, but none of that’s required or anything because I know that’s a lot lol)

some nsf.w is fine and you don’t have to be trans or asexual yourself, just safe for both


(no exclusionists (that includes people who exclude cis heteromantic aces and cis aro heterosexuals), transmedicalists, anyone who thinks gay people aren’t attracted to trans people of their same gender, or anyone who thinks aro/ace headcanons for gay characters are homophobic)

(also no minors please, I only want to follow other adults)

  • me: here's a post firmly establishing my boundaries
  • me, ten minutes later: I'm going to assume all of my followers have seen this and take it down because I can't stop thinking about whether it's given people the wrong impression and I just want to forget about this whole situation.
My First Official Follow Forever!

Happy one week anniversary of the release of Stranger Things 2! The past week has been so crazy, filled with amazing new content, and somehow I have reached 1000 followers in the middle of it all! I still can’t believe it! I am so thankful for every single one of you for helping me reach this huge goal! I want to thank you for taking the time to follow my little blog, and especially for giving your love to the few of my own works I have started to put out! The support I’ve gotten has encouraged me to slowly start doing more of that in the future. 💙

I have a new season two mood board and a fic I’ve been working on lately that I’ll try to post to celebrate this milestone. But most importantly, I want to give shoutouts to my amazing mutuals!

Amazing mutuals I love so much and love talking to:

@waffles-isa Isabelle! I checked and you were the first blog that ever followed me when I started back in January! So a huge thank you for that! It’s been great talking to you, and I hope to chat more in the future! You are amazing! 💛

@bikingthroughhawkins You were the first person I ever talked to here! It has been amazing talking with you and that time I got to freak out about the Comic Con trailer release with you was so great! Plus your icons are always cool and your memes are amazing! 😄🌸

@m11ke-wheeler  Angie! I remember when you tagged me in that post where you laughed at that dumb Noah Schnapps pun I made and I had to message you to thank you cause it just absolutely made my day! It has been amazing talking to you and getting to know you! You are awesome and so talented at editing! 💙

@80smikewheeler Mel! We haven’t talked for long but you are so great! Your enthusiasm is so infectious and chatting with you always leaves me in a good mood! I hope you get the chance to watch season two soon and I get to talk about with you! You’re awesome! 💛

@waffleleven We have been mutuals for so long and just started chatting last week but you already seem like such an incredibly sweet and kind person! I hope to see you back here soon to talk season two! ☺️

@fucxilovestrangerthings Olivia! We also just started talking last week but it has been so awesome to find a fellow Nordic person on here to talk to (and practice my terrible Swedish with lol 😂). Your blog is so good! 💙

@alltoowheeler We also just started walking but you seem like such a kind and sweet person! Thank you so much for encouraging me to post my first fic! Everyone go follow Tina, her blog is amazing! 💛

@itselhopper It has been great talking about season two with you! Everyone go and give this quality blog a follow! ☺️

@strangerstxrdust You were one of the first people I got to freak out about season two with when I first finished binging it! So thank you so much for letting me scream with someone 😄. You are great! 🌸

Incredible blogs and fandom royalty I can’t believe follow my little blog:

@elevenhop Your edits are incredible, you are so unbelievably talented! And your selfies are always so great!

@ghost-grantaire I followed you back on my old personal Tumblr and after making this account you were one of the first people I ever followed! Your blog is so awesome and I love your fics so much!

@dadhopper  Ok do I have to say more? I literally screamed when I saw you had followed me. Fandom royalty right here.

@elevenknope Your blog is so amazing and your writing is so beautiful! Seeing you reblog my little fic made me so incredibly happy!

@themikewheelers Your blog is amazing! And I loved ranting about timeline inconsistencies with you lol!

@janes-ives Your blog is incredible! I always feel so happy when I see you on my dash!

@alabasterswriting  Your blog is so great and I love your writing is so amazingly beautiful!

Other amazing mutuals with incredible blogs:

@mouthbreathingeggo, @oah-schnapp @itcouldbendoritcouldbreak, @mullingarssweetheart, @el-hopper, @bitchin-el, @monsterhuntings, @shesavedus, @justice-for-benny, @fortheloveofeggos, @fairlystrange, @mikeandeleven, @alliehp, @the-strangest-th11ngs, @352-days, @sincerely-millie, @jemmahearteyessimmons, @strangerwaffle, @mikewheelxerr, @supercomsandeggos, @11strangers, @strangerwhee11ers, @mouthbreathing-eggos, @mikeseggo, @nancybyrs, @eggo-wheeler, @literally-mike-wheeler, @milliebobbypaul, @sstrangerthaneleven, @strangerest-things, @strangers-love

I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone! I tried really hard to include as many amazing blogs I could!

Once again an enormous thank you for all of you for reading and following my little blog! The hiatus leading up to season two was amazing with all of you and it has been incredible to see all the amazing things you have done with the new season! Can’t wait to all the incredible fics, edits and theories in the months to come!

And also hi to all you new people who have followed me after last Friday! I’m Kaisa, a Finnish English student who has way too many feelings about Stranger Things! Welcome aboard! I love you all! 💛💛

Friendly Reminder 📚✏️❗️

Things you DON’T need in order to be a good studyblr:

- fancy stationary
- perfectly written notes
- an expensive computer
- a beautifully set up study space with fairy lights
- straight A’s
- calligraphy!
- fancy coffee/study snacks
- many followers who ask for advice 24/7
- bullet journal spreads that take way too much effort to make

Things you DO need in order to be a good studyblr:

- the knowledge that you will fail, often more than once or twice
- the willingness to get back up after failing
- a good study system that actually works
- notes whose purpose is helping you learn, even if they don’t always look pretty in a picture
- the willingness to help other people and share your knowledge with others

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Hello, I'm wondering if you can please rec some larry friendly blogs that don't engage in drama? Lately my dash has been giving me a lot of anxiety and I want to clean it up a bit.

hi I’m sorry your dash is making you anxious, I’ll do my best! I don’t engage with the drama too much so I think most of the people I follow are pretty positive and low on drama 

@studyinpink@disneyprincestyles, @wildwomanofthewoods, @kingsbesideyou@ofrainbows, @knightchanges, @behisbest, @rosegoldcreature, @softhrry, @edsheerans, @loveloveolivia, @istealifly, @tastykake, @imtoowoldfordis, @yourbestclothes, @wereamanbandnow, @almimighty, @birdonahotdog, @princesscarriefisher, @birdalmighty, @theonlyangel, @throughthedark, @ziall, @rbb, @harrysgaytour, @somewhatgolden, @daydrunkharry, @forgodssakeharold, @willowwords, @girluptighty, @hazalmighty, @tilyoutryit, @coffeelouis, @jimmytfallon, @pinkislouder, @harryonvinyl, @littlelouies, @fuckinghatekissingyou@xabjectlessonsx, @teamnouis, @oiiiioiiii, @happilylouie, @nausicaee, @bakerharrie, @fondleeds, @reinventlou, @wellingtontat, @alienproof, @alivingfire, @alllwaysinmyheartt, @hattalove, @lostjams, @darlinghalo@dunkirks@kitchentour

and then blogs who might discuss a bit too much for you anon but are worth anyone having on their dash because they’re wonderful people

@bunboyfriend, @rogueandeskimo, @conscious–ramblings@philtatoslouis, @everrsincenewyork, @larendipity, @harryflyles, @ididntwritethatline, @aaronexplainsitall, @bananastagram

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Hey, I was wondering if you had any black fic writers/marvel blogs you recommend. Tbqh i follow way too many white ones and you're my only saving grace at this point. I'm tired.

i’m the only aoc(angel of colour) that matters BUT @thenomadsbeard @trapdisco @transtchallaudaku @biclasstrash @whatstheskinnyjean @vantablacksteverogers @poctonystark @agentamythest @swoggin-all-day @russianspacegeckosexparty @mikeymagee @madam-slay @twolverine @aristotlesmendosa @lady-thor-foster @pwussywillow @amariemelody @spartanlady16 @zamnwilson @lukemagnus @lunaaltare @jazzytee @11thsense @mistytemple @princess-sparkle-thong @theshizniiit @soft-tchalla @bioloyg @underbree

they’re demons but they’re my friends :/

thank you for 1.1k

(thanks @pinkhoodiemark for making this gif in like 1.1 seconds)

HELLO It’s your resident human megaphone Melissa and, um, I am stunned to inform you that I recently passed 1,000 followers?? LIKE … ARE YOU ALL SURE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT? IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO TURN BACK

I am still trying to figure out why you all are here but I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you all for taking a chance on me, a lowly meme-er. I will continue to meme until it becomes outlawed somehow. I wanted to shout out to some of the people who put amazing content on my dashboard. Without all of them I would just be sitting here crying about the same 60 photos over and over. I already listed everyone I follow last time, so this time around I decided to write an ode to my mutuals. 

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jacefromstatefarm  asked:

As a trans guy myself, I'm so glad someone does comics about trans folks :)

There aren’t too many trans guys out there making comics (although I do know of a couple), so that’s part of why I wanted to do this project. New territory! 

Side note: If there are any artists following, send me a message! I’m always interested in seeing new work from trans people! 

Like or reblog to get a picture or just something related to at least one of the following people:

  • Patrick Stump
  • Pete Wentz
  • Joe Trohman
  • Andy Hurley
  • Brendon Urie
  • Melanie Martinez
  • Daniel Howell
  • Phil Lester
  • Mikey Way
  • Gerard Way
  • Ray Toro
  • Frank Iero
  • Josh Dun
  • Tyler Joseph

This will stop when this post gets to 300 notes (it will never stop because it will never make it to 300 see what I did there)

Must have submissions open

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.

anonymous asked:

What you did with the penetration station was awful. In trying to expose a bunch of bullies, you guys went to the extremes and back even calling them the 'penetration station'. You guys have such a large following and to exploit that and make such a big matter over something that should have been solved personally? Honestly, what makes you better then them? I'm sorry but I've lost a lot of respect for the writers I once highly looked up to.

I’m genuinely disappointed. Sure these people were problematic and bullies and I’m not trying to downplay their mistakes but I sincerely hope you see mistakes in the way you guys carried this out too. Your asking many people not to send hate- but that’s exactly what’s going to happen considering the lengths at which you went to outst them. Sure you can go tell your followers not to hate on them but you set them up to be victims of bullying too. Are you pleased?

Considering this is the only message I have received on the matter, I am going to answer you because I believe I need to make a few points of my own and clear up some of what you have said. Prepare for this to be a lengthy response.

1. They named themselves the Penetration Station. That was what they personally labelled their friend gang, and what they tagged their posts involving the friends involved in the incident as. There is no reason in the absolute slightest that we would call them such a name outside of the fact that this is what they called themselves, and this is what their readers knew them collectively as.

2. Do you really believe that we did this without any thought? The personal/private route was the first one we deliberated, and making that post was our last resort. Do you really think that we wanted to do this, that we thought we would be heroes by exposing those screenshots? We thoroughly considered all options, and unfortunately, the post went from our last resort to our only resort. What we have also discovered since putting up the post is that sure, if we had handled the matter privately, it would have been away from the public eye and the issue with Ave might have been solved. But there would have been a fair amount of other worse bullying incidents that they were doing, which we had no clue about until yesterday, that would have continued on without our knowledge. 

3. We are in no way happy that this is the route we had to take. Do you see any of us on our blogs celebrating and boasting the fact that they have removed themselves from the community? No. We are not saying that they deserved what they got. We are not trying to pit anyone against them. I keep seeing it be brought up that us strongly advocating to not send them hate is not going to stop the hate, but would you rather we never said anything about sending hate at all and let anyone have at them? Us saying that was to make people stop in their tracks and consider their actions before they go forth and do something that stoops down to their level. We knew that negativity would be a consequence of spreading the awareness about these bullies in our community, so all we could do in this case was do our best to firmly put out that we do not condone, nor support the sending of hate mail.

4. Large followings or not, that was not our focus in the slightest. We never thought: “We have bigger followings, so the support will be on our side,” in this case. We did not band together based on the fact that each of us have decent sized followings either, and rather because we are all good friends with Ave who she trusts. All we were doing was taking the measures we had to in order to protect Ave, and also numerous other members of the writing community who were having worse occur to them without our knowledge.

5. Although you have not addressed it here, I would also like to say that yes, the post could have gone without that final line about the tea. But if any of you are going to allow that one line to completely offset the entire attitude the post, then so be it. That is your decision to make.

6. They never apologised to Ave, which is the one thing that we wanted to come out of this situation because then, we would have been able to slowly forgive their actions and let bygones be bygones. Yes, they made apology posts, but their expressions of regret were directed at their friends and the network. They never directly apologised to her. The only one of their group who has been the bigger person and come forward to apologise to Ave is Jaz, which is commendable of her and we appreciate that more than we can express.

Am I pleased? No, I am not pleased in any way about this having to occur. None of us are. I am beyond against call outs, so personally, for me to be involved in this is a big display of the matter that we had no other options. I have said to myself many times: “This could’ve been avoided if we never did the post.” But what I have come to believe more strongly is: “This could’ve been avoided if those girls never bullied Ave and Candee, and did worse to other members of this community.” 

If you have lost respect for me and the other writers involved in the post because of this situation, then that is your call. We are not forcing anyone who is not comfortable with our last resort decision to support us as writers. Just know that this never could have been a private matter that would have been completely resolved, as much as we would have preferred it to have been done that way.