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I keep forgetting to write this post so I’m gonna do it now. On the 21st of January 2016 I created this account. 1 year, 1 month and 1 day later 34,483+ people have decided to follow me. I can quite honestly say comparing my mental health then to now, I am so much better. I’m finding myself enjoying things more, I’m a lot more focused on school and making myself proud, and tbh with me being in my second last year of school I don’t even have time to think about being sad. I must be at least, what 4-5 months clean? Maybe even more. What I’m trying to say is, you can get better. I know most of you follow me because you relate to my post and I’m so sorry that’s something we have to share in common. But I’m finding myself feeling a lot better lately, and if I can, so can you. So thank you for this brilliant year, never in a million years could I have thought so many people would want to follow my account. I’ve had some weird experiences talking to people on here but I’ve also met some amazing people. You know who you are !!
I love you all and please remember I am always here to talk! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


19/11/16 // I have quite a lot of things to do this weekend but I feel lazy 😴😴
P.S Since yesterday I’ve got nearly 70 new followers and more than 1000 reposts and likes soooo IM SO THANKFUL TO ALL OF YOU because it makes me feel like people really paid attention to me and omg I love studyblr community

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p10-11)

I could finally finish translating the interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuri Katsuki) & Kouki Uchiyama (Yuri Plisetsky) published in the 2016 Dec. issue of Pash!, on pages 10-11. Actually I started translating it last Wednesday (afternoon), but then episode 7 caused me to be brain-dead for the next following days… Not in a negative way, but yeah I’m sure you can understand what I mean @_@

By the way, it wasn’t viewed a lot because when I posted it I had just created a Tumblr account and so for some time it did not show up in any kind of search (tag search included), but I actually translated a similar interview with the same 2 seiyuu from Animage, which you can find here. Normally when interviews with the same people are published in the same period they tend to be similar, but actually these two interviews are quite different and both very interesting to read, so I do suggest that you take a look at that one too. I find myself nodding a lot when reading them, I feel that both Toyonaga and Uchiyama are very much into their roles and what they say about the characters makes a lot of sense to me.

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***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Toshiyuki Toyonaga & Kouki Uchiyama Cross Talk

Toyonaga-san and Uchiyama-san play the two “Yuri”. In a friendly atmosphere we have asked them about their roles and the relationship between them and also about what they think of each other’s acting.

Yuri starts to develop manliness and Yurio starts feeling nervous.

—First of all, let us know what you think about the character of Yuri Katsuki.

Toyonaga: Yuri-kun is an athlete qualified enough to participate in the GP series, yet he is mentally weak. But I think he has very good technical and acting skills. The fact that he’s a late bloomer is very Japanese in a way.

Uchiyama: While he seems psychologically weak at first, as the story progresses he becomes more manly, like he develops a backbone. We see that he’s not only weak, which makes us understand that he is a person with many different sides to him. He’s 23, which is still young, but in figure skating that’s not necessarily young, and he himself realizes that this might be his last season. Seeing the story through his eyes makes you realize how tough the world of figure skating is.

—What do you think about him finding eros in katsudon?

T: Yeah well I had kind of mixed feelings (LOL). But the way he is always serious about things is cool, and seen from an external point of view it’s also somewhat amusing, and I think this, together with the world created by (Mitsurou) Kubo-san, is one of the selling points of the series. Besides, Yuri-kun chose katsudon, but in the real world too there might be skaters who choose bizarre things as their theme. In this anime we know that he is visualizing katsudon, but if we watched without knowing it we would just normally think that his skating is fascinating or erotic.

—Regarding “Yuri’s manliness” as you mentioned before, in the series there are scenes where he declares love during a press conference, or he suddenly lets out that he wants to be hated as the man who stole Victor from the world.

U: If you asked me whether I could do the same… I’m not sure. Yuri has been living in the high-level figure skating world, so he might perceive things in a different way than us. It’s probably not the first time he deals with the mass media. I don’t think it’s easy to understand the state of mind of someone like him.

T: I kind of understand him in a way. When I was around 23 I also wasn’t very discreet about what I thought, in both a good and a bad way. I remember that I used to speak out loud what I thought and felt without really being careful about it. I didn’t really think about how what I said could shock or affect the people around me. When I recall this I think that indeed Yuri-kun is just 23, he’s pretty young in the end. But I do believe that he must have been under a lot of pressure, both because of his psychological weakness and because he had to face the truth that Victor had become his coach. Maybe that press conference in episode 3 is actually the moment where he became determined to skate with Victor despite all the pressure.

—What about Yurio, then?

U: Yurio is about to advance to the senior tournaments after obtaining very good results in his junior years and being praised as a genius. He has an ambition to make a grand senior debut to show himself to the world.

—The electric guitar BGM that plays when he shows up is quite impressive.

U: Yeah, it’s pretty flashy. There are a lot of scenes where he shows an aggressive behavior… (LOL)

T: He bullied me (LOL).

U: But I think that the gap between his hostile behavior and the moments where you can feel his real age is one of the elements that makes his character interesting.

T: Yurio has kind of a bad temper (LOL).

U: He’s a bit unusual.

T: Personally, I was actually looking forward to seeing how Ucchi would play him. In the end that sharp personality does suit a 15 years old boy. As we can see in some scenes like in episode 3 “Onsen on ICE”, he is also able to acknowledge his own defeat, which means that he’s not just selfish and that at his age he already understands that recognizing when you lost is the key to becoming strong. That’s what makes him a genius, in my opinion. People like him have the qualities of a star, and that’s why other people follow them or are attracted to them. …I envy his popularity! (LOL)

U: (LOL) Well, Yurio is catchy. Including his looks.

—What impression did you (Toyonaga-san) receive from Uchiyama-san’s Yurio?

T: It’s presumptuous for me to say this, but I’ve always thought that Ucchi has a flair for sensing other people’s acting. In this series too, when we discussed with sound director (Youji) Shimizu, director (Sayo) Yamamoto and Kubo-san and it was decided how to flesh out Yurio, he responded right away. Same goes for my Yuri Katsuki. When playing Yuri-kun I decided to make him really “flat”, and I personally had the feeling that both in the recording test and the actual performance Ucchi was adapting his acting to that, like “I see, Tosshi is playing Yuri in a flat way. Then I’ll do this other way (for Yurio)”. I think that’s quite remarkable.

U: I think that in a way Toyonaga-san is a stubborn person, as in he usually has his own idea on how he wants to play something. I’m not really like that, so when someone tells me “please do this way” I don’t have a reason to object and I just change my acting as requested. But when Toyonaga-san is told “please try to do this way”, sometimes if he has a different opinion he will speak what he believes out loud. It’s a different style, but I respect him.

T: I’m not sure which one is better though (LOL). But actually it’s not something that happens so often to me. I can also do like Ucchi, usually. Just that for Yuri Katsuki, I have the feeling that I can’t play him properly if when they tell me how to act I can’t understand the reason Yuri is feeling that way. So it happens that, during recording, we spend time talking Yuri’s lines over. The thing is that if I just do what they ask me without actually being convinced of it I’m worried that it might reflect in my acting, that it won’t sound convincing… Yeah, I guess I am stubborn, indeed! (LOL.)

U: I don’t think that’s a bad thing (LOL). Maybe if there was a better word? “Stubborn” kind of tends to have a negative image.

T: Nah, I think that I really am stubborn. That’s why I’m very envious of your ability to reset all you’ve done until that point and just restart from scratch. I’m not really good at that.

U: Sure thing is that Yuri really speaks a lot in every episode. He’s a perfect example of a protagonist.

T: Kubo-san too told me “sorry that there are so many lines, but actually there’s gonna be even more later on” (LOL). But to be honest, what I found most difficult is not the number of lines but the fact that comedy parts and realistic parts are mixed up. This series has a very fast pace, and sometimes my acting mind can’t keep up with the speed. Like the sudden switch when the mini charas show up, it’s not something that happens very often in other series.

U: When watching it might not feel as fast, but yeah, playing it is quite tough (LOL).

—How do Yuri and Yurio feel about each other?

T: I don’t think Yuri thinks that much about Yurio…

U: He doesn’t look like he cares a lot about him.

T: Yeah, it looks like he doesn’t really think anything. He has stronger feelings regarding the fact that Victor came to his place. Yurio feels that Yuri stole Victor from him so of course he lashes out at him continuously. As for Yuri, he’s like “there’s no point in taking it out on me..”. In the end it’s not like he personally asked Victor to come there.

U: I think that Yurio is profoundly convinced that Victor was supposed to become someone that would greatly influence him, and that he was stolen from him. He is also nervous because he wants to keep up his good results from the junior era and he fears that if he doesn’t start properly he will lose the best period for an athlete. He is also afraid that if Yuri Katsuki blossoms he might become an amazing athlete. It’s for all these reasons that he is determined to pull apart Yuri and Victor. That’s how I picture him when I play him.

Victor is to Yuri the same as Jackie is to Toyonaga-san!?

—What is Victor to Yuri and Yurio?

T: To Yuri I guess he’s basically like a god. He has always admired him. I used to be a big fan of Jackie Chan, I think it’s probably the same.

U: I see. So it’s as if Jackie Chan suddenly showed up at your place and told you “I’m going to teach you action stunts”.

T: …I guess it would be like that. “Eeeh! No, wait, my room is full of your posters!!”. Kind of.

U: Ok, maybe not really the same (LOL).

T: Probably not (LOL). Well, it’s not like I wanted to do stunts like him anyway!

U: You should be an action star of a certain level for it to be the same (LOL).

T: Yeah. I’m not really on the same level as Yuri-kun (LOL). Well I do think that it’s somewhat like that. In the beginning Yuri-kun was probably ecstatic, but after some time he’ll likely get worried of what people start to think about him, considering that Victor is giving up his life as an athlete to coach him. I think he will realize that he cannot keep on just worshipping him like before.

—Who is your favorite character?

T: I like Popovich, absolutely! I really want you to look forward to his spirit (LOL).

U: I’m sure people will love his character. (Wataru) Hatano-san did a good job.

T: Yes! He’s really pitiful, but when you see that from the outside it’s kind of funny! Mind, I’m not talking bad about him, but isn’t it true that sometimes people who are seriously sad, surprised or scared look a bit funny seen from an external point of view?

U: Depending on the point of view the same thing can feel like either a comedy or a tragedy.

T: He’s the perfect embodiment of that. You can completely understand his feelings, but he’s still funny.

U: I like Kenjiro Minami quite a lot. He looks up to Yuri, right? I really liked how he shaked Yuri up when he was feeling embarassed about his past performances.

T: To Minami-kun Yuri was probably the same as what Victor was to Yuri.

—What scenes impressed you?

U: I liked when in episode 1 we see the recollections of Yuri’s life. I thought it was really well done how in such a short amount of time they showed many sides of his past. It had a great impact and I like it a lot.

T: I liked the scene in episode 2 where Yuri hastily hides all the posters in his room and then when he’s in his bed he suddenly realizes how happy and excited he is that Victor is there. I think it’s very much like him. Also, who is that guy, Takao, that Mari neechan was talking about?? (LOL). He just appears for an instant but I can’t help wondering who he is. Also, the night before “Onsen on ICE”, when Yuri goes to Minako-sensei’s place to practice the choreography, and the scene in episode 4 where he sits next to Victor on the beach and they talk, they all fit Yuri’s character and had me impressed.

—Could you tell us some anecdotes about recording?

U: The 3 skate nerd sisters played by (Akiko) Yajima-san are amusing. They are entertaining to watch on the screen as well.

T: Those 3 sisters are funny. They first record the 1st one, then the 2nd and the 3rd, so basically Yajima-san is doing the recording in 3 times. Sometimes the picture just shows the lineart and sometimes it’s just the storyboard, so not even sound director Shimizu understands what line is said by which sister (LOL). But apparently in Yajima-san’s mind they are different and actually she changes her acting slightly for each sister, I think that’s really amazing.

—Lastly, please leave a message for our readers!

T: What is interesting about this series is that the meaning of “growing up” is a bit different than in most others. Yuri-kun already has skills, so it doesn’t really feel like he’s “growing”… more like that Victor is opening doors for him that he wasn’t able to open before. When he’s not performing he still is his usual meek self, so his original personality does not really change, but by being with Victor he’s influenced by him little by little. I think you are all cheering on the GP series of the real world, but in the meantime the GP series in the anime is also getting to its most interesting part and the China tournament is about to end.

U: Yurio is waiting for you in the Russia tournament coming next.

T: Yeah. There will finally be the confrontation with Yurio. Stay tuned to see how they will end up eventually. In the next episode, ep. 7, my favorite guy Popovich is going to show an amazing performance (LOL), enjoy that and the rest of the series too!

U: We are going to see lots of characters with varied personalities, coming from different countries and grown up in different conditions. This series is an original anime, so actually we’re also very excited when doing recordings because not even we know what’s going to happen in the long run. I hope that you can feel the same while watching. Be sure to follow the series until the end!

T: …Actually, I heard how it ends~… from Kubo-san.

U: I don’t think you should have.

T: It’s not how you think! I couldn’t help it… She got drunk at a dinner meeting and just let it slip out (LOL).

U: Don’t make her drink! (LOL)

ask questions about cloud !!

HELLO!! so, cloud is Very Close to reaching a very important follower milestone, and we’d love to do something for people to thank you for being here. as some of you know i have a youtube channel, and i love to make videos, so i thought this would be perfect: 

ask questions into our inbox about cloud and i will answer them in a video, i will be including lots of footage of her being cute (eg if you ask what is her favourite food i could film her enjoying it) this video is all about cloud and what stuff you want answered so you can ask anything, from fun stuff to serious stuff

psa: if you don’t want your username to be in the video then remain anon, as i’m probably going to be saying/showing them. thank u!!!! have fun asking!!

David had just given our daughter medication to help her deal with a cold, and, quite abruptly, she announced that he was “more like the mom” and I was “the dad.” Wait, what? How can our kids (of all people!) be hypnotized by the rigid gender dichotomy that our family undermines by our very existence?

It’s not even as though we follow roles that break down in quite the way of “traditional” mom/dad couples. My job’s hours are pretty flexible, so I have lots of time to spend with the family. I do my share of the laundry and generally clean up after dinner. David does the cooking. And when it comes to caring for them when they’re sick—which, after all, triggered the mom/dad comment—it’s a pretty even deal. 

I admit the home workload isn’t strictly a 50/50 proposition. David’s design business is part-time at this point, and he does more around the house than I do. But our roles are flexible and nongendered enough that calling us Mom and Dad is just weird.

It’s also true that our neighborhood is very gender-progressive. Our next door neighbors both work full-time, but the dad’s home a lot more, does more than half the cooking, and is forever busy around the house. On the next block is a dad who mainly works from home while mom goes off to her full-time engineering job. Another mom is a high-level nurse practitioner whose husband is an ice sculptor. And so on. In sum, there is no shortage of gender-role busting all around us. Why isn’t all that enough to steer our kids away from such reductive ways of thinking?

Because even those important, living examples of role flexibility are still overwhelmed by the morass of gender traditionalism swirling around them.

Happy New Year, everyone~
Haven’t gotten the chance to properly draw stuffs since I’ve been busy with school projects since December, and my previous laptop broke down just one week away from my project presentation.

 It got quite hectic since recording and video-editing took quite a lot of your time and resources to do.

-And then there’s the abomination from a certain tech company with their Win10- The new OS is quite a view huh?

A lot happened back during 2016, half of them wasn’t particularly a pleasant experience. Despite all the bad things, I did have quite a number of good things going around. I didn’t expect to suddenly get a huge amount of following on my Twitter, Pixiv, and Tumblr at the beginning of 2016, and it grew steadily over the preceding months. You guys are a part of reasons that keep me going.

Thank you very much for your support. It probably doesn’t mean much to other people, but it means a lot to me. 

As for 2017.
Well, one thing for sure; it’s my final year of study. That means I will be busy for the whole year with my animation project and paperwork. I’ll still be doing commissions from time to time, but I’ll be opening up less slots than before since my main priority will be on the project itself. 

Again, happy new year~

I see some folk getting annoyed on Tumblr about everyone talking about the American Election, or getting riled about people shitting on Trump … But I really quite like it. It’s nice seeing all the Trump hate because it lets me know I chose to follow the right people and that you’re decent folk and not a loada assholes B)


So, as the year finally starts to draw to a close, and I think we can all agree that this year has been a diabolical one, I thought I would make this follow forever as a thanks to all you guys for keeping my dash fun and full of amazing quality stuff. I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten anybody, but turns out I follow quite a lot of people lol. And if you’re wondering who the hell this is, I recently changed my url.

Hope you all have a brilliant 2017. Love you guys!
— Dan :)

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Things I have been reading 2016 review...

I know that 2016 has been a bit of a shit year, we have lost some remarkable people, seen some ridiculous events which never should have happened and felt quite a lot of fear BUT we have also had huge outpourings of love, examples of amazing athletic ability and some fabulous creative people have given us some fantastic fic so here is my 2016 round up for you featuring some of my favourite fics of 2016.

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10 Amazing Writers You Should Go Follow:

There are so many wonderfully talented writers out there who have helped and inspired me this year so here are just 10 of them (it was really hard to just put 10) but really these 10 and everyone who has made it onto my rec list this year is well worth a follow so go check out…











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Dean: I Fucking Knew It –  @dancingalone21 Confused Dean is adorable and I love the relationship between him and Sam in this one. Fantastically written.

Sam: The T-Shirt - @lipstickandwhiskey I am totally into Sam fluff at the moment and this is brilliant.

Cas: Enough@willowing-love  A little bit of Cas that may break your heart.

Gabe: Buy One Get One Free @murdochinthetardis If ever Gabe needed to possess someone then I totally volunteer for that.  A beautifully written Gabriel who is swiftly becoming my angel of choice (Just don’t let Cas know)

Lucifer: Confusion and Awkwardness - @sdavid09  So now I have a thing for Lucifer, or more of a thing for Lucifer. This is so beautifully written and cute.

Crowley: Magic Crowley - @kittenofdoomage Take Crowley, take Magic Mike, put them together and this awesomeness is what you get.

Balthazar: Interrupting Fate - @wayward-mirage  There should be more Balthazar, this is fantastic but may break your heart.


Until Eternity - @faith-in-dean I was never really one for Benny but this series is so adorable you can’t help but love him. 

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - @impalapossible  This series is amazing and I am currently a puddle of tears on the floor waiting for the next bit.  Teen! Dean is really well written and I have never wanted to punch John more than I have reading this.

Fresh Start -  @like-a-bag-of-potatoes  This is a fantastic little series and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

A Little Too Late Series – Gabriel x Reader @lucifersagents  A wonderful little series that has me checking my notifications for the next update.

Choosing You – Dean x Reader @writingbeautifulmen This series is fantastic.  Dean is brilliantly written and the roller-coaster of emotions it sends you on is just awesome.

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Steve: Tinder Gone Wrong - @mangosoldier  A little bit of Steve that will brighten up your day.

Bucky: Hair Ties - @buckyssinbin This made me fall a little bit more in love with Bucky.  

Sam:Impressions - @beccaanne814-blog  Sam Wilson is such a smoothy and there should be more of these because this was so on point.

Tony: Almost - @mellifluous-melodramas The characterization of Tony in this one is just gorgeous.

T’Challa:Long Overdue - @softcorehippos this is so lovely and I just melted a little reading it.

Scott:  Shake Your Head Yes - @bovaria   I didn’t realise I was missing Scott Lang fic in my life until I read this.  I dare you to read this and not have a bit of a crush on Scott after.

Pietro: Turning The Tables - @hymnofthevalkyries This is brilliant, I do love a bit of Mr Maximoff.


The Lonely Tree – Steve x Reader @sarahwroteathing Steve is so sweet in this one and I love the whole concept of this series.

For Your Convenience –  @brighterlights AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! This entire series is just so cute and sweet and oh man this is exactly how I would be in this situation! Fabulous, just fabulous.

Friends Like Ours Series –  @brighterlights I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore this series! Go read it right now!

Are We There Yet - @mangosoldier . I have no words to describe how much I am loving this little series.  A road trip with Steve, Sam and Bucky! This is funny and sweet and just beautiful.

Postcards@sebbytrash This series is so sweet and beautifully written.

My Type - @romanovoff   I love this little series about which of the Avengers the reader would go for.  Each part is just so funny and cute and each character is really well observed.

Alternate “You”niverse@marvelandassociates I found this little gem, binge read it until the early hours of the morning and am now craving the next part.  A great concept and so well written.

By Royal Decree - @bovaria Bucky is being a dick, Steve is being amazing, this totally has me torn.

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Star Trek:

Kirk: We are, aren’t we?@castielohcastiel This made me melt.  All the characters in this were written so perfectly, definitely one of my favourites.

Bones: Echos on the Enterprise - @bkwrm523  Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.  I do have a thing for Bones right now and in this one he is filthy.

Scotty: Jaylah and Jim Pushing You and Scotty Together - @youre-on-a-starship  For all you Scotty girls out there this is just sooooo fluffy!! Everytime I read this it makes me grin. 


Ribbons – @kilismaiden . I’m not generally a Kirk girl but this little series has me hooked.  I love how she writes him and the story is super sweet.

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Other Fandoms and Fics:

Decode - @vintagevalentinexx  - After binge reading the story so far I may be a little bit in love with Mycroft Holmes. Fantastic characterisation and gripping story, please go read this, it is worth it.

Amends -  @mywritingsblog  Seb x reader AND Tom Hiddleston x reader.  I am soooooo addicted to this little gem of a series!! Tom or Seb? Seb or Tom? Choices choices.

Sunscreen – Richard Speight Jr x Reader - @wayward-mirage This lovely little bit of fluffiness is well worth a read.

Complete and Total Idiot - @wayward-mirage  writes THE BEST Rich fics and I invite you all into my fluffy little pillow fort to drown in the pit that is my Richard Speight Jr obsession.

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anonymous asked:

What’s your opinon on Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar lady)? She seems to know something, she’s very popular and claims to have helped a lot of people. But she’s totally not vegan. How come her diet works?

What do you mean by “it works”?

Keeps her slim? yes (for now)
Keeps her healthy? No
Keeps her alive and running? Yes with the help of stimulants…

Ive answer this many of times, but simply put, the low carb, low sugar, paleo people all follow a similar diet that requires the body to go into ketosis.

Ever since Sarah said that eating a mars bar is the same as eating a punnet of blue berries I couldnt take anything she said seriously…. 😑

For those that don’t know or haven’t seen me rant about this many times, here it is again. Carbohydrates are the bodies primary fuel source, it’s super easy for our body to turn carbs into glucose and every cell in our body runs off glucose.

If you remove the carbs and only eat high fat/protein foods then your body has no choice but to use fat instead, it breaks down the fat and converts it into ketone bodies which can then be used to fuel the body. Obviously a much harder and less efficient way of getting glucose.

This state of the body is called ketosis. In other words “starvation mode” putting stress onto the body, making it use fat as fuel rather then feeding it what it needs. Long term, the build up of ketone bodies can be dangerous and lead to organ failure and other problems in the body. Not the mention the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, animal protein and other nasties which are directly linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancers, auto immune diseases and more.

Now if you are on a paleo/low carb diet like Sarah recommends, you are going to lose weight but only if you are eating under a certain amount of calories. Because when you aren’t getting enough calories from food your body will turn to the body fat you have and eat away at that to use for fuel. NOT a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight.

This way of eating isn’t sustainable because you are depriving your body of something it NEEDS, carbs, and eventually you will hit a wall and fall off and binge like crazy. (People call this “ lack of self control” and then begin the diet over again)…. Any diet that evolves calorie restriction will fail long term. Low carb diets often rely on coffees every day because they need stimulants to get through the day 👎🏼

Why do all that to your body when you can thrive on a vegan diet, with the carbs, without calorie restricting, without stimulants, with NO side effects. A diet you can do forever and only get healthier!

Paleo is a trend that will die, veganism is the future for the people, the plant and the animals ✌🏼

Update + Survival Strategies for Medschool

Today a few people came crying to me and a few more expressed their low mood. This is one of the days when medschool really sucks :/ Keep reading to see how I stay sane myself.

On the bright side, I felt much more confident doing prehospital care scenarios tonight and learned a lot so I’m glad I went and didn’t follow the lazy minion in my head.

I was quite curious about the feedback I’ve been getting from tutors and doctors in hospital so I peeked into my feedback and some of it is so positive I thought they must’ve confused my name with someone else’s. Either that or I managed to fool everyone into thinking I know a lot when I don’t feel that way at all. If I did, it must be my new life attitude working - I decided I would:

- show up (unless really unnecessary)
- put on a poker face if feeling nervous, smile a lot
- fake it till you make it, including dressing the part
- not take criticism to heart - seriously throw that negativity out the window, you don’t need someone to tell you you don’t know something and make you feel bad for it if you already know you don’t and you’re working on it
- remember the consultant/attending only knows more because they’ve had more practice, they are not better, just further down the line
- strategically answer questions when 100% sure
- reason through the ones where not 100% sure
- talk around the answer when I really don’t know (only because when I say I don’t know, doctors keep pressing me more and saying that I probably do - annoying habit!)
- ask questions
- ask more questions to avoid getting asked questions or in response to a question if I don’t know the answer (they forget they were the ones to ask)
- joke with the doctors & make friends with them, they’re mostly nice people
- befriend the junior doctors and final year students, they’ll help without even being asked
- carry a massive notebook everywhere and take down every single case or piece of information I hear - helps you learn + makes you look like you’re on it
- never trust them when they say they’ll send you the slides because they never do
- Google, Wikipedia and YouTube are my best friends
- the Oxford handbooks and the BNF are my second best friends
- learning outcomes: use ‘em, you’ll feel like a genius if you read around them in advance
- ask to do things on wards/theatre/clinic, take bloods, do ECG, calculate & prescribe meds, clerk, examine, assist in surgeries, suture
- go to conferences, learn more about the specialties you enjoy, it’ll fuel your studying
- feign interest even if really disinterested, it works and you learn
- buy a cheap whiteboard and draw complex pathways on it so they’re ingrained in your mind forever, look at it as you come and go

- chew gum discreetly, always
- wear monochrome and smell good but not overpowering
- make time for fun with friends every day
- speak to family everyday
- do a few good things for others everyday
- gym a couple times per week
- eat well (not too “healthy” and not too unhealthy - balance is key!)
- tidy up room (& life) every once in a while
- memes (can’t stress this one enough)
- allow self to wallow in self-pity for a day or two but make sure to reset and get back on track after the specified time frame
- learn about the world and not lose touch with what it is to be human, watch documentaries, read articles, communicate with old friends and stay in touch
- hot showers before bed, face scrub, chill in dressing gown and spa slippers
- change bed linen every week
- keep window open at night
- spray air freshener or light candles
- decorate walls, have books on the shelf
- never drink coffee, always drink water
- eat any and all free food to avoid cooking
- not take self too seriously and take every opportunity to have some banter

About my latest post

This is the first time, aside from my personal post, I posted something unrelated to Japanese VA or seiyuu. Honestly, I feel very anxious right now. The title of my blog is ‘Seiyuu’ and I just posted something I can’t tag as #seiyuu

It annoys me so much, but since quite long ago, I really, really want to start posting about the people behind anime production, and not only about the seiyuu. I want to write about the author, producer, singer…. I missed a lot of things by thinking that I SHOULD wait until 1000 posts and maybe change my direction.

I can’t change my blog title, and I honestly don’t want to. So I just want to tell all the people who follow me because of my seiyuu facts,

“Seiyuu is number one priority in this blog. It will never change. However, I really want to try putting extra information about the people behind anime production without ruining this blog’s seiyuu facts. Thank you for your understanding.”


Ri - Seiyuu’s Little Forest

Hello !

I finally hit a milestone and I wanted to do what everyone else does to appreciate all of the loving people around me ( I’m very grateful for every one of you ).  When I first started this account I would have never imagined making it to 100, let alone 1000+. Therefore I’ve decided to celebrate with a follow forever and  hopefully this wouldn’t be the last since I’m quite eager to interact with more people. This is a long list of  ‘thank you’ to those who made my life better. For the past years, I made some amazing and beautiful friends. There are a lot of people that I adore, I wish to speak to and there are also people who made not just a huge impact in my life but also changed me into a better person. So, without further ado, let me get started!

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Hello everyone - Happy New Year! 🎉 I have been meaning to do a studyblr follow forever for about a week, since I hit my goal of 300 followers. Now it may not seem a lot to some people, but considering I only properly used this blog since maybe May/June, and my posts have been fairly sporadic, I think that 300 is quite a great achievement. So without further ado…

Favourites Mutuals

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{based on x} | Teresa  TRUE NEUTRAL

✓ i will stay true to my convictions

✓ i will break the law if doing so is of advantage

✗ i will not take any sides, however i may side with those taking the same view as i do

✗ i will not kill for any other reason than survival

Thomas | Minho | Newt

note: i see a lot of people saying they don’t understand how teresa could do such a thing (betraying her friends). the answer is actually quite simple. she follows a moral code that allows her to do it. she cares a lot about thomas and the rest, yes. but escaping wicked and live happily ever after is not what she wants, at least not right now. we know a bit of her tragic backstory with her mom - so finding a cure is what she wants. that is her goal. and that is exactly why she’s compatible with wicked. teresa’s not an evil person at all, she sees what wicked is doing, and she probably can see that it’s not right to kill innocent people, but what is right to her is fixing the world, find a cure, and wicked are the ones supporting that cause. so of course you could say she’s ‘good’ somehow, but not to the same extent a neutral or chaotic good person would be. neutral/chaotic good persons are unlikely to work for wicked with a clean conscience and remain convinced about it. thomas and mary are perfect examples.

Looking for people willing to help me!

So you may know me as the person who’s been spewing a bunch of YOI fanart and comics, and I’d like to ask if any of my followers would like to help me on a certain project.

Quite a while ago, I posted my Phichit-centric comic, which is exactly what it sounds like. When working on it, I had to think a lot about what Yuuri and Phichit’s days in Detroit may have been like, the five years leading up to canon YOI. I’ve wanted to do a comic series on it ever since, but figured I may as well wait until YOI canon ended to make sure I didn’t miss out on any new info.

As it is, canon didn’t give us very much so none of my theories are dissuaded! I’m planning on starting my series, called Detroit Days ASAP, with the prologue coming early January.

Here’s where I need your help. While it will mostly focus on slice of life/Yuuri and Phichit’s friendship/things leading up to canon YOI, there are a few areas that I may (keyword here) like to add some more info that I myself am not so learned in. And while I’ll look up things as best I can via the Internet, I know that having an educated opinion can really help. If you:

-are native Thai, or speak Thai fluently, or

-know a lot about competitive figure skating, especially competitions other than the GPF like the 4CC and Worlds, or

-happen to live/have lived in Detroit and know specific locations of places college students may spend their time

and are willing to let me ask you a few questions as they come up while I plot out my comics, I’d be incredibly grateful! I’m not asking for any major commitment, just a, “Sure, you can ask me a question or two, and I know these topics!”

To know where I’m coming from, I’m native Japanese but have lived in the U.S. for a majority of my life. So I have the Japanese culture and International student in the U.S. thing down at least ^ ^;

Send me a message if you’re interested, and I’ll put you on the list of people I can consult! I may not actually end up having to pester you, but it gives me more creative freedom to think that there may be people I can ask if I want to do something and get it right.

If you want to check out more of my other work, my YOI art Masterpost is here.


D'you ever sit down 

And come to the realization 

That no one loves you? Or rather, lots of people love you

Family, friends, followers, maybe even one or two exes 

They all love you to pieces 

But no on is in love with you 

No one sits up at not quite 3 am

Writing poems titled Just The Same As I Am 

With their head filled with every little detail about you 

No one thinks of you 24/7 

No one cries over you 

No one wants to see you and only you 

You’re top priority for no one 

No one needs you in their arms right this second 

No one texts first 

No one cancels plans to hang out with you 

No one goes out of their way for you 

They just issue apology after apology 

No one is in love with you 

No one obsesses over the very idea of your existence 

No one thinks of you to calm down their panic attacks 

No one thinks of you when they need their happy place 

And the worst part is 

No one ever will 

At least, that’s what you believe

I’ve had a fucked up relationship with food my whole life. Since you’re not my therapist, I won’t bore you by unpacking that particular heap of emotional baggage. But if you follow me on instastories or Snapchat then you’ve probably noticed that healthy eating has cropped up a lot over the past few months.

One of my lovely local students asked me why (heyyy Sarah) & I said it’s because there’s very little space for fat positive and body positive folks to speak about healthy eating without walking down a knife blade of body negativity.

Quite frankly, the healthy eating world tends to be EXTREMELY body negative, even though many of us fatpos & bodypos people work towards/live healthy lifestyles. These days, I’m determining what healthy eating REALLY means to me, without the trappings of body negativity. Yes, I’ve been a big fan of juicing and meatless meals for ages, but I’m incorporating some new techniques into my lifestyle.

I did @kathrynbudig’s five day #aimtrue purification from her newest book, so my head’s in the right place. My play cousin @koyawebb periodically drops golden vegan knowledge on me, and she helped me find a protein powder (@sunwarriortribe) that doesn’t make me want to vom.

I have long since been inspired by @cbquality’s plant life Snapchat inspiration, @amyippoliti is my paleo touch point, & obsessively stalking @bigbottombehavior got me on the “drink half your body weight in h2o” train which is SO MUCH BETTER FOR MY COLON than 8/8oz glasses of h2o but also SO MUCH HARDER TO DO.

But let’s be real- I’m just glad I live in a country where clean water is plentiful so I can actually refill my water bottle that many damn times without fear of something bad happening. And I’m also glad that I can afford to financially prioritize healthy eating- no matter what people say, it is SO MUCH HARDER to eat healthy when you’re on a strict af budget. And yeah, I know I’ll probably fall off the wagon at some point. But I’m not focused on that, I’m just gonna stay in the moment and drink my fucking juice.

Btw, This bra was a gift from Olga Intimates- thanks y'all. #fearlesslyflirty (at Durham, North Carolina)

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