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I just went on a blocking spree of all those Kane haters. That might make my future posting difficult but I don’t fucking care!
It’s 2017 and I’m done with all the hate and fake rumors ppl bring up.

So if you post about the Hawks or Hockey in general and are a respectful human being…
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my friend took a derpy photo of me 

so i decided to put it to good use



Okay, so, i decieded to make something special for you guys! And that is so called “Art Raffle”.

 Every weekend (If there is an opportunity) I would choose a person from my followers(Follow me if you have not already do it ) who would reblog this post. 

Then lucky one would get themselves a proper portrait. However, if you does not have a photo of himself on tumblr send me your face (probably through personal messages).

If you are curious about this event and just ask me in comments! :>

cj’s follow spree!

Alright, I’m finally going to start going through the blogs I follow and deleting inactive ones, because I really need some new content on my dash! Please give this a reblog (and maybe write your main fandoms in the tags?) if you post or reblog any of the following:

  • Haikyuu!! - especially anything involving IwaOi, or rarepairs such as BokuAkaKuroTsuki (or any form of this ship), KyouTeru, BoKuroTeru, TeruDai, or anything involving these specific characters!
  • Kuroko no Basket - AoKaga/Aomine or Kagami-centered content specifically, but just general blogs are good too!
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime - Especially if you happen to be into Obi/Zen
  • Naruto Shippuden - it’s (still) my guilty pleasure ALRIGHT
  • Old popular anime that still owns a piece of my soul, you know like Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist and Inuyasha etc. etc. etc.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Multifandom/general anime blogs
  • Overwatch - especially McHanzo, Reaper76 and Gency
  • Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout
  • Misc. video game content
  • Original art
  • Original writing

Please let me know if you…

  • Write!! I love reading fics, headcanons drabbles, and I’m not often fussed about ships.
  • Make graphics/edits!
  • Create art!
  • Pretty much whatever… if you just reblog that’s cool too, I’m just curious and would love you to let me know what your blog mainly is.

caraatplay  asked:

Can you please make the blocking system better? If I block someone, I want them COMPLETELY gone from my sight. If people I follow still reblog the person, I see them. I don't even want people to send anything from their accounts. Please. That would be so helpful, thank you.

This feature is a huge part of keeping people safe and in control of their experience on Tumblr. We made a lot of progress last year, and the team knows we have more to do. Thanks for your patience and please know we’re listening.

anonymous asked:

I remember a certain post saying that a certain darkness is needed to see the stars. I believe in you friend, I hope things get better for you every day and beyond.

hi anon ♥ i want you to know that i have been looking at this ask every other day since i received it, and it is one of the messages in my inbox that really resonated with me. i’m trying to be better. thank you for your support ♥

There’s a bunch of stuff on my dash at the moment about people who add things to their life during lent as opposed to abstaining, and a large number of posts are making fun of it and I’m just like ????

Anyway, It’s important to remember that the purpose of Lent is not sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice. The purpose of Lent is to strengthen one’s will by way of self-denial so that we may obtain the self-control necessary for us to choose Christ over our own desires.

A person who decides to sit still and pray for 20 minutes everyday when they usually don’t, is growing in self-control just as much as the person who decides to abstain from caffeine. If you don’t believe that, I’d be inclined to think that you’ve never sat down and actually tried to pray, BECAUSE👏THAT👏IS👏HARD👏FAM.

Humans are both Body and Soul. Whatever we do to one is done to the other. Let’s all remember this, so that our Lenten exercises (whatever they may be) allow us to grow in both our physical and spiritual will; helping us to ultimately grow in love of God.

(Plus there’s just the fact that if you are honestly comparing your Lenten observance to someone else’s then you have some pride my friend how ‘bout you try and practice humility instead. Also I’m super tired of hearing “b-b-but- but the purpose of lent is to give up something and suffer and join our suffering with Christ’s Passion” like no, suffering is a natural byproduct of trying to better our ugly fallen asses and as Christians we believe that we make proper use of our suffering by joining it to Christ’s suffering on the Cross. But no one in their right mind goes out seeking suffering. Go seeking Christ and suffering will find you.)

Your Home. (Our Home.)

Based on @ramskulls‘s awesome Green-thumbs AU, in exchange for some excellent artwork. Featuring police officer Casey and flower shop owner Leo, and a lot of cute boyfriend fluff. (also minor background relationships even more rare than theirs.)

AO3 version if preferred.


Casey and Leo move in together. Accidentally. And without noticing.


It starts, probably speaking, with a forgotten jacket.

It’s still casual at that point for them; coffee shop dates, movie nights, the occasional bar trip with Leo’s siblings. They’re testing the waters still, Casey and Leo, to see where they really click, and where they might need to work on things. So they’ve been sticking to light stuff; things straight out of fourth grade. Hand-holding, knees touching, and rare and momentary kisses- things that are so sickeningly sweet, its tooth rotting. It took them months to reach this point, but each slow step of the way has been wonderful to experience.

Of course, there’s always a point that a relationship moves a level upwards. Neither of them noticed reaching that point, or going above it. Not until much later.

Leo’s hours in the shop are steady, regular. He knows his schedule and work hours like the back of his hand because he’s the one who made them. Owning a flower shop can be tiring at times, especially when customers get overly picky, or cause a fuss because their rose order wasn’t just right, but it’s worth it. Mostly because he loves his work, and partially because he just likes being in charge of his own job hours.

Casey on the other hand, his hours can go all over the place depending on what tough case is on his desk that week. He’s not exactly high up in the system yet, but he’s up there enough that he’s called into all sorts of messy situations. When it’s not stressful, his work is just plain tiring, and sometimes he wonders why on earth his younger self wanted to be a police officer so much. Most nights, or days, depending on the shift, he’s pretty tuckered out from either paperwork or dealing with plain old stupid people for too many hours.

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