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((can you believe it’s been (basically) a year since i last did a follower milestone? crazy shit, right

pony count: 137

mentions below cut, in order of appearance and alphabetical

ps. if you have since unfollowed me and you’re in this lineup of followers. don’t. refollow. me. just reblog and move on))

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space--stims 1k follow forever!

i wanted to do at least…something for this milestone! this follow forever isn’t very extensive as i don’t follow a ton of stim blogs (and i was p picky on who i wanted on here), so along with their urls, it’ll include a brief description on what’s on there, who runs the blog, and who can and can’t interact. (these are in alphabetical order too!!

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anonymous asked:

Could you ask your followers to like this post if they are a vegan health/fitness/personal blog so I can follow them all pelase <3

Yes please!!! Always looking for new blogs to follow myself :)

anonymous asked:

Can you rec some blogs that are similar to yours?? Blogs that are mostly aesthetic but with some 1D?? Thanks!!

hi bab !! sorry i’m a bit late with this /: i follow so many great people, honestly. but i’m not entirely sure about all the people/blogs i follow that fit this specific description, so we’re just gonna hope i’m not wrong !! also if anyone sees this and you’re an aes-with-a-side-of-1d blog, like this so this anon sees and check your blog out, if you’d like !! :)

@mexicanasapphic 🌸💖 (tbh i’d rec my baby even if she didn’t fit the description, but she does so !!)@heartofmusicandgold 🌸 @fallingindrunkk@baa-ocean 🌸 @0nlyangels@blackgirljamz 🌸 @lovely-shewrote@mexicanan 🌸 @heyang-el@angeliety 🌸 @perlasrosa@pinkhalo 🌸 @moonsparks@divulg-e 🌸 @minirose ✨ @thiccmom 🌸

i’m hoping i got these right, and that this is v helpful !! they’re all great people, and you should def check their blogs out :)

anonymous asked:

Could you ask your followers to like this post if they are a vegan health/fitness/personal blog so I can follow them all pelase <3

Go for it guys! 😁


So awhile back I reached 1.1 k followers, which is more than I ever thought I would get. I’m really thankful to everyone who have been following me despite my multifandom mess, I love you all, you’re the best (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

To celebrate I decided to make my first follow forever (with a kingdom hearts theme because it was the first fandom I joined on tumblr). So without further ado, please take a look at these wonderful blogs that keeps my dash alive ~

(If I forgot you, misspelled your url or put you in the wrong category I’m really sorry, please forgive me)

Bolded - mutuals aka people I want to talk to more

☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。. :*・°☆.。.:*・°☆   :*・°☆.。.:*・°☆


@amble-r // @cloudedcamera- // @daarskap // @eesadowruh​ // @flow-with-life​ // @ip-soo​ // @macbcth​ // @mczarts​ // @meonthshore​ // @niyavi​ // @syillusion​ // @syioh​ // @tromos​ // @vitamn​ // @1945px

Anime and Manga

@akahshi // @albenedetto //  @artistari-chan // @attackontitans // @bishochan // @bleachallmysoul // @bleachend // @daiifukuu // @digi-egg // @eeievui // @endz // @fairytailwitch // @ftartistnet // @fuckyeahbleach //  @fuckyeahsasusaku // @fyeahakatsukinoyona // @fyeahonepunchman // @fyeahpsychopass // @fyhxh // @gangstacaps // @grayfullbster // @hirata-s // @justhunterxhunter // @kaizoku-niiichan // @kammishiro // @kanekikn // @kawaii-shota // @kiyoshicaps // @kyuubi-cchi // @mangafascination // @nezuomi // @ninetaill // @ohinuyasha // @psycho-greasers // @raikis // @sasusaku-graphics // @satsuyo // @shikisaii // @shonentrash // @tsukis // @tsukiyma // @utsushiame // @wetonight // @xamiboy // @yuuchiroz // @yuyukah // @-tsuna


@cynthiatedy // @danielmackeyy // @itukai // @jisook86  // @littleoil // @nawakis // @papabay // @queen-serena // @rooo-oot // @tofuvi // @uinuna

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@avatar-the-last-airbender // @dailyclassicdisney // @dailyghibli // @ghibli-forever // @kida-tiana // @mickeyandcompany // @pastelghibli // @rinsuella // @thedisneyprincess


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Kpop / Kshows

@blackjack-net // @daesungstrash // @dramatoon // @eluvnel // @gebriel // @kanggary // @k-yuhyuns // @loveableoneman // @minzees // @miss-mongji // @qaerin // @shinee // @shineetho // @s-innercircle // @taehyunss // @tokkiteuk // @winnercty // @ygwinner // @1000noteskpop


@awesomeshitcake // @blackforestwolf // @cloudhae // @daburupurei // @dancerkai // @dressrosas // @edwarddelrics // @elixierium  // @grand-piano // @hanoodle // @hyugabae // @love1ess // @omochaya // @perceptivewise // @reinbo-yume // @screamingbeckonthesilent //   @shizuos // @solmarwang // @stuckinfantasy // @trashlies // @zackthepuppy07

My friends and I were supposed to bake today, and one of them offered her apartment but had plans with her boyfriend in the early afternoon, so we agreed to get together at four.

I get there at four, try to open the door (because it’s always unlocked). It’s locked. I knock. Her dogs go ballistic. No answer.

I sit down on the steps and send snapchats until the second friend shows up. We wait for a few minutes for our friend to text us, then go to Starbucks because it’s about to rain.

She texts us an hour and a half later to say she completely forgot.

Honestly, we’re not even mad because we got to hang out for a bit, and we’re never going to let her live it down. But like, this is my actual life.

anonymous asked:

Could you ask your followers to like this post if they are a vegan health/fitness/personal blog so I can follow them all pelase <3

Of course! (:

2016 is (finally) coming to an end so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and make my own follow forever. This year has not been the best but being here and being a part of this fandom with you guys has definitely made it a lot more bearable. 

I would like to thank every single one of my followers for liking, reblogging, commenting and just being there for me whenever I’ve need you. It truly means the world to me. I would also like to thank everyone wonderful and talented person on this list for making my dash such a beautiful and magical place.

Anyways, happy new year and here’s to a better 2017!

  • mutuals are bolded
  • absolute favorites are italicized 

a - c

@acrobat-elle  ❅ @alexandralyman  ❅ @belovedcreation  ❅ @bluestoplights  ❅ @caprelloidea  ❅ @captain–kitten  ❅ @captainhand  ❅ @captainswaan  ❅ @captainswan4e  ❅ @captainswanouat  ❅ @captainswansource  ❅

d - i

@dashingrapskillian  ❅ @dashingswan  ❅ @deputyhook  ❅ @emmamorrison @emmaofmisthaven  ❅ @enchanted-keys  ❅ @fuckstruckswan  ❅ @hookedoncaptswan  ❅ @hotchocolatewithkillian  ❅ @i-know-how-you-kiss  ❅ @initiala  ❅ @inloveswan  ❅ @isabellekillian  ❅

j - l

@jennifer-morrison @jennifermorrisons  ❅ @katsuukis  ❅ @kevinmckidd  ❅ @killians-dimples  ❅ @killianswench @laschatzi  ❅ @lieutenantducklings ❅  @lillyanjones  ❅ @lizacstuff  ❅ @lovestruckhook  ❅ @lucifer-morningstar @lumadreamland

m - s

@miloventimglia @museelo  ❅ @nowforruin  ❅ @ohmycaptn  ❅ @onceland  ❅ @oncepromised  ❅ @ooshka-babooshka  ❅ @piratesails  ❅ @pocket-anon  ❅ @sailorkillian  ❅ @scribblecat27  ❅ @seastarved  ❅ @sheriffchiselchin  ❅ @shoedonym  ❅ @startswithhope  ❅ @storybrooke @swanaf  ❅ @swanisms  ❅ @swannsavior  ❅ @swanshope 

t - x

@tennant-the-tigger  ❅  @the-lady-swan  ❅ @thejollypirate  ❅  @this-too-too-sullied-flesh  ❅ @waiting-for-autumn  ❅  @warriorswan @winter-by-the-sea  ❅ @xemmaloveskillianx  ❅  @xerxesrises  ❅

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welcome to my first follow forever!

I decided to make a follow forever before I go on semi-hiatus, because why not? you all have made the past few months so incredible and fun and i am so thankful.

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Vegan Bloggers?

I’ve unfollowed a lot of vegan blogs lately for various reasons and now my dash is a little slow because of it. If you are a vegan blogger and your content is at least mostly focused on animal rights/ ethical veganism then feel free to reblog/like/comment on this post and I’ll check out your blog. It doesn’t matter how regularly you post or how popular your blog is, so long as it is inclusive and you wouldn’t mind if I follow you. I hope you’re all having a good weekend.