i follow 50 blogs and never more than that

Gentlemen!!!! Listen!!

I am relatively naïve due to my childhood and religious upbringing. Periodically I skim your blogs.. quite educational by the way.. tonight I found a blog of a woman who, according to her Bio, is an amateur porn producer. She sells her Kik, videos, “pillow chats”, clothing.. (SunflowerSara if you want to find her… $50/ month to chat, get pictures, and videos.)

However, this enlightened me about a problem I have. I have well over 20,000 following me.. shocking I know!!! I never imagined or even wanted the attention. If I were paid $50/month by all to whom I give my time now, I would earn over $100,000 a month. 😐

At some point in their relationship with me, I have had Followers…more than I want to quantify…ask me for personal pictures, sexual interests, sexual stories, videos, my number, my Kik, to call me, meet me…. All with me only seeing a cock or abs or reblogs of their porn interests. I recognize that these individuals probably think they are giving compliments.

I think women, such as Ms. Sunflower, have allowed men to become accustomed to rude behavior.

Men. It is not appropriate to walk up to a lady and stick your cock in her face unless you have a contract to pay her for such treatment. Of course you are beautiful men. But, let us ask for it!! Why would a lady want to give you ANYTHING with a sales job of..”your tits are beautiful, do you want to meet?” From a little Orange box or said “Cock Avatar”?

My suggestion.. Read a woman’s bio, read the content of her blog, and then introduce yourself.

 It is totally fine for Ms. Sunflower to run her blog. I hope she is financially and personally very happy. I have female friends here that have stated on their bio to please submit cock pictures and masturbate with them. Again, great for them.

But Gentleman, not EVERY women in an Online environment likes or finds pleasure in those interactions. Be aware of your presentation and interactions as you meet new people. For me, I am busy. Yes, I love sex and am sexual. However, I am not your mistress. I am not a your wife or girlfriend. I am certainly not your prostitute or slut!

This NOT my career - nor will it be. I want to communicate positively with those in my path. But these thoughtless interactions are a drain on my Time, Energy, and Emotions. Improve please!!

Another point Gentlemen, if a woman such as a myself ever does give her personal contact information, exchanges clothing or videos, TREASURE her and treat her well; because she is rare and priceless. Thank for this educational moment.

It’s with great honour and gratitude to reach one thousand followers for my main/booklr/aesthetic blog. I’ve had this blog for almost a year, having that I accidentally deleted my old blog of 4 years. In the beginning, I was devastated that all my old personal blog that I’ve spent practically my whole high school life, was deleted and never retrievable but I with that, I took a deep breath, let go of that past, and started anew with this blog. A blog that I shared a specific passion in books, mythology and  other aesthetics with. This blog changed everything. With it, I met a lot of new and amazing people with the same passion as me. I’ve found more books to read, shows to watch, inspirations for art and above all, friends to connect with. And with all that, I say thank you to the following whom I admire and give praise.

To Michelle aka @perxephne
Without you, none of this would have happened. You’re the first book friend I’ve met before this blog! I credit you to helping me get into reading more, being with me through happy and hard times, and for becoming my first best internet buddy who I actually met! You’re such a kind, beautiful, sophisticated young soul. The kind you read in a Donna Tartt book. Thank you for sticking with me all this time and helping me blossom this blog to what it is.

To Diana aka @kazzriel
I am so thankful that our paths crossed and I got to know you and connect with our love of A Court of Mist and Fury along with other books like AEITA and SOC. I first reached out to you cuz we had the same name lol and being fangirling best friends makes this blog worth while a lot of the time. I want to thank you once again and a million times more for the package of books you sent me! It’s just really cool to think we’re so far apart from each other yet we’re this close. I’m so ready to fangirl about ACOWAR with you!!!!

To my GF squad aka @dirtyhandsnet
You girls changed this blog for me indefinitely. I never knew I could connect with such amazing friends and create a kind of sisterhood (or girlfriend hood?) with you girls. We connect with each other on such a high level that I don’t think most networks have. I’m so glad that I have such a supportive, caring group like you. Thank you and NMNF.

To Allie aka @alohomra
You’re such a refreshing ray of sunshine when I met you in person! I think we could have talked for hours upon hours more than what we had back then. You’re a small piece of inspiration as to why I’m going into Digital Media Design here in MB. You’re so nice and bubbly and really cool! Thank you for the being there for me!

To Jem aka @lovesclub
Thanks mom (we’ve been mutuals for the longest time and you helped me get on my feet as a booker) You’re way cooler than me.

To Simi aka @ninazcneik
I think you were one of the first 10ish people to follow me and definitely the first mutual I’ve had. You always stick out to me. I always have admired your blog and it gives a smile to see you ask for a blograte and my notes (I’ll definitely pick up The Diviners just for you, don’t worry!). It makes me proud to be close to a blog that makes beautiful edits and is so #aesthetic. We’ve silently been stuck together since the beginning so I want to credit you in the growth of this blog too!

Even though she’s inactive at the moment I want to thank Jolly aka @rhyesand
I’m so happy we started talking to each other! We’ve got more than a month’s worth of Snapchat streak and let’s never stop! You’re so cute and cool and smart and you helped me go broke with all the book buying but without it, I wouldn’t have gotten ACOWAR at 50% off?? Like wow! Thank you for being awesome!

To @mythologicalnet , vixensnet , and mermaidntw
I want to thank these Networks for accepting me! It’s great honour to be part of your networks too!

For the rest, I’d love to thank the following people for their blogs that help me build this one.

@adampairrsh, @adamperrish, @adamsey, @adaestra, @adriansydney, @aesterea, @alekzandermorozova, @alinastakov, @alisonreynclds, @alrightpotter, @aly-naith, @aminyard, @andrewminyurd, @arctmis, @ardennttly, @arisdantes, @artemiseia, @arteomis, @ashryvaer, @asteriaria @astveria, @aphrodihe, @apcllo, @avdrewminyard, @baudelaireklause, @bb8s, @bellhound, @blcise, @bleuczerny, @bloesargent, @blsgnt, @blueganseys, @blueganseys, @bluesey-182, @bluesurgent, @bluvsargent, @breisls, @cabeswaeter, @cabeswatre, @cedricdiggoury, @chainsaw-assassin, @chxngsey, @cigarettesmokeandexyracquets, @citriene, @collinslily, @crooked-queen, @cuipid,  @czrenys, @daisycalloway, @damnitminyard, @daniellewildes, @dawncourt, @deadparrish, @demtr, @dickgasney, @dolcegf, @drogonqueen, @drunklesbian, @dvurmstrang, @edgarapoe. @elains, @eterniety, @etherealae, @exyjosten, @faeyre, @faeyries, @fcyre, @feyrearcheron, @feysanded, @fleurrdelacour, @fleuvrdelacour, @fourmillionkruge, @foxhoescourt, @foxhole-way, @francesjanvier, @ganceys, @ganszey, @gcldentrios, @gcrdcn, @ginnyv, @ginnyweaslsy, @glitterdower, @greatganseys, @greywaren, @gwcnllians, @gxnnyweasley, @haermes, @havilliard, @hayleylkiyoko, @heartrenderatheart, @heartrnder, @heart-brekker, @hecaites, @heistia, @herimone, @herxnstairs, @highfaerys, @hsinfully, @hufflevpuff, @huntzbergrs, @hynpos

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So, as you could see, I have reach 1000 followers and I’m…It’s…Wow.

I seriously never ever expected this. Like, I thought it would be amazing if I had 50 followers and I was sure that my blog wouldn’t last a month. But here I am now. 5 months later and with more than 1000 followers.

It wouldn’t be possible without you, you are the ones who allow me to run this blog with your asks. So I just want to thank you. Really.

Thank you so much.

I wanted to make a little something to celebrate, something different than usual and I thought about using my Danganronpa Figures. I hope you had fun reading this haha !

Again, thank you. None of this would be possible without you.

-mod lili

this banner is lowkey terrible sorry hey! so i just reached 600 followers (this was originally going to be for 500 but i never got around to it whoops) which is crazy because i never thought i’d get more than 50!! a huge shoutout to all my followers and mutuals who have stuck around and another to the ones who have recently clicked my follow button! i can’t believe people actually like my blog and it means so much to me

so basically these are going to be aesthetic moodboards based on your name! (like i’ll make a moodboard using things that your name reminds me of)

in order to get one you have to:

  • be following me!
  • reblog this post! (sorry but likes don’t count)
  • send me an ask telling me your name and something you like about yourself!
  • also specify whether or not you want your name on the moodboard (if you don’t specify i won’t put your name)
  • tell me your favorite color and i might base your moodboard around the color!
  • be kind because these might take a while (if you’re rude i’m not making you anything)

i’m also planning on doing a follow forever so hopefully that will be out sometime this week!

i’ll be tagging them as kiaradoesmoodboards so blacklist if you want

Hello everyone, its Ashton. I wanted to make this post as a bit of a thank you to everyone who follows us and supports our blog. I started this blog a few months back, not at all expecting the amount of support we’ve gotten so far. Kolby joined this blog shortly after we hit 50 followers and since then our blog blew up. I never expected we’d be recognized as a helpful blog to those questioning or needing tips on passing, we are just a bunch of young adults trying to make it ourselves. After adding more mods, it started too feel like a family rather than just a support blog. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting us 💙

Originally posted by hatersanonymous

Okay this is incredible!!! One month ago exactly I started making moodboards and started this sideblog. In one short month its grown more than I ever thought it would. These past 30 days you guys have helped me grow this blog to 160 followers, thats crazy! Also over 3,400 notes this is just insane, I never thought I would even get 20 followers and have one post with 50 notes. You guys are all amazing and I’d like to shoutout my biggest fans @theawkwardathlete @im-a-beautiful-meme @just-gimme-a-sec and @darkbloodblossom you are the best!! So heres to many more months of creating and growing!

Hello all you lovely followers!

I was going to do a post for 100 followers but it happened when I was at my uni graduation and I never got round to it. And then I got a surge of followers from out of nowhere and here I am at 150 already!

So thank you to all you new followers!! I hope you are enjoying my legacy and perfect genetics challenge!

I still have sim requests open from my 50 follower thing: just send me what age, gender, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, cc or no cc, or whatever else you wanna specify and I’ll make the sim for you!

I never thought this blog I started for fun would ever gain more than 100 followers and it may still seem small to some people but I am very grateful to all you lovely people  σ(≧ε≦o)

// okay technically its 201 but sTILL

not so long ago i reached 200 on my second blog, @shinjisuggestions, and now i’ve reached that milestone on this blog too and i’m just incredibly happy and low-key shook. some personal shit happened, which really felt like i was taking a fucking brick to the face, but getting to this milestone and knowing that there are over 200 of you guys, following this shitty blog is just amazing

although it may not seem like a big deal to others, it really is to me. i never expected to get more than, idk, maybe 50 followers or so when i started up this blog, but h o l y  s h i t, THANK YOU <3

My 1.1K+ Follow Forever

Mira’s 1,113K Follow Forever!

He’s crying tears of joy, you guys. I promise I didn’t mess with him this time.

Ahhh I should not have taken this long to make a follow forever. DX I’m a lazy piece of trash; I’m sorryyy *rolls* BUT ANYWAY ENOUGH WALLOWING IN SELF-PITY LET’S DO THIS.

Anyway, first of all, I’d like to give you all a HUGE thanks to every single one of you! It hasn’t even been a year since I first created this blog, and I never dreamed I’d ever get more than 50 followers, but…here we are! I’m so happy that my silly fics and random inspirational quotes were enough to prompt so many of you to click that Follow button. My mind is still boggled, to be frank. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you; thank you so much!

I already know I’m going to miss a bunch of people, so I’m sorry in advance if I miss you! I swear that it’s not because I don’t like you or anything; I’m just not good at remembering people that I don’t talk to often. ;w; It’s nothing personal!

Let’s start with some special mentions!

My senpai: @luckybachi

My waifu: @giupear

My soul sister: @sirdragneel

My (self-proclaimed) apprentices: @fairytamashii and @itschildofthefairies (credits to the awesome banner I’m using for this; thank you dearest brick ;w;)

You’re all my precious dorks and I love youuuu

Normal - Cool blogs that I recommend you follow 

Bold - Precious friends that I love to bits (even if you drive me nuts)

Italics - Awesome people I really need to talk to but haven’t yet because I’m a hopeless potato

A - E

@ahumanintraining | @akashiiiya | @alltears | @ann-kouhai | @atrailof-whispers | @bijuewled | @blanania | @blazexkeys | @bringonthedork | @bunnyhoplollipop | @celestial-winter | @chanime | @demoby | @dobengal | @dragneelbooty | @dragnoots | @dreamsofbooksandmonsters | @erzuh 

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K - O

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P -T

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So I’ve recently reached 6k, which is insaneeeee!! I never thought I would be able to get more than 50 followers. I’m so grateful for the love from this fandom and friendships I’ve made here. I love you guys so much and I hope to keep blogging more!!

bold = friends / people I talk to frequently,  italic = favorites / blogs i admire



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Well this is going to be more like a huge thank you note rather than a follow forever, I just didn’t know what to call it lmao. I never ever expected this to happen, I remember when I had 50 followers and I thought that would be the most I would ever have, like that’s more people than I can fit in my house? Honestly 2000 feels unreal to me, that’s so many people. I don’t see my follower count as numbers, but as friends (except for you random porn blogs who are you um) and I still get excited when I get a new one or I when I receive an ask. I’ve had people call me their “tumblr senpai” from time to time and that is just so weird to me, like I’m just a random girl with no life spending countless hours on the internet, lmao I’m no senpai. But thank you guys for thinking that I am, I appreciate every single one of you so much. I wish I could write a note for everyone but my fingers would probably fall off. Thank you again! 

- Nicole :)

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The majority of my followers has probably no idea who is running this blog and I barely post something about myself on here but I want to say some things because something really mindblowing happened today, something I never even dreamt of when I first started reblogging my first posts on this website. You are now one of more than 50 000 people following this blog and I want to thank every single person that follows me with all the love and gratitude I got in my heart for making this happen. This blog is something really special to me and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if this blog didn’t exist. This blog and more exactly the content of my blog has had a huge influence on me and a lot of things happened since the time I started this blog. I would most likely not be making art by myself today if I never found my way to sacred geometry and visionary art through this website. I started out by reblogging trippy art I liked and slowly started to get more and more interested in all these structures, patterns and shapes that seemed to reoccur in a lot of gifs and artworks that I found. Out of this interest I eventually started to grow a small obsession with these patterns and started to try drawing the easiest forms, just doodling in an exercise book during class, nothing serious. It was actually during the time period in which I wrote my final exams in high school about a year ago when I first brought some shapes and lines together to create the first drawing I did that I’d consider an artwork. So that’s how it started. Suddenly everything changed. Never before have I thought of actually making art and here I am now – thinking about how this journey will continue.

Thank you so much for all the appreciation, compliments and love that I am getting for my art – you are the reason I am pursuing this path and why my heart is filled with love, energy and creativity.If applying to university and moving and all that stuff isn’t too stressful which I don’t hope I’m going to try to make prints of my artworks available for you all to purchase later this year.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without every single person that follows me, thank you all so much. I love you all <3

WOAH. I HIT 500 FOLLOWERS. THAT’S ACTUALLY INSANE. I literally could never believe that this would happen to me. I made this account thinking I would have no more than maybe 200 followers? 500 is not was I was expecting. Thank you all for reblogging, liking, and supporting my blog. I really appreciate it <3

So, in honor of hitting 500 followers, I’m hosting my own tumblr awards! Special thanks to Bailey (westerguardian) for helping me make the categories and the badges <3


  • MUST be following me
  • Reblog at least once to be entered. Likes will not count!
  • MUST be mainly a Disney Blog.
  • This must reach 50 notes or else the awards will not happen.


  • Rapunzel’s Most Artistic Award (Best Theme)
  • Ariel’s Musically Inclined Award (Best Playlist)
  • Snow White’s Kindness Award (Nicest Blogger)
  • Belle’s Most Timeless Posts Award (Best Posts)
  • Aurora’s Most Interesting Identity Award (Best URL)
  • Anna’s Beautifuller Icon Award (Best Icon)
  • Mulan’s Greatest Honor Award (Best Overall)

Prizes for First Place Winners:

  • A follow from me if I am not following you already
  • 5 promos that you can use whenever you need them
  • 1 gif/gif set or edit request
  • A pixel badge made by westerguardian customized to fit the award you won (Example: 

     there is no Elsa award so this will not be used.)
  • Bragging rights!

The last day to reblog will be May 31st! No more entries will be accepted on June 1st.

Again, thank you all so so so much for 500 followers!! You don’t know how much it means to me c:

Hello my loves,

since I’m always running out of queues and I find it stressful to find blogs to queue from regularly I thought it would be helpful to make a showcase kind of thing with 15-25 blogs that I’ll regularly queue from.


  • be following me @ghinseng
  • reblog this post once
  • have a similar post style
  • don’t self promote on this or delete the text (it will not show up on your blog)


  • talk to me so I get to know you!
  • reblog more than once so i notice you


  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • you’ll (very likely) gain followers
  • queues (50-100 posts each) from me for about 1-3 months
  • featured on a special page on my blog


  • I’ll choose when I’m happy with the notes, hopefully around july
  • banner by @rehticent thanks so much again bby
  • If this doesn’t get any notes I’ll pretend this never happened



anonymous asked:

Do you feel like it's the end of an era with Fallout finally coming out and the countdown ending? And did you ever think it'd get this big? With all these people sharing with you and asking advice?

Oh, definitely. Not only for this blog, but for the Fallout fanbase in general. I barely even remember the online hype for New Vegas because at the time most of my internet usage was either social media or music-related. To me, the pre-New Vegas hype was just me and my friends talking about it together. But then it came out, and New Vegas became a huge part of what got me into online gaming communities in the first place, and is probably fully responsible for it. I was there for pre-DLC hype and for the response to every one of them, but ever since Lonesome Road dropped and everyone finished it, there’s just been this mood that’s been over the fandom ever since, like restlessness mixed with anticipation mixed with desperation. It’ll be weird to see that all sated.

I can’t wait for all the new in-jokes and memes and frustrations and fan arts and cosplays and the like. I can’t wait to find out what bugs or dialogue lines or funny characters this fandom’s going to latch onto–What’s going to be the next Gary, or “nuclear winter,” or “arrow in the knee?” These games have a habit of totally changing internet culture every time they come out, and it’s so exciting that it’s just RIGHT around the corner.

As for this blog, I really never thought it would get this big. I never even thought it would continue on this long; I thought it would cap out at around 50 followers like my joke sideblogs usually did, and that I’d last for maybe the same number of days. I thought the laughter would fade out slowly after every daily post, that messages would stop coming, and that somebody else would probably pick up the idea after I gave it up and do something far better and more clever than anything I could have done. But none of that ever happened. It kept going, you guys kept coming, and honestly this just… really changed the way I see game releases, the waits leading up to them, and gaming communities in general. I talked about this a lot more in my third anniversary post from a couple weeks ago, too.

Basically, this has all been totally surreal, and it’s been a lot of fun

So I’ve hit 500 followers and I’m so grateful that they like my blog that I thought I’d do a little something to thank them. I’ll be doing a weekly promo for one follower posted every Sunday with a featured spot on my blog for the entire week! I will also be keeping an updated list of all previous “Blog of the Weeks” on my blog.

Everyone who reblogs this will be put into a drawing to become “Blog of the Week”

I will be picking the blog through a random number generator because I’d never be able to choose otherwise.

List of “prizes”:

  • A featured spot on my blog for the week.
  • A personalized promo post about you that I will post/reblog a few times during the week.
  • A follow from me!
  • A place on the previous winners page of my blog.
  • Hopefully some new followers and friends from others in the studyblr community!

Rules for entering:

  • Must be more than 50% studyblr, I will not promote any blogs that do not meet this requirement.
  • Must be following me! I will check. I will also be following back a lot of people because I need more action on my dashboard.
  • Must have ask box open. I will ask the person chosen if they would like to add anything about themselves or their blog for the post/blog feature.
  • Reblog this post! You can reblog as much as you’d like but you will only be featured once as “Blog of the Week.” Likes can be used as a bookmark but will not count as an entry.

Hopefully this will be a great way to meet new people and recognize some of my wonderful followers!

Note: I don’t know about any miraculous way of gaining followers on Tumblr. The best way of getting a lot of followers is to create a great blog and work hard on it! However, here are so tips that might help you along the way.

1. Write nice messages to people you follow where you tell them how much you like their blog and ask them if they could please take a look at your blog. I always check out blogs who ask about this, but I never check out blogs who just asks me to follow them. Be nice! If one of your favourite bloggers who has a lot of followers starts following and reblogging you a lot, chances are their followers will notice and check out your blog.

2. Be active. Reblog a lot of pictures but don’t spam people with 50 posts in a row (I often notice people unfollowing me if I post more than 5 posts right after one another). Put up a queue, it will mean that more people see your posts on their dashboard because people are logged on at different hours of the day. It will also keep your blog constantly active without people getting annoyed because you’re clogging their dash. I’m currently reblogging 40 posts per 24 hours, and would recommend at least 20 if you’re looking to gain followers.

 3. Your username is your trademark, so keep it short and easy to remember. You might notice that a lot of the more popular bloggers have short usernames consisting of only letters. I might not take someone very seriously if their username is something like stab—my-heart-because-i-love-you compared to something that’s easy to remember like my own username (bamhbies).

4. Make people interested in you as a person. Share your opinions, your personality, pictures of yourself etc. If you’re a fashion blogger you could post outfit pictures, if you’re in a relationship you could share pictures of you and your partner etc. What makes your blog different from all of the other blogs is that it belongs to YOU!

5. Keep to one particular style of posts, whether it’s fashion, indie, black and white etc. This increases the chance of other people with the same style following you. Because I have a very pink blog I’m mainly following people who post a lot of pink, and I don’t have any interest in following people who post 10% pink, 10% Harry Potter, 10% black and white etc. because that means I’ll have to scroll through a lot of posts I’m not interested in to find the ones I want to reblog. A lot of people just wants a place to post whatever they feel like posting which is totally understandable, but it’s much easier to gain followers if you stick to one style. 

6. Make your own edits. By making your own edits you’re offering your followers something they won’t find anywhere else. You’ll also be the source of the edits and people often click the source if they see an edit they like. An example is my pink text edits which I think have gained me a lot of followers because a lot of them have thousands of notes, meaning my username shows up as the source every time the post is on someone’s dashboard. You could also post your own pictures if you’re into photography, write your own text posts if you have something funny or interesting to contribute with etc.

7. Choose a clean and tidy design that suits your blog style. First impression can mean everything for people who are looking at your blog and choosing whether or not to follow it. Sometimes I’ll enter a blog and think “Ugh, ugly design” and automatically close it.

8. Self-promotion is hated by some people and tolerated by others. I don’t have any problem with people self-promoting (I remove all self-promoting when I reblog because it looks messy though), so if you can handle the occasional OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO ANNOYING message from someone who doesn’t have anything else to be annoyed over then you could try self-promoting on posts every now and then (e.g. putting “following back similars”, “indie/bambi☆” etc. on every post you reblog).

9. Check out the follow 4 follow, follow back etc. tags. Sometimes posts like “Reblog this if you follow back” will have thousands of notes (like this one) and you can see if any of the blogs that have reblogged it suits your taste and follow a bunch of them to gain followers yourself. You could also participate in promos, blog rates etc. but in my experience they’re not worth it because your followers will find all the promos on their dashboard annoying and might stop following you. However if someone is offering screenshots/blog rates if you vote for them or do something else that doesn’t mean you have to post anything on your own blog, it could be worth it.

10. The most important thing is to get your name out there and be active! You’re not gonna end up with 500 followers if you’re online for two minutes everyday to reblog a couple of pictures. The more places your name is popping up (whether it’s because someone reblogged you, an edit you made is becoming popular, someone published a message you sent them etc.), the bigger the chance that people will click on your username and start following you.


Okay so I wanted to do a Follow Forever when I hit 500 followers (which was more than 150 followers ago) but I was too lazy. So I decided to make one before the new year and wish you all a Happy New Year, you guys light up my dashboard :3 I love you all and even if we never talked, you’re awesome (and I’m always up for a chat so don’t be scared to send me a message :p)

I’ve met some amazing people over the year I’ve had this blog so thank you yourevilqueen and 50-shades-of-fancy for being such wonderful people :3

Anyway, let’s do this shit

Mutuals // Favourites



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I’m sorry if I forgot some people, but everyone I follow is super duper awesome and I didn’t have the space to put everyone on this thing so apologies.

Okay so I just reached 1k followers and that’s just insane!! I started this blog more that a year ago and I honestly never thought I’d ever reach 1000 followers. Really I have proof, when I had 50 followers (after like 2 months) I make a haiku because I was so happy and grateful people actually followed me! Here it is:

50 followers :D Thank You!!

I know it’s not a lot, but I love you all so I’ve written a haiku for you:

Never expected

That fifty lovely people

Would follow my blog

Sorry I’m a bit sentimental atm bc oh my god I just really didn’t expect this okay? So to thank all of you for staying with me for more than a year or just for following me in general , here’s my 1k follow forever <33 (credit to the worderful amazingamyisntonfire for the header!)



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Sorry if I missed anyone out and thank you all again for following me!

WTF Ume has over 500 stalkers?


Ho damn how did that happen? Wow, I really never thought that many people would follow this blog. I literally just made it to have somewhere to reblog Naruto shit without annoying all my One Piece and Fairy Tail friends/followers at my main blog @sieline. This blog is less than a year old and now has more followers than my “main” one. 

I don’t know how to say how much it means to me that you all have followed me, putting up with my super long queues of the same character (sometimes spanning more than 7 whole days and that is with the queue posting 50 times a day…..), every time someone likes or reblogs one of my drabbles or headcanon memes (and yes I read ALL the tags too), randomly sending me asks or messages and basically just making me feel so loved all the time. 

I also really cannot say how much I appreciate all the kind words I received when my dad was diagnosed with cancer that the doctors are pretty sure is going to win before the end of the year (and hopefully they are wrong). I have never had so many people be there for me when I needed someone to talk to, actually most of my life I have been actively discouraged from expressing my negative emotions so having so many of you offer to be a friendly ear, or to let me vent to you if I needed, and basically just confirming that my feelings are valid and that it is okay to have them was such an amazing and welcome change and I’ve made myself cry now so I am going to move on.

Here’s my shout out to my favorite people!

Amazing blogs that are ran by amazing people and have amazing content and if you like cool stuff you should probably be following them:

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