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The anon said pete is destroying Connor because the actor is straight. Do you agree with them? Is it weird that in s3×2 Connor was a badass lawyer but in 4×2 He was a failure? BTW Was 4×2 The Connor episode this season?😈

Nah, I genuinely don’t think that is the case cos I’m sure they’ve known he was straight since day 1. Pete’s ruining Connor the same way he’s ruining ALL the characters, by rushing their development and focusing too much on dumb inconsequential twists instead of building on the stories he’s started.

I think the way he’s jumped into Connor dropping out is kind of a rush, and is an example of how he rushes from one thing to the next. We went from Connor being cocky about how Oliver was stupid for worrying, to him having a bad interview, to him suddenly deciding he doesn’t want to be a lawyer off the back of that bad interview to dropping out at the top of episode 3. It’s just a rush and it’s unnecessary,  and even less believable. But also they kinda retconned his character in order to MAKE the interview go badly? It just felt forced to me and not entirely thought through - another cheap twist so to speak.

I doubt 4x02 is meant to be based on Connor, he barely featured in the episode. Im hoping episode 4 will give more time to him, because I think it’s needed. If they’re going to explore his mental health, then they need to do it properly because it’s too important to half-ass. 

I’m kinda sick of reading people use Connor as a scape goat, wishing him dead, or blaming his character for things they’re ALL guilty of. No one ever cusses Michaela for being ungrateful, or Laurel for being whiny, EVERY character in this show is problematic, but they need to start exploring that aspect properly. 

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Oliver almost curses when he spots the free space right in front of their building. 

“Nice,” Connor exclaims when he points to the spot. “Rock star parking.”

Oliver gives a weak smile and nods as Connor pulls up beside the car in front of the space. Flipping on the blinker and putting the car in reverse, Connor smiles at Oliver when he puts a hand on the back of Oliver’s seat an looks back over his shoulder. 

Connor is a good driver. Connor is a good driver. Connor is a good driver. 

Oliver repeats the mantra in his head and focuses on keeping his eyes forward. Connor is a good driver. Connor is also a terrible parallel parker. 

“Lighten up, Ollie,” Connor says under his breath as he overturns the wheel. “I got this.”

Oliver nods to cover his wince as Connor comes within millimeters of hitting the car in front of them. He overcorrects by turning the wheel too much the other way and now the car is coming in at too much of a right angle. 

The next few moments are tense. Oliver resists the urge to correct Connor and keeps wincing as Connor has too many close calls with cars and bikers and one stray pedestrian. 

“Argh!” Connor slams the breaks and throws the car into park. “Stop it!”

“Stop what!” Oliver demands. “I didn’t say anything.”

“You didn’t have to!” Connor fires back. “You keep doing this!” Connor makes a series of face and Oliver winces again. He thought he was being more subtle than that. “Just stop it.”

“Okay.” Oliver says and Connor puts the car back in gear to resume pulling into the space. An apology is on the tip of Oliver’s tongue when Connor backs up too much and gently hits the car behind them. 

Connor throws the car into park again. “Over or under?”

“Under,” Oliver replies and they gracefully swap seats.

Oliver expertly pulls the car out of the spot and up next to the car in front again. With a quick check of the mirrors, he puts the car in reverse and smoothly backs the car into the space. A few minor adjustments later and they are good to go. 

Neither of them say anything as they get out the car. There isn’t so much as a scratch on the car behind them but Oliver makes them leave a note - just in case- before opening the hatch so they can start heaving out the groceries. Connor does mutter to himself about how “Parking in the city is bullshit” but Oliver pretends he doesn’t hear. 

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"Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?" for coliver please please please? :D

Oh this was fun! Had to make it slightly AU - think of it almost like a coffeeshop one. Hope you enjoy it!

Connor is obsessed.

It’s the way he carries himself, shoulders back and back straight in the way that screams class and confidence – yet with gorgeous brown eyes that never quite make contact, always focused a little downwards, suggesting he’s a little shy or afraid of revealing too much emotion in the depths of those pupils. The angle of his cheekbones and jaw, all so precise – they call to him, crying for his hands to wrap themselves around his face, pull him close, press his lips against his. And yet… he never seems to look up, look forward – look at Connor.

Perhaps it’s just too early in the morning. After all, he only ever sees the guy in the 7:30 rush for coffee. Perhaps the guy has just trained himself to look down, look away, focus only on the task at hand and ignore any possible distractions. He is very softly-spoken – Connor’s only managed to hear his voice once before, catch the mumbled, “Flat white, please, no sugar,” before he shuffled off to the side to wait – so maybe he’s just too shy or the crowd in the café gives him anxiety?

But it’s driving him crazy. Connor isn’t usually the chasing-type – too much energy that should be thrown into mind-boggling sex instead – but at night he sees his face, dreams of strong flat whites and almond eyes haunting his dreams. He has to have a conversation.

Or at least… he has to try.

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