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SOPE Unit Mini Album: Hwagae market (The Misunderstood Vocalists)

Track List

1.Intro: Jhooooooope (Jhope #1 Fan) Suga’s solo Track

2.I Believe I Can Fly (Remix Cover) Ft Namjoon

3.Cypher pt 4.2 (Savage Duo: We won’t Let you Live)

4. WKWLLIT (We Know We Look Like Idiots Together)

5.Chill Fam, Hands Holding is Platonic

6. We Dabbed Ft Taehyung & Jungkook

7.We Laughing At You, Not With You (A dedication to Jin) 

8.To Be Tall Ft Jimin

9. Halmoni & Haraboji

10. We Ship Ourselves More than ARMYS

11.Outro: OMG (His Attempts At Aegyo) JHope’s Solo Track

Sonic Youth
Crush 40
Sonic Youth

Title: Sonic Youth

Artist: Crush 40

And to complete the Holiday Special, here’s a song by Crush 40. Consider it an Abstract Remix. I’ve seen people asking for this before, and Ebby wasn’t sure about sharing it. So consider this my present to all of you, the Sonic faithful. Because this song, lyrically, is also a gift to the Sonic faithful. It was made for us fans, and the lyrics reflect many different Sonic titles. Congrats, everyone. This song is for us!


-Samurai Echidna


[FANCAM] 160618 GOT7 FLY IN GUANGZHOU - Home Run (Mark Focus) | Stop Stop It | I Like It | Fly Remix | Hooked


Mistah Rapsey // MusicalDopeTrip Vol.6 - Incense Rising *enlightened version

I originally released ‘Incense Rising’ in the spring of 2013 but under Babylons invasion of SoundCloud the mix was banished. Today it returns to SoundCloud in an enlightened form. Let’s stay woke and keep sharing the light.

1. DJ Krush - Danger of Love (Gray-Sky Mix) (ft. Zap Mama)
2. Bonobo - Heaven for the Sinner (ft. Erykah Badu)
3. Erykah Badu - Strawberry Incense (prod. by Madlib)
4. fLako - Sun Ba
5. TOKiMONSTA - Little Pleasure’s (ft. Gavin Turek)
6. Diplo - Into the Sun (ft. Martina Topley-Bird)
7. The Loop Pilot - Nina’s Transit (co-piloted by Dr. Mad)
8. fLako - Loney Town (ft. Dirg Gerner)
9. James Blake - To Care (Like You)
10. Jamie Woon - Echoes
11.Fl∆ming❍sis - Falling Love
12. Bonobo - Eyesdown (ft. Andreya Triana)
13. Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix)
14. Kaytranada - All We Do (ft. JSMN)
15. Declaime Flying Lotus - Keep It Moving (instrumental)
16. Flying Lotus - Auntie’s Lock / Infinitum (ft. Laura Darlington)
17. TOKiMONSTA - Darkest (Dim) (ft. Gavin Turek)
18. Analog | Division - Alone.. (You & I) 
19. Quadron - Average Fruit (fLako Remix) Alternative Version
20. J Dilla - Believe In God (ft. Ma Dukes)
21. Charles Earland - Incense of Essence
22. Illa J - Timeless
23. Massive Attack - Heat Miser
24. Maia - This Ain’t No Fvcking Singalong
25. Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers (ft. Andreya Triana)
26. Massive Attack - Risingson
27. fLako & Brokenchord - Come Back As A Flower
28. zeroh - Eyes Ancient (ft. Low Leaf)
29. Homeboy Sandman - The Ancient
30. Ayatollah - Heaven Can’t Wait
31. DJ Shadow - (Not So) Sad and Lonely
32Gorillaz - Cloud of Unknowing (ft. Bobby Womack)
33. Gorillaz - Pirate Jet

source: staying undergroundon soundcloud


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