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Hi. I know I’ve been AWOL for like 5 months, and my excuse for that is this: I suck. Plain and simple.

Here’s a random, spontaneously written story that will hopefully suffice as an apology. It’s yet another friends-to-lovers story because I have an addiction to mass-producing this trope. I can’t be helped.

Summary: There are bad decisions. And then there’s sleeping with your best friend, who is also your other best friend’s brother, after their mother’s funeral.

Rating: M

Captive Prince fic recs

This is for @fishfingersandjellybabies​, because she’s awesome, and also she asked for recs a few days ago. I hope there’s some stuff here that you haven’t read already, Bee <3

Please note that for many of the fics here, the same content warnings that apply to the books will also be relevant (slavery, rape, mentions of underage, etc) but I’m pretty sure that I’ve only included fics that are consensual between Laurent and Damen.

This is a pretty big list so continuing under the cut:

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Never Be

Pairing: Ashton & Reader

Requested: Nope

Words: 2,312

Rating: PG (i guess, language and what not)


Your P.O.V.

2191 hours.

91 days.

3 months.

That’s how long it’s been since he left me. Off on tour to entertain his millions of fans while I sat back here and waited for him to return. I knew I couldn’t be selfish and I knew that this relationship was going to have its trials but this distance was ripping me apart. The familiar “ping” of my phone rang out and brought me back to reality. Oh that’s right, I was getting ready to go shop for a bit. I grabbed my phone, rubbing the tired out of my eyes.

“Good morning beautiful, how are you today?”

There it was, that stupid smile Ashton always put on my face. I looked borderline psychotic whenever I get a text from him because he was always at soundcheck, or at lunch, or with fans so time with him was scarce.

“It’s actually 2 p.m. now.”

“Damn timezones, still doesn’t matter because you barely get out of bed before noon on Saturdays babe, everyone knows this.”

His knowledge of my habits made me smile as I replied.

“Touché :) How’s the day going?”

Ashton and I had been together for a few months now, friends for years. The classic “Friends-To-Lovers” story.

“Well it mostly just started but nothing bad yet, except Michael’s occasional teasing towards Luke.”

Just as I was about to respond he sent another text.

“I miss you. So much.”

No matter how short our talks were, this always seemed to come up.

“I miss you so much more, you’ll be back before you know it! I’ll be here cheering you on from my bedroom for now.”

“….yeah, I guess you’re right. We can do this, just a few more months and I’ll be back home and we can rent some movies and get your favorite pizza!”


“I swear on my favorite drum set.”

“That’s very serious.”

“That’s how serious I am about you. I love you (Y/N). I’d swear my life on anything pertaining to you.”

Cue the flutter in my chest, this was the reason I fell in love with this boy.

“I love you too Ashton, to the moon and back babe.”

I clicked send with a solemn smile on my face, if only he was here so I could kiss his lips sweetly and hold him close.

“I have to go for a bit, I’ll text you when I’m free for a little!”

“You got it, bye babe.”

“See you later💕”

Wait no, I won’t see you later. I won’t see you for 2 and a half more months. Before I could get too sucked into my thoughts I put on my shoes and walked out the house without eating. My appetite seemed to be gone now.

Ashton’s POV

I stood up as I locked my phone, letting out a exasperated sigh.

“Okay what’s wrong now?” Luke quirked up from the bathroom doorway, towel drying his wet hair.

“Finally out of the shower?” I sarcastically questioned him, picking up my towel and walking towards the bathroom but he didn’t move out of my way.

“Yes it’s all yours and you didn’t answer my question, what’s wrong?”

“I just miss (Y/N) so much. Every time we text it makes me feel closer but then we stop and I feel even further away from her. Long distance fucking sucks.” I felt another sigh escape my lips as I pushed past Luke and into the bathroom.

“I know I won’t really be able to relate because well I am single but maybe you should see her.”

I scoffed, “And just leave the tour? Not only will our label get on my ass, the fans would tear me to pieces online. I couldn’t do that to them.”

“I never said you had to go anywhere, think about it Ash. You’re smart, somewhat.”

Luke laughed and ducked under the toilet paper roll I threw at him.

“I’m gonna go down and get something from the buffet, it’s usually empty around this time. You want anything?” Luke called back to me from somewhere in the room.

“No I’m alright! Not too hungry right now.” I replied, wiping the steam off the mirror and stared at my reflection before locking the door and stripping off my boxers.

Turning on the shower, I was thankful Luke didn’t use all the warm water. My eyes gradually shut as the warmth washed over me along with a wave of comfort. I was alone with my thoughts and this washcloth. My mind wandered to what Luke meant by ‘I never said you have to go anywhere.’ My hands seemed to be on auto-pilot as they cleaned my arms and chest. If I wasn’t going to her then….. She would have to come to me! Flying her out here? It would take hours and connecting flights to get her out here, that would mean she’d have to drop it all and come to me. I could do that because of the life I live but (Y/N)? She probably had too much to do.

“Are you still in there Ash? I’ve been gone for over 35 minutes!” Luke spoke through the door; scaring me out of my thoughts, “And you guys complain about me.” Luke grumbled as he trudged away from the door. I quickly washed off one last time before I hopped out of the shower and walked out the bathroom.

“You mean get her out here! That’s what you meant right!?”

Luke glanced at me then groaned, “Come on, at least cover your dick before you try to have casual conversation with me!”

I rolled my eyes as I wrapped the towel around my waist, “You’ve seen it plenty of times, stop looking below my waist and look above it! Back to (Y/N), getting her out here?”

“Yea, maybe get her a ticket to the upcoming location of our show and she can stay and travel with us for a few days, then leave at a different airport in whatever city we are in at that time.”

“What if-”

“Listen, you’ve been moping even more lately and I don’t like it. We’ll never be as young as we are now so do something crazy if it means seeing her. Just get it. We can even figure out what day we have the clearest schedule so we can pick her up.”

Was I really going to do this?

“…..Pass me my wallet and my laptop please.”

Luke and I sat there for about 30 minutes talking locations and timing. We had a free morning before our show in (location), she could fly in then. A week later she would fly out from (location). It was perfect!

“Just send her the email and you’re done!” Luke patted me on the back before getting up from his chair, “now if you excuse me, I’m gonna bother and possibly cuddle Calum.”

I chuckled as the hotel door slammed shut behind him, I typed out her email before attaching the tickets. Now what to say? My fingers started moving and letting everything out onto the screen in front of me.

“I know this seems insane but I need you here (Y/N). I was hesitant to do this but Luke pointed something out to me, we’ll never be as young as we are now. I got my chance to leave that old black and white town and now I want to give you that opportunity as well. Seize the day, come stay with me for a week. I need to feel you, hold you, love you. 3 months without you is already too much, 2 more of them is going to drive me into insanity. I know asking you to drop everything is a lot, but know that you have the option. I’ll be at the airport to pick you up if you decide to come and I’ll wait until the very last minute I can for you. I love you, and I still miss you. Please babe.”

With a deep breathe I clicked send and slammed the computer shut. Luke, if things go wrong I’m blaming you.

It was the day. The day (Y/N) was supposed to fly in. I made the preparations. Talked with all the boys. Everything was set, except for the fact she didn’t reply to my email with a yes or a no. She hasn’t been answering any of my text messages. I felt like not even going to the airport anymore but Calum wasn’t having any of that.

"Ashton Fletcher Irwin if you don’t get the fuck up and get your ass in that car and go to the fucking airport I will pour cold water all over the bed!” Calum tugged hard on the sheets I had wrapped around me.

“Calummmm, what if I get stood up!? Fuck off!” I tugged back on my warm and comfortable covers.

“You did NOT spend that much money on first class tickets to a whole 'nother fucking country for your girlfriend just so you can stay your ass in bed! Now get up! We are leaving in 30 minutes and I don’t think (Y/N) wants to come in to her boyfriend’s band mates and not her boyfriend!” Calum pulled on my foot this time and dragged me to the floor.

“Oh great you’re up!” Calum chimed sarcastically and I huffed and stood up.

“30 minutes.” Calum repeated as he walked out the room.

I guess it’s better for me to be stood up than for her to travel all this way and get stood up.

The screen in front of me said (Y/N)’s flight had landed. If she was on that plane, she was here. The clock read 10:36, me and the boys had to be back on the road to the venue by 11:45.

“She has to get her bags and stuff, be patient.” Michael reassured me with a smile and I gave him a tight lipped one back. My hands felt clammy, my heart beat was roaring in my ears, my finger drumming against my leg. I couldn’t stay still for long, as soon as people started coming out I was pacing.

5 minutes passed.

10 minutes.

30 minutes.

45 minutes.

60 minutes.

“….maybe she got held up with something…?” Calum spoke softly, sitting on the bench behind me but it was no use. The sounds of every happy reunion around me seemed louder than my bandmate’s words.

“We have to leave in 7 minutes Ashton.” Our driver reminded us.

“I know that, she’ll be here soon….”

It sounded more like I was convincing myself.

“You gave her the shot, maybe something came up at home Ash. Don’t feel so down.” Luke gave me a hug but I felt numb. The pressure increased as Calum and Michael joined. We hugged in silence until our driver called out again.

“11:45, we have to hit the road now.”

She stood me up.

“Yea, lets go.” I responded, Luke’s words couldn’t console me. None of them could.

My body felt heavy, like I was made of lead. My feet didn’t seem to want to move but I forced every step towards the all black car waiting outside the door.

“Ash!? Ashton!”

I froze in place, are my ears deceiving me?


Footsteps running in my direction, no it had to be real.

“Turn around you idiot!” Calum whispered and spun me around to face her.

(Y/N), she came. She was here, in the flesh. That was her hair, her smile, her voice. My baby came for me.

“I’m so sorry! The custom officers were giving me this hassle about my passport for some reason and my phone died after the 2nd flight so I had no way to reach you and-“

I tuned out her words and ran to her, crushing her in a bear hug.

“I don’t even care what happened just…. thank you. Thank you so much for coming.” I mumbled against her hair which was getting in my mouth.

“Well, ‘we’ll never be as young as we are now’. You’re corny for using your own song lyrics on me you know that?”

She smiled brightly at me as I pulled back, I missed that so much. Not even her sass can ruin this moment. Without another word, I leaned down to her and kissed her sweetly.

“It’s so cuteeee!” Luke whispered softly to Michael and Calum who both rolled their eyes.

“And you wonder why I tease you.” Michael groaned.

Remembering we had an audience I pulled back and smiled at her, intertwining our hands.

“You know I’m gonna be all over you for the next week right?” I picked up one of her bags and started walking out, the boys picked up her other bags.

“I have no problem at all with that. I missed your touch anyway.” She admitted as she swung our hands back and forth.

“I missed your kisses.”

“I missed your smile.”

“I missed-“

“I refuse to listen to this shit all the way to the venue. Hi (Y/N), I missed you too but seriously shut up.” Michael cut in as he packed one of (Y/N)’s bags in the trunk.

“You talking shit Clifford?” (Y/N) spun around and started to run after him as he took off running further down the parking lot.

“Guyssss! We’re already running lateeee!” Luke whined and climbed in the car anyway.

“When are we ever on time?” Calum commented as he sat down next to him.

Dysfunctional, yet perfect together. This week was going to be a fun one.


I hope you enjoyed! If you have a request, please leave it here! :) -Temp xx


Exo Reactions To Being On The Same Plane As Their Celebrity Crush & Flirting

I feel like I could have gone so dirty with this but I decided to make this more fluffy than smutty haha xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *catches their eye & immediately acts like an idiot to impress them*

Chanyeol: *doesn’t notice because he’s already asleep*

Chen: *sitting next to them, starts acting all cute*

D.O.: *makes eye contact & automatically shuts down*

Kai: “What’s up?”

Kris: “Hi, I’m Kris. I can fly.”

Lay: *gets all nervous & can’t speak properly*

Luhan: “Excuse me, I lost my number. Can I have yours?”

Sehun: “M-Miranda?!”

Suho: “Hi.” *Stewie Griffin giggles*

Tao: *too busy giggling like a child to actually speak*

Xiumin: *acts cute by teasing them with eye contact & smiles* /this gif kills me. I can’t handle it/

Note: These all work for a non-celeb crush too. Aside from maybe Sehun’s reaction

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

The Signs as ProBirdRights Tweets
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> When I sit in middle of pizza, I am the sun and pepperoni my moons<p/><b>Taurus:</b> If I'm not meant to eat all of the pastry, why I have a beak?<p/><b>Gemini:</b> dear Mr. Science, if human so "better" how come they can't be bird. oh I'm sorry was that to LOGIC for you????<p/><b>Cancer:</b> i covered myself in melt chocolate because I thought it would chocolate statue but it doesn't and I am remorse<p/><b>Leo:</b> I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?<p/><b>Virgo:</b> ""glueten free"" is affront to MY LIBERTY. what next, they take away every cakes????? Sorry but NO THANK YOU<p/><b>Libra:</b> decision to be your mayor. First business, no cats. But yes sandwiches.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I'm not humanphobic but human why you got to shove your humanness down my throat. I GET IT. YOU CAN WEAR PANT.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> UHM OKAY SO TODAY day I was flying but then (then) a building assaulted bird with window. excuse me but no.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> I have the right to arms. So where are my arms<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> maybe I should paint some of your babby and hide them around see how you like it<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Hello youth, I am a cool one just like you I wear a backwards hat. Choose bird not drug. Skateboards.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Excuse my rant

I have blocked so many users in the past few days that I don’t even know because of Caulscott/Grahamscott hate that i have literally lost track. I’m basically just running on autopilot. If i see hate, i don’t even check the url. I block you.

There are no excuses for ship hate. Period. Tagged or not. I literally don’t give a flying fuck what you think is “problematic”. They are fictional fucking characters and the blacklist feature is fucking free. If you post hate, you’re not doing anyone a favor–you’ve just turned fucking 5 years old. Happy fucking birthday.

chloe-bourgeois-cesaire  asked:

Miraculous ladybug, fireworks

Was there ever an excuse not to defeat an Akuma?

This villain wasn’t hurting anyone, despite negativity that Marinette could almost feel in her bones. Maybe he’d get there, this Elementor. For now, however, he’d cleared up the horrible rain that had ruined the Paris New Years Eve celebration. People were almost cheering in the streets for him; it was purely reason and apprehension that held them back. This was no hero in disguise, it was an obvious villain, created at the whim of Papillon. Marinette hoped that Papillon was disappointed that all this poor guy was doing was moving around some storm clouds, something they all wished they could do.

“Fireworks! Fireworks for everyone!” shouted the Elementor, and now things looked a lot more dangerous. Now, there were rockets. “That’ll show all those producers who said this show couldn’t go on! It can! It can! Thanks to me!”

“I have to go,” said a smooth, albeit nervous voice right behind her. Marinette would know that voice anywhere. 

She turned in time to see Nino catch Adrien’s hand. “I think we all have to go,” the DJ said. “Let’s head this way; my place is closer.”

Adrien fumbled for an excuse. “My father’s in danger, he helps sponsor this show, he’s been doing it since my moth- I mean, he will want to know I’m safe. See you later,” he said as he yanked free and began to run.”

As the first fireworks began to explode, in the sky and on the ground, Marinette ran for the small, now abandoned, cafe that had been the first place hit. “Tikki! Transform me!”

In an instant, it was Ladybug flying after Adrien, muttering to herself with fake disapproval (as if she could REALLY disapprove of him). “He’s going to get himself hurt. I have to stop him.”

She followed on the rooftops, listening to him. He was on his phone with… someone, his voice loud, urgent. “He never listens!” Adrien was saying. “Trust me, they’ll come after him. It’s the one thing he does right, and it’s going all wrong. Get him away! …yes, I know. He won’t. Just… keep him safe. I’ll be back soon.”

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