i flailed everywhere you do not understand


I don’t even know how this happened, especially because I don’t follow many people and I just wait for them to follow me, but I hit 750 followers! I just hit 700 three days ago, where are you all coming from? I was going to make a follow forever at 500, and I never did it, so here we go! You should expect this to be long-winded.  (SPECIAL THANK YOU TO MIMI (ALLXSON) FOR THE AWESOME GRAPHIC BECAUSE I WAS WAY TOO LAZY TO MAKE ONE MYSELF, AND THIS IS MUCH BETTER THAN ANYTHING I COULD’VE DONE ANYWAY!) (ALSO I HOPE I DIDN’T MIS-GENDER ANYBODY.  IF I DID, I’M SO SORRY!) (THESE ARE IN NO ORDER!  I LOVE YOU ALL!) 


allxson/ thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - I really don’t even know where to begin with Mimi.  I had never really given Stallison much thought, and it’s quickly become my main crackship.  Our Friends verse Stallison is one of the things I look forward to most on here, and we never fail to flail everywhere, whether it be on here, kik, or skype, and now we are doing Stydia and Scallison too, and I just can’t.  I love this girl so much, and she’s constantly promoting me and making me graphics and being all around awesome and fun to talk to.  If you’re not following her yet, I don’t understand what you’re doing with your life.

needtoprotect- My Scott, and nobody can tell me otherwise.  I claim her, and none of you can have her.  I’m totally kidding of course.  You should all follow if you want some wonderful Scott interactions!  I seriously get so many feelings every time I read our threads, and I always look forward to responding and getting my Sciles on!  Mun is also such a sweetheart.  Love love loveeeeeee!

sassyandimmune- My Lydia.  Besides the fact that she’s an incredible Lydia, is amazing at English when it’s not her first language, and gives me feels with our three going on five verses, she is also incredibly kindhearted and caring.  She was the one person to constantly check on me throughout the beginning of July to make sure I was okay after my friend died, and I can’t express how much that means to me.

bigspoonxmalia- My Malia, and basically the person who got me to ship it so hard.  I always look forward to RPing Stalia with her, and she is so so sweet and adorable OOC as well!  I always look forward to talking to her!  We probably have a million things going already, but I’m always eager to add more threads with her!

iwanttofeelstrxng- I used to stalk her, and now we have three verses, so thankfully that worked out well!  I love each one of them, and we spend most of our OOC talks flailing about Stallison.  Go follow!

thebansheeofthepack- Now and forever one of my favorite Lydias, and she was one of my first ones when I just started out!  We just kept adding threads, and I always look forward to responding to her!  Now we’re about to do Scallison too, and I absolutely can’t wait!

hehowls- Even though she always disappears on me (;P), this is one of my favorite Scotts!  She always gives me so many feelings, and though we started off with just our Walking Dead verse, we’ve added some more threads, and I love responding to them!

oldsoutherncharm- This is such a great Scott.  We just randomly started interacting recently, and I’m so glad that we did!  I’m already loving our Sciles interactions, and I can’t wait for more of them!

badassbetaerica- Literally my favorite Erica.  She has like a million followers and she deserves every one, so if you’re not following her yet, you’re crazy.  She has Erica’s character down so well, and I adore her OOC as well!  I’ve lost track of how many threads we have, but I always get excited when I see a reply from her!

itstheisaaclahey- This is only the maker of my favorite ever group verse.  (Okay, it’s my only group verse right now, but it will always be my first and favorite. <3)  Not only that, but I just love all of our sassy Stisaac interactions.  They are all so excellent.  Go follow!

notxaxtate- My very first Malia, and I love her to bits!  We have approximately 5 million short threads going, and I get excited about literally all of them.

eightyearsalone- One of my other favorite Malias.  I love plotting with her, and I’m excited that we’ve got a group verse now.  She never fails to make me smile, and I’ve been loving all of our canon interactions as well!

m4squeraded- I don’t usually RP with TVD characters, but I love this Katherine.  We had a thread going, and we just started a verse, and I can’t wait to see how it progresses.  The mun is also super sweet, and I always love talking to her!

genevabeacon- I actually cannot remember how many verses we have now, but I think it’s like four or five, and they are all excellent.  Even though she’s been on hiatus lately, I’ve never stopped looking forward to her replies, and even if you don’t generally like OCs, you should follow this one, as she’s the only OC on this list that I didn’t know before I made this account!

xaudiens- The first message she ever sent me OOC was so adorable that I had to keep it.  I love love love this Lydia so much, and my threads with her have quickly become some of my favorite.  We always manage to take sentence starters and evolve them into so much more.  I can’t wait to keep interacting with her, and you should definitely go follow!

alphadelameutedelycan- Most Derek’s won’t RP with me, so I was thrilled to find one who would!  English isn’t even her first language, but she’s incredibly literate, and I love our wrong number thread that we have going on!  She is such a cutie patootie OOC as well!

soyouruhsister/ hotgirlscotty- I was already in love with our Stisaac, which we quickly made a million threads of, and then I found out she also had a Scott account, so now I look forward to our Sciles too!  Love this mun so so much!

thexpack kairoleplays jess-roleplays logiesrps- These are all different people, but I felt as though I needed to mention them together.  I met Justin, Kynan, Jess, and Logan in the Glee fandom, and throughout the past year, they’ve pretty much become my rocks.  We talk every single day, and they never fail to cheer me up and make me laugh when I need it.  Justin was the one who got me to make this account in the first place, and I’m so glad that I did!  You are all amazing, and everyone should go follow them since the last three just made their indie accounts!

weareamessx- This is Michelle, and I adore her.  She’s the person on this list that I’ve been friends with the longest, and she was in the very first RPG that I ever joined over two years ago, which is crazy!  I’m excited that I showed her the ways of indie RP, and she’s adorable, so you should all give her a follow!


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