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The train scene in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is one of the most memorable, beautiful, and baffling moments in the film. So what does it mean? What’s going on? What is its purpose?

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Saturday is for others girls in music.

Alice Glass gifset.

All the gifs are mine ecept for the one with the two shadows and the last one in which Alice is smoking.

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when has michael said potato on stage?


Imagine: Kol’s reaction when he finds out Klaus killed you…

Kol: I swear to you, Nik, you will rue the day you were born after I’m through with you. You killed, (Y/N), the one I loved more than my own life. By the end of this you will beg for mercy, as your life crumbles away and you sink back into hell where you belong!

Jayla was on the run - again - being chased by Kraang. “ShitshitshitSHITSHITSHIT!!” A laser cuts her arm, so now she’s wounded. “If anyone can help me, I’d really appreciate it…”


The Kraang where everywhere, and no matter how hard he looked Leo could see no sign of his brothers. With a wide swing of his sword, he took out a couple more.

“Guys! Anyone! Can you hear me?!” he called out, looking every which way. It was then that he hear Jayla voice. And it showed like she was in trouble.

“Jayla, I’m coming!” Leo shouted, running as fast as he could, taken out as many kraang as he could along the way.


She sighs relieved until a Kraang points a gun in her face. She laughs shakily at it before jumping up to crush the andriod’s head between her thighs. Jayla scowls at the fleshy creature wiggling away. “LEONARDO GET YOUR TURTLE BUTT OVER HERE BEFORE I KILL YOU”

Mikey chuckles, “Your giirrrrlfriend’s mad, bro!”