i fixed the original basically


make me choose:

↳anon asked jisoo smiling or jisoo memeing


So this Hexiciah Steam was the one @oswinsadventures got with a missing hand and a factory defect elbow joint so I’ve slightly modified him to suit him to my liking.

He currently has a Hot Toys knock off hand but I feel like it might not be the right proportions but it fits perfectly so yeah. I also carved his elbow joint slightly to allow his elbow to bend normally.

I’m tempted to completely wipe him and repaint but he’s my very first SDCC Monster High doll so I figured some touch ups would be best for now in case I wanted his original look again.

I basically fixed up his mirrored eye shines, added some shading to give his eyes depth and added to his eyebrows to better follow his brow sculpt.

I also added some black paint wash to his steampunk arm to bring out some details.