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If Anyone Thinks Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 Was Perfect/Amazing Ending

I Won’t Even Rant About This Right Now.  I Didn’t Even Shed A Damn Tear All These Years Of Watching Naruto & To See This Is How The Show Ended. REAL Naruto Fandom Should Be Ashamed To Acknowledge All This B.S. 

-ShikaTema (Was A Little Rushed But Good Job)

-Shino (Nice To See His Passion Towards Helping Children Good Job)

-Kakashi (Kept His Cool Demeanor & Wished Them Well Good Job)

And That’s All. In The Good Department.

Bad Department.

-Iruka (Terrible I Thought He Should’ve Said He Will Always Love Naruto But Instead He Wasted That Moment For Hinata Happiness (WTF ABOUT NARUTO’S HAPPINESS?!?!) All That Hype About What To Say To Naruto When He’s Being Recorded Just To Say What He’s Been Saying All Along. Also Iruka Kept Blowing Off Naruto Suggestions & Constantly Pushed Naruto Towards Hinata. Naruto Only Wanted To Have Fun With His “Father” B/C He Hasn’t Seen In Awhile & Missed Him.

- SasuSaku (Don’t Get Me Started) I Honestly Feel Bad For The Fandom So I Won’t Write Anything About It. 

- Sakura (My Heart Breaks For You) I’m So Sorry. 

-Boruto (Being Passed Naruto’s Headband, But He Doesn’t Want To Follow In His Father’s Footsteps.) P.S I Rather Sarada Received The Damn Headband At Least She Values Naruto & His Position More Than Boruto. (But She’s Not His Daughter & The Next Show Doesn’t Follow Her Story So It’s Whatever)

And That’s All That Stood Out To Me. Waste Of My Time. 

this has been burning on the back of my mind for days (more like months, thanks ocd tendencies) and i just need to take it out of my chest now that i really need something to distract me.

this is mostly about cursed child and rowling’s author bias.
it’s such a shitty and if you ask me super misogynistic move that she bloody kills astoria for giving draco some kind of humanity and depth and deserving redemption to draco’s character, but it’s even more shitty that draco only seems to find solace and closure and support in fucking gryffindor characters.

i refuse, and i repeat, refuse, to admit that after astoria dies there’s no one there to help him not only to his grief but also to help with with the raise of scorpious.

i am going to try to analyse this in the most rational way but keep in mind i live for the slytherin gang and my mission in my life is (that y'all ship thlaise) that these guys get their own redemption arch.

first of all: theodore nott.
we know literally nothing of him, but canonically-ish we know two things: he’s one of the few people draco sees as a mutual and he probably lost his mother when he was a child, even if we are not sure of the circumstances (nott senior killed her, pass it on)
are you telling me one of draco’s oldest friends, someone he considers a mutual, knows that his friend has lost his wife who also happens to be a housemate and gives no support to him? or to scorpius?? when he could be maybe one of the very few people that can understand him for a living experience? because seriously, give me a break.
(but no of course not, rowling, it’s better to make harry potter and his friends to save the day and send theodore nott to jail, thanks for that.)

secondly: daphne greengrass.
we know virtually nothing about her, but… hello she’s astoria’s sister.
astoria is known canonically as being against pure-blood bullshit and racist tendencies (and god bless her for that) but once again, slytherin is a house that is all about traditions and values, probably family bonds despite the differences are important (hello, the malfoy family), so i refuse to believe that her sister dies and she’s not going to show support to her sister’s husband and to HER FUCKING NEPHEW.

thirdly: pansy parkinson.
there are several, several, situations where it shows not only that draco and pansy are close, but that pansy and draco actually care for each other (when draco breaks his arm for example)
pansy is another character that received no depth and no redemption canonically (thanks for that rowling), so we know literally nothing about her but that she’s racist and she was so ready to throw harry potter under the bus (because the conflict of interests of the slytherin lads facing a war with their parents and families fighting in, is of course something we all should avoid mentioning, kudos again rowling)
but what we know about pansy is that she’s outspoken and direct (and that draco is melodramatic and intense) i once again refuse to believe she’s going to leave her friend and classmate alone after the death of a former housemate, as well.

fourthly: blaise zabini.
zabini is another character with no real depth in the books but very wide descriptions of his character: vain, arrogant, racist, high standards, did i say racist (we get the memo rowling, thanks)
but in the end, during the seventh year of hogwarts, he’s there with draco (and pansy). he’s valuable enough as a friend to be a member of draco’s gang and there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be there for draco when astoria dies.

or why they wouldn’t be there for each other at any kind of circumstances, which of course we know nothing about.
i understand perfectly books have main protagonists and antagonists and minor characters, but it’s absolutely rubbish the way rowling managed the development of the story and the way she shaped slytherin into the evil house. the way a song of ice and fire developed during the years is not my cup of tea, but george martin managed to develop all the characters more or less equally no matter which house they were from. so: it’s not impossible.

and honestly, in general, i am just so fucking done. and this is not throwing any shade to harry and his friends as this group of support and mutual care, it’s not, it’s the fact rowling is unable to develop characters from other houses in the same way (what she did to cho? don’t get me started, and how she blatantly ignores other houses) it’s stripping slytherin entirely as a house of the capacity of developing care and love to each other, and the only way she manages to find it it’s adding a potter to the slytherin house. like, thanks.

and really, this is fucking slytherin, can we please move on from the mindset that slytherin are snakes to each other and cold bitches????? slytherin is, among several things, about fraternity and friendship, hello in slytherin you make your real friends, but let’s keep portraying them as cold hearted and unable to develop networks of care and affection and love.

thanks rowling.
i am so fucking mad and i am not even a slytherin myself.

idek i am rambling and it’s 1am but i am so tired of slytherin not having what they deserve which is at least the same treatment as everyone else.
have a lovely night.

(edit: i read-proof this and fixed some typos. sorry english is not my first language and such and this was written out of spite and rage)

[translation] Free! Visual Story Vol.2 Drama CD track 7 - "The Walk Back Home on a Snowy Day"

[AUDIO LINK] from wakoaime

Makoto: *sigh* It’s been so cold lately, and today’s snowing so hard!

Haruka: Yeah.

Makoto: *warms hand* But anyway, the snow festival was really fun!

Haruka: Yeah… I was really happy to see the giant snow sculpture of Iwatobi-chan.

Makoto: It’s true, that sculpture was quite a masterpiece! …oh, Haru, if you’re cold, you can borrow my gloves, y'know…?

Haruka: No, I’m fine. I too will one day build a snow mackerel… *sneeze*

Makoto: See?  Here you go, I’ll give you one of my gloves.  I’m wearing a scarf, so I’ll be fine.

Haruka: …sorry.

Makoto: Our initial plan was to only see the snow sculptures and visit some shops, I still can’t believe it turned out like that…


Nagisa: Since we’re at a snow festival, let’s all join the snowball fight!

Makoto: Snowball fight?

Gou: Right now?

Rei: Nagisa-kun, no one’s prepared for it!

Haruka: That’s too much work…

Nagisa: WHAT~~~!? Don’t say such things… I really want the winning prize: Iwatobi-chan figurine: Snow Queen Version~~!!  Besides, the runner-up prize is one year’s worth of canned mackerel!

Haruka: Nagisa, where do we start?

Makoto: HARU!??

Nagisa: See!? Even Haru-chan’s all fired up!!

Rei: But still…

Gou: Listen, Rei-kun, in order to win a snowball fight, it’s very important to have a good strategy!

Rei: Gou-san, why are you so hyped up as well!??

Nagisa: With your Hyper-Brain, Rei-chan, we will definitely win this competition!

Rei: Hyper…Brain…fufufu, very well! I’ll come up with the greatest strategy!

Gou/Nagisa: YEAH!!

Makoto: I guess that’s nothing I can do to stop them… oh well, let’s all enter the competition then!

Makoto: Wow… there are so many people here!

Gou: The mid-winter muscle contest is amazing too~~!! Snow and muscles… what a perfect combination!!

Makoto: …it’s the muscle contest right next door that you’ve been eyeing, I see…

Nagisa: Well then, let’s see who our opponent is…

Rei: Could…could it be…! You are…!

*end of flashback*

Makoto: Speaking of which, who would’ve thought that our first opponent would be the Samezuka Academy swimming team?  Rin was pretty good, but so was Captain Mikoshiba.  I was totally caught by surprised when a super high-speed snowball came my way…

Haruka: I was caught off guard…

Makoto: Haru was out of the game right away, and even though we all fought really hard, we lost… and all our clothes were soaked because of the snow, it was awful!

Haruka: …yeah.

Makoto: And even though Samezuka team defeated us, at the final game, they lost to Team Nezumi no issho (I think?)…

Haruka: …canned makerel…

Makoto: Huh? Did you want them so badly? Well, I guess we’ll need to win next year. Since Nagisa wanted that Iwatobi-chan figurine as well…

Haruka: yeah. I’ll definitely get those canned mackerel next year.

Makoto: uuugh!  It really IS cold! It’s even colder since it was so warm in the train…

Haruka: Makoto. You can have your glove back.

Makoto: Oh, don’t worry about me, I’m fi…*sneeze*

Haruka: Your glove.

Makoto: Hehehe.

Haruka: What is it?

Makoto: Nothing… I was just thinking that it’s the other way around now… thank you, Haru.

Alright, here goes:

I’ve been really ???!?!??!!!!!??! about the update because I keep going back to the element of unreliable narration Check, Please! uses. All that Jack says about Kent and him in the Q, we’re hearing second-hand through Jack and then third-hand through Bitty. It seems really odd that Jack “110%” Zimmermann would have what was presumably his first serious relationship be this purely physical thing that mattered much more to Kent than it did to him. Yes, we know that Jack was never in love with Kent, but that doesn’t mean their relationship wasn’t serious. 

It’s also strange that Jack seems as cavalier and detached as he does when the last time he was confronted with his past–and in particular, his past with Kent–he had a full-blown panic attack. So I definitely think something’s up with the way Jack is presenting his time with Kent, and that Bitty might be further skewing that narration. 

But this update, we also get to see a little bit of Kent by himself; not through Bitty and Jack’s eyes ( @taddietango theorized that Kent’s eyes change color with who’s narrating, which is hilarious, but I digress). And Kent is clearly…distressed, to say the least.

So what am I left with?

Well, I’m left with a lot of feels about Kent, for sure. Jack says that their relationship just “stopped” which is…odd phrasing. Clearly there was a lack of closure there, and it occurs to me that Kent didn’t see Jack’s OD and subsequent break as Jack choosing to end things, but as an outside force splitting them up for a while. 

It’s possible that Kent never really considered Jack and him officially “over” until Epikegster. It’s possible Kent saw the distance and the fighting as a symptom of Jack and Kent both trying to put their lives together and sort their individual shit out and not as, say, a direct result of Jack’s choice to end things with Kent. 

And a part of me is just royally irked at Jack for not communicating with Kent where he’s at and what he wants concerning him. But then a larger part of me is just??? Jack was in a bad place for a really long time????? Like he had bigger shit to deal with??????? And without having a clearer picture of what Jack and Kent’s relationship looked like, it’s hard to say what Jack owed/owes Kent, if anything. Tentatively, I’m going to say that Jack owes Kent some closure. I mean, is it really any surprise that he’s having trouble moving on in these circumstances?

And then again, for argument’s sake, let’s say Kent never really considered them officially over until Epikegster. Up until then, the pain Kent felt concerning Jack was about their separation and the complications of starting his career and Jack getting himself sorted. So yes, Kent has a lot of old wounds that are probably going to be reopened by seeing Jack again. But Kent never really experienced Breakup Heartbreak until very recently. What he’s feeling now aren’t old wounds but fresh ones, just years in the making, i.e. this shit’s not “in the past,” Jack.

It’s painful seeing Jack knowing that Kent can’t let go but not realizing that he probably contributed to that.

In short, I feel for Jack, I feel for Kent, I feel for Bitty. There’s a complex system of hurt here between increasingly complex characters and tbh, I’m a mess.

anonymous asked:

how did you do your gifs?

i make them on photoshop cs6!

1. first i import video to frames

2.  then i narrow down the bit i wanna gif

3. then it makes a shit load of frames for me which i then i narrow down to what i want

4. crop it to 268x150 or w/e you wanna crop it too i go with tumblrs new sizes because i like bigger gifs

5. set the time to 0.09 but you can pick how fast/slow you want them to go i like 0.09 but i’ve seen a whole range of times used so pick what you like best

6. then u get this

(this gif would’ve been like 55 frames but to make sure it’d upload to an ask i cut to 40 i couldn’t remember if asks had a gif limit like they used to)

7. then it’s time for sharpening and i use premade sharpening actions becaue i am weak and lazy and all you gotta do to do that is convert your frames to video timeline

click that little button and you’ll get

and click on convert to video time

8. which will make your frames look like this now

9. then you’ll wanna convert your frames to smart filters so you’ll wanna select all your frames in the layers part which is on the right of you in photoshop

10. then go to filters and click on convert to smart filters

11. then you can apply your sharpening action or you can make up your own i am lazy and use a sharpening actions (which you can find some here if you want some) and now it’ll look like this

12. after that it’s just coloring or psd (psds x x) however you roll and ta-da

13. you had made a gif probably one that will look better then me because that coloring could be better