i fixed it uwu

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Did Mattie ever have... The b r o w s

can: luckily i’ve been spared of that fate.

Quicky MCcree for my beloved friend who’s birthday was yesterday, im talking bout the talented @raven-blood-13 we both like MCcree so yeah xd im gonna do a better version soon dear

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*tumblr people losing an argument* lol you're so ugly. Fix your eyebrows sweaty;) uwu I've spent an hour arguing with you, but since I know I'm losing, your racist, transphobic, ableist, misogynistic, classist, every-buzzword-under-the-sun ass ain't worth my time! *blocks you* *spends a few more hours making callout posts and insulting you, not giving you the ability to defend yourself* Ahhh, tumblr.

just like, as an addition to The Drama–

speaking as fictionkin myself, the fact that a mod identifies as a stand doesn’t bother me. what bothers me is that they have a horrible grasp on “being a decent person and not asking for blood sacrifices”.

the problem isn’t that they’re kin. it’s that they’re using that as an excuse to be a disgusting person.

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was playing zen as solo healer in qp and the enemy lucio was bullying the shit out of me so i was spending all my time trying to get him off me. my team's hanzo goes "zen stop trying to 1v1 the lucio" and was like "hey how about you kill him then" and he goes "aw you want me to fix your problem for you uwu." yes bitch i'm your healer and you're dps kill the enemy that's on me ffs. then i went widow and took gold elims and dmg. he whined about me being bad afterwards even though i had the golds.

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