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hello!! i absolutely love WLFA, but weirdly i find even to be very emotionally manipulative towards isak! when "darcy" even (unintentionally) breaks isaks heart and isak confides to "anonymous" even, even knows how he fells but instead of fixing it, he tells him he deserves better than darcy. Then when anonymous breaks isaks heart (he had reasons but he knew how fragile isak was and didnt explain), darcy tells isak he deserves better! how can isak eve forgive even for not telling him darcy=anon?

hi love!

that’s an interesting perspective. i can see where you’re coming from, but – the thing about those two things is that even never used them to his favor – at least, not intentionally.

neither did he use anything he learned about isak as anonymous even to his favor. in fact, cz and i were very careful never to allow even to have more of an upper hand than he already had by being both isak’s anonymous pen pal and himself; he never used any of the information he learned as his anonymous self to his favor, not if he could help it.

in regards to the sonja situation, he spilled all of his love and apologies on paper, afraid that if he tried to apologize in person (which he did try many times, anyway, considering that with or without the notes – even would probably be aware of the effect meeting sonja would have on isak) it’d mean nothing to isak. and he couldn’t immediately rectify the situation, considering sonja, at the time, was going through a very difficult time in her life after losing her mother figure, and even might believe he’s an asshole, but he doesn’t think he’s that much of an asshole.

similarly, when even holds isak and tells him he doesn’t deserve whatever is making him feel this way in chapter nine, he’s aware that he’s the one that messed up. he’s acknowledging that isak deserves better than whatever he has to offer, but he never once uses these acknowledgments as excuses or to favor himself or his anonymous self. he just states it as fact, because to him, it is a fact.

he uses anonymous him to try and mend the heart he broke, unable to do much else in his situation. he holds isak and states a fact. but he never uses this as an excuse to coerce isak into a relationship with either of his personas, and even at the end, even realizes isak deserves a choice in the matter, which becomes far more prominent in the last chapters.

even knows what he did was not okay. he knows that he should have come clean much sooner than he did. but he was never malicious in his intentions, and much like in canon, he was protecting himself and isak, as he genuinely believed he was doing what was best for everyone involved. it’s not like even wasn’t hurting when he saw isak hurting — because he was. and this is not the case for emotionally manipulative people. people are flawed, and i think even more so, because in trying to protect himself, in being ashamed of his mental illness, he unintentionally brought isak down with him. and that was never, and will never be, his intention.

isak is a very, very smart boy. right now he is understandably hurt and betrayed and angry. even knows he’s well in his right, and he will not push for more than isak is willing to give him. if that’s nothing, then even will accept that, no questions asked. 

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How do I support my partner through their mental health problems without compromising my health? I've told them I'm there to talk if they want and stuff and they said they've got stuff they need to work through on their own. That's fine I understand but idk they seem closed off all of a sudden and idk if I can deal with that?

Hey Anon,

I’m glad you reached out to us. Supporting a loved one through mental health difficulties is much easier said than done and can really take a lot out of us. 

A challenge with any illness, be it physical or mental, is that there’s only so much we can do to help the person. You can be there for them when they want to talk, support them, listen to them, love them but you can never fix it for them. That’s such a difficult thing to accept because we’re often willing to do everything to see our partner happy and well, but accepting it is really the first step. 

From there, it’s about being sensitive to their needs and respecting their boundaries. This involves making yourself available if your partner would like to speak about something but also understanding that they may want to deal with this on their own. I would suggest that you encourage them to speak to a mental health professional about it, again simply because we have to understand our limitations with regards to the amount of support we can offer. 

One thing which may help would be to see if you can do any household chores for them or give them a hand with work. These kind of things can be difficult to keep up with when struggling with a MI so can really go a long way, while also making us feel useful and effective in helping the person. It’s usually a good idea to ask rather than trying to guess what would be best (let them have control by allowing them to take decisions, MI tends to make a person feel like they’ve lost control). Here are some other ideas of how you can support them:

 It’s a good idea to practice self-care during these times and treat ourselves with kindness; it’s not easy for either of you. You can consider seeking out a support group or online community for friends/relatives/partners of those struggling with mental illness. Below are some self-care ideas which you may implement, feel free to check our resources for other tools and relaxation techniques.

I know it’s frustrating and you have a right to be angry and upset about it. It affects you greatly because you care about them. Ultimately you have to put your health and your well-being first because that’s what you have most control of. It’s not your job to fix it for them, even if you could. Self-care not selfish, situations like yours drain us so we need to set time for ourselves. You are doing enough.

Good luck!

- Tea

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If they were all together why didn't lili follow noraneko ;0

Well you see anon, she and the Noraneko cat had a falling out a few weeks ago. Noraneko scratched Lili’s bum and Lili stole the birthday cake as can be seen in Noraneko’s second picture. It all turned quite ugly to be honest. Cole, Debby and Josh are now trying to fix the relationship between the 2 but they have a long way to go unfortunately. Lili is hurt and Noraneko always holds a long grudge.

I have no idea why Lili didn’t follow Noraneko babe x

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I will continue to write scenarios off anon. You can't defeat me (I did the Xiuhan). Imagine Junmyeon still introducing himself as the leader of "EXO-K" instead of just EXO in his mind. Not that he doesn't love Minseok, Jongdae and Yixing just as much as the original K members - he just can't forget Yifan as the embodiment of EXO-M. Sometimes, he wishes he could turn back time to fix everything. For now, the bunny emojis at least make him smile, remembering that the fans still love them.

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You are probably swamped with prompts but if you have time for one more! Allura doing something totally normal in front of all of the team but Shiro is just looking at her cuz gosh that boy is so in love but has no idea yet and lance (or whomever) notices Shiro noticing Allura so he gives shiro a look and shiro is all what? and lance gives him the "you like crabby patty's don't you squid ward" face.

TFW anons read your mind

Bless you for giving me the opportunity to draw a smitten Shiro…and a shitlord Lance XD


I’ll give you everything I have.
I’ll teach you everything I know. I promise I’ll do better.
I will always hold you close, but I will learn to let you go.
I promise I’ll do better. I will soften every edge,
I’ll hold the world to its best, and I’ll do better.
With every heartbeat I have left, I will defend your every breath,
And I’ll do better.

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Here is your anon hate! Why have you not drawn Jasper as Super Saiyen yet?

*gay gasp* oh my gosh, you are right!! What have I been doing with my life?!?! Must fix that

Suupaa Saiyajin Jasupaa!

Going Down || Jughead J.

Sorry for the wait and how bad it is!!

15. “Take. It. Off.”

Combined with:

6. “You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!”

Requested by: @rubyeun and anon

“Take. It. Off.” Jughead demanded, prepared to tackle me.

“And if I don’t?” I giggled, fixing my hair so it’ll look well with his beanie. I heard him growl under his breath before he came at me. He tackled me on my bed, pinning my arms down, the beanie falling down to my floor. “Now that’s not far!” I said, struggling against his restraints.

“It’s not fair that you took my beanie.” He said, blue eyes staring into my E/C eyes. I leaned up and kissed him, diverting his attention, and flipped us over so I was on top. “Talk about ‘not fair’.”

“You started it,” I said, giggling. “And I’m gonna finish it.” I attack his sides with my hands, tickling him.

“That’s it!” He grabbed my wrist flipping us over yet again, by now both of us are on the edge of the bed, close to falling off. “I banish you from this bed.”

“You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!”

“Watch me,” he started tickling me, from my laughing and fighting him off, I slide off the bed and let out a little yelp.

“Jughead!” I yelled, he gripped onto my arms, and lowered me down to the floor slowly.

The panicked look on his face changed as he cracked a smile. “I kicked you off, didn’t I?”

“You butt!” I said, grabbing his beanie and throwing it at his chest, he brust out laughing, falling back into the bed.

Once his laughter died down, I speak up. “You know, the floor is a lot more comfortable, especially without you attacking me.”

“Then maybe I should come down there?”

“No! Stay up there, I’m enjoying my banishment.”

He chuckled, “I love you Y/N,” he peaked over my bed, looking down at me.

“I love you too, Jug.”

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hey, could you explain what happened in Vegas betweet zayn and liam?

What happened? That’s a really good question.
Basically Zayn ignored Liam throughout the concert, AND THIS IS SOMETHING because Zayn never ignores Liam.

Look at the other concerts

But in Vegas something happened. Zayn didn’t touch Liam, he didn’t even try to look in his direction despite Liam’s pleading eyes. (How did he even manage to resist those puppy eyes?)

So yeah, Zayn was angry. And he was angry with Liam, ‘cause he behaved normally with the other three boys.

Did Liam do something wrong? Maybe, we can’t know for sure, but that same morning Liam and Zayn were fine at the meet and greet.
Though during the day something clearly irritated Zayn and he ended up arguing with Paul.

(btw he’s being cornered by two big guys, that’s only my supposition, but I think they were trying to stop him from doing something dumb, trying to reason with him, even if he didn’t want to)
Anyway he was so upset that he skipped dinner while the other boys went to Gordon Ramsay’s steakhouse

When the concert started Zayn was still upset, he tried to behave normally with the others, but totally ignored Liam.
Also, the weird thing is that his hand was perfectly fine at the beginning of the day, but

again, what happened? Did he punch something? Someone? We’ll never know (ugh)

So, the interesting point which connects everything is that Danielle was there.
Our guess is that nobody expected this, or at least Zayn didn’t expect to find her there. Maybe it was a last moment decision or maybe he was the only one who didn’t know that and didn’t take the news very well.

(I swear I can picture him softly punching Liam and yelling: WHAT DOES SHE DO HERE? WHY IS SHE HERE?) (it’s no secret that Zayn clearly didn’t like her)

Anyhow the boys knew what was going on, and they tried to fix it, changing their usual position and making Zayn and Liam squeeze against each other

wow, good plan guys, how evil

but you failed

Anyway, Zayn and Liam clarified (maybe that same night after sending away Danielle) and the day after everything was fine.

Hanged Serbian civilians, Mačva, 1914.

Austria-Hungary performed its first attack on Serbia not from north, as expected, but from west, from Bosnia and Herzegovina. First region struck was Mačva, where on summer 1914 Austria-Hungarian soldiers committed first war crimes of WW1.

On territory of Mačva, Jadar, Rađevina and Pocerina Serbian army, chasing out Austria-Hungarian army, found ravaged villages. Austria-Hungarian army had killed 1253 people, of which 288 were women, 62 children aged from 10 to 15 and 77 were children aged from 1 to 10. To investigate these crimes, Serbian politicians invited some of the world’s best criminologists and pathologists, among whom was Archibald Reiss. 

People were killed in brutal manners: torn by horses, stabbed by bayonets, buried alive, forced in and then burned in schools and churches, as well as burned on stakes. Rapes were massive, most likely even more than what Archibald had noted, as people refused to speak of it in patriarchal society.

Other than Archibald Reiss, there were multiple journalists who wrote about the event, such as French journalist for “Ilustratión” Henry Barby and American journalist John Reed. Henry Barby writes:

I am forced to seal the barbarian crimes of Austria-Hungarian troops. If I hadn’t seen their acts with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed in the crimes… For now their wounded are situated together with Serbs in Serbian hospitals, they take care of them the same way as of Serbs.

At this time, Austria-Hungary launched anti-Serbian sentiments, depicting Serbs as terrorists:

“Serbs must die”, an Austrian caricature from 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, depicting Serbia as a little terrorist.

Austrian generals accented to the troops that they’re entering an enemy country with people whom they can expect to attack them and that they should act as cruel as possible. Austria-Hungarian soldiers were told they will even to be punished if they acted any different, if they showed any mercy. 

Austria-Hungarian propaganda postcard saying "Serbs, we’ll smash you to pieces!”

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YAY so glad I'm here for your requests opening!! ^^ Any chance I could get RFA and MC after having "special brownies" for the first time (whether by accident or on purpose)?

~Oh my god. Okay lololol


  • He’s the kid that doesn’t feel anything so he eats more
  • Big mistake
  • Gets on LOLOL and just sucks horribly
  • He’s running around laughing and his guild is like WTF Yoosung what are you doing???
  • Orders 2 pizzas from different places just to see which one would get there quicker
  • Calls V on speakerphone for you both
  • He is just feeling really lovey and kind
  • But it’s like 3am and V has no idea whats going on and why Yoosung keeps bursting out laughing mid apology
    • “I’m so sorry I thought about punching you that one time, man…also be honest is that your real hair??? (both of you burst out laughing) I dye my hair too so you can confess to me it’s okay I won’t tell annyyoooneee”


  • He has slipped into the void
  • Literally just spends the whole time petting Elizabeth 3rd and examining her close up
  • Feels intense love for her and how cute she is
    • “MC, the pads on her right paw are slightly pinker than her left??? Grab a pen I need to write this down at once.”
  • Impromptu Ellie fashion show
  • You’re grabbing ribbons and bows and frills and dressing her up so cute
  • You both are just gushing over her
  • Jumin is taking amazing photos for the first time in his life
  • He also recorded her and on a playback he swears she is saying “i love you” and now he wont stop listening to it and its been 3 hours


  • He’s a talker
  • Won’t shut up
  • He is just blabbering on and on when it hits
  • He’s singing songs and showing you dance moves for fun
  • You guys sit and watch some of his musicals and he is entranced by himself
  • Also having you brush and braid his hair as you both watch
  • Okay but he is also feeling frisky
  • Keeps making moves on you and kissing you
    • “I love the feel of your lips on mine”
  • He’s getting pretty handsy and you’re just laughing
  • Anyway it isn’t long before you gets you into the bedroom


  • She has never felt more relaxed™ in her lifeee
    • “Is this what not being stressed feels like??”
  • Someone help her
  • She hasn’t stopped smiling for 2 hours now
  • A ‘Doer’ when she is high
  • Even though she moves slowly
  • She decided to bake a new muffin recipe that came into her brain
  • And she is smiling and humming and mixing happily
  • Tasting everything
  • Letting you taste everything
  • Just enjoying life tbh
  • And she baked up the best muffins she has ever made to this day


  • Most of the time is spent watching internet videos and laughing at memes
  • Vine compilations all night
  • You’ll watch the same thing 15 times and still be laughing so hard that your sides hurt
  • He has the munchies really bad
  • He is also hyper-focused and faster at hacking somehow?
  • So you guys decide to mess with Yoosung of course
  • You hack into his gaming comp in the middle of him playing LOLOL
  • It flashed with a pic of Saeyoung’s glasses
  • And Yoosung has to look at his webcam and say ‘God 707, Defender of Justice, please save me! Fix my computer so I can go back to my game-addicted ways!”
  • Which he, of course, records as Yoosung says it with a scowl

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15 million on youtube! And it's only an audio! And I think the spotify numbers got better, right? But we gotta keep going! Do it for the giggle!


and yes, his spotify numbers have gotten better - he’s moved up or stayed the same on every chart. he’s now up to 11,707,783 STREAMS ON SPOTIFY!! and his monthly listeners are up to almost 5 million (362nd in the world)