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YOU SURE CAN! This is my first time writing just mullette (I’ve done some lafburrcules) but the ship feels chill and flows kind of naturally to me. 

Also, to everyone: prompts are closed as of now! I’ve gotten 7 all total, which is great! But I want to go back to my own works while also not leaving anyone hanging. See y’all next prompt post. 

9. Not knowing how to sew but trying to fix a torn shirt because it’s their s.o.’s favorite

Lafayette loved wearing his boyfriend’s clothes. Hercules being just a bit shorter and a little more than a bit wider made his hoodies and tees and pyjama pants only a size too wide.

“Just don’t rip them up,” Hercules joked, taking the habit in good stride. “Some of that’s home-made.”

Lafayette took his oath seriously, even if it did make Hercules snort and giggle adorably when he knelt and solemnly swore with one hand to his heart. Which was why his current predicament was so worrying.

He gave the stray cat a rueful look. “This is your fault,” He said, to the animal that didn’t understand language and couldn’t possibly be blamed for the tatters it made of his shirt, not when Lafayette was the one who scooped it up suddenly for a hug. The cat flicked an ear, not impressed in the slightest. With a twitch of the tail, it turned and fled down the street.

Lafayette frowned. It was okay, he could fix this. He just had to get home, get the shirt off, get the blood off the shirt… everything would be fine! The damage wasn’t that bad, just two parallel tears from where the claws had hooked through cloth and into chest. It couldn’t be that hard to sew two ripped edges together!

People kept shooting Lafayette strange looks as he rushed home. Blood occasionally dripped off on the sidewalk. Lafayette held the shirt out, trying not to smear more blood into it. It was all a bit dramatic- Lafayette could barely even feel a sting.

He got home, and thankfully Hercules was not yet visiting- though he was due in an hour, so Lafayette had no time to waste. “One step at a time,” Lafayette muttered to himself, slipping his shoes off and darting for the laundry sink. With a quick motion, the shirt was off. He turned the tap on with one hand and reached for laundry soap with the other.

Washing the blood off was easy, Lafayette knew how to do that. It was almost familiar, even, with how often they all got into scuffles. Under the soap and bath of hot water, blood lifted from the cloth, fading to pink in the water. Lafayette drained the sink.

Now for the hard part. Lafayette had no idea how to sew. It couldn’t be all that difficult. His dear Hercules fixed Lafayette’s clothes all the time- and he would never claim his Hercules’ work as anything but talented genius, but the repairs always looked simple.

First, a needle. Or maybe not. Didn’t Hercules use the sewing machine for such jobs? Lafayette knew he had one in the house, from when he’d briefly considered taking up sewing to try and impress Hercules. In the end, Hercules had asked him out before the machine was even delivered, and the rest was history.

Lafayette never claimed to be a smart spender, he just had the money to afford it.

The sewing machine was covered in dust. Lafayette carefully brushed it clean, and pulled out the cords- including a foot pedal, curiously. Lafayette loved staring at his Hercules while he worked, but he’d never paid attention to how the machine operated, too busy staring at his boyfriend’s lovely focused face, or the way he stuck his tongue out just so at a particularly tricky part. 

Lafayette sighed. He was getting off topic. He readied the shirt, plugged in the cords, and lightly tapped the pedal- the needle went down and up, but did nothing else. He pushed it harder- still nothing. Was it broken? Lafayette inspected more closely.

Right, there was no thread. That was a thing. Lafayette laughed at himself, keeping the mood light instead of contemplating the sudden hopelessness of how little he knew. Lafayette knew he had bought some of that too. He reached into the storage box. There were about a dozen spools, more or less, in a variety of colours. Lafayette chose the one that matched the shirt, as close as possible.

“Now, to thread it.” Lafayette hummed, and stared at the machine. If his memory served, the spool went up stop, but how did it thread? Lafayette studied the machine, looking for some kind of sign.

Lafayette began to wonder if he was a bit out of his league. He reached into the box for the instruction manual, and got to work.

Hercules knocked on the door, but walked in when there was no answer. It wouldn’t be the first time he was too busy to get the door, and plus Hercules knew he was expected. “Laf? Honey?” He called, but there was no answer. Hercules took his shoes off and padded further into the house.

At the second call, there was nothing. On the third call, a muffled thump and an extra muffled curse. “Laf?” Hercules felt a hint of concern work its way into his head. “You okay?”

“I’m fine!” Lafayette poked his head out from his bedroom. His voice was shrill and loud and the very definition of ‘not fine’. Hercules approached slowly, hoping it was a simple matter of a spill or mess of some sort. Lafayette was a bit touchy about his house’s presentation, even when, or perhaps especially when, it was just Hercules. “Seriously! Don’t come in!” Lafayette’s voice hitched and wavered, ever so slightly.

Hercules’ heart picked up. Something was definitely wrong. “Hun, please let me see? What’s wrong, you sound upset.” He reached the door, but Lafayette was holding it half closed, with a wild, panicked look on his face. “Whatever it is, I can help! It’s okay!”

Lafayette wavered a moment, trapped between an assurance and breaking down. The break down won out, and he threw the door open. “Oh my god, Herc, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do it, I swear!” He was heaving, near hysterics. And there was dried blood all over his naked chest.

“Oh my god, you’re bleeding!” Hercules lifted his hands uncertainly, mind racing. “What happened? Did you get into a fight alone? Laf, are you okay? DO you need the hospital? Or, you can’t go to a hospital? God, what happened, what-”

He was cut off by a wet snort. Lafayette giggled and teared up at the same time. “I forgot about that entirely! Nothing of that sort is wrong, Hercules, please calm down. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to panic you.”

Though confusing, the words were a comfort. Hercules forced his breathing to even out. “You sure you’re okay?” At Lafayette’s nod, Hercules sighed in pure relief. “Alright then. What’s the actual problem, then?” Because there was clearly someting.

Lafayette tipped his head guiltily. “I promised not to tear your shirt, but there was this cat… I know it’s your favourite shirt, I tried to fix it. I’m so sorry.” And with that, he stepped away. Hercules peered over his shoulder.

There was a sewing machine, one Hercules didn’t even know Lafayette had. The sewing machine was a tangled mess, the sewing thread set up all wrong. Beside it sat a shirt Hercules recognized. Hercules stepped into the room. He did not recognize the messy clumps of thread, an apparent attempt to secure two tears, but really only a success at attacking the front of the shirt to the back.

“That is a mess.” Hercules commented, a little impressed despite himself. At Lafayette’s sniffle however, he quickly amended it. “Honey, you tried your best. I’m not upset, honest.”

“But I ruined your shirt, and then ruined it more trying to fix it?” Lafayette wiped quickly at his eyes.

“It’s just a shirt,” Hercules comforted. “And besides, I can still fix it. You haven’t done any permanent damage, and even if you did, I still like you better than any shirt of mine.”

Lafayette smiled, tiny and shy. “Even your favourite?”

Hercules chuckled. “Laf, you’re my favourite. Now let’s fix you up, and you can tell me the whole story.”

Lafayette’s smile widened. Things were just fine after all.

jeffierrochase cuddling headcanons

This is totally inspired by @hearthstoneblitz‘s adorable addition to this silly little post of mine (thank you for getting the gears going in my head I can’t stop thinking about it)

- Magnus is usually a little bit warmer than everyone else (due to being the son of the summer god), so he usually ends up in the middle

- TJ has cold hands and always tries to subtly stick them on the back of Magnus’ neck (long hair = warm neck) which always, without fail, causes Magnus to let out a little “eep!” and flail his (very sharp) elbows and knees about

- Alex is very restless until she actually falls asleep, but once she’s out, she’s out and is a pain to wake up in the mornings

- Magnus “I’m not a hugger” Chase is clingy af and is always spooning somebody, no matter where he is in the cuddle pile, though usually it’s TJ

- It’s not really a big deal, except the other person usually ends up trapped by his arms and can’t move all night

- They all have their nightmares, but TJ has active warzone nightmares from when he was alive, and wakes himself and his partners up with them often

- He always feels guilty about disturbing them, but they always reassure him it’s no problem and that there here for him no matter what

- Magnus will rub little circles on his back and give him kisses on his nose, Alex prefers cheek kisses. Sometimes she’ll turn into a soft animal for him to hold and pet while he calms down.

- They shouldn’t all be able to fit on the couch, but somehow they all do. Halfborn once found them squished together on the couch in TJ’s room watching a movie and was extremely confused as to whose limbs were whose

- Alex regularly wakes up with Magnus’ hair stuck in her mouth

- One of them snores. Very badly. They each accuse each other and no one owns up to it. Somehow, it remains a mystery.

If anyone has anymore please feel free to add on!! :D

i love listening to songs that make me feel completely miserable and heartbroken because im emotionally fucked up so pls reblog and add on to this list if you have more horribly sad songs that u love!!! these are my faves

  • if i could fly - one direction
  • fix you - coldplay
  • the scientist - coldplay
  • secret love song part II - little mix
  • love me or leave me - little mix
  • just a little bit of your heart - ariana grande
  • heaven - bryan adams (and like all the other versions too)
  • all too well - taylor swift

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I am so happy that Casey won but at the same time a little bit sad 'cause all i can see right now is people throwing shit at him. And you too are receiving bad messages for running a blog about him. He deserved that award so much! Can we just appreciate him as an actor without being pointed as "rapists supporter"? Sorry, i just wanted to share my thought with someone that understand all this mess

Thank you for your comment 😊

It’s so sad seeing that much hate out there, and sometimes even directed at us :/

The saddest part though is that they are not going to fix anything by behaving that way. By what I imagine is them trying to stand up to something, they are just producing more and new hate, contributing to the problem that they are supposedly trying to fix.

- Ignis, can you… sense light?
- To a degree, yes.
- So when dawn breaks, you’ll know it.
- I should.
- Good to know.

sometimes you need to accept that yes i may have been a little bit manipulative. yes i worded something in a specific way that would make my friend/fp/SO feel a bit guilty. yes i could have handled that situation in a much better way. yes i am wrong.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Febri 2017/03 (p29-33)

Finally the interview from Febri is finished! I like Kubo’s interviews but I swear I don’t want to see any more for some time… This one is also mentioning a lot of stuff that I haven’t read in other interviews so far. It’s a bit long but definitely worth reading!

Translation is under the cut. I might fix the format a little later on to make it visually better, now I have to leave to go to Wonder Festival… (who needs sleep?).
If you have any questions about the interview feel free to message me.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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hello and welcome to my mobile interactive version of my fic recs! despite not having the time to actually sit down and read stories, i still have a pretty large collection of fics i enjoyed over the past couple of years of being in the kpop community! please send all of the writers mentioned love + likes, and support them and their stories! ♡
+ i am also, apparently, an unreliable source when it comes to non-smut fics. i can’t help it.

! any incorrect links will definitely be fixed later :^))

last updated ☞ 05.02.17

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Augh! I hate New Years Eve! It’s so… happy. *gags* Where’s EmoDash when you need her! *rummages in bag* Aha! *pulls out EmoDash* There you are! Help meh!
EmoDash nods. What’s up little dude? Or should I say big dude!
I laugh.
Up top! EmoDash says, and we brohoof.
Everyone is so happy! It’s gross.
I can fix that! EmoDash says. EmoDash flies up quickly and circles the world, making it Emo! No more SJWs!
Yay! Thanks EmoDash. No problem. Thanks for calling me by my new name.
EmoDash does a sonic edgeboom into my bag.

Hi everyone, happy New Years (Fuck)!
*loosens collar a bit* Have a little thing I wrote for 2017! I like emo stuff now. Don’t judge, stay logical!


Summary: Barry drops by your job when you don’t show up to your date.

A/N: A Barry Allen drabble to see if I do this cutie some justice. Hope you all enjoy! @stormy-thomas @brit-worthy-knows 

Originally posted by dailygrantgustin

Blowing up your cheeks in defeat, you wrinkled your nose when you tweaked the device just a little bit more, groaning when that didn’t fix the problem. You had been working on this for the past two hours and nothing you did was working. You were a hair breadth’s away from screaming and pulling every strand of hair out from sheer frustration.

Time became meaningless when you were in your office. You forgot you had a life outside, friends and family, even that you had the most adorable, caring boyfriend by the name of Barry Allen. It all became white noise once you closed that door and surrounded yourself with your work.

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Imagine being turned on by Dean in a leather jacket.

“You really should wear that leather jacket more often.” you bit your lip as you rested your weight on the door frame, smiling at Dean as he got dressed.

Your boyfriend chuckled, glancing at you as he fixed it “As much as I love the sound of that- I am afraid I can’t, baby.” he gave you a grin and you frowned.

“I didn’t suggest anything.” you shrugged innocently and he laughed a little more.

“Sure you didn’t.” he said with a chuckle, walking past you but you stopped him; standing in front of him with an adorable put and placing your hand on his chest; your eyes linger on that deep v-neck of his making you weak already. You just loved the way part of his firm chest showed and the skin of his throat just begged you to kiss it and lick it.

“But-” you batted your eyelashes up at him, your hands running up his chest “If I was, would you be such a great boyfriend and do something about you sweet girlfriend’s needs?” you gave him an innocent smile and he laughed with a shake of his head.

“My girlfriend is sweet and quiet honestly the most beautiful one in the world- but at the moment I am busy so I’m afraid I can’t baby.” he chuckled, brushing you off with a kiss on the forehead and with his hands on your shoulders his pushed you away.

“Come on, Dean.” you gave him a look “Not even five minutes?”

“Five minutes I do have but it is not going to be just that with you sweetheart, and we both know it.” he winked at you and you huffed; crossing your arms over your chest.

“Alright then… How about six?” you gave him an innocent grin and he laughed, raising an eyebrow.

“Really now? It is going to be ten times that, princess. And yes I want it to but as I said- busy.” he said as he fixed his hair in the mirror and you bit your lip as you got caught in staring at how his muscles flexed under that damn leather jacket. You loved the way it fit him that well and gave him that bad boy look. IF he was a hard rock singer or musician you would surely be all over him.

You had never thought he would look this good and hot let’s not forget that, in that leather jacket. It almost made you wonder if you were going to develop any more new kinks with this man. The way the jacket moved as he walked around made all sorts of thoughts run through your mind. All sorts of dirty thoughts.

“Can’t Sam just go by himself?” you suggested, going towards him and wrapping your arms around his waist and giving him the best puppy eyes you could.

“Technically-” he shrugged “But for real now- Does this jacket turn you on this much?” he smirked down at you with a raised eyebrow and you nodded your head with a big grin.

“You have no idea how much.” you said in a low voice “You really give your girl all sorts of thoughts with this jacket you know that?” your voice came muffled as you buried your face at the crook of his neck and started peppering kisses all over.

He let a small groan and his hands found your hips were he squeezed “Didn’t know that.” his voice came out strained and you smirked to yourself, your fingers playing with his jacket and shirt as you started licking over his soft spot “You never-” he moaned “-Never told me that.” he shut his eyes and let a deep throaty growl “Baby girl has new kinks?” you could hear the smirk in his voice and if you weren’t this into this look you would have rolled your eyes at his smugness.

He chuckled but then groaned when you sucked on his neck and kissed it afterwards “You really should have told me sweetheart.” he groaned “I never knew about this.”

“No?” you asked innocently “My bad.” you breathed out pulling away for a moment to look up at him “Maybe you should punish me?” you raised an eyebrow and he breathed out a strained chuckle, his grip on your hips tightening.

“Princess.” he said with a clenched jaw and you smirked a little, satisfied with yourself.

“But then again- you always are so affectionate and slow. Passionate and loving.” you whispered in a low voice, your lips finding his neck again “No matter what you wear, bad boy clothes or not- you are such a sweetheart.” you smiled softly when you heard him growl.

“But how about for today- you go rough on me, baby boy?” you kept kissing and sucking at his skin but looked up at him and he gave out a strained sound.

“Sweetheart-” he was really fighting this “I- I would love this, hell you have no idea how much but- I got a job to do.”

“No” you breathed out, pulling away; hands running all over his jacket “You’ve got to do me. Nothing else.” you looked up at him and he gave you a pleading look.

“(Y/n), don’t do this to me. Please.” he gave you a look, almost about to break “You can’t seriously want me in bed right now.”

“Correction: I want you in bed right now with this leather jacket and nothing else on.” you winked at him and let a deep growl “Boy, you have no idea how much I want that at this moment.” you smirked at him and he gave you a look.

“Sweetheart, you’re pulling on my last strings.” he gave you a dirty look and you giggled biting your lower lip.

“No, no I’m not yet. Because you have no idea how you are pulling on my last strings with this fucking jacket and now that I think about it- the deep v-neck too.” your eyes roamed his chest as you bit hard on your lip “Yeah keep that on too. But nothing else for sure.” you gave him a smirk and he growled with a roll of his eyes. He didn’t say anything though, instead he crashed his lips to yours and almost knocked all air out of your lungs.

You grinned into the kiss and responded back to it just as sloppily. You fisted his leather jacket in your hands and pressed yourself flushed to him. But unfortunately before you could do anything more, such as get him out of his pants because there was no way that leather jacket was leaving, he pushed you away and gave you a small smile.

“Sorry sweetheart, gotta wait after we get done with the hunt.” he pulled completely away as you were too stunned to react “And maybe if you’re still into me, naked with a leather jacket on your bed- then you’ll have me.” he winked at you with a big grin and wore his sunglasses and walked out of your motel room. Leaving you completely stunned to stare at the closed door with your heart hammering in your chest and a feeling of need unfulfilled.


And as that he had left you to think after you recovered from your shock to think of the only way to get him back. You just weren’t going to let him go after making you feel this way by wearing that jacket, promise you things with that look and then just walk away. Well, it was obvious that he didn’t fully understand what he did to you with those clothes. Maybe you should make him realize.

“Baby?” his voice caught your attention as you heard the door slam closed “I’m back!” he said, soon followed by a small sigh.

“Right here.” you said, walking out of the bathroom and standing right in front of him.

The first thing you noticed was his back, the leather jacket making you bite your lip just like before but you got your composure back as he turned to look at you. Only for him to lose his.

“Whoa” he breathed out, his eyes widening as his eyebrows shot up. His lips parted and he seemed lost for a moment as he took in your appearance “What-” his throat felt dry and he swallowed thickly “What are you wearing?” he shifted uncomfortably in is place and you smirked.

“What?” you asked innocently, looking down at yourself “Oh this?” you motioned to the piece of clothing “It’s a leather jacket, baby.” you said with a smirk as he opened his mouth to speak but a shaky sigh left his lips.

“I- I-” he blinked swallowed hard as he walked towards you “Yeah but I mean- where’s the rest of it?”

“Rest of it?” you tilted your head to the side, smiling innocently “Oh, yeah I kinda didn’t feel like wearing anything else.” you shrugged, biting your lips with a smirk as his eyes rather shamelessly roamed your body.

“And- th-that is-?” he stuttered, motioning to you and you looked down at the smallest piece of panties you could find. Black and lace.

“Oh that?” you raised an eyebrow “I kinda liked it, and I thought it matched.” you walked towards and past him, giving him a nice view.

“H-hey (Y/n)- about what you were saying before-” he started saying, his voice low and rough and you turned your head; raising an eyebrow at him.

“What? Oh that?” you scoffed “Forget it. I am alright now.” you shrugged, leaning against the table and watched him as his eyes roamed your body. And there was not much to hide with those clothes. The jacket was not zipped up, it showed part of your breasts but covered enough to drive him crazy. And the panties didn’t cover much either leaving your legs fully exposed and in display.

“Y-yeah I well-” he gave you a nervous smile “Kinda like the idea a lot, all of a sudden.”

“Oh do you?” you smirked walked closer towards him as he swallowed thickly; undressing you with his eyes- although there was not much to take off.

And you smirked, more than pleased with his reaction. It was exactly what you wanted him to feel. This was exactly how you wanted him to be so that he could really understand you how he had you feeling with that leather jacket of his. You saw his eyes linger on your chest for a moment and you placed two fingers under his chin, making him look you in the eyes.

“Eyes up here, baby.” you whispered in a low and seductive voice “So, you were saying you wanted…?”

“What you were saying-” he licked his lips, pupils blown.

“What?” you whispered “About you, naked with only that leather jacket in my bed?”

“Maybe you too there-” he gave you a half smile that fluttered.

“Yeah.” you nodded your head, bringing your face closer to his your lips almost brushing “Sorry sweetheart-” you repeated his previous words “Kinda busy right now.” you let go of his chin and bumping shoulders with his you walked away.



“W-wait- (Y/n)! Baby I’m sorry!” his voice rose an octave and it came out in a slightly high-pitched squeak as he hurried to catch up with you.

   a series of unfortunate events,
   book the first: the bad beginning.

  • what do you think it is? 
  • it only seems scary because of the mist. 
  • it is a nice day. i’m afraid i have some very bad news for you. 
  • the entire house was engulfed in fire. it burned to the ground. 
  • where will we go? 
  • just how is he related to us exactly?
  • that’s an unusual first name. 
  • what a terrible place! 
  • i don’t want to live there at all!
  • wipe your feet outside so no mud gets indoors. 
  • this room looks like it needs a little work.
  •  perhaps with a bit of your money we could fix it up a little nicer. 
  • i hope you will be very happy here. 
  • have dinner ready by the time they arrive.
  • stay out of our way. none of us knows how to cook. 
  • i wish they were here. i hate it here! i hate this house! i hate our room! i hate having to do all these chores, and i hate him!
  • we have to keep our chin up.
  • it is very difficult to keep one’s chin up when he keeps shoving it down. 
  • we haven’t found any books in this house at all. 
  • i can tell you it concerns a poisonous plant and illegal use of someone’s credit card. 
  • is there anything you desire? 
  • this is a wonderful library! 
  • as long as you keep them in good condition, you are welcome to use any of my books. 
  • it is a pleasure to see young people interested in books. 
  • you seem like very intelligent people. 
  • where is the roast beef? 
  • i am not someone to be trifled with. 
  • put her down immediately, you beast! 
  • perhaps by the time these brats serve us, we will be too drunk to care. 
  • if i were you i would try not to anger him, or he might wreck that pretty little face of yours.
  • you know perfectly well we haven’t any money. 
  • if i know you, you’ll figure out a way to get at that money. 
  • clearly, we cannot stay here any longer. 
  • i would rather take my chances on the streets than live in this terrible place. 
  • who knows what misfortunes would befall us on the streets? 
  • in the meantime, we have to do something about our predicament. 
  • we don’t really have a question. we have a complaint. 
  • we cannot stay with him. 
  • there’s nothing i can do about it. 
  • you’ll do nothing to help us. 
  • aren’t raspberries delicious? 
  • a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be working backstage. 
  • i have such an important role for you. 
  • i would hate to disgrace your good name. 
  • i would prefer it if you would participate voluntarily. 
  • he must be up to something. 
  • killing us would do him no good. 
  • today i don’t think i’ll choose a book on wolves. 
  • make sure she doesn’t eat any dirt. 
  • she wouldn’t help us anyway. 
  • have you found anything in your book yet? 
  • he struck me across the face. 
  • you are to return to the house immediately. 
  • why are you reading that? 
  • the only reason he hasn’t torn you limb from limb is that he hasn’t gotten hold of your money. 
  • what reason will he have to keep you alive after he has your money? 
  • so if i were you, i’d start acting a little nicer. 
  • where did you get that book? 
  • what’s important is that i have found out your plan. 
  • what is my plan, you little runt? 
  • a man like myself can acquire any number of beautiful women. 
  • i’m sure they’ll want to know all about your grand victory over my evil ways. 
  • she’s not the type to run off. 
  • it certainly is strange to find a child missing. 
  • what have you done with her? 
  • for someone who reads so much, you are remarkably unintelligent. 
  • let her go! 
  • we’ll do anything, anything, just don’t harm her. 
  • she is perfectly safe, for now. 
  • i consider her to be a stick behind a stubborn mule. 
  • you will do as i say, to avoid the punishment, and because you want the reward of surviving this experience. 
  • you’re such a lovely girl. 
  • i wouldn’t dispose of you. 
  • you’re a terrible man. 
  • you may have read more books than i have, but it didn’t help you gain the upper hand in this situation.
  • how pleasant that you could join us. 
  • i was just thinking how much i wanted to see your pretty face. 
  • what are you going to do with me? 
  • no monkey business, or i will have to tie you up and let you dangle out of the window. 
  • you must have been terrified. 
  • if we had any kerosene, i could make molotov cocktails with these bottles. 
  • we could break these bottles in half and use them as knives. 
  • we appreciate all you’ve done for us. 
  • break a leg! 
  • this is dreadful nonsense. 
  • i’m afraid this dreadful nonsense is the law.
  • i can’t believe how easily i was tricked. 
  • don’t think you’re so safe. 
  • you are a liar! 
  • send him to jail!
  • he’s an evil man! 
  • did you really mean what you said? 
  • i’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing i do. 
  • i’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands. 
  • we will miss you very much. 

when te fiti has her heart, it’s assumed she can gift life to anything, right? well imagine this:

te fiti is really greatful after maui apologizes. she knows from past personal experience how stubborn he can be, so she does a little bit more for him than just fixing his fish hook for him

after he leaves moana to sail herself home he’s flying around when a small island he doesn’t recognize from the sky catches his attention. 

curious, he lands on it and looks around at this beautiful lush green island just blooming with plant life. it confuses him that he’s never seen this island before because he knows for sure he would’ve remembered pulling up something so beautiful until he stumbles upon this large boulder with famaliar looking carvings on it and it just hits him all at once

this was his island. 

Te Fiti took what used to be a pile of boulders and wiltering plants and restored it to the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

she didn’t just fix what he valued most

she took this place he was trapped on for a thousand years, this place he thought he hated, and she used it to give him a home.

Something he’s never really had before.

Modern! Philip Headcanons

Prompts : Ooo or modern pip headcanons

Notes : again, I’m assuming pip is Philip :“

- 19 years old, attending college.
- He studies Law, history and English lit.
- He skateboards in his free time, even though he sucks a little bit.
- He really likes Adventure Time and Regular show.
- He lives off of instant noodles and pizza pockets
- He is a huge flirt and a total lady killer
- He tried to smoke once… he choked so hard he never did it again.
- He is the life of the party.
- Finger guns
- "gucci.” “Ye boi” “👌”
- Still says “420 blaze it”
- Everyone thinks he’s on drugs but nah he just had 7 cups of coffee this morning, sorry to disappoint you.

“So Molly Hooper,” Sherlock sets down the pint I’ve just bought him and brushes the foam off his top lip. I wait for him to continue, but he doesn’t have a little speech planned it seems, because he just smiles at me. Waiting. 

“Erm.” I take a long swallow of my own pint. Then another. 

Concern and amusement mingles on Sherlock’s face, “Everything all right?” He sips again. 

I thunk my pint down on the bar and make that little false laugh I’m trying to stop doing, “Oh yes. Erm. I just. Have something to tell you. I’m thinking how.” 

Sherlock turns bodily in his chair to face me, clasping his hands under his chin and fixing both eyes on mine, “Yes? I’m listening. Something troubling you?”

“No!” that was a bit loud, I think. Cough a little and sip my pint again. “No, just. Something I’ve just sort of. Just worked out. And I’ve got to tell someone, and I don’t know when or how it happened, but. Erm. You’re sort of my best friend, so.” 

Sherlock raises his eyebrows and smiles, “Oh indeed? Well, I’m all ears.” 

“And figuring it out had a lot to do with. Well. Hope you don’t mind my saying. I mean. It wasn’t very like but. Anyway. If I hadn’t ever known you, I’m not sure I would. Erm. Well.” I cough again, just so I can lower my face. Maybe that will account for the blush, too. I’m fairly sure I’m blushing. 

“The ends of these sentences must be very important, Molly. I’m afraid I don’t follow you.” 

Blow out a beery little breath, then sip from my pint again. It’s half gone by now. “I. I’m. I. I like women. Only. I’m a. I. I’m gay,” the last in a whisper, followed by a weird little giggle that I can’t quite swallow. I chance a glance up at Sherlock. 

He’s beaming at me. I’ve never seen him look so pleased. “Well!” he taps his pint glass against mine, “Welcome aboard!” 

I burst out laughing at that, and Sherlock grins and grins watching me. “Thanks,” I tell him, still giggling. I take another long draw on my pint and hiccough. “I’m a lesbian,” I say quietly, trying it out. 

“Congratulations!” Sherlock grins at me, then leans over the bar, trying to catch eyes with the barman. “So many of the best people are.”