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Wowowow I did it! I did the sketch of the main 4 in a comic-panel style. I’m especially proud how Ruby and Blake turned out, Yang…. I kinda rushed cuz I was getting frustrated and was like “eh I’ll fix it later on the final piece”.

Anyways this is the sketch base, and I will try doing the line art on Adobe Illustrator then move to Photoshop for colouring it in.

the ac in my house broke on the night of the 16th and while someone is gonna come fix it later today it’s I Don’t Even Want To Breathe Hot in my house right now. the temp outside is “87 feels like 98” and the thermostat upstairs says 93. my poor cats are turning into puddles. if anyone has keeping cool tricks, especially for cats, i would love them right now

Done with another doll. She gave me a bit of trouble with her green. I’ll probably go back to it later and try to fix her up a bit more. But man this is full of references and symbolism more than I thought it’d be. Also took a creative liberty with her eyes since… well, she has no eyelids so how does she close her eyes? Lmao. She looked better with em closed. When I tried to open them it looked odd.

But yeah, this is a piece depicting Anthea’s story’s beginning. After being cast aside for countless years she’s found by Ghirahim. She was rotting away inside her blade which she wasn’t able to manifest from. Additionally her memories were messed up and she had very little recollection of her past. So as a character she considers her time here and on to be more or less her “start to existence”. If only because she is incredibly detached from her past.

Unfortunately for her, Anthea’s story to follow is not a good one and she suffers through quite a bit as Ghirahim’s right hand/partner. No, it’s not because of him so much as it is the fact she’s on the losing side. While Ghirahim does get annoyed with her, he never physically assaults her. Just talks down about her which she returns by doing the same thing. They do get along otherwise. Until the end of the story anyway.

“Yes, he knew what those eyes meant. He’d been a sailor long enough to know eyes like that; eyes with slits for pupils that glowed like the moon.

A gift for my beautiful and talented @samatura because I love her writing! I can’t wait to read more!! 

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when u end babysitting your friends sibling and your lil brother and his rival and his best friend.

I accidentally made an everyone’s happy and good au and no one can stop me

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Here to shake things up

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