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AoEx Boys Helping Their S/O with Painful Cramps: 

(Requested by @thiscityneedsyounow! I hope these are okay! And I hope you feel better soon sweetie!! ) 

Rin Okumura! 

  • he’s at a loss
  • totally caught off guard
  • and a little scared ?
  • he knows that girls get cramps on their periods…but…he doesn’t KNOW
  • you’d have to walk him through it - but he’d do whatever you ask 
  • You want chocolate? Sure - he’ll go get it. 
  • A heating pad? Definitely. No problem. 
  • You want him to rub your back? No big deal. 
  • Need more pads/tampons or pain killers? Just tell him which ones to get and he’ll get it. 
  • (he’ll text you pics of the different ones at the store until he finally has the right one)
  • also he’s always down for cuddling so if you just need affection - he’s THERE 
  • he’ll wrap his tail around your waist and nuzzle against you and its so cute and warm and lovey dovey  

Yukio Okumura! 

  • he’s a 
  • he KNOWS what to do 
  • he’s already got everything you need 
  • likes giving you little facts about this or that revolving around a period 
  • “Did you know that chocolate actually helps ease period cramps because-” 
  • “Yukio - stop. Please don’t talk about it.” 
  • “Well, okay Y/N. But there’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed of it - its totally normal and - “
  • “YUKIO”

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  • oh geez
  • big gorilla lookin muthafucka buyin pads/tampons at the convenience store with THAT expression ^ 
  • he doesn’t honestly have a problem with it 
  • but he has to keep up appearances - you know?
  • constantly worries about you though 
  • if you’d let him he’d wrap his arms around you - his hand lightly holding the heating pad/hot water bottle in place against your abdomen 
  • presses soft kisses to your shoulder comfortingly 
  • stays quiet usually but if you just want to hear his voice he’d recite sutra 

Konekomaru Miwa!

  • bless his sweet little ol heart 
  • he’s not prepared in the slightest 
  • feels useless cause he doesn’t know how to help 
  • probably prays about it when your napping or whatever 
  • is willing to run around and do whatever you say so that he can be of use 
  • its sweet
  • he’s kinda like a puppy 

Shima Renzou! 

  • he ALREADY KNEW when this day would come
  • he’d noticed your habits in class and stuff before ya’ll had become a thing 
  • and could pinpoint approximately when you would start 
  • its kinda creepy Renzou 
  • but he always offered you a water bottle and he always knew when you wanted chocolates and he always kept a supply of pain relievers in his bag when he knew this day was approaching 
  • now that ya’ll are a thing - he’s still the same 
  • he’s still ready for it and he spoils you days in advance 
  • bringing you your fave flowers or a teddy bear and something chocolate 
  • when the cramps happen - it shocks him that they’re so bad 
  • but he stays chill and rubs your back and does whatever you need him to 

None of them ever say anything if there’s blood on sheets/blankets/clothes/towels. They just let it be. They might text their mothers (or girls they know, ex: Shura) and ask how to remove the stains - and if they can’t they might just throw out whatever it is and get a new one (unless its something important to either of you - in which case they just don’t speak about it and eventually they don’t even notice it anymore to be qh). 

Doomworld - Len’s Progression

I’ve literally rewatched all of Doomworld to make sense of Len’s characterization and honestly, I don’t think it’s as far off as I originally thought it was, or that it’s irreconcilable with the Len we know. After I calmed down, I could make sense of so much of his behavior by reading between the lines.

So I’m sharing that with you, a sort of quick look into his scenes in the episode. 

Long post, no gifs, but here we go.

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Do you guys have any pets/animals? (Other than Gilbird of course) TBH this blog is the purest!

Ivan has a Siberian cat and Gilbert has an albino German Shepherd 

[ art by @ask-aph-fruk ]

Cuddles with Kasamatsu consist of;

Easy date night; it’s one of the things Kasamatsu suggests for a third or fourth date. He learns more about you and himself, and if he can handle being this close to you without fainting .

Lots of fidgeting; Kasamatsu is always worried he’ll touch you inappropriately and watches where he puts his hands.

Random periods of silence. This is the few periods in the day where he doesn’t have to deal with talking, and simply embraces the silence .

Lots of heat; mostly from Kasamatsu blushing . He’s never been one to show affection, so when he cuddles , it’s one of the few moments he’ll be intimate . Unless his family is home, then he keeps the cuddles to the bedroom.

Forehead kisses; he simply can’t help himself when you’re resting against his chest. It’s one of those times he’s grateful for being close to you and he can show his appreciation with kisses.

Comfortable naps; he always finds himself having the best rest when you’re next to him. He feels all his worries vanish and he’s so at peace with everything, it’s sometimes scary.

Surprise kisses/makeout sessions; he can’t help it. He’s just as much a male as every other boy his age. When the two of you are staring directly into each other’s eyes, nothing seems to matter and he finds his defences lower, before engaging in a passionate or tender lip session.

Appreciating your relationship; he’ll take the time to ponder how he got here, how he got so lucky and what else he can do to keep you by his side. Little does he know, you’re thinking the same thing and can’t stop staring at his thoughtful expression .

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I've been meaning to give you this quote, so I figure the "first sentence" thing is as good a chance as any. "They broke the wrong parts of me, they broke my wings and forgot I had claws" you can change it so another character is saying it about Riza if that would make it easier. I just really wanted to give you that quote before I forgot again!

They broke the wrong parts of me; they broke my wings and forgot I had claws.

That was the mantra Riza Hawkeye had repeated to herself over and over again until it became scripture. It was the only thing she could do to distract herself from the insurmountable pain that plagued her since the moment they had fractured her arm. 

She braced her back against the wall and lifted the back of hand that held she blade she had found so she could wipe away the beads of sweat and blood that had saturated her brow. 

After everything that had happened, she decided that it was no longer about the precept she had bound herself to; rather, it was about surviving so that she could see another day.

i love my friends and everybody i met this semester ;;;;;

I’m rlly sorry if i’m being dumb here but i just- high school was super tough for me. I was bullied really bad, family was an issue. Sheridan has always been my dream school, and i thought that coming here i would never make any friends and- wow! i just! i never expected to meet so many wonderful people! 

Im just. So thankful to have met all of you. Again im rlly sorry if i sound super corny rn lmao but im just- blown away by everything thats happened this semester. 

I wish. ALL OF YOU. The very VERY best with your dreams. 

(Headcanon that if Arthur stays a ghost too long, he’s gonna be even worse at self care when he reverts back to being alive)