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Once upon a time, my dear friend Palak @stylishmuser had a dream. She told me that dream and then, within the same day, this video happened. I’m here to put that dream into words. Please enjoy.

Also, @stylesunchained…I dared. I’m sorry.


Harry was waiting patiently for someone on the other end of the phone to answer his call. He had called exactly when he always did; 6:30 on the dot in London, which was half an hour before his daughter went to bed. The nightly ritual had been the same for the past two weeks; he would call before bedtime, talk to his little girl as soon as she had her pajamas on, say goodnight before you tucked her in, and then call back after she was asleep and talk to you until his eyes started to droop. It wasn’t ideal - he would have much rather been home with the two of you - but it was better than nothing.

The familiar and sweet sound of your voice finally echoed in his ears and he saw your face pop up on the tiny screen.

“Hey you,” you smiled, “How are you?”

“Tired,” he replied, rubbing at his eyes a bit to keep them focused, “Lots of meetings and interviews today. Is she still up?”

“Of course. I’ve just had her run and brush her teeth; she should be out soon, she knows what time it is.”

Another few minutes went by as you and Harry talked about what had been going on, but you knew Harry was getting antsy to talk to someone else. As much as he loved conversations with you, he only had a limited time with his daughter before she fell asleep.

“(Y/D/N)!” you called, turning your head, “Daddy’s on the phone and he’s waiting for you!”

It was only a few seconds before the thumping of tiny feet could be heard running down the hallway. A moment later, Harry saw the wild hair of his three-year-old appear in frame and he chuckled.

“Hi, monkey,” he said, waving.

“Hi daddy!”

“I miss you. How are you?”

“I’m good. I went to Nana’s today and Auntie Gem was there!”

Harry grinned. “Was she? That sounds like fun. Did she let you play salon with her hair again?”

His daughter nodded, excitedly. That was one thing Harry was so thankful for; a sister who didn’t care if her niece wanted to poke, prod, braid or twist her hair within an inch of its life. Gemma was always game for a little ‘toddler spa day’.

“Daddy, guess how many more days!!”

“Hmm,” Harry thought, “I don’t know. Tell me.”

She held up both hands, folding two fingers down.

“Only this many! An’ then you’ll be home, daddy!”

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My Fake Boyfriend Epilogue

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1645

Warnings:, A lot of fluffy.

@drinkfantasy thank you so much for being my beta. You are the best. And thank you @amrita31199 .

You look at yourself in the mirror, fixing your makeup. You can’t believe that this day is finally here, today is the day that you would become Mrs. Barnes. After a year of dating and a six-month engagement, this day is finally here.

“Don’t you look precious?”. Your grandmother remarks , turning around you smile at her , drying the tears on her face. “Please, don’t cry, if you start crying I will start crying too… again and this would be the third time today.” She smiles at you, you can see the pride in her eyes. “Are you nervous? Marriage is a big deal, I wanted to run away on my second marriage.” She says taking a sip of her glass of champagne.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life, I love Bucky and I trust him with my life.” You calmly respond and it is true, you don’t doubt Bucky’s love for you. Other things might scare you but never your love for Bucky.

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She told me that there was a note for me, that was left behind
She had left it there waiting, for such a long time
I was inclined to ask about it but she brought it up first
I saw a tear swelling up in her eye, and then she cursed
She told me where the letter was and I started thinking the worst
Reversed my position, stepped over and opened the door
And sure enough there was an envelope with my name on the floor
“Nobody loves you more than me carino” is what the letter said

“By the time you get to read this, I’ll probably be dead
But when you left in ‘97 a part of me went to Heaven
I thank God at least I got to know what love really was
But it hurt me, to see what true love really does
‘Cause even though we never made love, you were all that there was
It was because I loved you so much that I had to make you leave
You made me doubt the way I thought, you made me want to believe
And then I slipped up, and I let you get close to me
It was hard to not be openly when people spoke to me
This was not the way I thought my life was supposed to be
Baby don’t you see, I had a blood transfusion that left me with HIV
Hoped the end exists for me since late in 1993
I died a virgin, I wish I could’ve given myself to you
I cried in the hospital because there was no one else but you
Promise that you’ll meet me in paradise inevitably
No matter what, I’ll keep your love forever with me”

What happened for the rest of the day is still a blur
But I remember wishing that I was dead, instead of her
She was buried on August 3rd
The story ends without a sequel
And now you know why Technique, don’t fucking fall in love with people
Hold the person that you love closely if they’re next to you
The one you love, not the person that’ll simply have sex with you
Appreciate them to the fullest extent, and then beyond
'Cause you never really know what you got, until it’s gone
—  You Never Know by Immortal Technique
jealous | reggie mantle (riverdale)

Originally posted by riverdalesource

prompt: 28- “shut up, just shut up!”

a/n: this is work of my newest lil bean co-owner davina!! please leave a warm message in our ask box or down below so she knows you guys are loving her work!! leave request my babies!!

it’s been two months since Reggie and I started dating, two truly beautiful months.

we’ve been best friends since the kindergarten so we practically grew up together, even though our families hated each other for unknown reasons.

because of that, we decided to keep our whole relationship as a secret. so the two of us were happy, at least for a while.

it was Sunday night and as a weirdo that I am, I spent it watching my favorite horror movies. Suddenly, I heard tapping on my window. I hurriedly stood up and grabbed my flashlight.

“Who… who is it?” I stuttered.

“Michael Myers” I heard a familiar voice. It was my beloved significant other, Reginald Mantle.

“Reggie?!” I was upset and creeped out.

“What on earth are you doing? You scared the shit out of me!”

“Now, now, can I come in or not?” He said trough laughter. I quickly dragged him inside my room, trying not to wake up my parents.

“So? What is so important, Mantle?”

“Look" he sighed

“Will you come to the match tomorrow night?”

“The football match?“ he nodded. 

“Reggie… I don’t think we…” “Y/N…”

“My parents will be there!” I halfshouted

“I’m sick of these secrets, Y/N! You are my girlfriend, my soulmate. I would kill for you, I would take you on a journey to heaven and show you to the angels. I care about you more than I care about their reaction.”

he grabbed my hand “please” he whispered

I was truly touched with his words, so I decided to say yes to the match.

“Fine.” I sighed

‘What could possibly go wrong?’ I thought. well, I wasn’t right.

I spent the whole day thinking about the match and my boyfriend. I hoped that my parents won't be there, regardless to the fact that my older brother was in the team too.


unexpectedly my best friend, Veronica approached me

I met Veronica last year and we have been friends since then. Best friends, actually. In attempt to grab my coffee, she realized that I was in fact wearing a Riverdale Bulldogs shirt underneath my denim jacket.

“You are not going to that match, right?”

“I am, actually.”

Even though we were besties, I haven’t told her about my relationship with Reggie.

“You… have some something you wish to tell me?” Crap, she knew me well. She knew I was hiding something.

I shook my head “No, I do not.”

That was a terrible mistake.

It was finally 6:30PM. I grabbed my phone along with my car keys and left the family house.

i was terrified and excited at the same time. The stands were full, this surely was an important match for the Bulldogs. All of a sudden, Veronica appeared in front of me.

“Veronica?” I gasped.

“What… what are you doing here?" "I'm a cheerleader, silly” she laughed.

the situation was getting worse and worse “Are… are my parents here?” I asked the raven haired girl in front of me

“Oh yeah. They are with your brother in the changing room.” Boom. That was it. It always gets worse.

“Veronica… I have to tell you somet….”

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the annual Riverdale High vs Kingsley High match.” I was cut off by the host.

“Listen, I gotta go. See you later, okay?” She kissed my cheek and ran away to her River Vixens.

I quickly sat on my seat in the stands, waiting for my boyfriend to appear.

I saw my parents, sitting there, without even noticing me. My anxiety hit me.

Suddenly, a strange group of boys in lather jackets sat next to me. I couldn't recognize them, they weren't from our school.

“Hello there, beautiful” One of them spoke, grabbing my shoulder.

“I… I'm not” I was fearful. I tried to pull down his hand

“… and now we welcome the Riverdale Bulldogs and our one and only, River Vixens!”

“I have a boyfriend” I whispered, my voice was shaky. On spur of moment, the Bulldogs appeared, with my boyfriend in the first row.

“He doesn't have to know, babe” He tried to press his lips against mine.

“No!” I slapped him. That caught my boyfriend's eye.

“Hey!” Reggie said to the guy next to me.

Suddenly, the music stopped.

“What do you think you're doing?”

He was furious. The guy in the lather jacket stood up.

“Reggie…” I tried to calm him down. The whole crowd, including my parents, was staring.

“If you ever lay a hand on my girlfriend, I will murder your ass!"  He said with anger in his voice. Tears started forming in my eyes.

Everybody started clapping and cheering "Reggie?!” I whispered.

“My… OUR parents, we cannot…”

“Shut up, just shut up.”

He sensually kissed me and the clapping became even louder.  I saw my parents, sitting there, laughing and clapping with the rest of the crowd.

I was happy, for the first time in my life, I was actually happy. I loved Reggie, the way his eyes met mine. He surely was a jealous type, but if you weren't jealous every once in a while, you wouldn't be in love.

betsforsythetrash  asked:

Could you write something where F.P. is in Bughead's lives in the future? Like clean, sober, doting Dad helping plan the wedding or dancing with Betty at their reception or BABYSITTING their child or something? (:

Not gonna lie, I got ridiculously carried away with this, I literally just sat for ages and wrote it all in one go! I was gonna post this tomorrow but I’m too impatient so here you go :)

Thank you so much for the prompt, clearly I had some FP family feels I needed to get out <3

Jughead wasn’t sure why he’d come. Maybe it was because he knew that this time was different. His dad, though perpetually drunk, could usually take care of himself. It was a rare instance when he rang his son, babbling incoherently on the line about how he was sorry, that he couldn’t do this anymore. But that’s exactly what had happened tonight, which was why Jughead was currently making his way up the steps of FP’s trailer at 2AM on a Thursday.

“Dad?” he called out in trepidation, peering around the room at the mess of empty bottles and stale takeout cartons. A groan rang out from the kitchen to his left. Rounding the corner he found his dad, hunched against the cabinets on the floor, broken glass surrounding him, sticky amber liquid pouring out from what remained of the whiskey bottle, blood quickly soaking the fabric of his shirt from the gash in his hand. “Jesus, Dad.” Jughead crouched to get a closer look, tilting FP’s head to meet his foggy, unfocused eyes. He sighed, turning to his hand, picking up the heavy limb and examining the wound. “It’s not that deep, hold on.” He straightened up, searching the draws for a clean dishtowel to wrap around the wound while he cleaned up as best he could. He’d brushed up most of the glass when he realised it would be better to move his dad out of the way if he was going to get this done more efficiently. The smell of alcohol was starting to burn his nose. Jughead flung open a window before reaching down to pick up his dad, staggering against the dead weight that now bore across his shoulders. He dropped him into a nearby chair with a groan, placing a glass of water in front of him before turning back to the task at hand.

FP watched him with dazed eyes, head lolling slightly, blinking slowly as if he were insurmountably tired. Jughead tried not to feel the weight of his gaze burning into the back of his head as he swept, grabbing a mop to tackle the next mess. He was filling up the bucket with warm water when FP finally spoke.

“’m sorry, Jug.” The words were barely defined. Jughead scoffed, slamming the tap off and rested his hands against the edge of the counter, knuckles turning white with the strain.

“Why do you keep saying that?” he bit out. FP blanched at the venom in his son’s voice, one that he hadn’t heard before. Disappointment, sure. Weariness, definitely. But this? Never. “You don’t mean it, you never mean it. If you were sorry you wouldn’t keep doing it over and over.” FP hung his head in shame. “Did you even try? Did you even pretend, to yourself, that this time it could be different?” Jughead turned finally to look at his broken mess of a father. His eyes were hard, fed up of being forgiving. “I can’t believe another one of your empty promises.” He tried to keep the crack out of his voice.

“This time…” FP trailed off, voice drowsy. “You’re mom, Jellybean…” The sound of Jughead slamming a fist against the counter echoed throughout the trailer.

“Stop!” he shouted, tucking his quivering lower lip between his teeth, willing the tears away. He didn’t want to cry over this anymore. It was beyond repair, beyond redemption. “I can’t hold on to this hope, anymore. I’m sixteen, Dad. This isn’t… it shouldn’t be this way. I shouldn’t have to pick you up off the floor,” he let out a humourless laugh, “on a school night.” Jughead averted his eyes, knowing he wouldn’t be able to get this out if he didn’t look away. “I have to start looking for a home somewhere else. With Mr Andrews and Archie. With Betty.” He paused, the image he conjured up of the blonde girl with the soft green eyes and gentle touch calmed him. She felt like home. “I think… I’m gonna marry her someday,” his voice caught and he stopped to clear it, swallowing away every doubt he had about his future. “I want a life with her, a home. And it can’t involve this, I won’t let it. You-” he paused, steeling himself for his next words. “You shouldn’t call anymore. You shouldn’t try and reach me. I can’t be your fall guy anymore. I can’t be the collateral in your messed up life. I won’t do that, not to Betty. She deserves more so that’s what I have to try to be, starting with this.” He took a shaky step towards the door. He saw FP lift a hand towards him hesitantly before thinking better of himself, letting it drop against his thigh with a defeated thud. Jughead shook his head almost imperceptibly - that confirmed it, he didn’t want to try. “Goodbye, Dad.”

The door had swung shut before the first tear slid down FP’s cheek.


It was almost three weeks later when Jughead saw FP again. He shook his head in disbelief at the familiar figure of his father standing outside Pop’s. FP stood up straight on Jughead’s approach.

“Dad, I wasn’t kidding-” he began in a furious whisper, glancing round frantically for prying eyes. He was supposed to be meeting Betty and the rest of the gang here.

“I… I’m sober, Jughead.” The words hung between them as Jughead jolted back in disbelief. He took a moment, now, to really take in the man before him. His skin was pallid and sunken beneath the eyes, dark circles standing out in striking contrast. His hands, Jughead noticed, were shaking. “Almost a week now, for real this time,” FP announced. His tone wasn’t prideful, it was holding something else… hope? Hope that’d he done enough this time to reverse the irreversible. Jughead’s eyes narrowed.

“Really?” he asked sceptically, body stiff with uncertain tension. FP nodded vigorously.

“Yeah. Yes, I swear,” he pleaded. Jughead looked him directly in the eyes, an eerie replica of his own staring back at him, earnest and clear for the first time in years. Jughead felt himself begin to nod slowly.

“Ok. Ok, I believe you. I’ll… come round and see you tomorrow,” he promised, still not making a move to close the distance between them. FP visibly deflated in relief.

“Tomorrow, sure. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he smiled, still small and unsure, before turning to mount his bike, roaring out of the parking lot with renewed hope spreading throughout his chest.


“Here,” FP said, handing Jughead the box. Jughead looked up at him before opening the black velvet lid, smiling at the delicate ring nestled inside. “It was your grandmother’s, she’d want you to have it,” he finished, shrugging awkwardly at the offering.

“She’ll love it,” Jughead murmured, running a finger lightly over the blue sapphire surrounded by clusters of tiny diamonds, set in a gold band. He looked back up at FP with a genuine smile that reached his eyes, nervous excitement beginning to settle in his stomach. FP clapped a hand on his son’s shoulder, looking down at him with pride.

Seven years sober. A little worse for wear but he’d made it because of this boy - this man - stood before him. It had been the furthest road from easy, but he’d endured every shaky step to get him here because he knew this was it, his only chance.

He’d got to be there, in the gym itself, as Jughead took his steps across the stage to collect his diploma, see him look out into the audience for him and not be disappointed to find nothing but an empty seat. He got to be there to help Jughead pack for college, loading his and Betty’s boxes into the beat up old car that he’d salvaged for them as a graduation present, working with Betty in secret to fix it up so it ran smoother than it probably did when it was new.

“He’s gonna love it, Mr Jones,” Betty had giggled excitedly when they got the engine purring just the way they wanted. He laughed at the way she clasped her hands in front of her gleefully as he closed the hood.

“You think?” he asked nervously, dusting dirt off the bumper that wasn’t there.

“Of course! It’s so thoughtful,” she smiled warmly, resting a light hand on FP’s arm. He couldn’t help but smile back at her. He knew why his son was drawn to her, felt so safe with her around. He couldn’t have asked for a better guardian angel for him.

“And you can call me FP, Betty,” he called casually as he moved to clean up their tools. He glanced back at her over his shoulder. “You’re family.”

He was there, once again, when they graduated from college, whooping loudly, much to Jughead’s chagrin, as his son’s name was called. He was there as Jughead announced at dinner that he was going to be a published author. He was there on the day of the launch, posing for photos and making jokes about how he was gonna get a couple of autographed copies because his son was a big shot famous author now, Jughead rolling his eyes while his cheeks flushed. He was there at Betty and Jughead’s housewarming. They’d moved back to Riverdale, Jughead being able to write from anywhere and Betty wanting to be near Polly, taking the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the family paper. FP said a silent prayer in thank you, as he looked around the room of guests, that his son had chosen to come back to him, even after all that had passed.

And he was there now, as Jughead’s voice shook, telling him that he was going to propose to Betty.

“Took you long enough,” he’d quipped, hand reaching out to ruffle the dark mop of hair as Jughead ducked, laughing shyly.


“Oh, this one’s beautiful, Juggie!” Betty had gushed as she poured over wedding magazines while the three of them sat in their living room over coffee - a weekly routine for them now. FP leaned over to catch a glimpse of the image she was pointing to. The wedding was outside, full of white fabric and furniture. Betty was pointing to the ornately carved archway, weaved with white roses, lilies, baby’s breath. Her eyes were shining.

“Well I could make you one of those, help with the cost,” FP said casually, taking a sip of his coffee. Betty turned her glowing green eyes on him immediately, gripping his forearm lightly.

“Really?” she was radiating hope. FP laughed at her enthusiasm.

“Yeah, sure. There’s a lumber yard not too far away, and I can borrow a couple of tools from the construction site. Easy,” he nodded in affirmation.

“Oh, thank you, FP!” she gasped, leaning over to kiss his cheek in gratitude. A shy laugh burst from his lips as he looked down, pink dusting the tops of his cheekbones. Betty flew out of the room to call Polly as FP looked up, catching Jughead’s mouth turned up in amusement. He smiled back contentedly.


“Need a partner?” FP asked, holding his hand out to the bride where she sat, chin resting in her hand as she watched her husband dance with his sister. She smiled gracefully, accepting his offer and floating out onto the dance floor, an ethereal wave of satin and lace.

“Thank you so much, FP,” she said earnestly as they began to sway, reaching up to adjust one of the flowers in her hair.

“Aw, it was nothing, Betty, really,” he replied, casting his eyes to the floor.

“No, it was! You did all this,” she insisted, gesturing to the space around them. He’d gone a little further than just building the archway he’d promised. He’d practically taken it upon himself to build the whole venue. Along with the arch he’d set up strips of white fabric, draped through the trees to create a canopy above their heads, illuminated by rows and rows of soft yellow string lights. Petals covered every inch of the floor, strewn delicately down the isle that was created by the rows of mismatched chairs FP had found in various scrap yards and secondhand stores, all cleaned up and painted white. “It was just how I imagined it, more even.” FP lifted a hand to rub at the back of his neck.

“Yeah, well. I just wanted to make it everything you wanted… that you deserved.” He paused, looking down at her warm smile for a moment before taking a breath to continue. “Betty, I want you to know that, without you, I probably wouldn’t be here right now.” She furrowed her brow, waiting for him to continue. “I’d gotten to a place where Jughead wasn’t willing to help me anymore, where I’d done too much to ever redeem myself. Being with you helped him see that he deserved more than I could give him at that time, that he could be more than just my safety net. When he told me that… I saw everything I was going to miss out on, and that never would have happened if he hadn’t found you. So, I’m gonna spend the rest of my life thanking you, the both of you, in any way I can for what you did for me.” Betty blinked away the tears in her eyes, not bothering to wipe away the stray few that still managed to fall.

“You’re welcome,” she whispered.


He’d been speechless when they told him, knowing there was something different in the air as they sipped their usual morning coffee together.

“A baby?” he’s asked incredulously, hoping beyond hope that he’d heard them right.

“Yeah, Dad. You’re gonna be a grandpa,” Jughead had laughed, his face glowing at he gazed down at his beautiful wife, tucked under his arm with an equally bright expression gracing her face.  

Grandpa. Him, a grandpa. That was going to be his new title now. He couldn’t believe it - he’d made it.


“Ugh, thank you so much, FP,” Betty had greeted him with a relieved expression as he bumbled through the door, a paper grocery bag under each arm. “I would have asked Jughead but he’s out all day in the city at this press thing for the new book and I just…” she broke off, gesturing flippantly at her huge swollen belly stretching out before her. He laughed as he set the bags down on the counter, turning to watch her waddle in behind him.

“No problem, Betty. Anything I can do, remember?” he said, eyes taking on a hint of seriousness round the edges. She nodded in understanding, smiling gently. She placed a hand on her back, groaning as she brushed a few stray hairs back from her sweaty forehead.

“Whoever thought being pregnant in the summer was a good idea was seriously- oh!” She flinched, hand flying to her stomach. FP was at her side immediately.

“Betty? Everything alright?” he asked, hovering by her. She nodded slowly, eyes staring at nothing in particular as she focused on the sensations happening inside her body .

“Yeah, I just… FP, would you be able to take me to the hospital, I think I’m about to have this baby,” she said casually, straightening up and placing her hands on her hips. FP’s eye bugged as he took in what she said.

“Now?! How-” he broke off in question.

“Well, I’ve been having contractions all morning but I thought they were just Braxton Hicks or something, and I didn’t want to stop Jug going to this event…” she trailed off sheepishly glancing up at her father-in-law from under her eyelashes. He blew out a chuckle in disbelief, shaking his head slightly.

“You really are something else, Betty Jones.” She just shrugged, blowing out a slow breath as another contraction took over. “Ah, ok, where’s your bag? Ring Jughead, I’ll meet you by the car.” He rushed towards the bedroom, swinging back round the corner to raise an eyebrow at her. “He’s going to kill you for not saying anything, you know.” She waved a hand dismissively, already making her way outside.

“I’m about to push out his child, he doesn’t have the right.”


“Are you sure?” Jughead asked nervously, hands hovering over Juliet where she lay, cradled in her grandpa’s arms. “Maybe it’s too soon, Betts…” he trailed off, turning to look at his wife with anxious eyes. Betty sighed, coming over to place a reassuring hand on his arm, smoothing out the crease between his eyebrows with a cool finger.

“It’ll be fine, Juggie. You’ve got everything covered, right FP?” she asked, turning to face him with a confident smile. FP nodded, never taking his eyes off his granddaughter’s face as he bounced her gently.

“Both your cell numbers are in my phone, bottles in the fridge, spare milk in the freezer, extra diapers in the cupboard under the stairs. We’ll be fine, won’t we, lovebug?” he cooed at the soft bundle in his arms as she snuffled slightly before settling down again. “See?” FP looked up at Jughead with calm eyes. Jughead stared down at him for a beat, battling with his instincts internally before letting out a sigh, nodding his head.

“Ok, yeah. But if you need anything…” he repeated, fixing his dad with a look.

“Just go, already!” FP laughed gently, trying not to disturb the baby. Betty giggled, pulling on Jughead’s arm slightly to get him towards the door. “Have fun!”

FP stared down at Juliet, allowing her tiny hand to wrap round his finger as he spoke softly to her.

“You have the best parents, I hope you know that. They’ve saved me more times than I can count and I’ll never be able to repay them for that. I made some bad decisions, worse than most, but here I am. I get to hold you in my arms because your mom and your dad didn’t give up on me. They were there when I needed it the most.” He sniffed, blinking rapidly. “I got to see it all because of them, and I can’t wait to see it all again with you.”

Wait For Me? - Chris Evans Imagine

summary: You need a break from it all, but what if when you’re ready to come back, Chris hasn’t waited for you? What if he moved on while waiting for a sign? 

words - 1500+

warnings: angst (barely) / fluffF

a/n: I felt like this story in my drafts deserved to see the day of light, it may be crap but oh well you win some you lose some. 

“I’m not ready yet, Chris. I can’t be with you because I couldn’t fully commit to you, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” 

Tears ran down my face, as I began to walk away from one of the best men in the world. He was everything I wanted forever in a man, but I couldn’t… I had to find me before I could find us. As I walked away, my hands slipping from his own warm and protective hands. I could feel sobs rise in my throat as I walked away, trying to swallow the sobs until I could scream for hours in my car. 

“I’m going to wait,” Chris shouted. Or maybe I had imagined that? 

Turning around, I wiped my eyes, sniffled and wrapping my arms around myself for warmth since Chris’s no longer held me tightly. “I’m going to wait,” He repeated, walking towards me and cupped my face in his huge hand that somehow held my head perfectly. 

“YN, I will wait. Until you are ready. Whether that’s two weeks or two years. I want you, no one else.” I shook my head, pushing his hands away. I was angry at myself and him for ending up in this mess of heartache. 

“No! That’s… not fair to you! I can’t ask you to wait for someone you don’t even know is worth it.” My voice broke and I was backing up, trying to not let Chris touch me. Because if he did, I wouldn’t be able to push away this time. But he came towards me, taking safe steps, with his arms out pleading.

 “You may not be done, but I am. And I know what I want, and no one can deter me from it. You are… everything to me, baby. I want to wait for you, and I will. I’m one phone call away, and you know that. You can’t make me give up my love, YN. This is what I want, baby.”

 I smiled, shaking my head in the words I heard from his beautiful lips. 

“I’m going to New York, I bought a loft,” I whispered, looking up at him innocently. I saw his face perk up from my suddenly uncynical words, “Would you answer my calls even if it was just to talk?”

Chris moved closer to me, taking a hold of my left hand, where a tattoo of a lightning bolt was placed just days ago on the right inside of my middle finger. 

“I would answer you, just to hear your voice.” His gentle voice replied, putting his fingers in between mine, intertwining them. Little and big fingers that somehow felt so right together. 

“I-I.. um…” I swallowed the lump in my throat, knowing these were our last words. 

For now. “You should know one thing before I leave, Chris .” Our eyes pulled up together, coming closer, as I put my right arm around the neck, letting it linger slightly. 

“That phone call will come. I promise. I don’t know when, I don’t even know what I’m fucking look for criteria of being able to start another relationship but all I know is that you, are my first call, Chris. I promise Blue Eyes. I swear…” I let the tears slip as I saw his eyes gloss over, spilling tears of his own that I hate to admit I was causing.

 “I swear, baby. Pinky swear.” I held out one pinky, my left hand. His left pinky swung and locked with mine. He kissed them and then my forehead. 

“Goodnight, lovely. I hear from yo-u soon.” 

Chris tried to speak with his most dapper voice but I knew he was dying. The tears still there, residing on his perfectly cold pink-pinched cheeks. 

“Ce est pas la fin.” 

We were in August, yet the air was bitter in Boston. 


And that was it. Chris and I parted ways, until December the following year. 

When the call I was terrified to make finally happened, I was expecting to hear he had moved on. I owed him at least this call, though, regardless of whether he’d given up. This call was never for me, it was always his.


“H-Hi, Chris .” My accent was pushing out stronger from my nerves, his name sounded silky smooth even though his name had been turned into a Parisian Keer-is.

“YN? What’s up it’s nine here, aren’t you in London? I saw you on E net..-nothing. I saw you… on twitter, yeah twitter.” I smiled to myself from his nervous chattering in my ear. 

He had seen me and cared. It didn’t matter whether it was on a celebrity entertainment show. Chris felt that I was enough to remember.

“Anyway, um, isn’t it like three a.m. over there… are you okay?”

“No, actually. I mean yes, I’m perfectly fine but, it’s not three a.m. over here. Although the weather sure feels like Paris.” Chris chuckled softly, I knew he was rubbing the back of his neck now, stressing out on what to say next.

“Well, where are you then?” 

I knocked on the door, “Hold on, YN. There’s someone at my door. How have you been? Ya know… soul seeking, find yourself. All that good stuff?”

I heard him walk down his stairs, but not through the phone. 

“I’ve been great. I got to do some shooting on this new 1940’s movie, I loved it so much! That was really extraordinary. We filmed in Rome, Florence, and Naples, and I swear. Anywhere you stood, the sight was just indescribable…” I had to pause when I heard him get closer to the front door. 

My nerves were causing my heart to pulsate faster, and I felt the warmth rise in my cheeks, 

“a-and I think you would’ve loved it, C.”

His shadow showed up at the door and my heart jumped into my throat.

“Are you sure?” Opening the door, he was smiling ear to ear, and I couldn’t help but let out the most girlish giggle and squeak I have ever been able to conjure up. I showed toothy grin that only occurred when my heart can’t take the amount love or happiness I’m feeling. 

He still had his phone to his ear and I had my to mine. “Because I really love the view I’m getting right now.”

 I let my phone fall without a care and ran to him, even though he only within ten feet of me. We embraced and held each other close. Never wanting to let go of the other for fear that we’d slip away from each other, again. 

We were precious to one another, we always had been. Having Chris in my arms was like finally holding the one thing that I’d been missing for sixteen, painfully slow, dull, Chris-less months. 

“I missed you so much Chris,” I mumbled, almost letting out a sob from the ache that had finally been lifted from my chest.

“I know, I know. I missed you too, Jellybean.” I kissed his shoulder when I heard the nickname Chris glued to me. One he only ever called me when no one was around. That way it was just between the two of us, forever only our intimate secret.

“Did you give up on me?” Chris shook his head no, smiling into my hair. 

“I don’t give up when I’m in love, babe. Ever.”

Caring Father (Tony X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Self Conscious reader, protective father, verbal abuse, body shaming


Request: Hi, I have a request, I hope you don’t mind accepting! Your writing is so amazing, I wish I could write as well as you do!

Anyways…Maybe you write a oneshot about the reader who is on the phone with their mom and Tony (their bf, or dad, you choose!), being the overprotective dad/bf he is, has been noticing that the reader has been skipping meals. Like, the reader would only eat around lunchtime, and sometimes dinner, but thats it. He overhears her mom chastising her about how the reader needs to lose weight, ect. Can it be really fluffy?

(You don’t have to go by this exactly, feel free to change some stuff if you feel like you need too! Write what you think would sound (?) best!) <3

Originally posted by tonystarkz

You preferred your dad to your mom. Your mom got stuck with you after sleeping with your dad and being a woman who was a gold digger, she happily threw you at your dad to go on dates and get money from her dates. Your dad actually cared about you. Your parents had very different views about what they want from you. Your mom wanted you to follow in her footsteps. Drop out and rely on some rich old dude. Your dad wanted you to do well in school, to be independent and strong, and to make a name for yourself. You happily went with what your dad wanted since its more practical and you didn’t like the old men who gave you looks that your mom brought home.

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could you maybe write another tyler imagine were you are montgomary’s sister and you and tyler date secretly but monty finds out

Secrets, we all have them. Some of us have more than others. My secret is dating Tyler Down. No one can know, especially my brother. Montgomery, if he finds out he’ll kill me. He’s always hated Tyler, for no reason. Tyler doesn’t do anything to Monty, to deserve this. So let’s do the math, if my brother doesn’t allow me to date, and I’m dating someone he hates I can assure you if he finds out it will be horrifying.

Right now you were walking over to his house, you had told Montgomery that you were going for a walk. You knocked on Tyler’s door, which soon enough he opened.

“Hey babe!” He said hugging you while kissing your cheek. Both of you walked over to his room where you sat down on one of his chairs and he sat on his bed. You stood up and walked over to him sitting on his lap,

“I’ve missed you,” you said while connecting your lips to his.

“I’ve missed you too,” he said while frowning, you pecked his lips once more. You and Tyler could basically only hang out in his house, you guys could never go on public dates like going to the park or going to the movies. You guys couldn’t take that risk.

“Why does my brother have to hate you?” You asked burying your head into the crook of his neck.

“Don’t know,” he sighed, you breathed in his cologne,

“Want to watch a movie?” You asked he nodded, you went to his closet taking out soft blankets and he went to the kitchen to get snacks. He came back with lots of chocolates, you smiled,

“My favorite!” You exclaimed and he just smiled at you. He went on Netflix and found a movie, White Chicks. You’re favorite movie. Your phone started vibrating and you checked to see who it was, the contact name read, ‘Monty💓’ he wanted to FaceTime. You just looked at your phone wide eyed,

“WHAT DO I DO?!” You asked,

“Don’t answer it!” Tyler said, you shook your head,

“He will kill me if I don’t answer this!” Soon enough your phone stopped vibrating, but then he spammed you with messages,

“Where are you?”
“Why didn’t you answer my call?”
“You’re gonna be in trouble if you don’t answer!”
“Why aren’t you answering?”

You called him, Tyler just stared at you wide eyed,

“Sorry I didn’t answer your FaceTime um my phones about to die!” You told him,

“Get home then,” He said

“What why?” You asked worriedly,

“You’re phones going to die it’s not safe!” He exclaimed you sighed,

“I’ll be fine out here, just a little bit more time please?” You pleaded, Monty sighed and nodded. He hung up and Tyler exhaled.

“That was close!” You both said in unison, you two went back to cuddling. Soon enough the movie was over and you frowned, it was time for you to go home.

“I don’t want to go,” you looked at Tyler and frowned. You two sat up and you got on his lap and he stated kissing you. He kissed your neck and lowered down to your collarbone. You let out a soft moan and he continued sucking, you gasped and got off of him,

“NONONONONO,” you said walking to his mirror,

“What’s wrong babe?” Tyler asked worriedly, you turned around and pointed to the forming hickey, you went into your book bag and took out some makeup.

“Please work,” you said as you tried covering it up, luckily it did. You sighed in relief, Tyler apologized and you kept telling him it was fine.

“I have to go, bye babe.” You said, you pecked his lips and walked out his front door. You walked back home and went inside, Monty being the first person you saw,

“How was your walk?” He asked,

“Fine, stress relieving.” You lied, although it made you feel guilty it was the right thing.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” You said as you walked into your room, you got out some joggers and a sports bra.

You got out of the shower drying your body and putting your hair into a towel. You walked downstairs to go get a snack, you walked into the kitchen where Monty just stared at you, he looked pissed.

“Why so serious?” You asked,

“Who the fuck gave you a hickey?” You froze, you were so stupid how did you forget. You stumbled with your words,

“Y/N who gave you a fucking hickey!” He stated, a little bit louder this time.

“You know what, never mind don’t tell me. I’ll guess instead.” He said clenching his fist.

“Was it your boyfriend Tyler?” He asked, how did he know. He threw your phone on the table, it was unlocked to reveal your messages with Tyler.

“Why the fuck were you going through my phone?!” You yelled,

“Why are you going behind my back and dating someone who you know I hate!” He yelled back.

“WHY DO YOU HATE HIM? HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU!” You yelled, he stood up, grabbed his keys and went out. Oh no, please don’t let him be going to Tyler’s house. You ran to your room putting on a shirt and sliding your shoes in. You jogged to Tyler’s house, it was too late. Montgomery’s car was already there and Tyler’s front door was open. You ran in,

“WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DATING MY SISTER?!” You heard Montgomery yell, you ran to Tyler’s room.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” You yelled, Tyler looked at you, he seemed petrified.

“Y/N leave!” Montgomery said while walking closer to Tyler with his fists clenched. He was about to swing when you pushed him away,

“Leave him alone!” You yelled hugging Tyler, Monty grabbed you and moved you to the side. He punched Tyler, you started crying. Monty turned and saw you on the floor crying, he stoped punching Tyler and walked over to you.

“Get away from me!” You yelled at him, Tyler walked over to you and hugged you.


“Just leave!” You yelled at Monty burying your head into Tyler’s chest. You turned to see Monty, with a frown on his face. You looked up and saw Tyler’s face with blood, you let go of him and walked to his bathroom where his first aid kit was. You walked back into the room,

“Just leave Montgomery.” You told him, he left with his head laid low. You started cleaning off al the blood,

“I’m sorry,” you said while sniffling,

“It’s okay babe,” he said while wiping off the tears from your cheeks.

“I don’t want to go home, can I stay here?” You asked, he nodded hugging you. You were done cleaning his face, so you walked to the bathroom were you washed off your makeup. You went back to his room and the two of you got ready for bed, you were both extremely tired. As soon as you laid on his bed you knocked out cold.

You woke up on the bed alone and confused, you frowned remembering the memories from yesterday. You walked into Tyler’s kitchen to see him eating cereal alone, you sat down next to him.

“Want cereal?” He asked you shook your head,

“No thanks I should be going home my parents will worry.” You kissed his cheek, he nodded and you both said your goodbyes. You began walking home, you imagined what Monty was going to tell you as soon as you walked inside. You opened the door and walked in, you saw Monty sitting in the couch just staring out into the window, you ignored him and walked to the kitchen. There was a note on the counter,

“We have to go for an emergency business trip! Take care love mom and dad!” You sighed, great they left you alone with the person you least wanted to see. You served yourself cereal,

“I’m sorry,” Monty said walking into the kitchen sitting on the chair across from you. You ignored him and continued eating your cereal,

“Can you please look at me,” you shot him a glare,

“Look I’m sorry okay, I just don’t want you dating anyone because I’m scared they’ll hurt you—”

“You hurt me.” You simply stated, a hurt expression was written on his face.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do a part 2 to the fix where Betty is a teacher and jughead comes home to Riverdale?? I loved it so much! Maybe where Betty helps him unpack while they reminisce on all the good times they had in high school?

Sure! Let me give it a try!

Betty giggled as she crossed her legs, the oversized sweatpants she had borrowed from Jughead were so warm she could definitely live in them.

“I think this is my new favorite look, sweatpants and sundresses. I should have gone into fashion like Veronica.” She wiggled her toes that were peeking out from the long pants. Jughead looked up from the box he was unpacking and smiled, while she had definitely grown into a drop dead, gorgeous woman, it made his heart ache to see that there was still the silly teenage girl who’s giggles were as contagious as they come, bubbling on the surface.

“Okay!” She clapped her hands “let’s get started!” Her hands reached for the first box she saw, tearing the tape off and peeking inside. Jughead moved to her when he heard her gasp softly “oh” she whispered.

Peering inside the brown box Jughead realized what she was looking at, it was his Riverdale Box.

“It’s our memories” she whispered again, this time in a far away voice as she lifted the yearbook, flipping to the dog eared page.
There in the middle of the page was a candid shot of Betty and Jughead curled up on the Blue and Gold couch, the words “CLASS COUPLE”
Stuck out and Betty looked up at Jughead giggling

“I can’t remember who was more angry, Veronica or Cheryl”

Jughead nodded, dropping an arm over her shoulders as they both sat on the couch, dragging the box with them
“Well it was definitely unexpected, we all thought that title would go to Archie and Ronnie. Cheryl didn’t even have a boyfriend so I still don’t see why she was upset.” He shrugged, fingering the page and smiling.

Betty nodded, gently placing the year book back in the box and pulling out a faded newspaper, she instantly clutched Jugheads arms

“The very first edition of the Blue and Gold! I have this framed in my apartment!” She smiled as she flipped through the old pages “football, barbaric or American tradition- an expose by Jughead Jones” she nudged him and he laughed heartily

“Some of my finest work.”

This time Jughead dug in the box and pulled out an object wrapped up in a tissue. He slowly unfolded it and immediately blushed

“Is that…..?” Betty started, reaching to grab it from him, but he held it out of her reach.

“It is!” She beamed “those are the candles from your sixteenth birthday cake!! I thought you hated that birthday!” She turned to him with curious eyes.

“It was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me, no matter how much of a jerk I was about it. It meant the world to me” he shrugged shyly, placing the candle back in the box as Betty stared at him, a different look now in her eyes. He shifted and grabbed the next thing, pulling them out and smiling proudly.

“Aha! Would you look at these bad boys!” He held his suspenders up with pride and threw them over his shoulder.

Betty giggled
“I used to love those suspenders. Remember that night at sweet water when I…” she trailed off, blushing bright red.

Jughead moved closer to her and brushed a hand over her arm
“You wore my suspenders and nothing else, that was the first time we..” this time it was his turn to trail off, both of them going quiet as the flood of memories washed over them. Betty shivered and jughead cleared his throat

“Best night of my life.” He whispered. Betty nodded bringing her palm up to his cheek.

“Mine too.” Her fingers stroked his cheek and she smiled softly “we’ve grown up, things have changed” she said sadly, her eyes still boring into his.

“But something’s stay the same” he answered, his eyes catching something in the box and reaching down to pull it out

It was a picture taken by Kevin, the couple was squeezed together in a booth at pops, staring at each other with nothing but love in their eyes, a dollop of whip cream on Jugheads nose and Betty’s nose crinkled in laughter as her fingers were splayed on his cheek.

“We were so young. We were so in love.” She smiled dreamily at the picture, tracing her fingers over the frame.

“I still am.” He said steadily, drawing her attention away from the photo, her eyes looking up to him

“It’s been so long. how can you still make me feel like this.” She whispered.

“I love you.” He said simply, clutching her hands and pulling her closer to him “I love you so much Betty Cooper”

Tears were leaking from both their eyes as Betty jumped on Jughead, her legs straddling him as his lips attacked hers, years of pent up love, pent up passion, spilling into each other.

Jughead lifted her slowly, carrying her bridal style into the bedroom

“Don’t let go” he whispered, his voice breaking the way it did in that classroom so many years ago.

Looking up at him with watery eyes she pressed a kiss to his lips

“I won’t”

You Are My Light - Star Wars

“Will you do a part two to control your feelings?”

“Could you do a “Control your feelings” part 2? It was so good!!!”


Obi-Wan stared through the glass at the two babies as they slept. Luke and Leia. He folded his arms and sighed, his mind overrun with a storm of emotion. He shut his eyes and attempted to calm the storm, to focus his mind. He stood in his silent meditation when a voice broke the silence.

“Sleep you need, Obi-Wan.” A small green figure said, hobbling into the hallway. Obi-Wan opened his eyes, but did not turn. It had already been decided to split the babies up. Obi-Wan himself would take Luke to his family on Tatooine when the babies were medically able to travel. Until then…he didn’t know what to do. He had lost everything. The Jedi were all but gone. Anakin was gone. He struggled to shake both the images of the dead Jedi in the temple and the fight on Mustafar from his mind.

“I don’t believe I will find relief in sleep.”

Yoda walked closer.

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anonymous asked:

O how would the others respond to Patton in dresses

Logan- He’d think Patton is beautiful- or even drop dead gorgeous. Boy, if Patton is wearing a dress, Logan’s sure he’s staring at an Angel (but I mean, Patton’s always an Angel so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Constant compliments- he is always giving praise

Roman: Probably bought Patton his first dress tbh. #no regrets. Thinks Patton is gorgeous. Loves to help him shop, and is always ready for an impromptu runway show with him.

Anxiety: Probably the reason Patti started wearing dresses. Anxiety likes dresses, but is afraid to wear them in public- until Patton starts to wear them. Thinks Patton is too perfect and probably started to tear up the first time he saw him in a dress. He secretly buys hats and dresses and accessories for Patton, because seeing the father figure happy makes him happy

imagine #21

pairing: whoever you want it x reader

warning: crying, fluff, long distant relationship.

a/n: I wrote this a couple of nights ago on my phone and I actually liked it.

(not my picture)

Your limbs were tangled together as your head rested on his chest. His hand caressing your back softly. You moved one of your hands to his hair and started to slowly play with it. The silence was uncommon but comfortable, the only sounds were your breathing. With your other hand you started to trace different shapes on his warm chest.

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Originally posted by raditudelab

Requested: No

Pairing: Finn Bàlor x Reader

Word Count: 2412

Warning[s]: Alcohol, Angst, Cursing & Fluff

Summary: A few years after breaking up with Finn, he is still in love with you. You’ve evolved from the person he once knew. He believes that you’re doing so much better without him, and he will drag you down. In reality, you keep this facade to hide your true feelings. After a night of drinking, Finn comes to your hotel room unannounced. You let him in and take care of him for the night. Before falling asleep, he reveals his true feelings for you. In the morning, you confront him.

Tag[s]: @wweobsession1029

A/N: This is my very first one shot on here. Please don’t give me too much scrutiny if it’s terrible. Based on the song Exchange by Bryson Tiller. Requests are open!! 

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One Week

Pairing: V X Reader

Genre: Fluff!

Word Count: 1,863

Summary: Tae picks a bad time to tell you but while he’s gone for a week he makes sure you don’t forget him.

Mod Ice Queen here, so I really loved writing this and so I hope you enjoy reading it!

One week. That’s all you had to wait. One week. You could do this. You had done it all the time when the guys went on tour somewhere or had concerts outside of the country. That you could handle, waiting for your friends to return home. Now it wasn’t as easy as one of those friends had just told you he had strong feelings for you. He could have told you any time but he chose to tell you as he walked into the terminal. He chose to tell you as he walked away. You were stunned. You stood in the airport eyes wide, staring at the ground your hands clasped together over your heart. He felt the same, you hadn’t even had the chance to say you had the same feelings, you could text or call him sure but that didn’t help the fact that now you had to wait a week to see him again.

You got back to your apartment and collapsed on the couch. Your phone buzzed and you picked it up, glancing at the name before squealing. It was Tae. You opened the message and your heart started to beat faster. Hey, sorry about that…I’ve wanted to tell you for a while but was too afraid, I guess I felt if I said it then, I wouldn’t have to wait and see if you rejected me…I’m sorry

You slowed your heart and typed back your reply. No, don’t say sorry…tae..i…I feel the same Your hands started to shake as you hit send and fell backwards, clasping your phone to your chest. A couple of minutes later he texted back. Really I thought youd like someone else…Y/N please wait for me to get back…i..i want to do this properly You smiled at his response. Wait for him? You would always wait for Tae, you two had been close for years and you couldn’t remember when your feelings changed from friendship to more but you had waited then and you would wait now. Of course I’ll wait Tae, enjoy the trip I’ll see you when you return. I have to go, I’ll text you later :)

You smiled as you laid your phone down after telling him you’d talk later. You had just confessed your feelings to your best friend, your go to confidant, and now you had to just think about it. Life really knew how to mess with you. You grinned as you pushed it all aside and headed into your room for bed.

Day 1~

You woke to the sound of the doorbell. You got up and sleepily forced your way to the front door. You opened the door slowly. “Hello?” you spoke as the hallway was revealed, but no one was there. You looked around before something on the ground caught your eye. It was the paper they use for flower bouquets. You bent down to pick it up, inside the paper was a single lavender rose. You looked around, hoping to see who had delivered it but no one was there. You looked down at the single flower again before picking up the card.

Good morning, I hope this rose finds you well. A lavender rose to commemorate the time I first saw you and I knew immediately I would love you forever, I’m so glad that those feelings finally came to light and I realize just how much you mean to me. Rest well and I’ll see you in 6 days<3 Taehyung

You couldn’t fight it anymore, tears started to well up in your eyes. You took the flower inside and went about your daily life.


Yesterday your entire day had been filled with the thought of the lavender rose you had received. You rolled over in bed and stared at the sole flower sitting in a vase that now occupied your bedside table. Deciding it was time to eat, you got up and headed for the kitchen when the doorbell went off. You stopped dead and turned around, curious as to whom it could be. You opened the door and felt like you were experiencing déjà vu as no one was around. Cautiously you looked down and there sat another wrapped flower. You picked it up slowly, “I swear Taehyung if you” your words stopped as you saw the bright yellow petals. It was a single yellow rose. You brought your hand to your mouth as you took the flower inside and placed it with the other. You then took the note and read.

Good morning beautiful, I hope yesterday was a good day. I miss you dearly, and I can’t wait to see you again. The yellow rose: a symbol of friendship and joy and the start of new beginnings. That’s what you were to me, you still are my joy. I’ll see you in 5 days just keep waiting<3 Taehyung

Today was a little easier and the day passed with ease, all of your thoughts on the two roses in your room, promising the return of Tae.

Day 3~

The boys had been gone a few days now and you loved getting the different texts from them but there was one thing you had come to hope would be a thing every morning. The sound of the doorbell told you it was so. You got up and, smile on your face, went to the door. You didn’t look for someone to be there because you already knew. You looked down to the ground and picked up the carefully wrapped rose, coral in color. You smiled as you read his note.

Good morning. I hope you’ve caught on, I will send you a rose each morning until I finally return to you. Today is coral to symbolize the sympathy I always found in you. You supported me in everything even when I came to you complaining. Thank you Y/N. I’ll see you in 4 days<3 Taehyung

You smiled and went about your day, knowing the days were growing fewer until you could hug the one person you needed right now.

Day 4~

You were awoken by the familiar doorbell alerting you that you had a new flower at your door. Tae was one to spoil his friends and he was most definitely spoiling you with the notes and a rose each morning, even halfway around the world and he was still making you feel like he was right there. As you went to get the flower you noticed that this rose had no color, it was a simple white rose. You blushed, already knowing the meaning of a white rose. The card however told you once again.

Good morning angel, I hope you slept well. A white rose for my angel, a rose to represent your innocence and purity but to also represent silence. The silence we both kept about what we were truly feeling but no more. I will see you soon just 3 days my dear<3 Taehyung

Tears fell again as you placed the rose among the others. Your day proceeded as usual.

Day 5~

The doorbell. The sound was now like heaven to you. Each time it rang it reminded you that Tae was thinking of you. You went to receive this morning’s rose and found yourself enjoying the beautiful sight of an orange rose. So pure and bright, it reminded you of Tae’s old hair, the one you always teased him about. You laughed as you read the card.

Good morning sunshine. I hope this finds you well. Looks like my hair huh? I thought you’d get a kick out of it. An orange rose to represent your desire and enthusiasm. You always put your all into everything, including teasing me ;) I’ll see you in 2 days I can’t wait<3 Taehyung

You smiled. It was almost over, you’d see him soon. You were anxious to say the least but also very ready. The rest of your day was filled with random talks with the boys but no mentions from you or Tae about the gifts you kept receiving.

Day 6~

You woke before the doorbell could wake you and went about your normal routine waiting for the sound. It rang while you were eating and you went to receive the flower that you knew would set your whole day into motion. There lay a single pink rose, wrapped carefully with the card attached. The sight had become so familiar you were sad to remember Tae would be coming home soon. You took the rose and card, went inside and read.

Good morning my dearest Y/N. It is almost time. Almost time for me to return to you. But first a pink rose to represent your grace. I love everything about you and can’t wait to hug you when we return. Today is our last day to wait! I come back tomorrow, but I have one more rose for you. Our plane gets in at 5, I hope to see you after we return. I’ll see you tomorrow beautiful<3 Taehyung

This was it, your last day, well, full day away from Tae. He would come back tomorrow and after the flower tomorrow morning he would be there, the simple thought of seeing him sent butterflies through you.

Day 7~

You woke up at 8 am and you knew the doorbell usually rang around 8:30-9 and so you busied yourself until then. 9:30 rolled around and there had been no sound of the door. Concerned, you went to the door, hoping you had simply not heard it. You gently opened the door, peering at the ground hoping to see the familiar wrapped flower, what you saw instead made you want to drop to the ground. There were feet in the place of the usual flower. You slowly allowed your eyes to trail up to the person standing at your door. Your eyes overflowed with tears as you saw the bouquet of red roses, paired with the box smile you adored. You fell against him and he wrapped his arms around you. He rested his head on your shoulder and you squeezed him tightly. “Tae” was all you could say as you cried. He rubbed your back with his hand, soothing you gently. “Miss me beautiful?” He asked teasingly. You nodded before pulling back and smiling at him. He smiled and pushed your hair out of your face, gently tucking it behind your ear.

“Red roses to represent unconscious beauty, which is exactly what you are.” He smiled as he showed the roses to you. He looked at your face before looking to your lips. “May I?” he asked. You nodded and the week was made complete as Tae placed a soft kiss to your lips. When he pulled back he rested his forehead on yours “You have no clue how long I have wanted to do that, or how hard I had to fight to not do it when I turned to enter the terminal.” He smiled lightly. “Please say you’ll be mine.” You met his eyes as you spoke a single word. “Yes.” That was all Tae needed before he placed one more kiss to your lips.

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You?! (Rafe Adler)

Here you go! :) Hopefully this story justified your request! This might turn into a series… Who’s up for it?

- - - - -

The dark sky seems to be shining bright tonight with the cool breeze brushing against my arm and the ocean crashing softly on the shore beside us.

Rafe’s smile makes this night perfect as he reaches to hold my hand. “Happy one year, darling.” He speaks softly as if the other guests are listening.

“Happy one year.”

We toast our champagne, taking a nice sip.

“One year, huh…” I say, putting down the champagne. “Feels like we’ve known each other our entire life!”

He chuckles, sitting forward to hold my hand again. “Maybe we did in another life.”

I laugh, “You believe in that?” Even through the dimness, his smirk is easy to see. He looks away towards the sea and takes a breath, like whatever he’s going to say might be life changing.

“No, but what I do believe…” He raises up from his seat and walks towards my side, kneeling down on the sand. My eyes widen and I feel my heart flutter. “Is that since the moment I first saw you in that party, I already knew that I would spend a lifetime with you…” He takes out a small box from his pocket and opens it to reveal a sparkling diamond ring. “You are the only person that I’ve felt this strong with and you have dealt with my arrogance for this long; you’ve tolerated my anger and you still love me enough to bring me back into your life again…”

My eyes starts to tear up and I feel my gut churning in my stomach, waiting to hear that well-known line.

He takes another breath, staring into my eyes. “Will you marry me?”

I try to control the tears, but the moment I nod my head for a ‘yes’, he takes me into his arms and they start to fall down my cheeks. Rafe slides the ring on my finger and once I feel the cold metal of the ring, I can’t help but smile.

The people around us cheers and claps, toasting us in our celebration. Rafe places his hand on my waist and takes me in on a kiss.

Everything about this night is perfect.

- - - - -

Work. Always with his God damn work. What’s so secretive about it that I can’t even know about? I twist the engagement ring on my finger, biting my lower lip as I stare idly on the coffee table. I’m his fiancée for Christ’s sake!

My phone vibrates on the coffee table, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“Hey, Rafe.” I try to keep my voice calm, even though I want to yell at him. He’s only been gone for a week, he’ll be back. I keep reassuring myself.

“Hello, darling,” after hearing his voice, I’m starting to cool down. I curse myself for being soft on him. “I won’t be home for a while, but I’ll be back right in time for our wedding.”

I take a deep breath, “Okay…” I hear the sound of construction in the background with people yelling in Scottish accents. “This work seems big with all that noise…”

“Yeah,” I hear him sigh on the other end. “Listen, we’re about to fly off to Italy in a few hours.”


“I’ll call you later.” Before the call ends, I hear a woman say his name and then a beep. I place my phone down beside me. Did he just say we? Who would the other be?

I feel my face start to burn up and I shake my head, taking a sip of my coffee.

Probably a team. I should stop overthinking…

My phone vibrates again beside me and I check to see an unknown caller.

“Hello…?” I answer.

“Hey, kid,” a familiar gruff voice replies and my whole body freezes, but my smile widens as I’m starting to feel like I’m eighteen again.

“Got time for another hunt?”

“Oh my God! Sullivan?!” I laugh in disbelief, jumping up from the couch. “Of course! Where are we headed?”

He chuckles. “Pack your bags and I’ll explain along the way. See you in the airport.”

Just as the call ends, I rush to our bedroom and pack my bags.
As I walk back and forth from the dresser and closet, a nagging thought stops me halfway and I place my hands on my hips, giving out a sigh. What about Rafe?

I look at our bedside table, a picture frame with us in it and then to the engagement ring on my finger, the diamond sparkling from the sun shining in through the window.

Fuck it. If he can leave, then so can I.

Within seconds, I’ve packed all my necessities.

Leaving my ring behind.

- - - - -

“You didn’t tell me we were going to some fancy place!” I softly yell at Sullivan while we enter the Rossi Estate.

“Well, at least we got you a dress.” He says, walking up the stairs.
I place my arm around his, pulling up the skirt of my dress as we walk. This whole time I’ve been hoping that I won’t bump into Rafe, looking everywhere for the sight of him and rehearsing excuses in my head in case we do see each other.

Then again, he didn’t exactly say which part of Italy… But seeing that he’s busy, he won’t even have time to go to an auction.
Entering the building, someone with a white suit catches my attention and I glance to see…


Talking to another woman and smiling each other.

I blink my eyes and keep staring to make sure I’m not hallucinating.

“Ow! Hey, is everything alright?” Victor asks me and I loosen my grip on his arm.

“Sorry, I thought I saw… Someone…” I avert my eyes from them and we walk up to the library.

Victor sits on the couch, taking out a cigar and a lighter. I walk to one of the books, seeing some old classics that I read from when I was sixteen or so.

“So, how are things with you, kid?” I turn around and see him puffing on his cigar, lounging on the couch with his feet up on the table. “Maybe I shouldn’t call you kid. You’re not eighteen anymore.”

I laugh lightly at the statement, walking towards him and sitting on the chair next to him. “When we said our goodbyes in Honduras, I meant what I said… That’s the last time I’m going to work as a treasure hunter…”

He rubs his chin. “So, you’ve got your dream…”

I nod my head and I reach to twist the ring on my finger again, only to find it empty. I half regret that I left it home. Now I wish that I brought something to remind me of Rafe…

I think back to the man in the suit… Maybe that’s not him… Maybe I thought it was him and it’s just the getting married effect… I’d rather not think this far ahead. I curse my brain again for overthinking.

“I’m proud of you, kid.” Sully says, taking me out of my thoughts. I look at him as he smiles at me and I smile, forgetting about everything as I’m almost tearing up from the memories flashing back.

“Thanks, old man.”

He chuckles lightly, “I hate to admit it. It’s nice hearing that name again.”

Fifteen minutes must have passed until we hear a thud out the window and whispers before a figure comes in followed by another. I can already tell that it’s Nate walking by, but I can’t clearly make out who the other one is.


As Victor turns on the lamp, Nate’s face brightens up as they hug each other. I can’t help but smile and feeling my heart be touched at this moment. As they break away, he sees me and I can’t help but say it: “Hey, asswipe.” I greet him with a smirk.

“C’mon. We haven’t seen each other in fifteen years and that’s what you call me?” He laughs and opens his arms. “C’mere, shortie.”

We hug and I really miss the embrace of an older-brother-figure.

“I miss this trio.” Nate says as we break away and as we look to Sully, he has already been introduced to the other guy.

“This is my brother. Sam.”

I raise an eyebrow, looking from one to the other to see no resemblance. “You’re joking.” I scoff.

“No, he’s not.” Sam says, clearing his throat. “But we can both agree that I’m the more attractive one.” Nate slaps his shoulder as Sam lends out a hand for me to shake, “Nice to meet such a fine lady in this occasion.”

I cross my arms. “Is that what you say to all the girls?”

“Trust me, you’re the first one.”

This guy is way up his ass. I take his hand, but get quickly interrupted. “No more time to chit-chat. We need to take this cross before Rafe does.” Nate says, swiftly walking towards the door.

Wait… Rafe?

We follow Nate downstairs, back to the auction and the three of them exchange plans; all I’m thinking about is how Rafe is put into this situation. He said he’s at work… Is this his work..? Are we still talking about the same Rafe?

As we’ve reached the second floor, I look beyond the railing to the ground floor, searching for that same guy in the white suit, making sure that it’s not Rafe. It took me a second until I see the back of the guy, waiting until he turns around and when he does, that’s when I feel my gut sink. It is him.

It is Rafe…

He looks up at me and I turn away, looking back at the three of them.

“Shit…” I say under my breath. I bite my lower lip and I look back to see him gone. My eyes roam around the room, but see no trace of

“You alright?” Sam says with his eyebrows raised. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost…”

Something like that…

“I’m… Fine…” I take a deep breath and I feel my phone vibrate in my purse. It’s a message from an unknown number.

I know you’re here.


Part 2

Nice Together (Oswald Cobblepot x Reader)

Writing on the tablet feels weird. I wrote this to get used to the tablet. I figured I would share it, not my best, but I don’t hate it. (otherwise I’d have deleted it.)

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Oswald x reader, Victor makes a cameo.

no real warnings

      The King of Gotham saw you one night and took you home. He dressed you up like a doll, made you his arm piece, something to pull out on special occasions. When you were left to your own devices you spent hours in the mansion library. Sometimes Oswald would call you to his study and you’d read quietly, occasionally he would have you read out loud. Mostly he would just sit quietly sipping wine, sometimes he would tell you about his day, he kept most of the violent stuff to himself. But you weren’t lovers.

         And then one day things changed. “Are you happy here?” You’d never given any sign that you weren’t, so the question confused you at first. “Someone has taken an interest in you.” You felt a sudden feeling of dread, Victor Zsasz had been flitting about the place more and had been dropping not very subtle hints. He had been trying to find out the nature of your relationship with Oswald. “I saw you and Victor in the hall yesterday.” He sounded disappointed. “You looked nice together.”

         “I don’t like Victor. He scares me.” You blurted it out. “He won’t leave me alone.” Tears started streaming down your face. Oswald got up and moved to where you were sitting. You felt his arms wrap around you and it felt right.

          “Don’t cry my love.”  He rubbed your back gently. “I’ll instruct him to let you alone.” He pulled back to see your face. Oswald pulled out a handkerchief and wiped away your tears. “I hadn’t realized he was bothering you, (y/n).” Oswald leaned towards you brushing his lips against yours. You could feel your heart pounding. “You didn’t answer my question. Are you happy here? With me?”

          “Yes, I am.” You kissed him. Oswald moved into the kiss, you let him deepen the kiss. Feeling his arms pulling  you closer.

           Neither of you noticed Victor in the doorway smirking. He had grown tired of Oswald’s moping and decided to fix it. I do good work, he thought to himself as he wandered off.

What if you knew the date of your death day? (Jughead Jones imagine)

It’s little bit different from other imagines and not gonna lie, while I wrote this I cried a little. But anyways I hope you enjoy!

WARNINGS: death (sorry guys, not all stories have happy ending), a little bit of fantasy

What if you knew the date of your death day? It would be on your skin - tattooed and always by your side. No way to hide it and no way to hide from death. And this is me, (Y/N), living in age where you can’t hide from death.
Every day as I grew up, parents would tell how I need to ignore it or how I need to live by present day. And I’m still trying to do that. Sometimes it’s like your secret that everyone has, just with different numbers. Someone will live long and beautiful life and someone won’t.
Lately I live with fear, feeling that I should do much more than I do now. Maybe buy flight tickets and finally to see Italy or Australia. I’ve never felt like this before, I’ve never felt like it would be my last day.
As I walked in my room, I decided to see my date of death. I slowly lifted up my t-shirt and with every move I felt anxious and scared. Under my bra I looked at the date and saw numbers 2017-04-18. One day until my heart is going to stop beating. I felt tears forming in my eyes, my whole body felt so heavy, I just crumbled down on the floor and sob left my mouth.
The first human who popped in my head was my sweetly weird boyfriend Jughead. The only thing that I want to see now is he. His touch and his voice.
I picked my phone and called Jughead. After few beeps he finally answered.
“Hey, what’s up?” Jughead said.
“Hey, Juggy. Are you busy?"My voice started to shake like I was going to cry again.
"N-no, is everything okay?” I heard worried Jugs voice.
“I really need you right now”
“I’ll be at your place in few minutes”
After our small conversation I looked up at the ceiling trying to control my tears. My leg started to move nervously as I tried to calm down. I’m looking like a huge mess right now and I don’t have any strength to change that.
Jughead without any knocking on the door walked in room and looked down at me. He suddenly kneeled down and cupped my face with his hands.
“(Y/N)? What’s going on?” He started to stroke my cheek with his thumb. I looked up at him and tried to say something, but I couldn’t. Jughead wrapped my body with his hands and pressed to his body. A smell of him was like home from me. Every time, when I was with Jughead I felt like in home, I felt loved. His hands slowly stroked my back.
“I need to show you this, because I can’t even say word who describes this situation” I said with shaky voice. He looked at me worried as I lifted up my t-shirt and I showed him my date.
“No, no. I can’t believe this. Not now, (Y/N). Maybe there is some way? Actually I heard that not all of people died based on their date. They lived happily until their last breath, this is-” Jughead started to freak out and it hurt me only seeing how he is already reacting. I took his hand kissed it.
“There is nothing we can do, Juggy. It hurts so damn much only seeing you like this, but I want to enjoy your company for the last 24hours.” I kissed his lips and after our kiss broke I stood up and walked with to the bed. I lay into his arms and putted my head on his chest. I felt how painfully he was breathing, just like me and I couldn’t do anything even if I want to.
I felt his lips pressing to my forehead. I looked up at him and just appreciated his face features and how stunningly beautiful he is. His greenish-blue eyes were so sad, but still warmest thing I ever seen. And his lips is one of my favorite things, because every time he kisses me I feel butterflies like it would be the first time, I feel loved. Only thinking of this I felt tear rolling down my face.
“Don’t cry, hun’” he whipped my tear off making me smile slightly. But after few seconds I saw his eyes shining, like he is going to cry. Jughead suddenly closed his eyes and pressed me by his body harder. I l leaned in to his face and kissed him deeply. It turned out in to make out session and non of us minded this. It felt like he wants to remember my lips, every part of it.
“I love you so much” his voice became shaky.“This isn’t fear”
“I’ll always be by your side, Juggy. Just promise me that you won’t be more distant from people, that you will follow your dreams, but most of all - be yourself, Jughead Jones the third” I smiled and kissed him one more time.
“I-I-I will. I wish I could something for you” He looked at me sadly.
“You already did so many things for me. You make me feel everyday loved and the luckiest girl in the world. I don’t need anything more from you”

On the April 18th everything stopped. (Y/N) couldn’t breathe anymore, her heart didn’t beat anymore, but not for Jughead. Jughead tried imagine how she is laughing from his jokes or sarcastic comments to others. Every moment passed by his eyes and all he wanted was to runaway with her.
Jughead lifted up his shirt and looked at his hip where was his date.

Just (not)meant to be together | Jughead x Reader | Part 1

Summary: Every story has two sides, just like every story has a beginning and the end. 

Words: 2134 (I  know, (not)sorry)

Warnings: Angst and Fluff I’m bad person

A/N(IMPORTANT): Hi everyone! I’m really sorry that I didn’t post lately. You know - finals. Only two more weeks and I will be back and I will publish stories more often.  But the third part of “I don’t remember”  will be released in next week (it might change but for now it’s certain). Thank you so much for all your messages and comments! I’m so happy that you like my stories. (Thanks for 377 followers!) Right now I’m writing a requested story, so don’t be afraid to send me requests (it don’t have to be Jughead x reader). Also, few people ask me about the tag list to I don’t remember and of cause I will create one, so If you want to be on it (or on the tag list for this series or all my stories) just let me know.
This series is an experiment.  The plot by them self isn’t but the construction is. As you will see (if you read it), there are two timelines, two points of view, two “beginning”, but one is the actual end of the story.
So please give me feedback how you like it.
Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry again.
Feel free to send my any requests, asks. The masterlist will appear today.

(Y/N) - Mar. 24/25

The decorative plate smashed on the wall next to his head. I missed. He was shocked. I reached for a mug on the bedside cabinet.

“(Y/N) listen to me! It’s not like that” he shouted but he took a step back.

“Why?!” I couldn’t see his face, my vision was blur because of the flowing tears “So you didn’t cheat on me for 3-4 months!”

“I didn’t!”

“Really? I am not stupid Jughead!”

“You were seeing with Archie!”

“Oh don’t change the subject!”

“Why not (Y/N)?!”

“Did you or did you not cheat on me Jughead?” I said and I stepped forward.

“Get out!”  I took one more step. I felt the pain.

“(Y/N) you are bleeding!” I looked down and I saw the increasing bloodstain on my rug under my foot. I stepped on the sharp piece of the decorative plate.

“Fuck,” I said and I sat on my bed. Jughead ran up to me.

“Don’t you fucking dare to touch me!”

“But (Y/N)…”

“Leave my house!” He didn’t move

“Get out of my house Forsythe Jones and don’t you even come back!” I shouted. He was shocked, that was the first time I ever used his real name. I didn’t care I wanted do hurt him.

“(Y/N)…” His voice was a whisper almost too quiet to hear it. I wiped the tears. I saw that he was crying.

“Get out! You are nothing to me! I never really loved you anyway.” I said with the emotionless voice. I was looking right into his eyes. That words broke him. If he only could see how much saying this big lie hurt me.

I stood up and opened the door. I didn’t care about my foot, about the bloodstains. That pain was nothing compared to the pain in my heart.
He walked to me and looked into my face. He was looking for something, for any sing of emotions, but I forced myself not to show any. When he walked out I closed the door and waited till I heard that he closed front door.

I went to the bathroom and found the first aid kit. I bandaged my foot and went back to my room. I sat on my bed.
I started crying. I thought that I will never stop. I cried and cried so long that no more tears left in me. Then I stood up and opened the window. I saw my small garden with an old swing. The sun was slowly rising covering everything in the golden glow.

Outside everything was the same. But for me the world was different. I felt different. In my world was a big hole that could never be repaired.

Maybe some people are just not meant to be together, but then why at first they think that they are? I thought and started crying again.
Jughead - Aug. 27

“May I sit here?” I heard the girl’s voice

“If you have to,” I said not moving my eyes from my screen.


I expected that she will start a very annoying conversation, but she didn’t say a word. I finished typing the sentence and I looked at her. God! She was beautiful! She had (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair tied back. She put the end of the pen to her coral lips. Her eyes were concerned on the notebook was filled with neat handwriting. She slowly put a pen to the page and wrote few words, then again she moved the pen to her lips. Her eyes met mine. Fuck I was starting at her.

“What are you writing?” I asked.

“Most people start with the “hey, what’s your name,” she said and smiled. God! She has a nice smile.

“Here you go. Enjoy” Pop put a big milkshake in front of the girl. It had two strains in it. Well, it was “big milkshake”.

“You seriously going to drink that all of your own,” I asked surprised.

“Well, when I said "big” I didn’t mean that big. In most of the places like this “big” means one normal glass”, she said looking at her milkshake with admiration.

“Welcome to Pop’s where “big” means for two people” Fuck did I actually said that? Now she most likely thinks that I am dumb.

“Well that’s means…” she took pause and looked at me smiling. “I will have a proper portion of amazing milkshake for myself,” she said laughing “(Novel kind)”

“What?” I asked Yup even dumber

She rolled her eyes and smirked, “I’m writing a novel about (plot). How about you what are you writing?”

“I’m writing about the mystery of 4th July death. Wait, did you heard about Jason Blossom? ”

“No, I just moved here. But that’s interesting”

“I could tell you what I know” Really? How it is possible that I said that?

“Yeah I would love to,” she said and closed her notebook

“Do you want “milkshake for two people”?“ she asked and moved the glass to the centre of the table.

I closed my laptop.

"Jughead Jones the Third”

“(Y/N)(Y/L/N) the First” she laughed and we shook hands

I took a sip of the (strawberry/vanilla/chocolate) milkshake. It wasn’t my the best flavour, but I didn’t care.
(Y/N) - Mar. 24 

The cold wind made all tears disappeared. The street lamps covered the empty street in golden light.
I was walking in the night, trying to bring back all good memories but at the same time, I tried to let them go.
I should take a coat. The had goosebumps.

The bright red neon made me smile. I felt the familiar warm feeling inside me. I definitely needed a milkshake. I walked through the building and I saw some kissing couple. They happiness made me sad so I  looked away. I put my hand on the handle. But then I looked at the couple and my heart stopped.

The couple broke apart quickly.

“(Y/N)! It’s not…” His beanie was gone. I saw it on the ground, probably it slipped from his head when the girl put her fingers into his hair.
I felt that the tears started to flow again.

“So this is how you had been busy tonight?” my voice was shaky. I started to get nauseous.
I looked at the girl - it was Betty. I closed my eyes. I prayed that it was only a dream.

“(Y/N) I can explain, it’s not..” she said. One of the few people I really trusted, stabbed me in the back.

“How long?” The tears made my vision blur. “You know what. I don’t want to know”
Jughead didn’t look in my eyes.

I turned around and walked away.
The most painful thing was that he didn’t stop me. He let me go.
Jughead - Aug. 28

“I tried to order a milkshake, but Pop told me that I shouldn’t” I heard (Y/N)’s voice next to my ear. I felt the shiver run through my body. The sense of here perfume was so beautiful.

“Most people start with the "Hey”“

She laughed and sat in front of me.
Pop appeared with a big (vanilla/chocolate/strawberry - different that last time) milkshake - my favourite. Maybe I shouldn’t buy it. Now I looked like a frick.

"Thanks,” She said but she wasn’t looking at Pop. Did I just imagine that she was looking at me? Wait it was natural that she thanks me. I smiled, but my heart was biting faster.

She got her notebook out from her bag.
Then she slowly moved the milkshake closer to her at took a sip. Did she really looked into my ey….. O fuck I was steering this whole time. I felt that I started to blush. Fuck.

“Do you like it?” I said trying to cover my behaviour.
She rolled her eyes, but she was smiling.
“I figured out that since you are new in town you should try all flavours”  Fuck stop talking.

“Jughead Jones the Third I see what you are doing here,” She said without a smile. I fucked it. I shouldn’t open my mouth. “There are 3 tastes, so that means we will meet next time” She smirked and rolled her eyes again.

I breathed a sigh of relief.
“We will?” I said too quickly.

“Well… We will have to see” She winked.
(Y/N) - Mar. 24 

Everything wasn’t like it supposed to be. How we get here? What happened to the nice boy with the beanie and the (Y/H/C) girl who met at Pop’s Diner.
I steel was felting his kisses on my lips, but that wasn’t HIS kisses. I took my phone and searched for a conversation with Jughead. Where was the last time I messaged him?

Mar. 19, 17:05 PM
Romeo: I will call you back

Mar. 14, 15:02 PM
Me: I’m busy I can’t talk now

Mar. 10, 16:03 PM
Me: I can’t tonight

Mar. 5, 9:31 AM
Me: Sure

Mar. 5, 07:05 AM
Romeo: Can we reschedule our date I have something to do.

Mar. 3, 00:21 AM
Me: Hey, sorry I totally forget

Mar. 1, 22:46 PM
Me: Where have you been tonight?

I felt the tears in my eyes. I scrolled the messages up.

Jan. 3, 19:05 PM
Romeo: Turn around

Jan. 3, 19:04 PM
Me: I’m at Pop’s

Jan. 3, 19:03 PM
Romeo: Where are you?

Jan. 3, 19:01 PM
Me: Shut up, I miss you

I started crying. I cried and cried. I needed to see him. I needed this back.

Mar. 24, 19:47 PM
Me: I miss you…

I waited .

Mar. 24 19:51 PM
Romeo: I’m busy

Mar. 24 19:52 PM
Me: Most people start with the “Hey”

Mar. 24 19:55 PM
Romeo: I can’t talk right now (Y/N)

The tears started to flow again. I rolled on my bed. What happened to us?.
Jughead - Aug. 29

I knocked at her window. It was hard to climb using only one hand. I prayed that this ladder was strong enough. I saw a silhouette of (Y/N) when she stood up from her bed. She was saying the truth when she texted that she was sick. She opened the window.

“How the fuck did you get a ladder?”

“Most people start with the "Hey”“

"Hey Romeo”

“Hello Juliet, can I come in?”

“I have to think about that,” She said but she moved “What’s this?”

“I figured that since you can’t go to Pop’s tonight it will come to you”

“I hope that it will use the front door, but I don’t think it will fit into the door-frame”
I laughed and she took the box out of my hand. I crawled into her room.

“You know that I have a front door, right?”

“Yeah, but the ladder gives better effect” She rolled her eyes. I opened the box. She looked at it with admiration.

“Pop did a great job packing it! Did you tell him that you will climb to my window?”

“Something like that”

“Is that big (vanilla/chocolate/strawberry - different that the other two times) milkshake? Jug I’m sick! I don’t want to infect you”

“The tradition needs to be continued. And you will not infect me. I never get sick”

She wasn’t sure.

“If you don’t want to I can take this and THIS away”

“Is that (your favourite cake)? Oh god I hate you and love you at the same time” She laughed, but it turned into a cough. I took the glass of water from the night shelf and gave to her. Love you?

She drank it.

“Okay you definitely need to go to bed,”  I said and pushed her lightly forward it. She sighed and sat on the bed. She made a place next to her and I sat on it. God this bed was so comfortable. Where was the last time I slept on the real bed?

I put two strains into the milkshake and we both took a sip. It was good, not as good as (vanilla/chocolate/strawberry - the second flavour) but definitely better that (vanilla/chocolate/strawberry - the first flavour).

“I think that this one should be our flavour” (Y/N) said my thoughts out loud.

“You didn’t like the first one, which I loved…”

“Now it’s not…” She didn’t let me finish

“I didn’t like the second which you loved, so I think this is some kind of compromise. What are you think?”

“I love this idea”

“Good so official (vanilla/strawberry/chocolate - the third) is our milkshake Jughead Jones the Third”

“I totally agree (Y/N) (Y/L/N) the First”

I had a dream

Request: beebo insecure about being broadway?????? u calm him down and everything

Warnings: Fluffy, sad Brendon

REQUESTS HERE!! / Masterlist

The water was running down all your body. You rubbed your neck with the palm of your hand, Brendon gave you a beautiful and enormous hickey the night before. He came back after a long day in the studio and the only thing that he wanted to do was have sex with you. Obviously it didn’t mattered but he seemed to be stressed.

You were alone at the house that you shared with him. When you got outta the shower you looked at you in the mirror. Make-up couldn’t cover that blue and purple mark. “Stupid Brendon.” you thought and then smiled.

You were putting some clothes on when the noise of the principal door made you jump. Someone slammed the door. And that someone was, with any doubt, Brendon.

“Babe?” you asked gently while going downstairs.

But he didn’t answer. Your boyfriend went through the living room without even looking at you and he dissapeared from your sight. The best thing that you could do was leaving him alone for a while, maybe it’s what he wanted.

You tried to think in everything except in Brendon’s attitude. A small part of you wanted to go to his studio and talk to him, but you knew that it wouldn’t be a great idea. So you sat in the couch and started to check your social media. A lot of people in Twitter were talking about Brendon being on Broadway, you couldn’t resist and started to read people’s opinions about it. Most of the people were in love with the idea of your boyfriend being in a musical but some others thought that he didn’t deserve being there. Then a idea came to your mind.

You got up and runned into Brendon’s studio. He was sitting in front of the computer with both of his hands supported on the forehead.

“Brendon? Are you okay?“ you asked sweetly while you kneed next to him. “Bren, are you crying?”

He shook his head and rubbed some tears with the palm of the hand. That confirmed he was crying. And the worst part was that you didn’t know what to do in that moment. It was the first time after 7 years that you saw Brendon crying in that way. When he started sobbing, you felt how your heart beat strongly. “I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me, baby. Please tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t want to talk now.” he said between sobs.

“But I do want. I’m not gonna leave until you tell me why are you crying.”

Brendon pulled his head up and looked at you. His eyes were red and his cheeks completely wet. "I’ve seen Twitter. Is because of that, isn’t it? All that stuff about Broadway.”

“I can’t do it, (Y/N). I feel like I can’t do anything.”

“Don’t be stupid. You can do whatever you want, Brendon. We all know it. But you just can’t read some teenage girl’s tweet and feel bad for it.”

“It’s not about that. I – I’m feeling useless, (Y/N).”

“Oh, God. Come here.” you grabbed his hand and make him got up. Brendon put his arms around you and held you as tight as he could. You felt something wet on your neck and suddendly looked at his eyes. “Honey, please. If you cry, I’ll cry too.”

A smile appeared on his lips but unfortunately it disappeared as soon as it arrived. You hated seeing him like that but you felt like you couldn’t do anything to help.

“You know what?” you put your hands over his cheeks. “We’ll go inside the house. You’ll lay your head on my lap and then we’ll watch Supernatural together.”

“(Y/N), I don’t feel up to it.”

“Beebo we’re talking about the Winchesters! I’m trying to cheer you up. Since you won’t talk about anything, it’s the only thing that I can do.” 

His eyes were still red but at least he wasn’t crying anymore. You kissed his knuckles and then realised about something that made you wide open your eyes. "Did I tell you about what happened last night to me?”

As a responde he shook his head.

“Well. When you fell asleep I stared at your face for a moment. You looked so handsome and in I fell asleep thinking about you.“ he smiled. “I had a dream. A beautiful one about you in Broadway. The only thing that I can remember clearly is that you did it amazing and I felt really proud of being your girlfriend. I mean, more proud than I am now. I want to think that it was a signal.”


“Believe me or not. You’re going to do it great, Brendon. And I’ll be there to remind you that you worth too much.”

“(Y/N) stop talking or I’ll start crying again.” he warned you while sniffling. “Why are you that good? I don’t deserve you.”

“You deserve the whole world, Brendon Urie.”

“I love you so fucking much.”

Are You Mine? *Part 2*

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Request: Angst Request Please?, au where everyone see all in black and white until you see the eyes of your soulmate, reader see the colors when she see the eyes of Newt, but he can’t, she lies about the colors time pass and reader tells Tina “take care for him” and gellert hurts reader, she confess she loves newt and then dies. Years pass and Newt name his daughter like reader because reader Dreams about have scamander for last name. Sorry english is not my language. also Tina and Newt are soulmates! <3

Part 1

Ship: Newt x reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of blood, death

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx (me)

Words: 1,338

DO NOT post this on other sites and claim it as your work.

Reblogs are fine

Here is the long awaited second part to Are you Mine! Please leave feedback, and enjoy!!


3:00 AM.

You still hadn’t come back from your outburst, and Newt was extremely worried at this point. You were his best friend, and what if something were to happen to you? Tina had fallen asleep on Newt’s shoulder, letting out small huffs of air every time she breathed out.

Newt examined the color of her hair and what she was wearing. Her dark brown hair was all over the place, and her light blue jacket was starting to fall off of her shoulder. His love for her was undeniable, and he couldn’t help but leave a small kiss on her forehead. 

He slowly stood up and gently laid Tina down on the couch so as not to wake her. He then walked over to the coat rack and grabbed his blue coat and suitcase. He needed to find you and bring you back to safety.

“Newt? Where are you going?” Tina’s groggy voice filled the room. She had sat up from her position on the couch and was eyeing Newt.

“Go back to sleep, darling. I’m just going out to look for Y/n.”

Tina stood up from the couch and readjusted her coat so it wasn’t hanging off her shoulder. “I’ll go with you.” Before Newt could protest, she had already started walking towards him and putting on her shoes.

“Are you su-”

Newt didn’t have time to finish his sentence before Tina apparated them out of the complex. Now, it was time to find you.

You were still in the alley when a drop of rain hit your shoulder. And then another, and another, followed by a whole storm of raindrops hitting every inch of your body. You felt numb, unable to cry any longer. The familiar gray of the world clouded your vision, and you couldn’t help but miss the colors you saw whenever you were with Newt. 

But, he wasn’t yours. And you had come to the conclusion that it was better to see him happy than with someone he didn’t want to be with. If Tina made him happy, then that’s all that mattered to you.

By this time, you were already soaked to the bone. Your clothes stuck to you like a second skin and you knew you needed to get back to the complex if you didn’t want to get sick.

You began to stand up and lean against the alley wall when you felt footsteps in the distance. Footsteps that were gradually coming close to you. You froze in your position and looked to your right to see a man and a younger teen approaching you. Both of them were looking dead at you, the older man looked furious while the teen looked confused.

You put your hands up in surrender. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were here.” You slowly reached behind you to get your wand. The older man noticed this though, and used wordless magic to disarm you quickly. 

You gasped and started to back out of the alleyway, but you hadn’t gotten very far before the older man rushed towards you and grabbed your forearm. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” He sneered. 

“I-I’m so sorry I… J-just please let me go.” Tears started to well up in your eyes at the thought of this strange man harming you. You looked helplessly at the teen to see if he would do anything to help, but he just turned his head away so he wouldn’t be able to see the scene in front of him.

The older man let go of your arm and took a step back from you. “I’m afraid we can’t just simply let you go.” He lifted his hand towards you and clenched his fingers together.

Suddenly, an excruciating pain burned through your abdomen, and you couldn’t help but scream. It felt like someone stabbed you with a knife and was twisting it inside of you. You dropped to the ground and tried to clutch for something, anything, to steady yourself.

Newt and Tina heard your loud scream and ran towards the source of the noise. They neared the alleyway you were in before hearing another terrifying scream come from you. 

Newt rushed into the alley, only to see you crumpled on the ground, blood surrounding you. He also saw… Percival? And someone else in the distance. He wasn’t able to get a better look before the two apparated out of thin air. 

Your sobs racked your body. The pain was spreading to all parts of your body, creating an internal fire that refused to be extinguished. 

Newt rushed over towards you and took you into his arms, not caring if the blood stained his clothing. Tina gasped once she saw the sight before her. She carefully walked towards you and pulled out her wand. Sitting down next to you, she began to murmur healing spells in hopes of making your pain stop. 

Black spots filled your vision, but once you felt Newt’s arms around you, you felt at home. Those familiar colors filled your vision once again. You felt another hand touch you, trying to heal your wounds. None of the spells Tina was using helped your wounds, and you continued to bleed out onto the concrete. 

“N-Newt…” Your voice was raspy and deep. You couldn’t feel any pain, numb yet again.

“Shh, no, don’t speak.” Newt pulled you in closer to himself, his warmth encompassing you like a big warm blanket. He kissed your head and rocked you back in forth. Tears started to flood his own vision. He couldn’t lose you, not now.

“I-I love you Newt. You… You’re the color in my world.” You couldn’t help but grin goofily. The blood loss was starting to really get to you, and you could barely form any sentences.

At first, he didn’t understand what you were talking about. Then, he realized. You saw the colors around him… But how?

Newt gave a loud sob. “W-Why didn’t you tell me Y/n?” You looked up at him, savoring the beautiful color of his eyes for the last time. You smiled, knowing that you’d at least die in a world full of color.

Instead of answering him, you turned towards Tina and reached out for her. Tina held your hand, a lone tear running down her face. 

“P-please… take c-care of… him.” 

Those were your last words. 

Your hand went limp in Tina’s. Newt sobbed loudly, pulling you in closer to himself, kissing your forehead and murmuring reassuring words into your hair. 

But, you were already gone. 

It’s been five years since your death. Newt could barely deal with your death at first, keeping to himself and only tending to his animals. He could barely function after having you die in his arms. 

Tina had been equally heartbroken at first. She knew you and Newt were close, and she couldn’t help but also mourn for you. But, after a while, she knew you were happier where you were now, and she tried her best to help Newt out of his mourning. It took some time, but soon enough, Newt was out of his mourning with the help of Tina. He also came to the conclusion that you were happier in heaven than on earth. 

To this day, he’s still confused as to how you saw colors around him. There’s no explanation for it, but he wished he paid more attention to you. He regrets not realizing it earlier, but there’s nothing he could do about it now.

As of now, Newt and Tina were at the hospital. Tina had given birth to their first baby, a cute little girl with hair just like Newt’s. 

Tina was cradling the baby in her arms, cooing and kissing her. Newt was sat on the bed next to Tina, his arms around the both of them.

Tina looked at Newt and gave him a peck on the cheek. “What should we name her?”

Newt thought for a moment before realizing the perfect name for his baby girl.

He smiled and stroked the baby’s head. 

“Let’s name her Y/n.”


FINALLY!!! Again, I’m sorry for keeping this from you guys lol. Please leave feedback 

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