i first saw this and started tearing up

She told me that there was a note for me, that was left behind
She had left it there waiting, for such a long time
I was inclined to ask about it but she brought it up first
I saw a tear swelling up in her eye, and then she cursed
She told me where the letter was and I started thinking the worst
Reversed my position, stepped over and opened the door
And sure enough there was an envelope with my name on the floor
“Nobody loves you more than me carino” is what the letter said

“By the time you get to read this, I’ll probably be dead
But when you left in ‘97 a part of me went to Heaven
I thank God at least I got to know what love really was
But it hurt me, to see what true love really does
‘Cause even though we never made love, you were all that there was
It was because I loved you so much that I had to make you leave
You made me doubt the way I thought, you made me want to believe
And then I slipped up, and I let you get close to me
It was hard to not be openly when people spoke to me
This was not the way I thought my life was supposed to be
Baby don’t you see, I had a blood transfusion that left me with HIV
Hoped the end exists for me since late in 1993
I died a virgin, I wish I could’ve given myself to you
I cried in the hospital because there was no one else but you
Promise that you’ll meet me in paradise inevitably
No matter what, I’ll keep your love forever with me”

What happened for the rest of the day is still a blur
But I remember wishing that I was dead, instead of her
She was buried on August 3rd
The story ends without a sequel
And now you know why Technique, don’t fucking fall in love with people
Hold the person that you love closely if they’re next to you
The one you love, not the person that’ll simply have sex with you
Appreciate them to the fullest extent, and then beyond
'Cause you never really know what you got, until it’s gone
—  You Never Know by Immortal Technique

When you first saw the bighit intro :

(F*CK I’m slowly drowning back into insanity…)

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When Yoongi randomly slapped jimin’s head. YOONMIN BE SAILING.


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When Jimin’s started singing the first verse and you almost fell off your chair


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Then there’s jungkook on that swing giving you all types of feels WITH HIS NEW SMIRKS AND COCKY FACIAL EXPRESSIONS

seems like turning LEGAL MADE HIM EXTRA RUDE TOO.*sobs endlessly*

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That latino-like sexy BEAT THO And THEM OUTFITS

SLAY THEM CLASSY~~*hairflip*

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Suga’s first RAP verse and black hair that probably made you choke


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( like bruh, he’s so hot that he got smoke coming out of him loll)

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Those little hipthrusts/grab crotch thingy they did A MILLION TIMES IN THE MV

(WHY YOU SO RUDE.Did I ask you to act extra sexy ? NO SO GO AWAY. *clench heart*)

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(How much is needed to touch that perfection.Legit planning to give up on your undergrad studies to find taehyung and touch him)

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(nuclear explosion of feels)

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(LET ME GUIDE YOU JImin, I can help you find the right path~~~)

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Namjoon  and that random english that was not so random and then MIN YOONGI STARTS PLAYING THE PIANO.

You must be kidding ,YOU , YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME??!!! *hits yoongi cause’ too much feels*

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(legits started typing on google ; how to be a statue in my next life)

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Then the video is finished…

and you ask yourself why you got yourself into this.


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When your bias list is being threatened once again


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under the lights tonight *breath hitches* you turned around *sniffles* and you stole my heart *chokes up* with just one look *sinks down on the ground*  when i saw your face *tears start streaming* i fell in love *slams ground* took a minute girl *collapses face first* to steal my heart tonight *stops breathing*

The photo on the left was me in February, the photo on the right was taken NYE.
2016 was a whirlwind of emotions it was my lowest point and my highest point so far. I started my WLS journey at a whopping 165kg when I first stood on the scale and saw that number I felt a few emotions anger I was so angry at myself for letting myself get myself that big, I was sad because I thought that losing all that weight was impossible, I was scared that I was going to die young before really experiencing life. My lowest point came when I was in a shopping centre and I was told I was too fat to sit on a chair I went home and cried for two weeks I still tear up thinking about it. I met my surgeon and he was amazing I started my pre op diet and lost 12kg in a month I was so happy my surgery date snuck up so fast I didn’t have any issues at all with surgery and everything has gone very smooth so far. I am nearly 4 months post op. I do Personal Training sessions twice a week, swimming once a week and as much walking as I can manage. My diet is a work in progress some days I eat too many carbs some days I struggle to get my protein in. But I am so happy I had this surgery it has literally saved my life I am 47kg lighter than I was 4 months ago and I can’t wrap my head around it.

Sebastian Stan Being A Father Would Include...

-He was trying to hide the tears in his eyes, when your baby girl was born, but everybody saw them.

-Waking up for the night feed, but hearing Sebastian already there, talking to the baby.

-’Hey beautiful, your as pretty as your mother. But don’t tell her I said that.’

-When she starts to learn to walk, he’s constantly there, following, picking her up and kissing her when she falls over.

-Calling everybody he knows, when he first hears her say ‘Dada.’


-Calling Chris, Robert, and Anthony, to tell them how amazing his child is.

-Bringing her to set, where he dosen’t even see her, it’s just ‘Pass the baby.’

-Training her to recognise who The Winter Solider was, but not letting her watch the movie, because he didn’t want her to be scared of ‘Dada.’

-Say ‘Bucky.’ ‘Dada.’ ‘No, Bucky.’ ‘Dada!’

-Okay, but Sebastian would treat her non stop. And Robert is constantly buying her cute little outfits.

-Learning to plait hair, so she would be ready for school on time. It was a little messy to begin with.

-’You’ll be okay at school?’ He asks, just before she get’s on the bus.

-Tears in his eyes, as he holds your hand, seeing how his baby girl has grown up.

-’Baby, I want another one.’

-Going to her evenings at school, to admire her work, and hear her singing in her choir. 

-Telling your daughter that she’s going to be a big sister.

-Sebastian holding her hand in hospital, when you’re having the baby, and reminding her that you’ll be okay.

-Family photos. So many photo’s on his phone, too.

-He starts getting really protective when she starts high school.

-You giving your daughter the talk, whilst he’s looking after your son.

-Teaching his son how to play football.

-The horrific look on his face, when he finds out his son prefers Captain America to him. Chris’ laugh was loud, too. 

-Teaching your children Romanian.

-Helping them cook breakfast in bed for mummy, and helping them pick out birthday presents for you,

-’No, Y/N, she’s not having a boyfriend until she’s 100.’

-Making sure all of his daughters outfit’s are appropriate, before she goes out with her friends.

-Cuddling his daughter, when she breaks up with her boyfriend. 

-’You’re never too old to have a cuddle with dada.’ He tells both his children, whenever they’re upset.

-He just loves his children, way too much. 

You’re Keeping the Outfit, Right?

Summary: Based on the quote from CA:TFA “You’re keeping the outfit, right?” Bucky finally makes his intentions for Steve known and they have fun with the Captain America costume.

Author: buckysplums14

Pairings: Bucky x Steve (first Stucky smut!)

Word Count: 2364 (that was longer than I thought it would be, lol)

Warnings: fluffy and angsty to start, SMUT, unprotected sex, role playing (but not really, because he IS Captain America)

“Another beer, please?” Bucky grumbled to the bar tender. He held his hand out expectantly and grabbed the perspiring glass, gulping it down in one go. He sniffled and wiped his face, eyes welling up with tears. Just earlier that day he had been strapped to a cold table, mumbling, sore, starving, tired… afraid. That was, until he saw Steve. It wasn’t the Steve he remembered, however, this Steve was taller, stronger, and healthier. Seeing his beautiful face again brought Bucky more joy than he’d ever felt in his whole life. He’d been carried out in Steve’s arms, feeling how strong he’d become. Steve didn’t need him anymore… now that he was Captain America.

Bucky sighed and gestured to the bartender for another beer. He had always admired Steve.

No, not admired… loved.

He chugged his second beer and swallowed hard. He had loved Steve for longer than he’d like to admit. There were too many times he slept on Steve’s floor, entertained him when he was sick, helped him with his homework, gave him advice on girls… hell, even then he’d pretended a time or two that the dame he was taking to the carnival or to the movies was Stevie.

He had protected Steve from bullies in grammar school, sang to cheer him up when he was bed-ridden, and even taught him how to dance in their kitchen. He loved Steve. That was that. Now Steve wouldn’t need him anymore, he’d keep him around for old times’ sake, but he’d eventually realize that Bucky no longer served a purpose in his life. He heard the roaring laughter of the Howling Commandos from the other room and saw Steve walking into the room.

“You see? I told you… they’re aaall idiots.” Bucky drank again.

He sat down next to Bucky. “How ‘bout you? You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?” he smiled, hopefully.

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I know it’s not easy being a Jhope Stan. Mostly because of things that have happened in the past that I will not bring up again; because today is Hoseok’s birthday and it should be filled with love, not salt. I woke up sick today. And even though that is sucky as hell, when I saw the V Live notif for his birthday, i thought “Oh, are the guys holding a V live for Hobi’s bday?” And I didn’t hesitate to click. The pleasant surprise came that it was Jhope only who started it at first. I started getting emotional. Because when was the last time we saw Hobi starting a V live all by himself? The damn tears came when I saw all the love the fans were giving him. Being able to see his smiling and Sunshine self brighten over loving words to him… Ah! I feel like crying all over again. He is a wonderful human being that always works his hardest to deliver us his best. Words can’t ever begin to explain how amazing he is. Jhope isn’t just Sunshine, he is an inspiration to follow. Thank you for being our Hope, our Angel, our Sunshine, our Hobi, our Golden Hyung; Jung Hoseok. ♥️♥️♥️

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I fell in love with you in a way I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love. It wasn’t the first time I saw you, and it wasn’t a gradual, “I think I’m starting to.” I just woke up one day, put two and two together, and realized that these were the feelings people wrote novels about. But I also knew they were the novels that end in tears, because to me you were my everything and to you I was just your best friend.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

You followed your boyfriend up the stairs of the tall astronomy tower as you saw the faint tears on his face. You had the urge to run up to him and engulf him into a hug, but you figured you should see what he was doing first. As he made it to the top of the stairs, you saw him start to raise his wand at the figure in front of him. It was, Albus Dumbledore. You tried to cut out most of their conversation, but when you heard this, you had to step out.

“I have to do this, I have to kill you! Or he’s going to kill her.”

Bare It All (Jack Gilinsky) Part 2


I slowly opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was the white walls, different from the off-gray ones in my bedroom. Then, did the memories start flashing back. The fight with Jack, the asthma attack, the fall down the stairs. I quickly tried to sit up, put the pain in my ribs stopped me, making me lay back down.
“Y/n!?” I heard someone whisper shout.
The person came closer, it was Jack.
“Jack, the baby” I said barely audible, the pain in my ribs was unbearable. “Is the baby okay?” Jack looked at me with tear filled eyes.
“The baby…” He started. “You lost the baby…”
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Tears finally started to slip from my eyes.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry” Jack said as he hugged.
“Jack don’t touch me” my voice cold as ice.
“Jack, I told you I was pregnant.” I paused trying to catch my breath. “Did you forget what you called me? A pathetic liar.” Jack just stayed quiet. “I need you to leave”
“Y/n…” He said coming closer to me.
“Leave or I’ll call security.”
Jack grabbed his jacket from the couch and walked out the door.
The only other person that knew about the baby was Cameron, so I decided to call him to come over. An hour later Cam was at the hospital.
“Hey y/n… How are you?” Cam asked sweetly, giving me hug.
“Dead” I said.
“How are you feeling about the baby?”
“Horrible. It was all my fault, I should have called someone to help me.”
“None of this is your fault. Okay?” Cam started. “Look things happen for a reason and sometimes it’s for the best.”
“Maybe…” I said. A few moment the doctor came in.
“Hi y/n, well everything seems fine, we still want to keep you in for another day, just to make sure everything is okay. You can go home by Friday afternoon.” The doctor said. He checked a few things on my chart then walked out the room.
“I bet you’re excited to go home.”
“Not really there’s too many memories there… And Jack.”
“What exactly happened between you guys?” Cam asked.
As I told Cam everything I saw him became angrier.
“Cam, please promise me you’re not going to do anything to Jack”
“Why he deserves to get an ass beating.” Cam said clenching his fists.
“Cam. Please.” I whined.
“Fine. Hey I’m going to go get some food, do you want anything?”
“Oh! Can you get me a double double from in-n-out”
“Of course.” Cam laughed as he walked out the door.
As I walked down the hallway Jack approached me frantically.
“Hey Cam! Have you talked to Y/n? How is she?!” Jack asked.
“Stay away from her.” I said sternly.
“What?” Jack looked baffled.
“You heard me. Stay away from her. It’s your fault she lost the baby.”
Jack looked at me with death eyes, next thing I know Jack threw a punch.
I move to the side and avoided it, making him stumble forward.
“Just stay away from her. Why don’t you go hang out with Madison?” I said as I walked away.
“Jack what are you doing here” I said sitting up in my bed. The pain meds were finally starting to kick in.
“Why was Cam here?” He asked.
“Are you serious? He’s here because I asked him. I need someone supportive in my life and obviously your not it.”
“Well I came to check up on you. If you don’t remember we were to together for three years, I can’t forget about you just like that.” Jack said.
“Wow I wasted three years of my life with you?” I said “Now do me a favor Jack, please leave and never speak to me again.” I paused. “There’s nothing tying you down anymore.”
Jack finally left the room.
“I heard what you told him, I’m proud of you!” Cam said smiling.
“Yeah it wasn’t that easy, I just lost my baby and the love of my life” I said. Cam gave me sympathetic smile
“Hey, how about you get out of that apartment and move in with me and Nash, you know until you find a place of your own?” Cam asked me scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.
“Yeah I think that would be best.”


Kinda short… It was just a filler next part should be better and do you guys think there something up with cam???

btw you guys are hilarious ily

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Nevmione ❤

I’ve hardly ever heard of that ship, thank you for requesting! 

  • their first kiss? After the war Hermione was dating Ron but their relationship didn’t last. Years after Hermione was doing some ministry work at Hogwarts where Neville was already teaching. She saw a changed man and opened up to him. For the first time she cried and he ended up kissing tears on her cheeks.
  • asked out first: Hermione
  • first date? Neville wanted to just forget about what happened but Hermione insisted they should forget about past (and their past relationships) and start over. Hermione took him to muggle museum and cinema (they ate popcorn). He couldn’t remember when was the last time he was so happy.
  • said ‘I love you’ first: Neville
  • can’t stop touching another: Hermione
  • pays for dinner: They usually eat in but in general share an account so they pay ‘together’.
  • cooks: After all those years with grandma Neville learned a lot of cooking tricks, Hermione likes to help him, though.
  • is always jealous: They’re pretty much devoted to each other, no jealousy involved
  • takes things too seriously: none
  • is hopeless romantic: Neville
  • proposed: Neville
  • pet names:

want one?

The first time I saw Kubo and the Two Strings, I started tearing up within the first 5 minutes of the movie because of how much care had been taken into showing the detail of wind very gently swaying Kubo’s hair.

I kept thinking of the scale of how tiny everything is and I just

God damn, Laika is on a whole other level with their animation.

anonymous asked:

Can you write one with sick 10k and everyone is worried and caring cuz I just really need some comfort

I was so happy when I saw this that I started three chapters with the same prompt, lol. This is the first I finished (also on AO3)

Sorry it took so long and hopefully you’ll see it, anon! 

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Dancing lessons

“Peter…” A little Lucy began, peering her head into Peter’s new study.

Peter looked up and saw tears in her eyes. His chest ached. “Lu, what happened?” He asked, opening his arms

She ran to him and jumped in his lap. “I heard these princesses laughing at me because I messed up the dance last week.”

“It was our first ball,” Peter consoled. “They should be more considerate. You were brave to open it.”

Lucy sat up sighed. “But what if I never learn how to do it properly! Susan can, and she’s only just started too.”

Peter frowned when her bottom lip quivered. Lucy wasn’t one to care what other girls thought, but this was bothering her for some reason.

The reason…he should probably leave that to Susan. But for now…

“Come on, little girl,” he said, standing and putting her on her feet as he did. “I’m going to teach you.”

Her eyes lit up and she smiled. Peter resisted the urge to chuckle at the small space in her teeth where a tooth had just fallen out. Sometimes, he liked to forget that this little girl in front of him was a queen–soon to be burdened with heavy responsibilities.

He pushed the thought away and pulled her up so her feet was on top of his. “Now, milady,” he said, mockingly deepening his voice. “Shall we dance a waltz? It goes…one, two, three…”



  • she’s a thirty-something first time mom, the last one of the seven, although she still looks really young so she confuses people a lot
  • she and Frank saw the test at the same time and cried happy tears the whole afternoon afterwards 
  • Percy cried for half an hour
  • Hazel and Frank start calling themselves Mom and Dad immediately and they rarely ever use their names while home again
  • Hazel’s one of the women that are absolutely BEAUTIFUL during pregnancy. She’s so happy and just shines and Piper just has to dress her up in cute clothes because she’s so CUTE
  • she comes from the 30’s so she doesn’t really know as much about today’s childbirth. She’s kinda afraid and doesn’t want to worry Frank so Piper borrows her a DVD she watched but says she’s not watching it again, so it’s just Hazel and Annabeth (who’s just curious)
  • it doesn’t go well she just gets really freaked out and Annabeth ends up having to convince her that yes painkillers are a thing now and no she’s not lying she’s gone through that twice now and yes she remembers clearly the doctor didn’t leave the room for a second
  • seriously Piper where did you get that DVD
  • the moment she and Frank discover she’s pregnant, they get really really excited and they have the names already picked by the fifth month and a new house by the eight
  • she gets addicted to Greek yogurt, she can eat up to 10 cans a day
  • mood changes are regular, but morning sickness and pain aren’t bad at all, by far the easiest pregnancy in the group
  • while picking names she’s trying to choose names a 21st century kid would like, so she tells Frank to pick a few, and he’s like “Okay, just don’t be disappointed I’m named Frank what do I know about modern names” and she replies she thinks Frank is a wonderful name
  • in the end they have TRIPLETS
  • and one of the kids is named Frank
Ice Melt

TITLE: Ice Melt


AUTHOR: castiels-sweet-little-grace

Original Imagine: Imagine that you have a crush on Loki, but he doesn’t know. He stays away from everyone, including you, during daytime. 
At nights, when you’re asleep, he sneaks into your room and pulls the blanket over you since you have the habit to kick it off. 

RATING: Teen and up

NOTES/WARNING: I’m sorry for every mistake I made. English is not my native language. Plus it’s my first time writing Loki. Please be gentle!



That’s how you felt, you jumped on the couch and turned the TV on, procrastinating on your work that seemed pointless anyway.

Destruction is what you saw. You’ve never been to New York before but that’s definitely not how New York looked. Your eyes were wet, you started tearing up after you started hearing those people cries and please for the authorities to do everything within their power to save their loved ones. You knew your nightmares at night were going to get worse and colder.

But then then you saw a face.

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Tonight at Nakano Sun Plaza, Juice=Juice announced their first solo concert at Nippon Budokan on 7 Nov. Right after the interval the audience had been calling for an encore “We want one more glass of Juice!” as usual, a movie (you can watch in the latest H!P Station) was played on the screen all of sudden. As soon as the movie finished the member showed up on the stage and started to give comments about it one by one. Sayuki was being too honest to tell the audience that some fans had complained about the excessively tight concert schedule which they afraid could do harm to Juice=Juice. Almost all the member were shedding tears as they’re giving comments (I saw no tears on Aarii’s beautiful face). Sayuki got very emotional and even couldn’t sing her first line in Wonderful World, performed right after the talk segment, and it was very rare thing to happen to her as far as I know. Even if the announcement was predictable for most of Juice=Juice family, it won’t make that commemorable moment for the most promising new group in post-Mobekimas era less significant.

But can we just talk about this part?

This is like the first time ever that we’ve seen Star break down and cry like this

The first reason is because she thinks that she lost her best friend. She can’t get her back to normal, she’s like a completely different person. But then pony head sees her like this and starts to tear up the poster and goes back to normal.

The second reason is because Marco got caught and she probably thinks that she’ll never see him again. Like she said, “I need Marco, I can’t do this alone”. (Dude I swear if Marco saw her like this I would’ve diEd ahhhhh) but seriously we’ve never seen star this sad.

Plus she is facing her worst fear so yeah.

But I really liked how this episode went, and now we have another villain and we got a cliff hanger woooo but I can’t wait to see what happens with the plot now :)))

  • Trebol: You have been brought here to this courthouse today on the accusation that you committed the crime of hurting the Young Master's knees. How do you plead?
  • Road:
  • Trebol: Very well! The first witness will now take the stand, Diamante. Diamante, can you tell us what happened?
  • Diamante: I had just gotten back and I saw Doffy sitting on a crate, rubbing his knees.
  • Diamante: *starts to tear up*
  • Diamante: He... he said that his knees hurt and that... and that it was the roads who did it!
  • Diamante: *bursts into uncontrollable sobbing*
  • Trebol: Thank you, Diamante. It was very brave of you to come forward. Road, do you have anything to say in your defense?
  • Road:
  • Trebol: I thought not! Next I would like to call... the victim himself to the stand! Young Master, please tell us--do you remember the road that harmed you?
  • Doflamingo: Yeah.
  • Trebol: Is it in this room?
  • Doflamingo: *points*
  • Trebol: AHA! Now tell us, road, have you still nothing to say in your defense?!
  • Road:
  • Doflamingo: I'm hungry
  • Trebol: Does the list of horrors this road commits have no end?! First harming the Young Master's knees and then causing him hunger? We have no choice but to find you guilty and sentence you to death!
  • Road: *on fire*