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Aleks “No Homo” Marchant

ok so this post has given me some Thoughts so now i kinda just wanna take a moment to speculate on how this power even works

  • teleportation itself is probably linked to the wings of the black lion
    • we see the black lion teleporting during the flashback in ep 7, after the wings are shown for the first time
    • the first time we see the black lion teleport with shiro is when the wings are activated as well
  • this is also probably how shiro got his bayard back from zarkon in the first place 
  • however the only instances of teleportation we’ve seen so far are instances with both the paladin and lion teleporting together
    • maybe because voltron was formed at that particular moment, black was only able to teleport shiro?
  • what reason did black have to teleport shiro away in that moment?
    • shiro was still in his lion up until the final explosion, so it wasn’t like zarkon was trying to wrench his connection away like before

this is such a cool concept that hasnt really been touched on a lot so feel free to add on with more thoughts