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I’m so happy that our boy with his hair like stars has a birthday on Tanabata

  • Adrien: Did Chat Noir arrive later? To finish off Riposte?
  • Ladybug: Yeah, but that cat took his sweet time--too busy flirting I guess.
  • Adrien: [chuckles] Ah, oh! By the way, I watched your interview with Nadja Chamack earlier this week.
  • Ladybug: Oh wow, yeah, that was a disaster. Yikes.
  • Adrien: Those pictures...does that mean...are you two...?
  • Ladybug: ?
  • Ladybug: --Oh!
  • Ladybug: He's just a friend. :)
  • Adrien:

One week since the world started binge-watching Season 5 of @netflix’s @oitnb and I’m ready to go again! 😍🍊 The whole cast is INCREDIBLE but I thought Laura Prepon in particular was on fire this season! 🔥💪 Who else has finished #oitnbseason5??

lauren shippen, releasing the 55-minute season finale of the bright sessions on wednesday: “i am ready to cause lots of pain and suffering”

gabriel urbina, cackling to himself as he releases a 2-hour special episode of wolf 359 today, earlier than anybody expected: “lol watch this”

Friends Part 4

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2643

Warnings: Fluffy, loads of Bucky being a cute pie some sexual innuendos and some sexual tension.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owner

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You take a sip of your coffee as you look at the computer in front of you; you are never going to understand why you accepted a job at the Stark Industries, sure they pay you really well but looking at budgets all day was starting to make you crazy.

To be honest, the budget in front of you is the least of your concerns, it’s been five days since Bucky went on a mission and you still haven’t heard from him. Usually, he texts you to let you know that he was alive and well. But so far nothing, according to Natasha they are fine but the mission is a lot more complicated than they anticipated.

You wish they would be home soon, you hated worrying much, you couldn’t sleep when you were worried.

You almost have a heart attack when you hear your phone ringing, you look at the id caller expecting it to be Dan but no it is Wanda. This is odd she never calls you “Hey Wan is everything fine?” Your mind goes to the worst scenario possible, afraid that something might have happened to Bucky.

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Karasuno Fight!

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve finished watching all 3 seasons of Haikyuu, and still can’t get it out of my head. Thus here I am, taking up an old hobby for the little birbs.

Edited by Westfield’s Maple (nkaede).
Pictures by official art from both anime and manga.

*Feel free to use them, I’ve already left my name inside so it doesn’t matter but if you can credit me it’d be really nice!

. .. … Edit: I could accept requests if you guys would like (for free of course). Not limited to Haikyuu but it depends how well I know the character or the anime/manga. Thank you for all the reblogs and likes!!

I’ve just uploaded Oikawa’s and Iwaizumi’s here!

BTS as things I've said during finals
  • Jin: I've been in this class for two years and the only thing I learned was that Ethan can eat a whole lemon in two minutes
  • Yoongi: I stopped studying once my Spotify free trial ended
  • Hoseok: *had two weeks to do an essay* *started the night it's due*
  • Namjoon: I should've listened three years ago
  • Jimin: If anyone gets 100% I will hunt them down and I'll probably cover their doorknob in Vaseline so they know what it feels like to have victory slipping away from them
  • Taehyung: The only thing I did to prepare myself was watching all seasons of Haikyuuu in two days
  • Jungkook: Why get an A for 'awful' when you can get an F for 'fantastic work keep it up!'
A Lesson in Love (The Little Things Part Two)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,317

A/N: The thing that Bucky performs is actually an excerpt from an original piece that I wrote a year ago. I hope you enjoy that along with this super long chapter to make up for not updating in a few weeks :) 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - I hope you know I depend on your editing like Hamilton depended on writing.

Originally posted by chrisevansz

There’s a knock at your door, but you ignore it, too immersed in your book to address whoever it is. It also doesn’t help that you’re entirely too comfortable in bed, tucked under your favorite fleece blanket and nowhere near motivated enough to get up any time soon.

With midterms fast approaching, there are a plethora of more productive things you should be doing, and yet, here you are. It’s as if the words on the page have taken you hostage and have no intention of letting you go.

Just as you begin to lose yourself in the book again, whoever’s at your door knocks even louder. Apparently they didn’t catch the hint that you aren’t in the mood for visitors. “Come in,” you yell distractedly, eyes glued to the page you’re on.

“I’m glad to see that my money didn’t go to waste.”

A Walk to Remember slips out of your hands, landing on your chest with a soft thud. “Bucky?”

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Merry Christmas, @comedicdrama!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, comedicdrama! <3

Rating: T
Tags: cameraman!Stiles, painter!Derek, friends to lovers, fluff, so much fluff


A Painting’s Worth a Thousand Words

Stiles pulled up to the Hale house—the Hale mansion, really—and took a deep breath. It was just another show, exactly like they did every week at the studio.

Except this was the holiday show, and like every year, it would be just him and Derek in the Hale house basement for at least two hours, and then it would be a half hour drive over to the Beacon Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, at least an hour filming there, and a half hour drive back. Just the two of them. All day long.

Just Stiles, Derek, and Stiles’s massive, unrequited crush.

They’d been working together for five years, since Derek had pitched the local public TV station on a painting program. It had been an unexpected hit—well, unexpected to Derek and most of the station management. Stiles had taken one look at him—dark hair, chiseled jaw dusted with black scruff, intense stare, broad shoulders, and a clear passion for painting—and he’d known the show would be huge. Even with people who’d never picked up a paintbrush in their lives.

Stiles had begged to be put on Derek’s show. Thankfully, the station management hadn’t needed too much convincing, and he and Derek had been together ever since.

Professionally. They’d been together professionally ever since.

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My Top Ships of 2017

We all do it. You watch a show and automatically root for two people to be together whether it’s a “slow burn,” the introduction of a new character this season or between two people that barely share a plot line. It makes you continue to tune in episode after episode. Here is a list of my personal favorite ships for this year, 2017, from some of my favorite TV shows/series.

12. New Girl–Nick and Jess 

Just about that time when your DVR recording was about to cut off (because you know mine did right before they kissed) Nick and Jess finally met each other in the elevator of their apartment building. I’ve always really loved the two of them together and as the show’s fate hung in the balance I was ECSTATIC that they readdressed their feelings in the finale. I’m super excited it was picked up for another season (the last one), but I would have been perfectly happy with this ending for the couple. 

11. Bates Motel–Dylan and Emma

This couple is still one of my favorite reasons to watch Bates Motel. Yes, the show was a great re-imagining of a young Norman Bates and I loved the new take on familiar characters, but I also loved the new characters including Dylan and Emma. After season 2 I thought the two would be cute together. They had only a few story lines or rather scenes together, but my shipping brain was at it again. And then something magical happened! It’s like the writers could hear my thoughts and THEY GOT TOGETHER! And you know what? They were SUPER, BEYOND ADORABLE TOGETHER. In its final season there was a time jump and this happened:

Needless to say I was over the moon. I’m still shocked they actually became a couple because I thought it would only be in my head. Love their ending and the family unit they created with their baby girl. 

10. Anne with an E–Anne and Gilbert

The Netflix original series brought a bit of a darker spin on the lovable tale by L.M. Montgomery, but just like all of the previous adaptations of Anne of Green Gables this version did a fantastic job showing Anne and Gilbert’s relationship. While Gilbert isn’t introduced in the first episode of this series, I eagerly awaited seeing him on the screen and I was not disappointed in his interactions with Anne; from the spelling bee to the classic Anne breaking the slate over his head. Several characters could tell the chemistry between these two (including one of my favorite characters Jerry). Thank goodness they’ll be a 2nd season so we can see this relationship progress.

9. Chicago Med–Rhodes and Reese  

Okay, so they might not ACTUALLY be together…yet (get on that writers!), but this year I discovered the ship between Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Reese from NBC’s Chicago Med. And I didn’t realize how BIG the fandom is! It was all thanks to season 2′s episode: Monday Mourning:

There’s just something about these 2 that is just so great! Their chemistry–wow! They just don’t get enough scenes together. In the current 3rd season (that’s unfortunately only been 4 episodes before the hiatus) they’ve had a few moments together (aka conversations), but it’s not enough. They keep getting set up with different potential love interests, when the writers should notice they have a good thing going already! Okay, rant over. 

8. Victoria–Victoria and Albert

After I finished binge-watching the first season of Masterpiece’s Victoria a few weeks ago, I was so sad there wasn’t more to watch. I needed more Victoria and Albert in my life. (Good thing the next season airs here in the US in a few weeks!) Going in, I didn’t know much about Queen Victoria’s reign, but was interested to learn more. I was pleasantly surprised with how addicted I got to the show, especially once Albert was introduced. I love how much they love and care for each other and know that rocky roads could be ahead, but am excited to watch the journey unfold. 

7. Grimm–Nick and Adalind  

Another surprise pairing that I grew to LOVE! In Grimm’s second to last season, Adalind (ex-hexenbeast, turned human, then back–I think I got that right) was pregnant with Nick’s child. This “romantic” pairing could have been weird, but writers made it work and personally I fell in love with it. [It probably helped that Juliet was turning evil and then became Eve. Man if you listened to this and had no idea of the show it would all sound crazy.] The two made a great little family with son Kelly and I was shocked when Adalind’s daughter was fine with Nick. I really enjoyed these two together as the show came to a close earlier this year. Another piece of proof that sometimes two characters can be placed together after so many seasons and really work. But how could you not root for them with this adorable baby? 

6. Reign–Bash and Mary

Reign was one of my first binge-watches of the year. So, I know this couple might not [SPOILERS] end up together, but for me they were one of my TOP ships. Mary and Bash have a big relationship during the first half of season one and as much as I knew she’d wind up with Francis (the unfortunate ‘perks’ of watching an old show) I could only hope for all the Mash moments I could get. Mary was a hot commodity on the show and I think her and Bash were one of the best pairings. I’m happy with the way their story-line ended and liked Bash’s alluded help in season 4. Even though I would have loved to see him back on screen. This will forever be one of my favorite moments:

5. Arrow—Oliver and Felicity

After a roller coaster ride of a relationship, Oliver and Felicity are OFFICIALLY MARRIED!!! (I guess you can say twice?) It’s been a long time coming and I know not everyone is a fan of the IT girl and the emerald archer together, but I have liked the two of them since day 1. It was one of my shipping moments of ‘this probably will never happen, but a girl can dream.’ I watched that season 2 finale when Oliver tells Felicity Slade thinks he has the woman that I love, a DOZEN times! I took any moment I could get. While there’s moments I didn’t love on this long journey, I am happy to see the two of them together and I love Felicity and William’s relationship. I’m happy that this year’s crossover finally made it official. We deserve it!

4. The Vampire Diaries—Caroline and Klaus

KLAROLINE!!! I have been a fan of this ship for SOOO LONG! And just like any good ship you take anything you can get. This letter to Caroline at the end of the series finale of the Vampire Diaries is JUST what fans wanted. (Plus, we had a few great moments in the season too; from Caroline bringing her girls down to see Klaus, and I still think about their phone call, which might be from the previous season.) My fingers are crossed and double crossed for the final season of the Originals that we might see Caroline (maybe more than once?? Is that asking too much?) I mean Hope is at the school and even though Klaus can’t see her we must find some sort of loop hole. We’ll just have to tune in and watch!

3. Supergirl–Kara and Mon-El

Before the heartbreaking season 2 finale and Mon-El’s return this season (MARRIED!), we saw the growth of an extremely cute couple filled with bickering, banter, and plenty of couch sessions. I loved seeing Mon-El adapt to Earth customs and for Kara step up as a mentor. Early on I felt the pull between these two because their chemistry was fantastic (as shown by their real life off screen relationship). I am so happy I got the 2nd season on DVD for Christmas to relive all these great moments:

2. The 100–Bellamy and Clarke

Another ship I have shipped since episode 1. I’ve taken every little glance, conversation, touch. Being a Bellarke fan has taught you to not take anything for granted. (Especially when you have heard from the creator that they don’t intend for these two to end up together. Come on!) But season 4 gave us fans hope. They had several playback worthy moments and that finale! WOW! It’s the end of the world and he’s making jokes with her. They are both touching each other! (I still have chills just thinking about it!!) I can’t wait for this new season even though I know Bellamy is going to be with someone because they HATE us. In the meantime here are some big moments from last season!


I wouldn’t be living up to this page if I didn’t make them my number 1 because they and we deserve it!

1. Teen Wolf–Stiles and Lydia

It was a LONG time coming, but our pick was endgame, just like we predicted all along! Because the seasons were broken up I’m going to refer to season 6 as a whole (we deserved a lot more Stydia in the series finale, but that’s a rant for another day….) Despite, Dylan O’Brien not being around for more episodes due to his filming schedule, I think they did a nice job including him in the part A season. Sure, when I was watching it live I was pissed, but watching the episodes back I appreciate the moments we did get Stiles and how they included him in the season. Lydia and Stiles are one of my favorite couples of all times. I love their development, the chemistry between the two actors and strive to create characters who have such a powerful friendship and relationship. Here are some of the best moments from this year.

So, that’s my top 12 ships of 2017! A lot of my top couples were from shows that ended in 2017, so I can’t wait to see what new ones I discover in 2018. Let me know if you have suggestions!

Fictional | Dylan O’Brien


Reader x Dylan O’Brien

+/- 2.5K words

A/N: I haven’t slept most of the night so this might be way worse than I think… and I already think it’s pretty bad. I swear I’ll stop writing about different ways to meet the same person after this.

Summary: After watching Teen Wolf, the reader becomes concerned that her soulmate might be a fictional character.

My soulmate tattoo didn’t show up until I was sixteen.

I hadn’t been too worried about it until then. My mother had been a late bloomer too, and my grandmother before her. My great grandmother apparently didn’t get her tattoo until she was twenty-four, when she’d already met my great grandfather.

The female part of our family seemed to have some kind of error in their DNA that meant we didn’t get our tattoos at the normal age, which was twelve. If anything, my tattoo showed up pretty early.

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Bucky Barnes x Plus size reader Fingerpainting

Word Count: 2K+

Warnings: Cursing(as usaual, ya’ll know I gots a potty mouth from hell) and teetH ROTTING COTTON CANDY FLAVORED FLUFF. Daddy! Bucky has my whole heart.

Growing up, your household had been vibrant, drenched in color, music filling every nook and cranny. Your mother had been something of a free spirit; You’d been raised on Fleetwood Mac and Jimmi Hendrix, on dancing in circles and bubbling laughter. Now, as an adult you cherished those memories, they we’re such a big part of who you are. And as a mother yourself, you made sure the tradition had continued on.

Made sure your children grew up with that same magical wonder that you had.

It’s what Bucky had noticed about you first, that sparkle in your (y/c) eyes, the curiosity and mischievousness. Cat like, as he liked to refer to them. You we’re his little cat; playful and full of life. And yeah, you had a vicious set of claws, but mostly you liked to be stroked. Both figuratively and literally.

You had this way about you, one that was like sunshine. That bubbly laughter of your contagious, your dimpled smile blinding.

Falling completely fucking in love with you had been easy, natural. He instinctively sought your light and you were more then willing to share it with him, give it to him. Light him up from the inside in a way that made him get a little awestruck because he’d never thought that he’d ever find something like you. He’d accepted the frigidness that had consumed him and here you came, like an Indian summer. All plump curves and saccharine words and butterfly kisses.

And he assumed that it couldn’t get any better; to have a woman that truly deeply loved him. Despite everything… well, what could top that?

And then you’d gotten pregnant and proceeded to set his universe into technicolor chaos once more. He hadn’t even realized he could still have children, that that was still an option for him.

You gifted him with something he hadn’t even realize he’d been craving; his first child. A daughter.

Faye Rebecca Barnes.

Who had your eyes, same spark and everything. But his pretty little up turned nose and his thick, dark hair. She was a tiny hummingbird of a girl, as soon as she could walk she was off in all directions; and he followed close behind, like he always would. Where there was Faye’s chiming laughter, Bucky was close by. The bond that those two had…was something that you couldn’t even fathom sometimes. It was beautiful, to watch them. To know that you had helped to create something so pure.

…Two somethings so pure. Your stomach had never been flat; had always been plush and jiggly, but at the moment it strained out round and firmly, stretching your skin taught. Like some had stuck a basketball under your shirt.

They say pregnancy the second time around is easier. Fucking hah, who ever said that didn’t have a three year old darting around. But still- you tried to stay positive. Tried to focus more on the beautiful parts of pregnancy…even though the ugly, irritating ones came in spades. Oh, how you desperately fucking missed not having to pee every ten minutes.

Baby Barnes number two had made it a game to tap dance on your bladder.

It’s a stormy Wednesday afternoon, nothing particularly exciting or special going on: you’re sitting on the living room floor because its the only place you can seem o get comfortable with Faye, the large glass coffee table in front of you littered with oil pastes and colored pencils. Discarded papers blotches with swirls of color dispersed all over as the two of you drew idly. Bucky was laying on the couch behind you, the one that you lean against, reading the newspaper as Dumbo played on the flat screen in the background.

“Mommy what’s your favorite animal?” Faye inquires, not looking up from her paper and the long erratic strokes she’s making with a teal colored pencil. She was only three, and she’d seemed to inherit your “artistic nature” as Buck liked to call it.

“Seahorses…Or maybe flamingos. I cant decide” You scrunch your nose, focused on your own art. Sunsets and constellations stare back at you, you use your thumb to blend the smooth pastel colors into one hypnotic shade. “What’s yours, Honeybee?”

“Mermaids” Faye shrugs as though its obvious “I like pink elephants too”

From behind the newspaper, Bucky has a large grin on his face. Shaking his head a little at the two of you.

“Is that why we’ve been watching Dumbo on repeat?” He wonders, his gruff voice amused as he reads an article on ‘Stark Industries new Holliday Season Technology.’

“It’s my favorite” Faye nods. Favorite of the week, that is. Last week had been the Aristocats, the week before that Moana.

Bucky could literally sing “Your Welcome” from start to finish. Faye insisted her father be Maui for the upcoming Halloween because he had “pretty hair” just like him. You’d laughed HARD at that, but whispered to him that you wouldn’t mind seeing him only in a grass skirt, your tone had him grabbing at your plump ass.

“Really? It used to scare me a little bit. Especially the pink elephants on parade part. Super trippy if you ask me” You laugh, looking up from your page at your daughter. Her dark hair was pulled up into a messy knot on the top of her head,

“I like ‘em. I think they pretty” The three year old defends.

“It does make my head spin a little. I remember reading somethin’ about Walt Disney being all hopped up on dr-” Bucky stops himself, shooting Faye a look “-…Sugar, when he made a lot of these movies”

You laugh. It’s uncanny how similar it sounds to your daughters.

Bucky thinks that’s part of a reason the little girl has such a tight hold on his heart. Obviously, she was his child, and he would love her regardless of what she looked like. But the fact that she was a mini version of you was really what got him.

Faye laughed like sunshine too.

“Yeah I’ve heard that too! And it makes so much sense, this was a trip gone bad…or good I guess. Since you know, its a classic” You add.

“A trip to where, mommy?”

You snort and Bucky puts the paper down a little bit so that he can not only see your reaction, but your response. One of his eyebrows raise.

“Umm, to a place where only adults go. We’ll talk about it when your in college?” You test the waters. Even after years, this whole parenting thing was still touch and go to you.

You didn’t think you’d ever fully have it down.

Bucky’s little chortle from behind you makes you turn around and shoot him a glare to which his hand, the metal one, comes down and rubs your shoulder in apology; his cool fingers massaging the muscle near your neck in a way that had you leaning into him.

You still love the feeling of his hands on your skin, still makes goosebumps rise. You hope you never loose this feeing.

Faye, as usual, looses interest with what she’s doing before her movies even over.

“I’m bored” She whines dropping her pencil “I wanna go swing”

“No, Faye. It’s raining and you’ll not only get all muddy, but you’ll get sick” You try to explain to her the reason why your such a kill joy. Of course she doesn’t seem to hear any of it.


You breathe through your nose. Of course.

Bucky was what people call “the good parent”. What you said no to, she’d usually be able to convince her father into letting her do.

She really was manipulative for a three year old.

“Where do you think she gets that from?” Nat had taunted once, looking at you with laughing eyes and you’d shoved her shoulder.

“No baby, you’re moms right. You’ll get really sick and then you wont get to go play at Uncle Steves this weekend. And you’ve been so excited to see Noah” Bucky sides with you, trying to convince her with the promise of seeing her god brother, Steve and Sharon’s one year old son.

Faye huffs and pushes her paper away from her so hard that it, along with a few pastels, flies off the table. She then lets her head fall to the glass with a hard thunk, one that made Bucky wince.

“I’m so bored” She cries dramatically. You know how people talk about the terrible two’s? Yeah you we’re starting to think the troublesome threes were worse.

“Do you want to watch a different movie?”


“You could come help mama make lunch? Chicken fingers, you favorite?”


“We could go find Kit? I think she’s scared of the thunder, she’s probably under your bed-” Bucky offers, he knows how much Faye loves that cat.

“NO DADDY” Faye interrupts him with a snap.

“Faye Rebecca Barnes, you do not talk to any adults that way, much less your dad. You probably hurt his feelings” Your tone is not cutting, but authoritive . She knows better then that. She doesn’t look up but you hear her sniffle as she turns her head, facing away from you.

You purse your lips, before leaning your own head back, enough that it rests on Buckys thigh. Your eyes closed. Did you hate making her cry(even if you knew she was just faking?) Yes. But you also wanted to make sure she grew up to be a decent member of society that other people could stand. And that meant teaching her that she couldn’t snap to get her way.

Bucky knew that too…he also knew you had way more resolve then him. So instead of making it worse, he kept his mouth closed and let you handle it. Smart man, your husband.

…as the minutes ticked by, the silence a little overwhelming you realized that you too, were bored.

Making you empathize with your little one. Boredom, the death of creativity. It had always made you antsy, being idle. You feel Buck’s hand in your hair, the metal one, and you get a passing idea.

Remembering a time when your mother had let you and your siblings finger paint on her back…

“Hey, Faye” You call to her, and she mutters a small “What” without looking at you. She could pout with the best of them.

Something she’d inherited from both of you.

“Wanna do something fun?” Your voice is eager and it makes both Faye and Bucky give you almost identical looks.

“Like what?”

You just grin and manage to heft yourself off of the floor(with Bucky’s arm steadying you) and waddle out of the living room, towards your art closet.

“Where’s she goin?” Faye questions her father and he shrugs but sits up, anticipating your next move.

“I don’t know, but knowin’ your mother- it’ll be something messy” Bucky guesses as he looks down at Faye, taking a minute to bop her on her little bun. She beams up at him, grabbing at her hair.


“Sorry pumpkin” He chuckles, before bopping her again. He’s ready for her when she launches herself into his lap.

“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings” Faye whispers against his scruffy cheek as he holds her.

“It’s okay” Bucky scratches her back lightly “I’m a big boy, I got over it”

“Okay, lets do this” You announce as you come back in the room and both of their heads turn to meet you. In your arms, resting on your stomach, is your plastic container full of washable paints and glitters. Body paint…

“Told you. Messy” Bucky tells Faye who squeals and makes grabby hands at you.

An hour later, you’ve managed to lay the news paper that Buck was reading out on the floor. Protecting your rugs from the splashes of paint. The three of you sit on the hardwood, Bucky has stripped off the hoodie he was wearing and now sits in just his white singlet, holding his metal arm steady and still as you Faye paint on the surface of it. Both of your fingers covered in multicolor paint as they swirl colors onto the sleek metal.

Faye draws purple clouds and orange seahorses(or at least she tries) and you work on an intricate, realistic looking array of wild flowers with a detailed sunflower in the middle of them.

He squirms a little as your fingers trace the edge where his steel shoulder meets warm flesh.

“Don’t move, daddy!” Faye barks at him and you giggle.

“Yeah, daddy” You stress the word, biting your lip and shooting him a devious little smirk that your daughter misses “Don’t move”

“It tickles!” He protests with an exasperated laugh, but stays still all the same. He cant tear his eyes off of you, so concentrated. Little specks of yellow paint smeared on your soft cheek, your belly swollen with his second baby. He reaches out with his flesh hand to rub at the bump tenderly.

You’d given him everything.

“I love you, sweets” He whispers, watching your short fingers delicately trace details into the flowers. You look up, breaking your concentration to smile at him.

“I love you too, Buck” You reach up and press a kiss to his stubbly jaw, then another to his chin. And finally laying a big one on his cheek.

When he feels another set, of smaller lips, press a quick peck to his other cheek his heart swells.

“Love you, daddy” Faye chirps, as she settles back down. “Momma do seahorses have three eyes or four?”

“Four” You answer with a smile.

-Okay I know this wasn’t smut but this was requested and I felt like I needed to write some Dad! Bucky because I love him so much and he’s such a cinnamon roll and wouldn’t he just make the best dad? I wanted their daughters name to be something old fashioned, but still interesting because this Readers an artist and I just think she’d want her children to have unique sounding names? Idk. Enjoy. Cry. Do what you must💘😂