i finished this at 7 am

a list of markedly less poetic but still Extremely Important and Worthwhile things:

1. my parents r coming home from thailand !!!!!! they have no savings now but they fuckin did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. my floral trousers r here and i can pick them up tomorrow. ahhhh. myes

3. my book on tarot is also available to pick up tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!

4. i have a coffee n it is Fkucing good. im loving it

5. it is chilly in this coffee shop but all that means is that i will be Warme when i leave

6. i have wonderful friends whom i love and a datemate whom i Love. i would kiss each and every one of them gently on the Cheeke. 

7. [deep voice] I AM WRITING AGAIN!!!!!!! I will finish mdlc THIS year!!!!! it’s good !!!!!!

8. its Fucking Good My Dudes !!!!!!

Stronger Together(Betty Cooper x Fem!Reader)

Requested: Yes

anon: Can I get a Betty Cooper x fem! reader with Fluff #9: “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with…”, Fluff #4: “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention”, and Fluff #2:“you’re so cute when you pout like that”

A/N: I also heavily based this off the songs Issues by Julia Michaels and I’m A Mess by Ed Sheeran, but the song/ lyrics themselves are incorporated towards the end of the fic

WORDS: 1.4k Words

Y/N’s P.O.V

I had just gotten home after a long day at school. I woke up at the crack of dawn, then left at 7:15 AM to get to school early enough so I could finish my article on the Variety Show and my poem for the school newspaper for Betty, who was/ is also my girlfriend but we recently got in a fight because I got jealous about her and Juggie, who I know would never intentionally hurt me but still I feared her leaving me for him, and now I don’t know where we stand. Once school started, I had a practice midterm in each class, except for my free period, which I used to my advantage and roped Ronnie into helping me go over my presentation or notes for my meeting with the Head Member of the UCLA School Board, then after that I had my meeting with the Head Member, which I accepted for the online program, and I start next October. Then after my last period, which was English and thank god that practice midterm was easy, I had to help Cheryl with choreography for Cheerleading, thanks to her girlfriend, Ronnie for spilling the fact that I used to be a dancer. Then from 4:30 till 7 PM I had Lacrosse practice, I got checked and my left ribcage is bruised. After practice I had to rush to work(Pop’s) because my shift started at 7:30 and I ended up being late but Pop’s noticed the state I was in and his “ready to scold me” expression softened. My shift was supposed to end at closing which was 1:30 AM on Friday’s but Pop’s and Hermione convinced me to leave an hour early. I went home to find a note stating that my aunt wouldn’t be home till the following Friday because of her work trip. I hated being home alone for more than couple of days. I put on my shower playlist and jumped in the shower. After I got out I put on a hoodie and a pair of volleyball shorts and grabbed a bottle of vodka.

After downing half of the bottle, I called Betty and she picked up after the fifth ring, “Yes Y/N? I’m with Jughead.” She said slightly annoyed.

I sighed “Betty, I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with… and before you ask, yes I’m slightly tipsy.” I said. I could hear her mumbling something to Jughead.

“Alright Y/N, I’ll be there in about fifteen to twenty minutes.” Betty replied with a hint of reluctance. I hung up and down another quarter of the bottle.

As I was finding a movie, there was a knock at the door. I got up and walked over to the door, opening in to reveal Betty with an overnight bag. She looked at me, noticing I was a little drunk and shook her head in disappointment. “Betty, I was just really upset about our fight and I don’t know, was overwhelmed. I’m a mess right now. All because I was jealous.” I whispered. “Drinking isn’t a solution to our issues Y/N. Our love is and talking about is.” She exclaimed. She set her bag down beside the couch.

She sighed and looked at me “You do realize that you have no reason to be jealous of Jug, right Y/N?” Betty intertwined our hands. I nodded slowly, feeling my emotions boil.

I’m jealous, I’m overzealous. When I’m down, I get real down. When I’m high, I don’t come down. I get angry, baby believe me. I could love you just like that, and I could leave just this fast.

“I know Betty, but hell, I just get so fucking jealous sometimes. Then I get sad about it, and to top all it off I get angry, causing us to fight. I’m the root of all our issues.” I yell, standing up and throwing the bottle at the wall, pulling my hair as it shattered.

“I get jealous too Y/N, and do I judge you for it? No, because you don’t judge me for getting jealous. It’s natural baby. But the thing you said were unnecessary.” She said, trying to calm me down.

‘I’m sorry Betty. I love you and all the things I said about you choosing Jughead over me aren’t true. I just get so insecure because I see how close you are and I push you away because I’m scared. God, I’m a mess right now.” I say, looking at the floor.

Betty placed her hand under my chin and forced my head up, so I could look her in the eyes. The fire of love burned so bright, and it burned for me, as I stared into her blue eyes, I felt all my insecurities melt away. She placed her lips on mine, and I melted into the kiss. We kissed until we had to pull apart for air.

“I’m all yours Y/N. All yours.” She said, smiling dearly at me. “But not right now because The Breakfast Club is on and I’m going to watch it.” She said firmly.

I just laughed as she pulled me down on the couch and we sat there, intently watching the classic movie. I had her in my lap and I was getting bored. I started to poke her, “You do know I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” She started to squirm slightly but slowly regained her posture. With a stony expression, she said “No, I’m watching a movie, and I will not give into you,” I let out a big overdramatic sigh.

I stuck out my bottom lip just slightly and pulled my irresistible puppy dogs eyes that got Betty every single time. I rested my chin on her head and wrapped my arms around her waist “Babbbyyyyy…” I whined, trying to get a reaction of her, but no such avail.

“You’re so cute when you pout like that Y/N, I just wanna kiss you and never stop.” She said without looking at me. “Then why don’t you Betts?” I teased her, slowly getting to where I wanted to be.

“Because that would be giving in and I’m not losing this time.” She countered back. I scoffed “Okay.” I stood, and let her slip off my lap, she landed on the carpeted floor with a loud thud. I walked to the kitchen to get water with a proud smirk adorning my face.

“Y/N, my ass hurts, you’re a little shit.” She yelled across the room. I just howled with laughter. I walked back to her to help her up. I stuck out my hand to pull her up and instead, Betty yanked me down. “I should’ve seen that coming, since my baby is all about being fair.” I mumbled into her shoulder. She just giggled.

“I love you Y/N, and I forgive you for what you said.” She whispered in my ear. I just wrapped my arms around her whispering “I love you too.” After quite some time later we ended up sprawled out on the floor. There were a few make out sessions in the time passed and we each had a fair number of hickeys hidden beneath our clothes and now we were tired considering it’s around four am.

She held me close and pressed a kiss to the crown of my head, threading her fingers through my hair, whispering sweet comments and little snippets of our favorite poems. I soon felt my eyelids droop and I fell asleep to a steady heartbeat and a quiet “I love you… and I always will Y/N.” I was okay, and our relationship would be okay, and that made us stronger. We’ve always been stronger together and it’d stay that way as long as we were in love

The Winter Coat [Part 8]


Read pages 21 to 28 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7_-hEdKYBChbmVZTDktYTZzb2s/view?usp=sharing

Youtube Video here: https://youtu.be/NiyYUeDDGZ4

Do not repost/edit.

As promised the TWC update on November 11th.

I hope you’ve all been well.

Been plugging away at this regularly, 2 pages every week for the last 4 weeks, and uploading to Patreon. The whole process keeps me active, although I often loose track of the days since it basically feels like I work 7 days a week now. 

Stylistically I personally feel like I vary a lot, and I kinda discover working processes as I go. Which is fine as I am growing as an artist… but it feels unprofessional when a project starts one way and finishes another.

The next and final part of TWC I hope to release on the 25th.

Sorry to folks who’ve sent asks I haven’t answered yet. Been a little over worked here.

Take care everyone.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Empire of storms:</b> Nameless is my price<p/><b>Me:</b> what price?<p/><b>Empire of storms:</b> Nameless is my price<p/><b>Me:</b> nameless? What do you mea-<p/><b>Empire of storms:</b> Nameless is my price<p/><b>Me:</b> NO<p/><b>Empire of storms:</b> NAMELESS IS MY PRICE<p/><b>Me:</b> NO. NOPE. NO THANK YOU<p/><b>Empire of storms:</b> NAMELESS IS MY PRICE<p/><b>Me:</b> I AM NOT TOLERATING THIS NOPE NO WAY I'M OUT OF HERE THIS IS NOT HAPPENING<p/><b>Empire of storms:</b> nameless is my price<p/><b>Me:</b> *melts away into a puddle of tears*<p/></p><p/></p>
The Art of Writing Fanfiction
  • Phase 1: oh shit look at all these plot bunnies go this story's gonna be LIT AF
  • Phase 2: *actually starting to write* okay first paragraph you got this just punch the reader in the face with the awesomeness of this story
  • Phase 3: *two hours later* FUCK ME WHY IS THIS SO HARD
  • Phase 4: *break time*
  • Phase 5: ehhh this calls for some inspiration... *proceeds to read fanfiction of various levels of gayness*
  • Phase 6: *writing again* hey this isn't so bad story's progressing nicely, i can actually finish this on time
  • Phase 7: *writer's block* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  • Phase 8: *finally on the last paragraph* I CAN SEE THE END IN SIGHT
  • Phase 9: ahhh i feel accomplished i can finally rest ea-
  • Phase 10: *proofreading* why am i such an illiterate bastard
  • Phase 12: repeat.

Today marks the end of an era, as my career as an LLB student comes to an end but I still have a lot of hard work left to do to finished my last 7 exams 🤓 Treated myself to some yummy homemade brownies and much needed coffee ☕️ It was a bittersweet moment but I am so so excited for what the future holds 😁🎉

McCree says it, but I’ll say it again too.. Hello everyone!

I wanted to announce you through this quick sketch that the next update on the comic will be most probably during the upcoming weekend. I have lots to finish this week and I don’t think I’ll be able to update it any sooner, thing for which I am sorry.. T.T 

Speaking of the McHanzo comic.. It’s close to the end! End of this part/chapter at least! I am planning on doing more, but first I must finish the one I started AND also post the short fan fiction I wrote, that stands at the base of the comic. 

Thank you all for the support and sorry to let you wait more for the next update! *hugs* Also thanks for all the McHanzo fanfiction suggestions! 

Original post | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 (coming soon)

Been roughly a year since the start of The Smothering.

Here’s a run-down of what’s happened in the last year and where we are now.

So originally I wrote out the storyboard for the episode out on 7 huge pieces of A2 paper, laying them out on the floor of my small room.

I then took the super sketchy ideas on the page, blu-tacked them to the wall above my Laptop, and redrew them all digitally as roughs. I added backgrounds, changed poses, modified shots I was unhappy with and just generally refined the storyboard as I drew.

After completing the roughs I started on the Line art. This is the process of redrawing the rough crappy sketches into much prettier, more appealing, art.

Currently I am finishing off page 5 of the line art, meaning that I only have 2 more pages to go until all the art for the project is finished.

(This is ignoring the backgrounds of episode, none of which have been done, but I do have some thoughts on how to rush those)

The remaining pages will not take that long, considering the fact that my later roughs looks less like crude, messy  sketches, and more unpolished line art that I merely need to draw over. You’ll notice that when the episode finally is released that the my ability to draw the characters massively improves as I progressed with the project. Like a microcosm of season one.

I’m hoping to have all the assets for the episode completed mid February. Then all that would be left is the editing. Which I would thankfully not have to do.

Have a Merry Christmas SU folks. I hope you’ll all like the episode when it’s finished. 

The Signs and When They Sleep

Aries: 2 am. Power workers

Taurus: 2 pm. Finish their work early and NEED the sleep

Gemini: Honestly who even knows

Cancer: 7 pm. In bed whether they’ve finished HW or not

Leo: Midnight. Not even doing HW tbh, probably watching youtube videos and eating

Virgo: “WHAT IS SLEEP. Capricorn pls help”

Libra: 10 pm. Good little angels

Scorpio: 2 am. Diligently working until they’re done with all their AP classes

Sagittarius: 5 am. Party whoop whoop

Capricorn: “VIRGO, I FEEL YOU”

Aquarius: Either always sleeping or not sleeping at all

Pisces: 9 pm. They’re forever sleepy little puppers


[7/100 days of productivity]

I woke up today & had no motivation at all but I need to get a lot of things done today!!
•finish the presentation + pp + handout
•read chapter 7
•do 7 sketches on a5 & a drawing on a3

(( Happy Halloween everyone! 

This blog hasn’t been active as of late so I thought to make up for it I’d do a ‘Finish this drawing off’ post for Halloween! Non ask!blogs are free to give this a shot too if you’d like!

All you have to do is fill in the area besides Luciano like he’s taking a selfie with your/a muse!

When you’re done, either submit it to this blog or post it and tag ‘ask-luciano’, and of course you can add in your url like how I did above. It can be as silly as you want, just please make sure it’s sfw, and remember to have fun if you decide to do this! ))

My Top 10 Anime of 2015 (in no particular order)

Rules: Are anime’s that were release and finish in 2015 and I actually watch (I can’t watch everything). They can’t be another season, sequel, or prequel, because that is another list that I am making. Also, it my opinion, so write down your thoughts on the list and not about whether or not my decision are terrible. 

10. Danchigai

Originally posted by ikaotaku

This was a cute short series about Haruki (the young male protagonist) and his four sisters. This anime shows a sibling relationship. This series is only 3 minutes episodes, but they have cute and funny moments that was fun for me to watch.

9. Gangsta

Originally posted by juhzou

This anime had very interesting characters. One of the protagonist is deaf, which is something new for animation in general. Like I never see a deaf character that actually did sign in anime before (not 100% sure about this). The other characters are interesting as well as the story. My only complaint is how it ended and how it is not getting a second season, due to the company who made got bankrupted and this was there last show.. Another company could make it, but I highly doubt that. 

8. Kyokai no Rinne

Originally posted by stella-scarlet

This series is on here only due to nostalgia. This had the same mangaka as Inuyasha and Ranma ½. Since Inuyasha help me start watching anime, I kinda watch anything from Rumiko Takahashi. This series has a really cool concept that I hope gets more explored in the second season that is coming sometime in 2016. Also the character have unusual personalities.

7. Kekkai Sensen

Originally posted by afrodited

This had a very colorful cast and an unusual story. One of my favorite things was the opening and ending to this anime, both were as colorful as the characters  (I thing the internet agree with the ending part). The setting is interesting. It is in New York, but with monsters and humans living together. The story is kind of all over the place though, but it might not bother you so much.

6. Assassination Classroom

Originally posted by kanayoshiko

This has a fantastic story and cast of characters. The octopus teacher that will destroy the world, unless his middle school students can kill him before the end of the year, is something that is very creative. This anime also focus on individual student or the students as a group to accomplish something. Sometimes its to kill their teacher, while other times its to help each other with problems (both school and themselves). I also can’t wait for the second season which is coming very soon 2016.

5. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Originally posted by shokugekis

This series is very adorable and romantic. The development of the relationship of the two main characters is real, fast, and well develop more so than other romantic anime I have seen. I hope to see this two keep growing in their relationship as well as other characters in the series. Especially since this is also getting a second season in 2016.

4. Prison School

Originally posted by sugoihentai

This was a well animated series with a great story. This anime might not be for everyone, especially those who don’t like violence and nudity. The story is quite engaging as well and funny (also stupid, but in a good way). The characters are diverse and can be very intelligent to solve a problem (sometimes stupid, but not always). I also hope it gets a second season.

3. Ore Monogatari

Originally posted by chizuruyu

This is possibly my favorite romantic comedy’s of all time. Also it is not afraid to mix up the whole love story. The characters are what makes this show. The story is of course interesting, but the main character which drove me to watch the next episode each week. The main character being a teenage that looks like an adult with a gorilla like face falling in love with a cute teenage girl that love him back is just so sweet. I also hope for another season for this as well.

2. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Originally posted by kurokite

This had a very unique story and characters. Switch bodies with someone by a kiss is something I would not think about, but this show does this and much more in its very own way. Yamada, not only search for the witches, but also helps them with their problems. The story develop from that as well as relationships with characters. 

1. One Punch Man

Originally posted by eriina

You must be living under a rock if you have never heard about this anime. This one of the must well animated and awesome anime series this year. The action and comedy in this series is one that I probably will remember for the year 2015. I hope this one gets a second season as well, but for know I will wait for the Mob Psycho 100 anime which is the same mangaka as this series.

For my lovable boyfriend @sir-scandalous 
it took me 5 days to make this and i know, i know i am very veeey late, but this is a present for his bday (7/12) I am so so sorry bby pfft 
I tried to put everything you like in one drawing <3 im so tired tho, i gave everything of me to finish it !! also , i forgot to add another pairing…. 
Babe , i love you so so so much, thanks for being as cute as you are, i hope everything work out for you, we dont talk much, but never forget that i love you and i will always be here for you , even if i delay to answer you <3 
Happy birthday hehe

FFXV Second Play Through Thoughts

So I am doing a second play through (Just finished Chapter 7) of FFXV (of course as a new game + because who doesn’t enjoy slaughtering beasts and demons at a level 80 when they are level 10?) and there are so many things I am noticing that I did not notice the first time:



- First play through I never truly appreciated how beautiful of a man Ignis really is in this game.


- I feel like Ignis had to be aware to some degree that the reason the wedding was being held in Altissia was because Regis felt something might go down.  I can’t fully believe that Ignis didn’t have some inkling on what was to come.


- It became very apparent to me how ok Lunafreya and Noct were about marrying each other.  I mean they weren’t ok with the circumstances, but the fact that it would be to each other they seemed totally fine with.


- Ignis’s back flips during battle are everything.


- I can’t not believe that the boys didn’t give Prompto shit for taking a ‘self defense’ training class with Cor prior to departing on the trip.


- Cor clearly cares about the well being of Prompto.


- I get Xenia Warrior Princess vibes from Monica.  I wish we got more screen time from her.


- If I was Gladio I would have been way more angry that Iris didn’t call me first before Noct.


- Ardyn is still the personification of stranger danger.


- The first time around I missed that Sania was at Hammerhead and Gladio was talking with her.  I could only imagine what they were talking about lol.


- I feel like Takka lived for some in depth conversations about recipes with Ignis.


- Prompto clearly had it bad for Cindy, I mean pick that man’s jaw up off the floor bad for her.  His feelings for Aranea and Iris were more casual “hey those girls are cute…” sort of thing.


- Noctis was a cocky little shit in Chapter 2.


- I still think the guys are idiots for taking Ardyn up on his ‘offers’.


- Did Carbuncle always photo bomb my photos or did that come from an update?  Because it’s god damn cute.


- Base Busting is still as funny as it was when I did my first play through and Prompto really needs to start a side business doing this.


- The little details are still amazing the second time around.


- Apparently Iris can ride Chocobos and I never knew and her Chocobo in my game was hot pink and it was everything.


- Iris should have just come along for the whole journey, she is queen.


- Talcott talking about his late grandfather still breaks my fucking heart.


- Replaying the game makes me think that the girl Gladio meets during the ten years of darkness is someone who works at the power plant in Lestallum.  I think the big guy has a thing for built women.


- I haven’t watched Kingsglaive but is Loqi and Caliglio in that movie?  They just seem so random in this game to me.


- I feel like Dustin is the ninja assassin in the crownsguard and you can’t convince me otherwise.


- I love Prompto, don’t get me wrong, but my god sometimes he can be such a whiny bitch. It makes me wonder how on earth Ignis put up with that on their journey.  Like I just envision Ignis yelling at him in the Regalia saying “he should have went when they were at the last rest stop and that he needs to hold it” since he will not pull over just so he can go pee and then Noct making some comment about going off the side and Ignis getting more mad lol.


- How many books did Gladio bring on this trip?  So far I have seen a total of 3 different books.


- I get the Ignis/Aranea shippers…I 100% get it now and I am on board.  I just want them to out sass each other and end up making out.


- I also am 100% in Gladnis hell on second play through.


- And I am still on the Noct/Iris train.  I am really loving Iris more playing the second time.


- I need more Cor in my life, thank the six he is in Gladio’s DLC.


- Cid reminds me of a guy that has seen some shit in his life time and will never let you forget that fact.


- I really need to know what the Reggie/Cid fallout was.


- Even on second play through I still needed to give Prompto Chocobos over Gladio needing to make sure his sister was ok in Lestallum.  He just needs to ride those Chocobos all day!


- I used to think I had a bad coffee addiction, until I was introduced to Mr. Ignis Scientia who quite literally gets cravings during battles and at inappropriate times.  Like, Iggy seriously get your shit together.


- This game had some very under used strong female characters and I am very upset they were not used to their fullest.


- Aranea needs a spin off game.


- When Aranea is talking with Prompto about MT’s being demons my heart just broke and I cried a thousand tears.  I am still unclear as to if he really knew he was an MT at that point (I mean I know he knows he was from Niffelheim) but the fact that he might have just made that conversation even harder to hear.


- Anyone else get the vibe that maybe Cindy either swings both ways or is into the ladies based on the fact that she coaxed Holly with a dinner?  Just something about the way Holly talked about it made me get that vibe.  Maybe it’s not so much that she is married to her job as it is that she plays for the other team.  Or maybe Holly is really into her?  I am ok with either.


- Dino is just a gigolo trying to make that dolla.


- Ardyn is still stranger danger 101.


- The Titan battle is hands down the best battle of the whole game.


- Also I don’t know how I missed the Fallgrove tomb being robbed and having no weapon in it the first play through I did.


- Gladio is way too casual about his scars when he rejoins the group.  I would have never let him just brush it off like that.  I mean the man’s chest looks like he just had open heart surgery.


- Also how could Noctis not know the hunter in the power plant was Gladio…it was painfully obvious even when you had the sound on mute.


- I definitely yelled at my TV screen “Fuck you Holly I am getting these demons even if I melt to death in this power plant” when she came over the radio telling me to abort the mission.


- I still overwhelmingly really love this game.


I will post again when I play through the rest of the game.  But I can not wait for the Gladio DLC at the end of the month.  Cor and him are looking so fine in that trailer.  Also anyone else getting the vibes that Cor is really immortal from that?  If he is I called it months ago lol.