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Speak Softly, Love (2)

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Part 1


You woke to the feeling of soft kisses being feathered down the side of your face, across your closed eyelids and your nose. 

You hummed, content with your current position in Sehun’s arms, with his bare body pressed against your own.

“Baby, I have to leave,” you heard him whisper. You opened your eyes to look at him. The way the moonlight shone on Sehun was one of your favourite things. He was undeniably beautiful.

“I don’t want you to go,” you mumbled, holding onto him tighter resulting in him doing the same. The hardest part of being with Sehun was the time when he had to leave you.

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Things That Never Cross A Man’s Mind

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: ~750
Warnings: Just fluffiness
Summary: Dean misses your anniversary dinner, you get madder than he expected but he makes up for it.
A/N: My submission for @riversong-sam ‘s 700 Follower Challenge (i’m sooo sorry this is so late). My song was Things That Never Cross A Man’s Mind by Kellie Pickler, prompt & gif are in the fic. Thank’s to @impalaimagining for looking over it. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

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Note: Thanks to @skittle479 for the assist.

10:45 … Sonny was almost four hours late. You weren’t worried, though, his job often kept him on an unpredictable schedule. There was a cost to dating a cop, but Sonny was worth it.

He was supposed to come over after work, at 7. Sonny often forgot to call you when his work ran late, so you tried to occupy yourself while you waited. Staying busy kept you from worrying.

At 10:50 you heard the front door opening and saw Sonny making his way in, having exchanged keys to your respective apartments after half a year of dating.

Swiftly, you made your way over to Sonny and wrapped your arms around his waist. It felt like you were made for each other.

“You finally made it,” you smiled into his chest. “How was work?”

“Barba has been biting his nails about a rape in the park from last month, he’s been making us go over our testimonies again and again.” Sonny chuckled as he placed a quick kiss on your forehead, still in the process of taking off his outerwear.

“No wonder you stayed late, then, you’ve been wanting to stay on Barba’s good side.” You’d met the members of Sonny’s squad only briefly, but from the way Sonny talked about them, you felt like you knew them intimately.

“Oh, he actually didn’t, he finished with me hours ago. Jesse’s babysitter had to leave early, and ‘Manda was still with Barba, so I volunteered to watch after Jesse until Barba was finished prepping Amanda.”

Abruptly, you pulled yourself out of his embrace.

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The stream ended.. And I forgot to upload this here.. again….

Anyway.. I’ve been drawing this for a few days now, but only finished it during the livestream today xD It dem bois, MERK, E-TAN and TOILAR

Heh.. But in all seriousness.. Today we all could come together, not only for having a good time, but also raising money for a greater cause! And I’m so very happy that we hit the goal hours ago.. and even then people kept donating :)

To everyone who helped in one way or another: Be proud of yourself, you did something good! :D 

I hope you all have a great day today! :D

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The Summer Epilogue Part One (32/33)

The Summer (32/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 27,072 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: angst, misunderstandings, paranoia, fingering, barebacking, bdsm, sensory deprivation, light airplay, praise!kink, handcuffs, blindfolds

Chapter Thirty-Two: Epilogue Part One

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Hurricane || Calum Hood || Chapter 1

You’re like a hurricane, you hear about them in news and sympathise with people who are affected by it, but once it hits you, you still get shattered totally even though everyone warned you before.

Summary: Everything suddenly changed when your band Blurred Sounds got discovered by 5 Seconds of Summer’s managers. You got everything an upcoming artist could ever dream of, signed by a huge record label, a growing fanbase and being an opening act for a world famous band. But every dream has his dark sides and trouble was already waiting for you. Friendship, enemies, love, support, hate, jealously, will you survive the hurricane of feelings?

warnings: strong language

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Grocery Shopping


Ricky: “Rick, the freezer is full.” You tried again to shove the box of Hot Pockets into the overflowing freezer to no avail. After another minute of this Ricky came over to open the box, sticking each individual Hot Pocket into the freezer. You finished unpacking the last bag and went back to cooking dinner. You’d started hours ago but you’d run out of pasta and a few ingredients for the sauce, which turned into a full shopping trip. As you reach for the pasta your heart dropped. You frantically scanned the room but the only thing left to be put away was the box of fruit snacks Ricky was currently digging into. “Babe…” you groaned “We forgot the pasta.” Ricky froze. “Shit… well what else can we eat?” “Wha- No! I’ve already started the sauce and the chicken, if we don’t do pasta it’ll go to waste!” Ricky’s hand goes to his forehead, already dreading your answer. “So… we go back to the store?” You nodded solemnly “It’s the only way.” Your boyfriend takes a deep breath before pulling out his keys and heading towards the door, “Fine, but we’re also buying a notepad for the kitchen because I swear to god we’re never shopping without a list again!”
Chris: You winced as your boyfriend pulled you into the store. “But I don’t want toooo.” You hated Wal-Mart. The only time the two of you ever shopped there was was when you really needed something and everywhere else was closed. This was one of those times. “Babe, our fridge has two diet cokes and some ketchup. It’s either this or we don’t eat.” Sadly, this was true. Chris had just gotten back from tour and you’d been working all week, so your kitchen was baron. Chris loaded up the cart as you whined up and down the isles. “We could just get take out.” He snorted “Y/N I saw like 14 pizza boxes back there- you built a fort around the kitchen trash.” This was true, but it hardly seemed like an issue. “I’d rather live on pizza then stay in Wal-Mart for another minute.” Chris turned and smiled devilishly back at you. “Fine.” He said stepping back. “If you can get this and put it in the cart, we’ll call it good and go home.” He gestured to the same goddamn cereal you’d been reaching for when you first met- which was still on the top of the goddamn shelf. You looked your boyfriend dead in the eyes. “I hate you.” Chris just laughed as he grabbed your cereal from the shelf. “Next we need pasta.”
Ryan: “The store brand is a better deal as long as it tastes the same. Not even the same, it just has to taste good.” “Yup.” “But the store brand also has more calories and fat content, I mean neither of us are trying to lose weight but we should still eat healthy.” “Yup.” “Ryan,” You cried, swatting his shoulder with one of the boxes of mac n’ cheese you were holding, “you’re not being helpful!” Ryan tilts his head up, the rest of him still slumped over the cart’s handle bar. “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be sorry, be helpful!” Ryan straightens up and pulls you closer “Babe,” he mutters as he plants a kiss on your forehead, “It doesn’t matter what brand mac n’ cheese we buy, just pick one.” You lightly swat at his chest, “Ry, that’s why you’re here! You know how indecisive I am, you’re supposed to help!” Ryan rolls his eyes and blindly takes one of the boxes from you and chucks it into the cart. “There, decided.” You smile up at him, “See this is why I need you.”
Vinny: “Ok,” you mumble checking things off your list, “next we need bread.” “And ice cream.” Vinny adds, “Oh and chips! I ran out yesterday.” “I thought we were going to start eating healthy. Remember we talked about broccoli?” “I can’t eat broccoli while gaming. I need snacks. Popcorn, Fruit by the Foot, Tostinos, Chips Ahoy, stuff you only need one hand to eat. And that actually tastes good.” You sigh looking down at your cart. It was filled with raw meats, vegetables, and any other fresh ingredients you could need for some great meals. However those meals would take hours of prep, and as delicious as they would be it would probably be just as satisfying to stick to corn dogs and pizza rolls. “Fuck it.” You’d given in. It’s probably cheaper this way anyway. “Alright new plan: I’m gonna put this crap back, you get another cart for the good stuff.” Vinny cheered as he ran off, and you crumpled your list, finally looking forward to your easy frozen dinner tonight.
Devin: “C’mon slow-poke,” you called as you started to skate away on the cart “Let’s get my Oreos and get out!” “That’s not even what we’re here for!” Your boyfriend ran up behind you and grabbed hold of the cart just in time to stop you from crashing into a display. It was 3am and insomnia had taken hold of you for the 4th night this week. Devin, once again woken up by your antics, decided it was time for the big guns. He steered you over to the pharmacy section and started loading the cart with melatonin, valerian root, Tylenol PM, and anything else that so much as had drowsiness as a side effect. You rocked back and forth on your heels as Devin compared two bottles. “You know what’d be great right now? Mountain Dew.” “Fuck. No. That’s the complete opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish here.” You groan and stomp your foot, exhaustion quickly bringing out your childish side.“Come on Dev, I’m bored, do you want me to be bored?” “I want you to be tired.” You sigh and let your eyes wander around the pharmacy. “Hey Dev, you know what’d make me really tired?” You coo. Devin looks up to see you tilting your head toward the condom rack. He can’t help but smirk. “Toss ‘em in the cart.”

Im actually on hiatus but f*ck it.i just finished drawing this on MS paint 1 hour ago and i just dont have the patients to hold this post without letting it out on the internet. 


i accidentally post the wrong picture 

well theres this picture before i did the crazy light effects and the halftone.

i didnt know theres an option to do halftones in MS paint actually.i was testing out on this picture.

oh yeah i forgot,this AU belongs to @ursik-l-in-junk-mind . its called ArcheroTale. i was having some trouble on pronouncing that word this morning at school xD .

crap,my hands are in pain because i have no tablet to draw this.im using a mouse to do the line arts and the effects.

R.I.P. hands.

sorry if theres some minor mistakes,Ursik.i have no time to finish this with the amount of time i have now.

[]draw with MS paint and edit on medibang paint on computer using mouse[]

Big Spender

Apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve been too sick to even think of writing. Here’s something that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while I promise I’ll work on requests next; I’ve started a few but I couldn’t get anywhere with them. Well, enjoy.

You hadn’t spoken to Harry in a couple days, not a full conversation anyway. Sure there had been quick questions regarding the kids or if you needed anything from the shops on his way home. However, your answers were cold and short. You could tell it was taking a toll on him, he had 3 day old stubble covering his jaw and the dark circles under his eyes, which have been there for years, have grown darker. The kids knew as well, even your youngest could sense the tension, acting out more than usual. When you put them to bed, and they asked why daddy didn’t come in and kiss them goodnight, it broke your heart. Yet you kept lying, telling them he was busy and he would come tomorrow night. When in reality, he was out somewhere, ignoring his problems at home, too cowardly to face them.

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Coach Negan {Negan Smut}

Word count: 2.8k of lusty goodness.
Notes: This concept has been in my head for ages! Before the outbreak.10000% adultery. Some may not like this but Negan sure does. (He loves his wife, I know this, but he does cheat on her heavily before the walker storm in the comics. FACTS!) Gifs are not mine. 
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!!**
Negan fights with Lucille and decides going home is the last thing he wants to do after classes are over. However, it looks like he’s not the only one working after hours.

@itsneganswife had requested this well after I started writing, was happy to see a request of something I really wanted to finish! Also @negans-network

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ミッションインポッシブル?~脱出セヨ! ビッグテディ~
ミッションインポッシブル?~脱出セヨ! ビッグテディ~

Diabolik Lovers Vandead CarnivalSkit Dolce tokuten drama CD

Mission Impossible? ~ The Escape! Big Teddy ~

Three days ago I finished my exams and of course I totally forgot that I’d promised to translate some new drama CDs as soon as I got some free time.. until like, 6 hours ago? So yeah, here it is (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) I kinda rushed it a bit so if you notice something off please let me know! Also, I was chatting with my friend, the Tumblr user epithetologist, and she told me she’s translating Animate’s tokuten drama CD with Shuu, Subaru and Kou. So yeah, stay tuned!

Reiji ahh… and so the Carnival finally ends. I didn’t know what to expect from it but… well, before adding anything else I think I will go to my room and have some tea–

*crashing sound*

Reiji hm…? What was that…?

*more crashing*

Reiji …again? It sounds almost like it’s coming here…

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