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【170620 Non-no magazine】SUGA’S PARTS

SUGA’s answers

Q1: Hobbies or things you’ve been into to spend your days off? 
A1: When I have days off, I want to do those so-called ‘ordinary’ things. Such as going to a cafe by myself, meeting up with friends. Having an ordinary daily life is very important to me. I won’t do anything special just because I’m on my days off. For me, spending my days off while relaxing is more important.

Q2: Tell us your preferences and tastes in fashion! 
A2: Rather than getting different types of clothes, I’m the type that if I like or love something, I’ll use it for a long time. Since debut, because of my job, I’ve been wearing a lot of expensive clothes and clothes that I like. But I want to become one that can have their own style even when wearing simple clothes, so now I just choose simple clothes. Also, I don’t like to expose so I wear long sleeves even in the summer. 

Q3: Your favorite scent?
A3: For cologne, I like sweet scents. Depending on my mood on that day, occasionally I’ll use a bit. But I haven’t finished using one bottle yet. Since I really like to drink coffee, it makes me feel calm when I smell the aroma of coffee. To me, coffee is like a substitute of water, it’s indispensable.

Q4: Any Japanese film, drama, manga or other works that you like?
A4: My all-time favorite manga is ‘Slam Dunk’! It’s my favorite so I read it over again and again, I’ve read it for over 100 times. Most of the anime that I’ve watched when I was little, are Japanese anime.

SUGA is…

From JIN: He’s interested in clothes, furnitures and miscellaneous goods, but when he’s shopping, he’ll only buy equipment that’s related to music. As his roommate, only I know about this, it’s my treasured information. ♪

From V: Recently, Suga hyung is really interested in Japanese. I’ve seen him studying Japanese diligently. Also, I feel that the things Suga hyung talks about and the atmosphere became more interesting than before (laughs).


Encountered rap around when I was in primary school and began to get involved in making music. I’m still active and continuing to produce music. For someone boring like me, the only thing I can do is to make music, it can’t be separated from me.   


In the past I would look for answers either 0 or 100. For example, why do some people don’t like me? I worried about these things and I also showed my emotions on my face. But after I’ve accumulated a various of experiences, I could understand better about people’s sensitivity and values. I thought “people could have various of thoughts”, and I began to think that I want to open every possibility for myself.


It’s a word that describes me (laughs). Since I rarely step forward (voluntarily), I’m discreet, quiet and I like to be alone. I don’t like to move around and I like to lie down.

Scan: myheaven0624


It’s down to me and you
In this cold and empty room
Forgotten what we’re dieing for
Just tell me what to change
Just tell me what to say
‘Cause I can’t feel it anymore
But why are we so incomplete?
It’s down to you and me
In this cold and empty street
Forgotten what we’re living for
Just tell me what is right
'Cause it’s more than what’s inside
Cause I can’t see it anymore
All I see are kings and thieves

When all I own is just dust and gold
Don’t let go yet
Don’t settle for this
And everything you are…
Why are we so incomplete?
All I own is just dust
Just dust and gold
When all I see are kings and thieves
When all I own is just dust and gold
So rescue me
Rescue me
So rescue me

Arrows to Athens - Dust and Gold


A fast Marco before the Ouji-Characters will going on ^^ With a LOT of glow and glitter and gold, cause for me, everything looks better with glow/glitter/bling bling :D (I want to have a bit of glitter on me, too :X maybe I would feel me beautiful, too?)

I feel like crying all day since saturday and my body-feeling is like 0. I often catch me that I think about skipping meals to feel better (or less guilty). That sucks. I am really anxious to get in my old bad habbits again… so I try to distract my mind while I doodle like crazy ^^; haha. The last few days I started … 10 or more sketches, after every on of them, I thought “oh no, there is another idea!” and started another one without finishing on of the 9 before @_@. I hope it will only be a short phase of confuse ;) ~

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Girll it's been about a month we need another one of your "otaku updates"!!

Over that past month or so I’ve been reading more manga.. and by manga.. I mean YAOI MANGA!! 

I finished up this season of Killing Stalking and I can say.. I am deeply.. aroused.. disturbed?? 

OKAY but 19 DAYS THO!!! This Manga is so fucking cute and funny! Tianshan trash FO LIFE!!..

10 Count is so fucking hot like??? It deals with mental health as well and it has me so fucked up!! Protect Shirotani at all fucking costs.. FUCK KUROSE TILL YOU DIE!! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL GAY SPECIMEN!! 

I also rewatched Kiss Him Not Me because… fujoshi.. STILL 15/10 RECOMMEND! MY HUSBAND EVEN LOVED IT!

I watched Kill la Kill with my hubby.. it was pretty good! Music was fantastic.. and so was Gamagoori.. FUCKING FAV MASOCHIST LMAO!


So basically… a lot of gay and fluff.. mostly gay smut.. oops.

rewatching/rereading nana is even more heartbreaking than watching/reading it for the first time bc you know everything that’s going to happen and it’s so damn sad & heartbreaking

Shortaki Week Day 3: Expose(d)

I tried out a bunch of stuff in clip studio paint, thus the manga-like layout (except you still read it left to right) and use of screen tones. It was interesting and fun to mess around with.

Fic on FFN here and AO3 here

This is the last written prompt I’ve actually got done and I really don’t see myself being able to finish the others on time. I’m a little stuck on the next one actually. However, I’m still planning to try and finish all the writing portions of the prompts, just for completions sake. They’ll just be posted long after Shortaki Week is done. I’ll still be posting the art though b/c I’m done with those, I’ll just write whatever I feel needs more description in the post itself. 

yoi fic rec list, part 5

i’m providing commentaries this time bc damn it, my feels cannot be contained

For Him by justrae2010 / @justrae2010

When Yuuri takes a hard fall on the ice, at first glance he seems to be okay. It’s only when he wakes up and doesn’t recognise the affectionate silver haired stranger at his bedside that he realises just how wrong he is.

This is the story that makes me happy whenever I receive update notification bc it always happen when I wake up from sleep. I remember reading ch 9 and I was crying even before I was actually awake. I reread it again for feels but it could never beat what I felt the first time I read it. It’s been a regular routine, waking up from sleep and finding out that there’s a chapter update!

Chapter 10 turns me into a crying mess again but it’s adorable as well bc of what’s revealed. I won’t tell you why, so please read the story to find out why!

The story updated today with chapter 11 and I screamed in excitement, reading together with friends. Memory loss hurts, honestly, but I’m glad even when Yuuri can’t remember the details of the lost memories, he can create new memories.

But, Yuuri, running away halfway across the country because you think you are hurting Victor, it hurts me too ok.

centripetal force by braveten / @actualyuuri

Victor speaks seven languages.

(Physics isn’t one of them.)

Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major.

I started reading this last night, from 1 am to 5 am. For those wondering why I was awake at such odd hours, 1) I already slept earlier, 2) I forgot to take my medicine, 3) I was hungry so I ate cookies and 4) I can’t sleep.

Honestly, this story is such a relaxing story to read. I have to agree with Victor on physics, though. I just don’t understand physics (I failed the subject in high school and barely passed in national exam), but I am also not good with maths and formulas. My friends who took physics said it’s easy if you understand the formulas and I was like, “You have got to be kidding me.“

I took nursing so thankfully, there’s no physics involved.

Halfway into the story, I was able to guess who Boxers Guy was (and I was like, omg, was it who I think it was?! and my friend was like hmmMNNNNNN) but the revelation hurt me just as it hurt Yuuri, especially when it’s followed up with a misunderstanding. Still, I was glad when everything was resolved!

I cried in relief (and I still don’t understand physics).

 The Selection by Galloping_Monroe / @gallopingmonroe-blog

Returning home on the tail end of an injury that ends his dancing career, Yuri Katsuki is trying to find his future again. As a Five, he knows his options are limited, but when he finds an invitation to Crown Prince Victor Nikiforov’s Selection, he is convinced by a friend to apply.

He never thought he’d be Selected.

When he is, he finds that his world is changed forever, and that the Crown Prince is not exactly what he’d expected.

I have come across this story a lot of times while I browsed AO3. The summary intrigued me but I didn’t read it until a few days ago. There’s 21 chapters and I devoured them within one day. Such a classic move from someone who could read 18 volumes of manga in just 3 days, or finish 24 episodes in just 3 days.

I find it cute that the characters we know are trying to win the heart of Prince Victor but Prince Victor only has eyes on one person and that person is so oblivious to this romantic attraction, thinking they are only friends.


I would have loved for Victor to end the Selection and just get married to Yuuri, but I applaud Yuuri for admitting that he still need time to get ready and Victor understands. Communication is important, folks.

I remember telling my friends I wished these two just kiss and in the chapter I was reading, they actually kissed. Who would have thought two characters kissing makes you feel all warm and fuzzy?!

The unresolved sexual tension, though.

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui / @lucycamui

In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri.

(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing).

When my favourite fairytale combined with bakery goods, gosh!

My friend told me that I wouldn’t even notice I was at the end of the story until I reached the last chapter. I scoffed, saying NO WAY, but I was a fool, bc I didn’t even realize I was at the last chapter. Curse your speed reading skills, Zue!

I asked my friend, “Does this story has an evil stepmother?“ and it turned out the evil stepmother was Yuuri’s ball of anxiety. I’m so glad Victor never give up in finding his love. The rain scene where they kissed? IT WAS TOO SWEET!

But the true MPV of this story? PHICHIT!

Gosh, I never dreamed of a fairy!Phichit but I demand a fairy!Phichit now! The hamsters are so cute, too.

Kings in Couture by slightlied / @forovnix

a devil wears prada au in which victor is the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, yuuri’s his new secretary, and instead of talking about his feelings, victor just sends him on a bunch of errands

I was so giddy when I read the scene where Victor arrived and everyone was in panic, scurrying around making sure everything was perfect and ready for him while Yuuri just watched in confusion. (It’s such an iconic scene.)

My first thought when I saw the word ‘kic’ was, ‘what the heck is kic and why are ppl talking about kic fic?‘ but I wasn’t too concerned with it at the time so I didn’t bother finding out. Two weeks ago, I finally kicked myself into reading the story. I expected Victor to be mean to Yuuri but I saw cute interactions instead.

Yuuri’s tight jeans, though.

I browsed through 27 pages of the author’s kic tag while I was reading the story and I must say, the experience was glorious.


#dgraymanweek || Day 2: Lonely Boy

Option A: Favorite Character « Kanda Yuu »

well… I really tried to be active but too busy procrastinating while vacation last, pray for me to finished up my wips folks :’))

here’s some fast doodle for celebrate our favorite rabbit’s birthday which is late for 2 days~

(me and my older brother shared the same birthdate with her <3 one of many reasons why I love Touka so much)

aaand alternate hairstyle cause why not

Hey all! This is a bit of a follow up to my piece about the relatively little panel-time given to Jean’s reaction to Armin’s “death”, which I found surprising because of how close the two have become over the course of the most recent arcs (you can find that piece here). I received my copy of Volume 21 in the mail today and was reading it again when I found these panels, which I hadn’t looked at too closely previously.

Chapter 85.

I tried to zoom in as much as I could on Crunchyroll to take this screen cap of everyone reacting to Hange saying they think Levi should have given the serum to Erwin. Jean’s face is always a little grumpy, but he looks like he’s really frowning here (bonus: Connie’s nonplussed face, Eren’s betrayed face, and Mikasa’s vaguely … guilty? looking face). I want to be clear that I’m not saying Jean had an obvious side in the Armin vs. Erwin debate–I believe Floch’s point in chapter 90 is that Jean refused to pick one (though, as my previous post makes clear, Jean was definitely in shock). To me, this looks like a “can we not do this right now?” face. I’m pretty sure Isayama is never going to fill in the remaining blanks about Jean’s reaction to the Serum Bowl, but I can speculate here. Jean’s not the type to dwell on the past too much. It occasionally comes back to haunt him (especially when he makes a mistake or risks others), but he’s pretty good about turning his attention forward. And Jean’s also always been careful of Armin’s feelings in particular in the past, like when he comforts Armin after their undercover mission or when he worries about how Armin will react when he learns the woman he shot to save Jean had hesitated. So, Jean’s frown could also be expressing concern about where Hange is going with this speech and how Armin will take it.

Anyway, just thought I’d share! Again, it’s hard to tell with Jean because he’s a pretty frowny guy, but I’m desperate for any sense of Jean’s reaction to recent events so I feel pretty justified in picking this small panel apart xD What do you guys think?


An older mp100 piece that’s finally seeing the light of day. This took a lot longer to finish than I thought, but I think the end result was worth the effort? Despite always switching fandoms, mob psycho 100 will always be a favorite of mine.

I wanted to try something new with the anatomy, so I actually did studies and used references this time! Namely the Okosama star manga and various shots I took of myself in the mirror ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾

Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Intro

I’m gonna be posting the differences between the anime and the manga for every episode. I’ll be doing each episode of s2 as it comes out, and in between each episodes, I’ll be doing s1.

Just like many others, I was hyped for season 2, so I decided to re-watch season 1 of the anime. It was only my 3rd time watching s1, and this time, I decided to re-read the manga as well along the way, just to see what kind of changes the anime team made.

I read the manga more than 10 times, and even though I knew that there were many changes in the anime, I was still surprised by how much.

First, I wanna say that I love the anime, I think the animation is amazing, the voice acting is perfect, and the music is beautiful. I liked watching every scene from the manga animated, and I liked watching fillers that we knew happened in the manga, but they weren’t shown (for example in ep26 that would be Mike slicing up the Titans, that was awesome).

So I’m hyped for season 2, and I can’t wait to watch all those amazing manga panels animated.

However, I don’t like when scenes from manga are deleted or changed, and I’m not interested to watch someone else’s head-cannons.

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“I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away.” 

HAPPY NO.6-DAY EVERYONE!! I wanted to do something for this special day, the day of Shion’s birthday and the day of his first meeting with Nezumi…I’ve finished reading the manga just one week ago and this story made me feel something really special…Something that I’ve never felt with any other manga.

I know it’s nothing special and it’s the first time I’ve tried drawing at the computer…However, hope you like it!😄And always love No.6!💜