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I totally get how hard it can be to find time to write (and then inspiration when there is time), so you have my sympathies there! if you're looking for prompts, maybe this: K/S and Joanna? Or K/S and vulcan babies? Idk, I just love K/S and kids in general!

Bones has to perform a complicated procedure on a heavily injured member of the crew, and asks Jim and Spock to babysit Joanna. Jim of course has endless meetings to attend and reports to finish, so it falls to Spock. Of course.

Spock still managed to surprise him almost every single day, so Jim really didn’t know why he though this would be any different.

Jim hesitated when he got to the door and braced himself before stepping into their quarters, resigning himself to finding Spock teaching warp theory and mathematics to the world’s most bored little girl.

It took Jim a moment to actually find Spock, because the middle of the floor was not where Spock usually sat. And he wasn’t usually surrounded by crayons and pieces of paper, drawing pictures of… fairies?

Jim walked over and bent down, intending to kiss Spock chastely on the cheek — which completely didn’t work because of course Spock thought it was inappropriate in front of a child. Spock stiffened and Jim settled for the world’s most awkward side hug, ruffling Joanna’s hair as he got up and proceeded to the kitchen.

Spock blushed and shifted around a bit but slowly eased back into it, and by the time Jim had made himself a coffee Spock’s full attention was back to drawing Joanna pictures of… mermaids?

Jim smiled as he sat down at his desk, fully intent on doing work. And he mostly managed, glancing up occasionally to watch Spock’s face set in concentration as he drew yet another mythical creature. Seriously, how does Spock even know what a unicorn is?

The work eventually sucked him in, and Jim wasn’t sure whether it was minutes or hours that had passed. Just when he thought all the day’s surprises were over, Jim looked up to see a sleepy Joanna curled up against Spock on the couch. And Spock was not reading but telling Joanna what was most definitely a bedtime story.

Jim leaned back in his chair and watched Spock, waiting patiently for the moment that Joanna would inevitably fall asleep. Because then he was definitely going to get his kiss.

working goals for 2017 that i’ll expand upon into manageable(?) chunks before I head back to school next week (dates listed are deadlines)

-get a job/internship ♦ work in progress

  • make a resume - jan. 14
    • go to career services and have them look over resume asap
  • find volunteer opportunities in the interim - jan. 14
    • make list, find one/two that work(s) into schedule
  • find internship/job postings in the area - TBA
    • submit resume to those available

-get license ♦ march 17, 2017

  • finish the drug/alcohol course - jan. 29
    • min. 30 minutes of study a day until complete
    • review notes
    • take practice exam
  • set appt. for permit test - feb. 1
  • pay for drivers school - feb. 13
  • set appt. for license test - TBA

-lose weight/workout ♦ size 8 ♦ may 6, 2017

  • cook for yourself
    • cook meals night before, or in bulk
    • pack healthy snacks for busy days
  • play a little basketball in the mornings before busy days, 8am
  • on non-busy days, go to gym 45 mins/day, 5 days/wk
  • try to take weight-lifting class–if you can’t, find a group fitness class
  • get out of bed as soon as you wake up, 7:45am
  • be in bed ready to sleep by 11:45pm
  • drink cup of water before bed, after waking up, and before major meals


Liam was just about to finish up his shift for the day when one of the other nurses came and handed him a file and asked him to take care of a patient before he left. Being the type of person he was he of course said he would take care of it, taking the file into the room and opening it only to find it empty. “Oh I’m sorry it looks like….Oh Lily!” Liam looked up from the file to see the woman sitting there. “Is everything okay? You’re not hurt?” 

Service with a Smile CH 7

A/N: Finally! It’s been a week- way too long since I’ve updated. I’m sorry if this chapter is a little meh, because I wrote it over the span of seven days, solely due to the fact that I couldn’t find the time to sit down and finish it in one go! Especially because I started like, three other projects? I’m a mess.

I know that not much is happening plot-wise, buuut… Well, let’s see: the rehearsal is over, the dinner that follows the rehearsal is taking place- all that’s left is the getting ready for the ceremony, the ceremony, reception, and brunch! Of course, I have many chapters to write before I can conclude this story. And even then, I’ll probably do a little epilogue thing. :)

Again, my apologies for the super late update! Please enjoy, and look forward to more things happening in the next installment. <3

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The sweet melody of an enchanting piano filled the room, along with the indistinct idle chatter of patrons.

“Hah!” Astrid laughed dryly- quietly, as if speaking too loud would shatter the ambiance of the dimly lit, palace-like building. “Oh, definitely. I can definitely see you as Thor incarnate,” she shook her head incredulously as she and Hiccup strolled back into the restaurant. Toothless was perched on the Haddock’s shoulder; with a bit of negotiating, the two managed to get permission for the cat to be allowed indoors. (Astrid would like to say that it was thanks to her wonderful people skills, but she was pretty sure that Hiccup just had to say his last name and they were in. Talk about ‘mayor’s son privileges,’ yeesh.)

“I’m serious, Astrid. All of this muscle? It has to scream ‘Norse God’ to you,” Hiccup protested with a grin on his lips as he mock flexed an arm. Astrid cast him a skeptical smile over her shoulder, though she made sure to roll her eyes as well.

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