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Not My Dean

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A/N: For my darling nugget @impala-dreamer and her One Prompt 4 All Challenge. The prompt is bolded. Beta’d by actual angel @amanda-teaches. I tried something a little different (for me at least) let me know what you think! Please? No seriously I die for feedback I’m trying to get better at this racket and I can’t without it okthanksloveyoubye. ;) Enjoy kiddos! (ps if you feel like subjecting yourself more often, tag lists are open)

Words: 1,650

Warnings: Few swears, monster-related hostage type situations, smidgen of angst. Nothing crazy though, it’s all pretty PG-13.


“What the hell?” You were groggy and sore. Why the hell were you groggy and sore?

“Y/N? Hey, are you alright?”

“Sam?” You tried opening your eyes, only to find darkness. Scrunching your nose, you realized you had a blindfold on. That would explain the dark. As you slowly started to come to, you realized your soreness came from your hands being tied behind your back and your ankles to the legs of a chair. Not to mention your pounding head. Best guess was you were hit with something. Hard.

“Yeah, it’s me. Are you hurt? Like hurt, hurt?”

“Uh, no. No, I don’t think so. My head might be bleeding or maybe was bleeding? But it’s not bad. Where are we? I have a blindfold on. Do you have a blindfold on?”

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Another personal head canon I have (putting it here to let y’all know this blog ain’t dead):

Spy and Scout’s Ma trained together in some type of Spy Academy. Both were the best in their chosen fields of work. Only a small number of people where chosen from all over the world to gain further training. 

At first both hated each other, Scout’s Ma thought that Spy was an ass-hole, Spy hated her Boston accent. However working and training over time allowed both to better understand each other, pushing aside ego and the act that comes with becoming a Spy. 

Spy was the better actor of the two, he was able to become any person and fit into a scene without even trying, while Scout’s Ma was the weapons expert. 

They both worked together once they graduated and  where the most dangerous people on the face of the earth.

It was about three years before both agreed on trying to have a relationship. All was going well before Scout’s Ma disappeared. 

Spy travelled the world to find her, catching up with old enemy’s with grudges, old employers and everyone else in-between. He came to his conclusion that she wanted to disappear. But why?? That was the question that keep him up at night for 1 ½ years.

When he discovered her location Spy was surprised where she was. A small apartment on the outer city of Boston. It wasn’t a surprise to him, but he was taken back by how much she had changed her identity. New name, documents and appearance. 

Walking down the hall way towards her room Spy played out how he would act. Should he play it like a smart ass?? Be cold and distant?? Perhaps understanding??

Before he finishes his thoughts he knocks on the door. Spy is meet by the woman he loves (something he would never say out loud). Her usual short brown hair is replaced with wavy long blonde locks. Eyes that would usual be filled with mischief and a lust for life are glazed. Spy notices dark bags underneath her blue eyes. He can’t help but notice that she has gained a kilo or two.

The yelling of the young woman could be heard three cites over. An augment breaks out between the two. Words they don’t really mean are thrown in each other’s faces. Spy demands an explanation, a reason, for leaving him heart broken. For having him spend countless night unable to sleep worrying about her safety. 

All his answers are answered when he hears a baby cry.

He calms down, lets her attend to the screaming child. Spy gather’s his thoughts. Maybe she ran because the child wasn’t his?? That’s got to be the answer. They both took precautions didn’t they?? 

The woman walks over while holding the child and guides Spy to a cheap couch. There she explains everything, the fear she felt. How her employers might force her to dispose of the child, she is an investment after all. Enemy’s coming after her to hurt her and her child.

The last part she looks at Spy, tells him that she was afraid of him. She starts to cry holding her child closer to her chest. She knows that Spy was always dedicated to his work, that when he dies it would be on the field. That in his life that there is no time for a child, a family. She didn’t want to burden him with her mistake. She goes on to explain that she always wanted a large family and this was the best opportunity she had to leave her work behind. 

Spy slowly moves closer to the the weeping woman and holds her. Giving her all the time in the world for her to regain composure. When she is calm he asks to hold his child. Carrying the baby in his arms he can’t help but smile, he softly asks what gender it is. A baby boy he whispers to himself. He’s the father of a baby boy. 

Every bone is his body is telling him to run, to put this child and woman behind him. To get back to his job and pretend none of this is real. But deep down Spy wants this, to be surrounded by children and a beautiful wife. He knows he can’t he still has work to do. 

A few days spent together and many long conversations later Spy leaves. Making a promise to give her a large family and do all he can to support their growing family. 

You da real MVP for getting through all this. I like the idea of Scout’s Ma being just as capable as Spy, having the two as equals, also I am suggesting that all Spy is the father to all of Scout’s brothers as well. 

As always if ya have something to add please do so. 

Welcome Home, Sammy

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Pairing: Winchesters
Word count: 1,034

Part 3 of Playing Dad Take Two

They had been at the bunker for a few minutes, just standing out front. Both had their arms crossed, leaning against the hood of Baby. They had their ankles crossed, as well. Sam was in disbelief as he looked up at Dean. “This is really ours?” He asked, hope shining in his eyes. The last time he’d had a home, he had been too young to even remember.

Dean grinned, having the happiness shining in his eyes for once. “Yeah, Sammy, it’s ours. Come on, I’ll come back out for everything later.” He gave him a pat on the back before moving forward, opening the door. To their home. That fact would hit him over and over. For all his faults, all his mistakes, all the times when they were kids when things were rough…Dean was getting his second chance. To make it up to him.

Moving forward, Sam was excited. His hazel eyes scanned every detail that he could. Home. He followed Dean down the stairs, to the war room. “Wow.” He breathed, his eyes wide. There was so much that he wanted to look at that his eyes wouldn’t stay on one thing too long.

The library was the one room that even Dean was excited for. All those books- all that knowledge.

“Keep that look on your face, you’ll need it.” Dean chuckled, wondering if anything in the bunker would trigger a memory. What would it be like if Sammy was young, with the memories of his older self? What would that do when he had to grow up all over again?

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Hello! I’m a new Hamilton x reader blog, and to get it all started, I picked a random prompt, and wrote about it. I hope you like it, and if you do, please send in requests, and I’ll write something for you! You can either come up with your own idea, or choose one or more prompts from this list.

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Prompt: You deserve so much better (#350)

Setting: Modern AU, some angst, but mostly fluff and comfort

Warnings: a little bit of self doubt/hate I guess

Word count: 813 (sorry it’s a bit short)

“You can go home, [Y/N], I can tell you’re not feeling well, and there aren’t many costumers coming in at this time anyways”, your manager told you an hour before your shift was supposed to end. Even though you wanted to protest, you let it be, and thanked her, looking forward to getting home and taking care of your raging headache.

While sitting on the subway on your way to the apartment you shared with you long-time boyfriend Lafayette, you started thinking about how he was far more successful than you. When sick, you always became more emotional than usual, and couldn’t help but think about how useless you were.

You knew Lafayette was home, as he never worked on Saturdays, and that just made you even more excited about getting home.

“Hello!” you said entering the apartment and shrugged off your shoes and jacket.

“Hello, mon cher, why are you home so early?” Lafayette said, walking towards you. “Hold on, are you sick?” he continued before you could respond. Tearing up, for no reason at all, you nodded at him, and was instantly pulled into his comforting embrace.

“Shh, shh, [Y/N], it’s alright, I will take care of you, why are you crying?” he whispered gently in your ear, and pulled away so he could see your face. Your exhausted face was filled with tears, which Lafayette tried to dry away, to no avail, as new kept coming all the time.

He guided you to the sofa and you sat down close to each other. “Talk to me, I want to be there for you”, he murmured, taking hold of your hand.

You took a deep, shaky breath before responding. “I just feel so unimportant and useless. I work at a Starbucks, can’t afford going to college, can’t always pay rent and you’re much smarter than me!” you sobbed. He looked as if he was about to respond, but you weren’t finished yet. “You finished college, have a job with a very nice income, you always cover for me when I don’t have money, and you’re just doing so much better in life than me!” You shouted, now in hysterics.

It felt nice to let it all out, and you calmed down a little. “You deserve so much better, Laf. You really do”, you whimpered, hiding your face with your hands.

This made Lafayette’s heart break a little, and for the second time since you walked in the door, he pulled you close to him. He slowly rocked you back and forth, helping you calm down.

“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, [Y/N], don’t you dare think of yourself like that. I don’t care at all about money or success. That is not what makes a person good. You are kind, selfless, funny, beautiful, and the best person on the entire earth, and I wouldn’t want to share my life with anyone else than you, okay?” he said, comforting you, and you could hear how sad and sincere his voice was.

“Thank you, Laf. I’m sorry I let this all out on you”, you sniffled, face still pressed to his chest. He gently kissed your head, and slowly rubbed your back.

“Hey, it’s my job. After all, I am your tough, French boyfriend, who can handle anything”, he joked, making you chuckle a little.

“Now, go to bed, and I’ll be right there with some water, snacks, and painkillers. It’s your head, right?” he assumed, and he was right. You often had headaches, and he could always tell.

“Thanks, love”, you smiled at him, and made you way to the bedroom. How on earth you ended up with the kindest and most amazing man ever, was beyond you.

It didn’t take long before Lafayette entered the bedroom, his hands full of things that might help you. Your heart swelled at his concern for your wellbeing.

“Okay, now, take some painkillers”, he instructed, and you did just that, eager for its effect. “Let me know if you want anything, and I’ll get it for you”, he assured you, while adjusting your blankets.

“I don’t need anything right now, can we just cuddle?” you asked, looking up at him. His whole face lit up. “Of course, ma belle”, he answered, making his way under all the blankets he had covered you with, placed his arm securely around you, and you put your head on his chest.

“Thank you, again, for caring”, you said into his chest. “Of course, anything for you”, he responded, and you could feel his breath on your head, and it made you smile.

“I love you”, you whispered.

“I love you too”, he told you back, and started running his hands through your hair. He knew you loved this, and soon you were fast asleep, safe in the arms of the love of your life.

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Oi, pessoal! Me pediram nessa ask para fazer um passo a passo explicando a minha rotina de estudos. Espero conseguir esclarecer tudo aqui.

Observação: esse é o meu método de estudo, algo que eu adaptei à minha rotina, de acordo com as minhas necessidades. Não quero afirmar que esse é o jeito que todo mundo deveria estudar. Cada um faz o que é melhor para si próprio e ninguém é melhor ou pior que ninguém por estudar de um jeito diferente.

Pela manhã

Durante a manhã eu tenho aulas ao vivo no site Descomplica. É a primeira vez que estou usando o site, e apesar de ter tido apenas uma semana de aula até agora estou gostando bastante. São duas aulas por dia, cada uma dura uma hora. Na maioria das vezes faço os meus resumos direto nas aulas. Quando elas acabam (lá pelas 09:45) eu tenho umas obrigações de casa para fazer que tomam o resto da minha manhã, então eu volto a estudar depois do almoço, mais ou menos 13h.

Pela tarde

Agora é a hora de estudar os conteúdos das aulas que eu tive. É assim que eu faço:

  1. No blog do descomplica ficam disponíveis videoaulas com os conteúdos dados nas aulas da manhã, só que mais aprofundados. Eu assisto a esses vídeos e, se sentir que ainda não compreendi a matéria ou quero complementar as aulas, dou uma lida nos livros que eu usava no colégio.
  2. Resolvo exercícios. Os professores do Descomplica liberam uma lista de exercícios todas as aulas, com 10 questões. Eu resolvo essas questões e depois vou atrás de resolver algumas do meus livros antigos.

Faço isso com as duas matérias que foram dadas nas aulas.

Pela noite

Se eu terminar as duas matérias das aulas cedo, eu tento acrescentar uma terceira no dia. Escolho uma que eu sei que sou bem ruinzinha (adivinhem, matemática). Só que eu tento ser bem mais rápida com ela, já que geralmente as outras já tomaram quase o dia todo. Então eu foco mais em resolver exercícios e não faço resumos muito elaborados nessa hora, ou então faço um “esboço” em um bloquinho para depois reescrever quando tiver mais tempo (exemplo).

“Quanto tempo você demora para fazer seus resumos?”

Como eu disse lá em cima, eu faço durante as aulas. À tarde eu só acrescento o que achar necessário que vi nas videoaulas ou que li nos livros. Procuro dedicar a maior parte da tarde para fazer exercícios. Eu dedico mais ou menos duas horas para cada matéria, mas, às vezes, eu ultrapasso esse tempo porque tenho dificuldade ou porque não me senti muito confiante, então vou atrás de mais teorias e mais exercícios para entender o conteúdo bem. Se eu faço anotações em outra hora, o tempo vai depender muito da matéria. Por exemplo, em história, que é cheeeeeeia de detalhes e conceitos, demora bem mais do que física, que algumas vezes é só fórmula, então o tempo de uma compensa o da outra. 

“Vc tem dicas pra fazer resumo?”

  1. O básico: desenvolva um sistema que seja rápido e que funcione pra você. Não precisa ser a coisa mais linda do mundo. Se você aprende, então tá perfeito.
  2. Escreva com as suas próprias palavras. “Por que isso é assim?”, “Quem foi essa pessoa?”, “Quando e onde isso aconteceu?”, “Por que isso aconteceu?”, “Quais as consequências?”. Certifique-se de que você realmente aprendeu o conteúdo, não copie o capítulo todo.
  3. Destaque palavras chaves e conceitos mais importantes.
  4. Pra salvar tempo, não precisa escrever o que você já sabe.
  5. Você pode fazer um resumo em forma de questionário, escrever as respostas (com as próprias palavras) e depois pedir alguém para lhe fazer as perguntas. Eu gosto bastante de fazer isso.
  6. Não tenha medo de usar abreviações ou gírias nas suas anotações. Fica até mais legal e fácil de fazer conexões e aprender a matéria de um jeito mais divertido. Pode até inventar historinhas. Isso é bom pra lembrar processos químicos ou biológicos, por exemplo. Assim você garante que entendeu o assunto, ao invés de só ler e anotar um processo que você provavelmente não vai lembrar mais tarde.

Mais dicas:

É isso, espero ter ajudado e esclarecido as dúvidas da minha rotina! Se vocês tiverem qualquer pergunta, podem falar comigo à vontade que eu vou ter o maior prazer em responder! Bons estudos :)

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Bullying, Harassment and Online Stalking of Minors on Tumblr


My name is Katy. I am 39 years old and I am here today to talk to you about bullying, harassment and online stalking of minors on tumblr - specifically a young teenager name Dani.

Dani (@adorable-bc-picture), I hope you don’t mind me speaking here, but I am absolutely appalled and disgusted at the behaviour from supposedly grown ass women on tumblr.

Adults whom, for some unknown and unfathomable reason, have taken it upon themselves to be, to put it simply, ‘fandom police’.

Let’s start with a little about me - like I said, my name is Katy and I am 39 years old. I have been married to the absolute love of my life for 19 years. I have experienced every gamut of emotion, experienced high highs, low lows and the pleasing, beautiful average. I work full time in events management and I live in Australia.

Personally, I was bullied - heavily - as a child. Because I am in that age group where the internet was not particularly prevalent until I was in my 20s (especially for small-town Australia), my bullying happened in real life. I have been teased, harassed, bullied and beaten. I have been bloodied, bruised and depressed.

I have also dragged myself up off the ground, moved on and not looked back at the people who felt the need to belittle me and abuse me on a daily basis. The year I turned 8, I was beaten up every day after school, arriving home with bloodied lips, bruised eyes and self-esteem so low, that I wondered why I had ever been born.

As I grew up, I grew stronger. I made new friends. I moved on. But the psychological scars remain, to this very day. But I am successfully. I am loved. I am adored. I am cherished.

And I am thoroughly pissed off.

Addendum: I am not a Benedict Cumberbatch fan. So I have no interest in who the man is fucking. Who he married. Who he knocked up. I have no personal interest in the man AT ALL. Because, you see, that is important. I am not jealous or a hater or a sceptic or a nanny or a stan.

All I am in a human adult woman, appalled, disgusted and pissed off beyond anything I have ever been in my entire life.


I became aware of the Cumberbitches about 8 months ago. I watched a TV shown called Fargo, with Martin Freeman in it. I had seen him in The Hobbit but it wasn’t until I watched Fargo that I wanted to find out more of who this man was.

It was indirectly through Martin Freeman that I found out about the Cumberbitches (and I will ALWAYS use this term to describe fans of Cumberbatch, because, IMO, 99% of his fandom act that way). I was…not shocked, I guess you can say, at some of the actions and reactions I was seeing/reading. I’ve been around. I’ve been in a number of fandoms. There are ‘fandom police’ in every fandom, regardless of what people claim. There are always a certain group of people who feel the need to seek attention for their obsession. So don’t think the Cumberbatch fandom is anything special, because, frankly, you’re not. A lot more far reaching that some of the fandoms I have been a part of (the internet is hugely related to that) but no less and no more special.

Anyway…indirectly through finding out more about Martin Freeman, I found out about Benedict Cumberbatch.

And the fandom war that has apparently been occurring for coming on 2 years.

So, in becoming a Martin fan, I started reading more and more about Benedict. I mean, they do star together in an apparently successful TV show.

I learned a very many things. Things that in equal turns amused, bewildered, stunned and angered me.

Let’s see if I can get my thoughts in order, shall I?

For those who may not be fully aware what is happening, apparently a celebrity got engaged, said engagement was met with sceptism by some, glee by others and general apathy by the rest of us.

Let’s address the apathetic group first because IMO, that’s where I sit and where probably 99% of the population sits. Another celebrity gets engaged - woo? Am I meant to celebrate? Yes? No? Another celebrity marriage, another celebrity divorce, another celebrity child to read about in the future and shake my head at. Celebs make the gossip sites/magazines sell/get hits. Marriages, divorces, births, deaths, scandals…all of these things sell. They sell copies, the sell clicks, they sell ads, they sell movies, TV shows, albums, music, fashion…one big PR machine. It’s tiring. I don’t buy gossip magazines. I will admit to reading gossip sites - god forbid, I’m human - but I believe less than 1% of what I actually read, and less than 1% of that is actually the truth.

I can see a big ol’ PR machination from a mile off. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan. Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. (Just to name a few that I bother to remember). Big Ol’ PR relationships to either (a) sell or save a reputation or (b) sell or save a project.

Now with Benedict Cumberbatch, I can smell, initially, a big ol’ PR push. Posh, white, straight male announces engagement to pretty English Rose type days before the start of his Oscar campaign for a movie he was very passionate about.

Yay! Cumberbitches celebrate! Benedict is finally getting married! Benedict is finally going to be a Cumberdad (god, don’t get me started on those inane and horrific mangling of his surname!)! Let’s all celebrate!

But wait! There are some fans who are shock horror sceptical about it. The timing? Well, come on now, right before his Oscar campaign starts? That’s kind of…coincidental, surely? Surely the man who talked (long and incessantly) about keeping his private life private wouldn’t do something so…crass. Surely not.

No! You’re WRONG. Benedict would NEVER do something like that! cried the Cumberbitches. Of course, we all felt a little sad that day when his engagement was announced (what. the. fuck??), so bleats a poor, sad little fan, but we should ALL BE HAPPY FOR HIM AND NOT HATE ON HIM OR HIS FIANCEE.

Or I will ‘skin you alive’ (or so one enterprising young fan on twitter stated)

So the sceptics began. A few too start with, then a few more, then a few more, then a lot more.

More and more people were starting to side-eye this who ‘engagement’ and the absolutely-not-at-all-conincidental timings of all the major milestones - engagement? Check! Expecting a baby? Check! Wedding? Check! Honeymoon? Check! Baby’s birth? Check! First pap pics of said baby (aww, what a doting and loving father to obviously sell pictures of his only child to a pap.) Check! The Mrs showing up on set while filming a MAJORLY flawed and BLATANTLY problematic Marvel film? Check! Full face photos of said infant taken while strolling around New York (how’s that ‘I would protect my children’ statement working out for you, Cumberbatch?) - and said photos not gagged, not yanked BUT STILL AVAILABLE FOR ORDER ONLINE.

Wow…did that all get away from me! It’s not a perfect timeline, I know from reading more that I have missed a lot, obviously, but even the most naive person can surely see that nothing is coincidental about any of this.

But no! No! Of course not, because now we have a group that frankly, I have to wonder what exactly is happening in their own lives, that they feel the need to come online and bully, harass and online stalk other people.

(And no, I’m not talking about the sceptics, though I truly am not finished with some of them!)

I’m talking about the group of peopleI have tagged below. Mind you, this is a very, very small fraction of the number of people who I have seen and read:

@thisdancingheart, @ohshitimatthewrongparty, @old-enough-2-know-better, @irisang, @thesecitystreets, @dmellieon, @furriesandus, @beneguinsophiebatch, @lions-tigers-benedict, @allthebellsinvenice, @trained-cormorant, @shit-bc-haters-say, @winterrose16312, @wtgilsa, @isabeau13, @isabeau221b, @londoncallingsigh, @bananacumberbatch714, @addictedtobrits, @ben-locked, @mouseymodesty, @sherlana, @wearywander, @nixxie-fic, @thedragonaunt, @theorclair, @itstoohardtotitlethesethings, @idontcareaboutusernames, @roci221b, @theleftpill, @lolastaryes, @mas-sera-o-benedict, @jennbuso, @marykk1990, @the-pen-in-my-hand, @cumberbangers, @the-tinfoil-hat-brigade, @thetownbycycle, @honestylives, @deggsbenedish, @firewithfiredeux, @hunterhypereport, @moriartysskull

Like I said, this is a very small part of a group of people who have, over the past 2 years, made it their life’s mission to abuse, belittle, bully, harass, online stalk, doxx and generally be rather nasty pieces of work towards others, particularly a teenager. I wish I could name them all, but I would be here for hours. There are numerous blogs out there who feel the need to attack, like a rabid pack of hyenas, people who shock horror think differently from them. People who think that no, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are not the perfect couple. There are other reasons why they believe that (more about that later) but ultimately, they have spent months. Months and months and months. Bullying, harassing, online stalking, doxxing and REAL LIFE interfering with a group of bloggers talking about a CELEBRITY AND HIS WIFE on the internet…

Just let that sink in for a moment.

This is all over one celebrity and his wife.

They have, at times, screencapped blogs (circumventing the tumblr block feature), called the school and parents of a teenager, called Social Services on the same teenager, called the teenager at her home, created a website outing a blogger, doxxed several other bloggers, sent threats via anon to bloggers, called other bloggers ‘bitches’, ‘vile’, ‘hateful’, ‘cretins’, ‘sewer rats’, ‘gutter brigade’, ‘sour grapes brigade’…just to name a handful.

They have also involved people outside of tumblr in their little fandom war. They have tried to waste the time and resources of government agencies (really? Emailing the department for Births begging them not to release the birth certificate? What a waste of your time and theirs!) They have tried to claim the upper moral hand in everything they do, screaming from rooftops ‘For Benedict!’.

For a man who, quite frankly, wouldn’t cross the street to spit on you if you were on fire.

This group are a mass of contradictions.

They are a mass of hate, loathing and repulsiveness that make me wonder just what the hell tumblr is doing, allowing these kinds of blogs to prosper. I am appalled that I share a gender (assumedly) with these bloggers. I am thoroughly ashamed that ADULT WOMEN - some of them mothers and grandmothers - are acting in a manner entirely suited to a five year on a school play yard that cannot get their way and bites their playmates. My 3 year old nephew treats other children BETTER than this group of women treat their fellow humans.

They routinely dictate to people on tumblr who they should follow. If one of the sceptics should happen to go quiet, to change their blog name (or try to), they will announce it on their blogs.

They will hypocritically announce that Dani deserves her treatment because of ‘piracy’ or ‘artistic theft’ ( @cumberbangers - nice try there sweetheart).



Let me break this down for you.

Tumblr is rife with piracy and copyright violations.

Just today I saw a video clip uploaded by a tumblr user, ripped DIRECTLY FROM the DVD copy of Whisky Tango Foxtrot. THAT IS PIRACY.

When Hamlet was released to cinemas, I saw NUMEROUS gif sets from NUMEROUS blogs of a bootleg version of Hamlet. THAT IS PIRACY.

I see ‘bragging tweets’ from someone called AnythingBatch on twitter, claiming to have a copy of Hamlet on DVD - yet when Dani claims to have the same thing, Dani is the pirate and deserves to be bullied, harassed and online stalked but AnythingBatch is what? A good fan? Hamlet is not available on DVD. How do you think AnythingBatch got hold of a legal copy? PIRACY.

I see picture, after pictures, after picture being reblogged, edited, manipulated by countless people. Are you the original copyright holder of these images? Are you the photographer of these images? No? ARTISTIC THEFT.

Gifs of TV shows, movies, chat show appearances - ARTISTIC THEFT.


Don’t you dare stand there on the altar of Benedict Cumberbatch and claim that Dani (or ANYONE deserves) the treatment you have been giving her.

Don’t you dare claim to be ‘protecting’ Benedict and Sophie by your actions online.

Don’t you DARE claim to be good people, good fans. Because you aren’t. You just aren’t. You are the WORST example possible of ‘fans’. IMO you are WORSE than the more ‘vocal’ of the sceptics.


I get why the sceptics are there. I do. I see the inconsistencies. I see the big ol’ PR push to prove that this man and this woman Are In Love! And Happy! And Doting Parents! I see it. But I don’t believe it. I see two men who can barely stand next to each other. I see two people so thoroughly bored and unenthusiastic about each other and their child. But of course, I must be jealous. I must want Benedict for myself.

*insert sarcastic laughter*

The man is bland, unappealing and hey, if you want Sherlock to play Alan Tauring? Cast Benedict Cumberbatch! If you want Sherlock to play Dr Strange? Cast Benedict Cumberbatch! If you want a rich, white, privileged, posh, straight white boy, who, frankly, is problematic as all hell, cast, you got it! Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sceptics are not wrong when they see a big hole in the PR narrative.

Here is what I think happened - excusing of course that NONE OF US ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS - they were fucking, she got knocked up (either deliberately or oops - my bet on deliberate) - he did the old posh, English gentleman thing and presto! She has a Gold Ticket for life, he has a child he may not have exactly wanted RIGHT NOW and a wife he cant seem to actually LIKE.

So, does that OPINION deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does an OPINION of any kind deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does thinking the baby is not real deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does thinking the marriage is not legit deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does ANYTHING about this situation deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


While I think some sceptics have taken it too far and have very obviously let their ego get in the way of logic and sense, overall, I have found the majority of sceptic blogs to be funny, analytical, thorough and downright informative.

I would never say that about any of the other blogs.

I am not taking sides in this. I am fairly apathetic about the are they/aren’t they argument. Like most celebrity marriages, I don really expect theirs to last for long. I am saying that bullying, harassment and online stalking of other bloggers - particularly those who are minors - is in no way warranted.


Before I go, I want to address those on both sides who claim to have (a) sources or (b) contacted Benedicts ‘people’. Lots of people claiming lots of rubbish in my opinion. I’ve worked for a well-known entertainment company based in Sydney. They did PR for some of THE biggest names in entertainment, while in Australia. And you know what? Emails were read by interns. Not by anyone who actually matters. There is a form ‘letter’ that is sent…and a number of quotes are contained, such as:

  • Thank you for your email/letter/enquiry…
  • We are unable to confirm…
  • We thank you for…

Simple, basic mail merge stuff. A highschooler can do this. Which is why its the interns job to respond to anything that is NOT official. You may see a VIP name on the email but in reality, unless you are Someone of Importance, your email will only ever be seen by an intern or someone low on the totem pole. Agents and reps don’t have time for your petty, whining fandom wailings.

You can say all you like that you’ve contacted his ‘people’ or someone connected with him and you can can claim to have received a response, but in reality, unless you’re willing to provide actual evidence, all of this is placed in the less-than-1% of things I read that I believe.


Oh and before I forget - continuation and keeping stories straight aren’t a particular strong suit of this group of people.

You cant claim that:

  • Benedict doesn’t KNOW about the sceptics
  • Benedict KNOWS but doesn’t CARE about the sceptics
  • Benedict doesn’t KNOW and doesn’t CARE about the sceptics

all at the same time. It doesn’t work like that.

I mean, you can claim all you want that Benedict and Sophie picked specific letters aimed at specific people to read at Letters Live, but you cant also claim that the sceptics don’t matter enough for them to bother.

Prior to Letters Live, it was claimed that ‘I think Benedict doesn’t give a flying fuck what the sceptics think’ - by the same blogger who claimed that ‘Benedict was deeply in love with his wife and was devastated about what was being said online’.

What a think-skinned little boy he is, if he cant stand a bit of online gossip about him and his wife.

What a petty little man if he deliberately chose to attack bloggers online by reading and having his wife read certain letters.

When it looks, smells and sounds like bullshit, I call bullshit.


I have read enough about Benedict, his wife and his fans to make these last couple of observations:

  • What happened to the man who once claimed that he would ‘fiercely protect’ the privacy of his children?
  • What happened to the man who once fronted paparazzi and asked them to focus on Egypt instead of the filming of a TV show?
  • What happened to the man who once said ‘my private life is private’?
  • What happened to the man who could once walk down the street without paparazzi capturing his every moment? I mean, we got his engagement, his wedding (SOLD! to the Highest Bidder!), his honeymoon (how did that Jaguar/Bora Bora/Whale watching honeymoon go?), his child’s birth (Look! Over there! I have a SON, this will take the pressure off the CBE announcement).


Now my question to you. WHY do you care what people online are saying about a celebrity and his wife?

WHY do you care if people think that a celebrity and his wife aren’t exactly what PR is trying to push?

WHY DO YOU stand on the altar of Benedict Cumberbatch and pretend that he is not human. That he is infallible? That he is simply, just a man? You make him out to be some kind of god and in reality, he’s just another actor, just another person on this earth.

My only conclusion is that you are so unhappy and unfulfilled in your own lives that you seek to live vicariously. That you seek what you do not have and you try to make it seem like Benedict and his wife are the be all and end all of human relationships.

I wont say you should be ashamed. I wont say you should be embarrassed. I wont say you should feel bad. I wont say any of that because frankly, I think you lack basic human empathy. You’re so focused on what YOU THINK OTHER PEOPLE should or should not be doing that you don’t stop and think for just one second what your attitude and behaviour has the possibility to do. God forbid one of the bloggers you have relentlessly bully, harass and online stalked tries to harm themselves. I don’t think that you would feel anything other than satisfaction that a ‘hater’ was gone and that you were ‘winning’.

Nothing about this situation is a fucking competition. You will not win any awards or ribbons or accolades by anyone for your behaviour.


I wish I could do more. I wish that tumblr would do more. I wish that before posting, people stop and think what their words may do.

I wish for a lot of things in this world, but what I wish the most is that none of your loved ones experience the kind of hate and vileness you show towards others.


You know what? I’m an adult. I can handle whatever hate or bile you decide to throw my way because (a) ultimately we’re all strangers on the internet (b) I have the life experience to handle the hate and bile that may come my way and © I truly, truly don’t give one. flying. fuck what any of you ‘adults’ think of me.

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Nate Maloley Imagine: Butterflies

Hi! Ok I really REALLY love your blog! And I was just wondering if you possibly make an imagine? Like a cute Nate one where he holds your hands spins you dances with you forehead cheek and nose kisses and all that cute stuff and he reminds you how beautiful you are everyday and to not let the haters get to you? And you guys are strolling through malls and places and UGH I CANT 😭😍 (same person as lovelydolantwins)


Warning: May experience extreme heart pain and crying due to a super sweet Nathan Maloley.


“I swear bro, I have the most beautiful girl on the planet.” I said to Swazz on the phone.

“Yeah she’s something else. Absolutely gorgeous.” He said back to me.

“And she’s mine so back off.” I say back laughing.

I say goodbye and hang up the phone. I walk into the kitchen and see (y/n/) baking cookies, chocolate chip, my favorite. I snake my arms around her waist and place my chin on her shoulder, my head in the crook of her neck.

“Have I ever told you that you’re the most beautiful person in the entire world?” I ask her smiling

“Everyday babe.” She says putting the cookies on the sheet.

“Babe let’s go to the movies tonight.” I say to her cheerfully.

“And shopping!?” She asks giggling.

“Anything for you baby.” I say to her.

She smiles and I can’t help but stare. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and I would do anything to keep it on her face. I always love sneaking pictures of her when she’s not paying attention. She thinks that the good photos are the photos she prepares for, the ones where she does her makeup and brushes her hair, finds the perfect lighting, and uses the perfect filter. In all honesty though, I love the photos where I catch her off guard, her hairs a mess, and she doesn’t see it coming and her smile is genuine. Those are my favorite. She’ll spend hours making herself look like a model not realizing that to me she looks flawless when her flaws are evident.

When she finishes the cookies she comes upstairs and starts getting ready. I stare, mesmerized but her beauty. She giggles at me.

“It’s not polite to stare Maloley.” She said smirking at me.

“I can’t help but stare when I have a masterpiece in front of me.” I said watching her blush.

I watched her do her hair and her makeup like she does everyday, no matter how much I tell her she doesn’t need it. When we are both finally ready I grab the car keys and we go out to the car. I drive to the mall in our area because it has shopping and the movie theatre all right there, even a few restaurants for dinner.

When we get to the mall, I get out of the car and open her door for her  like I do every time. I grab her hand and spin her in for a quick kiss before we walk into the mall together, our hands still intertwined. We walk into the mall and head for her favorite store, Victoria’s Secret. There is an outfit she’s been wanting for a while but I haven’t been around to get it for her yet and she loves the underwear deals. She shops around for a bit and I tell her to pick out the outfit she wants. She insists she has to try it on to make sure she looks good even though she looks good in everything she wears. She goes to the dressing rooms and I wait outside like she makes me every single time, not that I mind, I enjoy watching her try on clothes, complimenting her when she’s  feeling insecure and watching her face light up when she loves her outfit.

She put the outfit on and stepped out of the dressing room. She didn’t smile. I could tell she wasn’t happy with how she looked even though she looked great. “You look beautiful in that lil ma” I said to her reassuringly.

“I don’t know.” She said looking down at her feet.

“What do you think is wrong with the outfit?” I asked her.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the outfit. I think there’s something wrong with me wearing it. I look…chunky.” She said hiding her stomach.

“Chunky? What makes you think you look chunky?” I questioned.

“You didn’t hear the girls snickering or see them staring when I picked it up?” She asked back sounding disappointed.

“What did I tell you about listening to haters baby?” I asked her

“That I shouldn’t” She whispered looking down at her feet again.

“Exactly. Their comments mean absolutely nothing. Plus you look beautiful in that outfit. You know I love your curves and how crop tops look on you anyway.” I say to her.

She blushes and goes back in to change back into her original outfit. We buy everything she picked out, including the outfit and go out of the store to walk around the mall.


He gives my butterflies. He makes me feel the like the most important, most beautiful person in the entire world. He reminds me I am beautiful every single day and not to let the haters get to me. I used to get super depressed when his fans would say terrible things about us or our relationship but Nate taught me to ignore them and move on.

We walk into Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner before our movie. We order our food and enjoy our dinner together. After Nate pays we hold hands again and walk to the line to buy movie tickets. We always watch scary movies in theatres together because I love when Nate pulls me closer and he loves to think he’s protecting me or making me more comfortable. While waiting in line to buy tickets, Nate holds me and kisses my forehead. God I love when he does that. I want these feelings to last forever.


A/N: I really hope you all enjoyed this imagine! I think the ending was kinda sucky but I felt like it was getting too long and long imagines are sometimes boring to people. This relationship with Nate is definitely goals af though.

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