i finished my math homework

So what is time management?
It’s when you know you have a test next week and you don’t want to cram for the test again. Managing your time will let you study for the test an hour a day, instead of 5 hours in one day.

How do I manage my time?
The basic idea is that you create some sort of schedule, or plan, for your day. Then you stick to it. Here’s some tips on creating the schedule, and then staying with it.

I. Keeping track

  • Keep a planner. This will let you easily see what you need to have done by the end of the week!
  • I keep a todo list of what I need to finish for the day. Mine is simple to avoid overloading my brain. For today I wrote “Finish Math homework. Finish Electronics Lab report. Study Physics”.
  • I don’t write down exact times that I do my homework. I tried this earlier, and found it was too challenging to keep to such a strict schedule. My workflow works best when I can choose what to work on, and when I can work on it.
  • Some people will find that having too much freedom in their schedule will be challenging to follow. In that case, they would prefer a strict schedule saying to do homework at a specific time.
  • You need to find out what works for you, everyone is different. Try a technique, and move on if it’s not working.
  • I color code my life so that I know what I need done at a glance.
  • Determine what’s urgent. If I have a test the next day and homework due in two days, I’m going to use that day for studying for the test.
  • Tasks with a stricter deadline should be done first.
  • Tasks worth more of your grade should have more time allocated for it.
  • Allocate time when you have the most energy. I have the most energy mid-day, so I try to do my schoolwork after lunch, before dinner.

II. Staying on track

  • Don’t overload yourself and say you’ll finish 2 projects and 60 pages of reading in one day. This is what time management is for in the first place.
  • Break it up! That 60 pages of reading can be 20 pages over 3 days.
  • Start small if you’re new to this. Overtime it will be easier to allocate tasks since you’ll have experience with managing your time. At first you can simply say “Today I will write the first 200 words of the essay.” and then work up to larger tasks once you’re used to allocating time.
  • The hardest part is starting! Our brains create this dread with schoolwork, but once we start it’s never as bad as we make it seem.
  • Find out why you’re not starting your homework, and then learn to overcome it.
  • My fear of starting stems from a fear of failure since I’m a perfectionist. I overcame this fear by reminding myself that starting is better than nothing at all.
  • Reward yourself once you finish a task, or when you stay on schedule.
  • Getting off schedule is not the end of the world! Time management will let you make up for the time lost! Usually it’s a sign of stress when you miss work, so find what the cause is.
  • I would miss work in high school because I was afraid I would never understand the topic so I didn’t bother starting. This is a bad idea ™   since the work is there to help you practice and you will start understanding the topic once you practice!
  • Schedule time for breaks! It’s easier to have a guilt-free break when you put the time in to take a break!
  • Have a “Do nothing” day. On fridays I don’t do any schoolwork. I relax and enjoy the day. This lets my brain rest after a long week, and I get to enjoy my time with friends.
  • Have fun with it! I love checking off things I did and looking back at the week with checkmarks everywhere!
  • Check what you need done in the morning so that it’s on your mind and you can start planning your day.
  • Not every second of everyday needs to be allocated to schoolwork! If you have a 20 minute break between classes, relax! It’s better to give you brain a break and to feel better than to fill your entire day down to the minute with learning.
  • Don’t multitask. Allocate time for both tasks so that you can focus on a specific task.

Day 13/100 of Productivity: 4 September 2017 

Here’s my cover page for September. September’s going to be a Harry Potter themed month seeing that September 1st 2017 is the last scene in the books - 19 years later… 

Today, I’ve done my science homework, done my history homework, finished an agriculture assignment and finished my agriculture homework. I plan to start my maths assignment and write up some notes for science later,, but it all depends on how long I spend procrastinating lmao 

Also I hit 1000 followers today.. um what???? 

I’m not entirely sure what I should do to celebrate.. Maybe blog rates? But I’ll definitely do something. Feel free to send me suggestions if you have any ideas :D
Written Apology

I’ve come out of fic writing retirement to write a fic for @bazinjeanstm! Happy Birthday​! I hope this year is as amazing as you are! And I hope you enjoy this. 

Word count: 3.8k

Warnings: Cursing, uh… mild angst? idk

Summary: (AU wear anything your soulmate writes on themselves appears on your skin.) Baz’s soulmate keeps distracting him by drawing on his hand. 


It’s happening again. Lines are forming all over the back of my hand, starting at my fingers and working their way down. The blue lines bend and curl into abstract patterns. Then suddenly, they stop, only to have other smaller details added to them moments later.

It’s very distracting.

I sigh. Thank Merlin, Snow and Bunce are studying in the library today. I don’t want him to see me like this: distracted and daydreaming about the handsome artist who is going sweep me off my feet one day. Eventually. Hopefully.

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16.9.17 // Day 1 of 100

It was finally cold enough to bring out my mermaid blanket for the first time this year, it’s so cosy and warm, perfect for snuggling with a cup of tea and some work. ☕
Today was very productive - I finished the maths homework for all three of my teachers, and I even had time to watch this film I’ve been wanting to see for ages. It was simply beautiful, I definitely recommend it! 💖

“Change, gentlemen, is a wonderful thing. Embrace it!”
- G. H. Hardy, ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ (2015)


09182017 // 22/100 Days of Productivity. - My Math Notes on the Properties of Logarithms. 

You know, Math homework takes a fair amount of time to do. I took a nap today and just finished my Math homework. I’ve got this fairly big well, major for me Spanish Quiz tomorrow that I’m almost 100% sure I’m gonna to terrible on - that won’t be a surprise since I haven’t exactly done good in that class. Probably won’t get much sleep tonight, but oh, well.

Day 2/100 of Productivity: 21 August 2017

today has been pretty productive so far.. i handed in my history assignment, finished my maths homework, am halfway through an 8 page booklet for agriculture, and made some progress on my PE assignment :) 

also.. posting my monthly spread for august halfway through the month isn’t late.. ri ghtt?? 


27.01.17 || 5/100 days of productivity

happy chinese new year eve!! im so happy that it’s finally CNY because it means holidays but my teachers gave me so much homework ugh

i finished up some of my math homework and did some revision & also also started on my social studies notes today so yey pretty productive day so far i would say !!

boyf riends prompt “did you do something different to your hair?”

Michael was having a bad day. It seemed like everything that could go wrong was going wrong and there was nothing he could do about because the universe decided that today it would fuck his day up. There’s no stopping the universe. All he wanted to do was go back to bed, smoke some weed, and complain to Jeremy about just how awful his life is. 

It all started last night when he set his alarms to get up early so he could finish his math homework. The thing is, they were set for pm. Of fucking course they were. So, naturally, he was woken up to a text from Jeremy asking if he would be at the school soon. “woke up late my life sucks do me a favor and murder me” his response said. 7:49. Shit. Class started in 11 minutes and he hasn’t gotten his ass out of bed.

Bolting out of the covers he looked blindly around the room for something to wear. He couldn’t see much so he opted for his red hoodie that stood out due to its bright color amongst the other laundry on the floor. He pat around his night stand for his glasses, which then fell to the floor. The glasses were not practically dead to the world because it was useless trying to find them in his mess of a floor when he couldn’t see in the first place.

7:51. Michael shoved his feet into his black leather converse, not bothering to change out of his sweatpants, and made his way to the bathroom. He opened his contact case and put them in, managing to only poke himself in the eye three times. Michael hates his contacts. They make the dark circles under his eyes look more prominent and his face look round. Now that he could actually see himself in the mirror he noticed how awful his hair looked. He had washed it the night before so there was no product in it whatsoever, making it flop over his forehead in a fluffy mess. His natural curl was more noticeable than usual and it had too much volume for his liking. 7:56. There’s no time to fix it. It’s time to leave.

He ran down the stairs and grabbed his keys from the kitchen island. Slinging his backpack over his shoulder, he made his way out he door. Now was the time to thank any hypothetical god in the sky that he lived close to the school, about a minute long drive away. Knowing he wouldn’t have time to park in the student parking lot on the other side of the building, he took a space in the facility lot. He knew that Mr. Reyes was on vacation in New York so he took his space. He would have to move it after first period before anyone would see and give him a detention but it was good enough for now.

He had literature first period and thankfully the language hallway is immediately inside the doors. 7:58. He broke into a speed walk that he was sure looked ridiculous and made his way to his classroom. 7:59. He was at the door. He made it. Letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in he walked to his desk, the desks were in rows in groups of two and he thankfully was next to Jeremy.

“I had the worst fucking morning,” he started, looking at Jeremy in a half asleep daze. “First of all, I needed to wake up early to finish my math homework and my fucking alarm did-”

“Stop right there,” said Jeremy, holding a hand up. He wordlessly pulled a notebook out of his bag and opened to a page towards the back. “Here’s the assignment, we have math last so you can copy it anytime.” He slid the notebook into Michael’s desk.

“Thank you so-” Jeremy interrupted Michael again.

“That’s not all. I brought you a coffee.” He said , reaching to the floor beside his chair and picking up a large iced coffee with ridiculous amounts of milk and sugar and one shot of caramel. He handed it to Michael with a small grin at his boyfriend’s relieved expression. “Okay you can thank me now.”

“Oh my god. You are actually perfect.” Michael took a sip and immediately smiled at Jeremy. “I would continue telling you about my shitty day but I’m infinitely happier now and I don’t wanna make things sad again.”

“Yeah that’s fair. Hey, did you do something different with your hair?” Jeremy reached out and ran his fingers through Michael’s fluffy nest of hair. “It’s soft as fuck and I’m kinda loving it. It’s curlier too. Cute”

“It’s a new thing I’m trying out called ‘waking up at 7:49 and not having time to do anything with it. It’s gross.” Michael frowned around his straw as he took another sip of coffee.

“Hmm. Still cute,” Jeremy fluffed his hair one last time before the teacher finally started class. However, it was hard to pay attention to Shakespeare when your insanely cute boyfriend is right next to you looking sleepy and adorable.

|| 01.26.17 ||
I finally finished my Math Exploration Paper that has been causing me a ton of anxiety all week and I think that I did pretty well on it! I still have my TOK Essay to edit before I turn it in tomorrow night. This is my attempt at finishing my math homework at midnight (I’m on my bed because my desk is too messy to work on right now oops)

july 7, 2016 | 5:47 pm | (2/100) 🍃📖 

i started writing my review flashcards for cell bio and finished answering my math homework ⭐️☕️ 

printable by @thearialligraphyproject!

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP APPRECIATION DAY!! and chocolates-on-sale day and every-store-is-freaking-crowded day!!

I hope you all are eating chocolate. If you’re not, get some tomorrow. They’ll be on sale and It’ll be great. 

note: its 1:17 am, its late, and this is partially done but i have a midterm tomorrow and just finished my math homework, this is not going to be finished today. I’ll finish it later but I wanted to send u all some greetings.

Dorm Buds- Luke

Request: How about a fluff where you’re best friends with luke and he’s been through things and hasn’t been feeling happy so you go to his apartment and bring ice cream and things like that to cheer him up? Nothing too romantic:)

Word Count: 579

Luke and I have been friends since we moved into the dorms. He and I belonged to a learning community for the arts, apparently though the arts meant weeaboos and there were only a handful of us who did music and of the music kids Luke was the only one with the same taste in music as me so naturally, we stuck together. 

Luke wasn’t having the easiest time adjusting to college, he missed his girlfriend and his family. A lot of times we’d stay up really late and talk about our homes and childhoods while passing the homemade trail mix my mom always sent me back and forth. It was a typical Wednesday night for me, I was trying to finish my homework while my roommate was watching whatever anime had the metal guy in it in Japanese which at least made it easier to tune out. My phone kept buzzing but I couldn’t be bothered I had to finish this by 11:59 otherwise I’m fucked. I finally gave in to the annoying vibrations and saw that I had 10 messages from Luke and a missed call. I just saw the message preview saying “she broke up with me” and I immediately got up and went to the grab and go store down the hall and picked up a bunch of ice cream before knocking on Luke’s dorm door. 

After a couple seconds, he opened the door, his eyes were red and his hair was more of a mess than usual. 

“Hey” his voice was quiet and broken. 

“I’m sorry it took me so long, but I came as soon as I could.” I start pulling out the different pints from my bag “I brought chocolate, mint chocolate chip, moose tracks and cookie dough. Which one do you want to dive into first?" 

"Cookie dough.” He says grabbing it out of my hand and moving aside to let me in. 

“So what happened?” I sat down on the futon under his lofted bed. 

“She said the distance was too much and that it was too hard with her still being in high school. She felt like she was holding me back from enjoying myself in college." 

"That sucks. I’m sorry man." 

"I mean the relationship wasn’t perfect but like I didn’t think it was that bad." 

"Well, you usually don’t see these kinds of things coming, which make it harder.” He sighed shoving a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth. “You’re gonna be ok Luke, she just couldn’t handle all your awesomeness, even from 3 hours away. You need to find someone who can." 

"Yeah I know, it just sucks right now." 

"And that’s ok. It’s going to suck. But you’re gonna come out stronger and write some awesome breakup power ballads.” He laughs a little and I scoop some ice cream out of the carton. 

“Hey Y/N?" 


"I know it’s late and you probably have stuff to do but can you stay the night, please? I don’t want to be alone tonight." 

"Yeah of course, as long as I can finish my math homework on your laptop." 

"Did you push it off til midnight again?” He laughs again a little more genuine this time. 

“Doesn’t matter just shut up and give the computer I have 15 minutes! And when I’m done we watch whatever movie you want.” He hands me his laptop and plops down next to me on the futon. 

“Sounds like a plan.”

Me when I try and do anything other then kpop
  • Me: I should really finish my maths homework
  • Kpop: did I just hear right?
  • Me: *starts doing homework*
  • Kpop: OY! What do you think you're doing?!?
  • Me: .....maths
  • Kpop: but exo released two new music videos!!
  • Me: but I have to finish this work or I will get in trouble
  • Kpop: it's all me me me with you! Don't you know 4minute have just disbanded
  • Me: ...can't you just wait like five seconds
  • Kpop: no you're not getting it, if you don't check out the world of kpop now something bad might happen and you will miss it
  • Me: oh shit you're right
  • Me: *gets out phone and completely forgets about everything none-Kpop related*
  • Kpop: *insert creepy voice* good puppet 😈