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  • Lance: *blows a kiss into the desert* For Keith.

I hadn’t seen this image at all until I went on twitter. Once I got over the initial shock (the “holy shit she’s so beautiful” shock) I was hit by the secondary (”holy shit why is her hair the same as the bus lady’s”) shock. For comparison:

Mary didn’t wear this wig during her badass international travels sequence, but AA makes the association with #mary and #sherlock. I’m taking this as a confirmation of more Mary yet to come. We’re bouncing around a lot of different ideas, from EMP to Unreliable Narrator, and for each one this association has different implications. Is Elizabeth connected with Mary/acting on her instructions? Is Mary herself Elizabeth? 

I haven’t seen anyone mention AA’s tweet, which is (imo) a firm lead, what do you think? Anyways I have an exam but when I’m done I’ll elaborate!

why I don’t read fics

okay OKAY LIStEN. It’s 2 in the morning, I have an exam in less that 6 hours, but I can’t stop bawling my stupid eyes out because of this fic. (I literally regret all the decisions i’ve ever made up to this point in my life) A bags of chips and apple juice usually does the trick but NOTHING can fix my shattered soul right now.

If you want to have you heart flutter hopefully then crushed into a million tiny pieces, jumbled up and glued back together in amazing new patterns only to get SMASHED into smithereens again, go right ahead and click on this monster: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4041893/1/A-Certain-Kind-of-Memory

Oh wait. Don’t let me scare you away from this horrendously beautiful fic. It’s harmless! If you consider your soul being torn out from your body and disemboweling every organ and suffocating slowly in a sea of emotion and spontaneously combusting at the same time as harmless! don’t say you weren’t warned BE MY GUEST AND GO RIGHT AHEAD.

No but actually, please do read this fic, even if your not a drarry shipper! (plus I can’t suffer alone) It’s 96k of brilliantly strung words that makes you just want to read certain parts aloud and feel the words roll off your tongue and ugh just have 5 tissues at the ready and you’re set to go. The author really is brilliant, it saddens me to see their not active anymore.

SO yeah, I have been reminded once again why I don’t read fics, because of THESE MONSTERS RIGHT HERE. Okay I haven’t read them in a very long time and the first one I stumble upon broke me and I’m nothing but happy about it. If you have any way of pulling me out of this hole I was flung into, please do. (I should be getting some sleep) but send me a message or something and we can ramble about this together (i swear i’m not that needy) .

Yes I am rambling but this work touched me dearly and I don’t regret reading it at all (it’s really worth it). Also, if you’re not very comfortable with nsfw like me, there are a few bits in this fic you might want to skip over (hence the rating) but honestly, they’re not that important to the story so it’s completely fine to just skim over those parts.





also don’t be a wimp (like me) and skim the ending first



GOOOOOO (૭ ఠ༬ఠ)૭


^a quick sketch to free me of my emotions

Sometimes I read Snowbaz fics and they are just so American
I don’t think people realise how different the UK is to the USA
I mean they live in South East England, a more accurate fanfiction would be:

-going for a cheeky Nandos

-trip to Margate (shitty beach, closest to London)(EVERYONE has been to Margate)

-or South End (Nearest beach on the northern side/near Essex)

-Baz having to deal with Transport for London’s tubes and buses and Oyster cards

-Borris Bikes!

-Disneyland Paris (euro star gets you there easy! 2 trains from London)

-Crying about University (not college!)(Baz goes to one of the best Universities in the UK)( are people going to ignore that?)

- Hipster tea house AU (which sell scones obviously)

- The West End! More theatre AUs

-Chessington World of Adventures (there best ride is called Vampire just saying)

-NORMAL AUs! They would go to Secondary school from the age of 11-16 (year 7 to 11)(exams from year 10-11 are called GCSEs)
And16-18 would be Sixthform where they would study four subjects to get them into uni (exams are called A-Levels)(This is what I do)(Message me if you need help there)

(Does anyone else in the fandom live in London? I feel lonely…)Add more to the list of just British AUs!