i finished it on like christmas basically


I know that, as knitters, we want to knit for eveeeeeeryone on our list, but if you’re like me and start thinking about gifts on December 1st, you end up not having enough time to make all the gifts you’d like.

So to help out, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite quick knits! Most of these can be finished in under 10 hours, and some are even 1 hour projects. I hope these help as you attempt to wrap everyone you love in woolly warmth this Christmas season!

Hot Mess Headband - A super cute knitted headband that you could do in 1-2 hours using basically any kind of worsted yarn. Perfect for anyone that you need to give a gift to, but don’t want to spend that much time and effort on.

Classic Cuffed Hat - Okay, literally everyone on my list is getting one of these this year because they are very easy (like, watch Netflix and knit at the same time easy) and knit up really quickly.

Lightning Fast Mittens - This name does not lie! I’ve knit these mittens twice now, and they’ve taken about 2-3 hours to do one pair. I don’t usually use the yarn that a pattern suggests, but I loved using Malabrigo Rasta for this project…super chunky yarn in beautiful colors!

Luxe Cowl - Literally the easiest of projects! Super bulky yarn + size 13 needles and you’re good to go.

Skyping Beanie - A great unisex hat that is perfect for everyone you know.

Circlet - Have any cute kids on your Christmas list? Circlet is the cutest, sweetest little knitted crown that’s great for anyone on your list who loves dress-up!

Cable Knit Headband - Another super fast headband, knitted in bulky yarn with beautiful braid cables.

Scrunchable Scarf - This project is a little lengthier, only because it’s a scarf. However, the scarf has the same pattern for every row, and it’s incredibly easy to memorize. After that, you can watch TV and knit this scarf at the same time!

Bluebird of Happiness - These little bird softies are perfect to use as Christmas ornaments!


SNL meme: two commercials

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doing commissions again!!

Some general rules/things:

  • Fanart is go.
  • No graphic porn, extreme violence/torture, graphic gore (some blood or bruises or whatever is fine though). Basically, keep it PG-13. Ish.
  • If the finished product isn’t entirely to your liking, feel free to tell me! I’m willing to do small changes. No refunds though, sorry.
  • Prices can vary depending on the complexity (a character with full armor is going to cost more than a character with just a jeans and t-shirt). 
  • Art is for personal use only, not commercial.
  • Also feel free to hit me up for things that aren’t on this list! Maybe you want a birthday card or a banner for your website or… something else illustration related. Just tell me what it is and we can work out a price.
  • Payment upfront and via Paypal only.

And if you’re not interested, please reblog this I will love you forever.

Here’s some examples of finished commissions. If you’re interested, shoot me an email with details at jobeeillustration@gmail.com

I also still have a shop, so you can check that out for phone cases/tote bags/prints/whatever.

Milex Fanfiction Masterpost

Fire and the Thud - my first story. It isn’t finished (ooops). It's basically about Alex and Miles meeting for the first time. Miles’s band is supporting Arctic Monkeys and Miles is a big fan. 

The Age of the Understatement - every chapter is based on one song from The Last Shadow Puppets’ album. The chapters are not in chronological order and they’re just random events from their lives (it isn’t finished either, but I’m still working on it).


Hey! So, basically, i reached 1k followers a while ago, and i was planning on doing a giveaway like i did at 0.5k followers. I’m still thankful that so many people are following!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So theres why! There’ll be no such thing as 1st or 2nd place, because idk what prize is better than the other???

Whats gonna happen: i will pick 3 winners with a generator, and if you are the first winner youll get a certain prize, second winner will get another prize, and the third will get a different prize too. Like i said idk what prize is best oops………………

Anyway, R U L E S : 

                 o. Must be following me.
                 o. Reblogs&likes count
                 o. Feel free to reblog as many times as you want.
                 o. Don’t be a hoe and unfollow me right after the giveaway.
                 o. But it’s okay to participate as a new follower.
                 oENDS ON THE 24TH OF DECEMBER ! ! ! ! ! 

Aight, as for the P R I Z E S :

              1st winner: a head shot of your/a character ( example ) 
              2nd winner20 icons of your/a character, like the ones below:

             3rd winner: a promo of your character (example 1&2 ) 

That’s all there is, good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dance-hall-dyke  asked:

What am I supposed to do with my finished cross stitch?!? Like I did it its done and pretty now what?!?

What an excellent question! There are lots of ways to finish your needlework.

You can put your finished cross stitch in a frame or a hoop and hang it on your wall. You could finish it into a pillow and put it on your bed or couch. You can make it into a flat fold with some fabric and foamcore board, or turn it into a Christmas ornament (if it’s small enough to do so). Basically, you can sew it on to almost anything that’s made of fabric, if you don’t want to frame it and hang it on the wall. I’ve seen some really pretty Hardanger table runners that aren’t necessarily “finished” in that they have fabric sewed to the back of them or anything like that - they’re just done and placed on a table. 

I hope this helps you out!